研究生复试??英文自我介绍及导师常问问题(转) 来源: 袁璐的日志 研究生复试 英文自我介绍及导师常问问题( 英文自我介绍及导师常问问题
自我介绍(self-introduce) Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce mysel f. My name is ***,
  24. I come from ******,the capital of *******Province. I grad uated from the ****** department of *****University in July ,20
  01.In the past two years I have been prepareing for the postgraduate examination while I have been teaching *****in NO.****middle School and I was a head-teacher of a class in juni or grade two.Now all my hard work has got a result since I have a chance to be i nterview by you. I am open-minded ,quick in thought and very fond of history.In my spare time,I ha ve broad interests like many other youngers.I like reading books, especially those * ***.Frequently I exchange with other people by making comments in the forum on line.In addition ,during my college years,I was once a Net-bar technician.So, I have a comparative good command of network application.I am able to operate the com puter well.I am skillful in searching for information in Internet.I am a football fan fo r years.Italian team is my favorite.Anyway,I feel great pity for our country’s team. I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning .Of cou rse, if I am given a chance to study ****** in this famous University,I will stare n o effort to master a good command of advance ******. Hello, my professors.It's a fine day today,and i'm very pleased to meet you here.Fir st of all,i'd like to introduce myself to you.My name is ***,my hometown is ***,whi ch is a really beautiful city.Even when i was a young boy,i was very interested in b iology science.Every one may have a dream,and i still remember that my dream is t o be a biology scientist (just like ZHU KE ZHEN).I liked to make wonders just like, where are we from?Where are we going in the universe?And then i would find the answers in book by myself.Still today i think that interest is the best teacher in one 's whole life (and knowledge comes from practice). Second, i will introduce my major in the university.My major is Biological Engineerin g in *** University.It has a great relationship with biology scince.Their relationship can be shown with an example: Just like a river,biology science,which often finds n ew discoveries and theories, is at the head of the river.And my major,which lays m ore stress on practical use, seems to be at the end of it.When both of them intera ct well enough,the discovries and theories in biology science can be soon turned int o products in all of the modern industry. Four years' university education gives me a lot of things to learn,a lot of chances t o try,and a lot of practices to improve myself.It teaches me not only what to study and how to think,but also to see the importance of practical ability (such as doing expriment as much as possible). In the university life,i have made many good frie nds.They help me improve my study and research ability, do ererything just like a man,and often give me good example to follow.
Besides what i have introduced myself above,i also have many interests in my spar e time.I like playing football,which is an effective way i think to improve my body h ealth,and it can teach me how to join in a group and deal with other people.Drawi ng and writing is another favor to me. Above all,i choose the major in order to broad my view in biology scince,and enhan ce my research ability.I will do my best to join the new group and be good at post graduate study. 考研复试英语 75 个经典提问总结 考研英语面试中, 在自我介绍完了老师就会开始问你问题这里列出一些常见的问题, 可以认 真准备。注意在准备的过程中,要结合自己的经历和见解来准备答案,让自己回答的问题和 整个的自我介绍融为一个整体。要不然很容易被考官抓住把柄,问个没完,很容易因紧张而 露出马脚。 在每一年的面试中都会有很多相同的问题,这些问题看起来很平常,却有很多陷阱,一不小 心就会被考官抓主小辫子了。回答这些常见的看起来很平常的问题,是很有艺术的。在这里 一共提供了 75 个常见的各类问题,本文进行了详细的分析。 一、传统面试问题(Sample Traditional Interview Questions)
  1、What can you tell me about yourself?(关于你自己,你能告诉我些什么?) 这一问题如果面试没有安排自我介绍的时间的话。 这是一个必问的问题。 考官并不希望你大 谈你的个人历史,他是在寻找有关你性格、资历、志向和生活动力的线索,来判断你是否适 合读研或者 MBA.下面是一个积极正面回答的好例子:“在高中我参加各种竞争性体育活动, 并一直努力提高各项运动的成绩。大学期间,我曾在一家服装店打工,我发现我能轻而易举 地将东西推销出去。销售固然重要,但对我来说,更重要的是要确信顾客能够满意。不久便 有顾客返回那家服装店点名让我为他们服务。我很有竞争意识,力求完美对我很重要。” In high school I was involved in competitive sports and I always tried to improve i n each sport I participated in. As a college student, I worked in a clothing store p art-time and found that I could sell things easily. The sale was important, but for me, it was even more important to make sure that the customer was satisfied. It was not long before customers came back to the store and specifically asked for m e to help them. I‘m very competitive and it means a lot to me to be the best.
  2、What would you like to be doing five years after graduation?(在毕业以后 5 年内 你想做些什么?) 你要清楚你实际上能胜任什么。你可以事先和其他的 MBA 交流一番。问问他们在毕业后在 公司的头 5 年都做了些什么。可以这样回答:“我希望能在我的职位上尽力做好工作,由于在 同一领域工作的许多人都被提为区域负责人,所以我亦有此打算。” I hope to do my best I can be at my job and because many in this line of work a re promoted to area manager, I am planning on that also.
  3. What is your greatest strength?(你最突出的优点是什么?) 这是很多面试考官喜欢问的一个问题,这是你“展示自己”的最佳机会,不要吹嘘自己或过于 自负,但要让雇主知道你相信自己,你知道自己的优点。如可答:“我认为我最大的优点是能 够执着地尽力把事情办好。 当做完一件工作而其成果又正合我的预想时, 我会有一种真正的 成就感。我给自己定了一些高目标。比如说,我要成为出色的毕业生。尽管在大学一年级时 我启动慢了些,但最终我以优等论文完成了学业。” I feel that my strongest asset is my ability to stick to things to get them done. I f
eel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a job and it turns out just as I‘d planned. I’ve set some high goals for myself. For example, I want to graduate wit h highest distinction. And even though I had a slow start in my freshman year, I made up for it by doing an honor‘s thesis.
  4. What is your greatest weakness?(你最大的弱点是什么?) 你不应该说你没有任何弱点,以此来回避这个问题。每个人都有弱点,最佳策略是承认你的 弱点,但同时表明你在予以改进,并有克服弱点的计划。可能的话,你可说出一项可能会给 公司带来好处的弱点,如可说:“我是一个完美主义者。工作做得不漂亮,我是不会撒手的。” I‘m such a perfectionist that I will not stop until a job is well done.
  5. How do you feel about your progress to date?“(对于你至今所取得的进步你是怎 样看的?) 绝不要对你以前的所作所为表示内疚。如可答:“我认为我在学校表现不错。事实上,有好几 门功课我的成绩居全班第一。 在某公司实习时, 我获得了该公司数年来给予其雇员的好几项 最高评价。” I think I did well in school. In fact, in a number of courses I received the highest exam scores in the class. As an intern for the X Company, I received some of the highest evaluations that had been given in years. 二、其他常见问题
  6.Why did you choose peking university?
  7.Why did you choose MBA?
  8.What would you like to be doing five years after graduation?
  9.What has been your greatest accomplishment?
  10.Describe your greatest strengths and weaknesses.
  11.What have you learned from the jobs you have held? 三、行为面试问题(Sample Behavioral Interview Questions):
  12.Describe the best/worst team of which you have been a member. 13Tell me about a time when your course load was heaviest. How did you get all of your work done?
  14.Give me a specific example of a time when you sold someone on an idea or co ncept.
  15.Tell me about a time when you were creative in solving a problem.
  16.Describe a time when you got co-workers or classmates who dislike each other t o work together.
  17.Tell me about a time when you made a bad decision. 四、压力面试问题(Sample Stress Interview Questions):
  18.What kinds of people do you find it difficult to work with?
  19.What are some of the things you find difficult to do?
  20.How would you evaluate me as an interviewer?
  21.What interests you least about MBA?
  22.How do you handle rejection?
  23.What is the worst thing you have heard about our school?
  24.See this pen I‘m holding. Sell it to me. 五、案例面试问题(Sample Case Interview Questions):

  25.A chain of grocery stores currently receives its stock on a decentralized basis. Ea ch store deals independently with its suppliers. The president of the chain is wonde ring whether the firm can benefit from a centralized warehouse. What are the key considerations in making this decision? A magazine publisher is trying to decide how many magazines she should deliver to each individual distribution outlet in order to maximize profits. She has extensive hi storical sales volume data for each of the outlets. How should she determine deliver y quantities? 六、非常规问题:
  26.It is the 15th Century. How do convince the Pope that the Earth is round?
  27. If I gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?
  28. Why are soda cans tapered on the top and bottom?
  29. How much RAM does a PC need to run Windows
  30. You are in a boat on a fresh water lake. In your hand is a rock. You throw th e rock into the lake. How is the lake‘s water level affected?
  31. If it rained music, what would grow?
  32. Describe your best friend and what he or she does for a living.
  33. In what ways are you similar or different from your best friend?
  34.What are your career‘s strengths and how do you capitalize on them?
  35. Are you a happy person?
  36. According to JRM, Jr., a fast growing software company asked this question…… You have a wealthy aunt who weighs 300 pounds. Tell me how you would redesig n her toilet. 七、其他常见的英语面试问题:
  37.Would you please make a brief introduction about yourself?
  38.Why did you take the MBA examination? Would you please say something abou t the currently MBA program in China?
  39.Why do you choose RENMIN University to study MBA? Tell me a little about RE NMIN University form your understanding.
  40.How do the people around you review MBA?
  41.What‘s the difference between MBA program at home and abroad?
  42.If you failed this time what will you do in the near future?
  43.Why do you want to be a part of MBA students?
  44.Why do you think you are qualified for MBA program?
  45.Do you have a career plan in 5 years?
  46.Do you have a study plan if you were accepted as a MBA student?
  47.What‘s your opinion about the requirement that a MBA student must have worki ng experience?
  48.How do you define marketing or management?
  49.Do you think English is quite important in MBA study? Why?
  50.Do you think MBA training courses will help you a lot in your future life? Wh y?
  51.What do you want to do after your MBA study?
  52.What is the most important qualification that a MBA student should have?

  53.Say a little about teamwork.
  54.Say a little about management.
  55.How communication works in organizations?
  56.Tell me the relationship between the management and management theory.
  57.What will you do if you can‘t find a job?
  58.Do you think that the economy will get better?
  59.Who are you currently employed with?
  60.What kinds of opportunities are you looking for?
  61.What is your biggest accomplishment on the job?
  62.What joy did you enjoy the most and why?
  63.What would your former boss say about you?
  64.Why did you leave your last job?
  65.Please tell me a little about your working history? What kind of fields?
  66.Say a little about your educational background.
  67.What are your strengths and weakness?
  68.What do you do in your spare time?
  69.What is your impression of Beijing?
  70.What is CFO? If you were a CFO, what would you do?
  71.What is the difference between sales and marketing?
  72.What do you think is the most important as a manager? 在



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