hometown Where are you from? How long have you lived there? How do you like it? Why? Do you live near here? Where about? What do you think are the good points about living in this city? family Could you tell us sth. about your family? What does your family usually do for the weekend? What do you think about living together with your parents? leisure Do you have any hobbies? How did you become interested in the hobbies? study/work Why do you choose to study at our institute? Why do you want to go to graduate school instead of finding a job? What are your favorite subjects? What kind of job did you do? Have you ever worked during the vacation? Why do you want to go back to study instead of going on with your work? What qualifications are needed in order to do your job well? What did you enjoy most about your campus life? future plans What do you expect to achieve during your study if you are enrolled into this institute? Do you think English is important for your future plans? In what aspects is it important? (
  1). self-introduction (自我介绍) Good morning, my dear teachers and professors. I am very happy to avail myself of the opportunity to introduce myself. I am *****, a ***(年龄)-year-old girl/ boy graduated from ****University. My major was ****. Four-year study in **** department gives me all-round knowledge about*****( 专 业 名 称 ). In the past two years I have been preparing for the postgraduate examination. I am a very hard-working person with great perseverance. And also, I am very kind-hearted as well and ready to help others especially when they are in troubles. Owing to my kindness I made a lot of friends in university. In my spare time I like sports. Among all the events, I like football best,because we should unite as one to achieve success. In my opinion, it is the best slogan of team work spirit. I also took some part-time jobs as a family tutor. One of my students got his mark improved through our joint effort and I was very proud of that. This is all for my self-introduction. If I am lucky enough to get the chance, I will devote all myself to my major and focus all of my energy on it. (
  2). reasons for my choice (考研原因) Firstly, I have a profound love in my major, ***, which is very practical and useful. Through four years’ study in university I find the knowledge I have mastered is not enough to solve some specific problems though I have satisfactory marks in all the subjects. So I decide to further my
education and take the postgraduate entrance examination. Secondly, I want to take ***(专业) as my life long career, therefore, further study in this field is still necessary. In my opinion, I can broaden my horizon and enrich the knowledge in this field through the postgraduate education. It is an indispensable step for my self-development in the future as well. Last but not the least, I have a long-lasting love of the atmosphere of campus. It is full of passion and youthful spirit. All the things can inspire me to form some fantastic thoughts and excellent ideas. This kind of atmosphere is very helpful for study. As for my choice of universities, I should say I love this university very much. When I came here for the first time I was deeply impressed by the academic atmosphere and the faculty. In addition, your university enjoys a good reputation in this field. I think as one of the most famous ******(专 业)in our country, it provides people with enough room to get further enrichment. (
  3). plans in the postgraduate study (研究生期间你的计划) First, a systematic view of *****is my first and most important goal in the postgraduate study. second, I would like to take more social activities to promote myself in every possible way. If possible, I will go on with/continue my study for doctorate degree. In a word, I am looking forward to making a solid foundation for my future profession and life after two/three years study here. (
  4). about hometown (介绍你的家乡) I am from **** a beautiful city in the****(写个方位)part of *** province. (如果是省会可以加 上: it is also the capital city of **** province.) It is famous for**** (特产或是旅游项目). Every winter numerous visitors are attracted by its(特产或景物). The city lies in the ****(方 位)part of China and the climate there is very suitable for living. Thanks to the government’s effort to protect the environment, our city is becoming more and more beautiful and attacks people all around the world. Last five years witnesses the fast economic development of my home town due to the Opening Policy. I believe my hometown will definitely be prosperous in the future. After my graduation I will return to my hometown and make my due contribution to its development. (
  5). about family (你的家庭) I have a happy family .In my family, there are five members: grandfather, father, mother, brother and I. My family is just like a hand, and each of us like a finger. Just as the relationship among fingers and hand, we five members live together and can not be separated. I will introduce my family to you. My grandfather My grandfather is a healthy old man. He likes moving and believes that one can have long life only if he takes exercise. So, though he is over seventy, he doesn’t feel tired after long walking. My father My father works in a private high school and he is the vice-headmaster of that school. My father is a diligent man. He likes reading and writing. No matter how busy he is, he must read something useful in his spare time. He often says that as a teacher who must read as much as he can. He does what he says. He gives me a good sample with his action. My mother My mother is a hardworking housewife. She is a kind, gentle and diligent woman. She cooks and washes for us day after day. However, in my mind, she is the greatest woman in this world. Now I
study out of my home, and I always miss her very much. I miss her cooking, I miss her speaking too much, and, of course, I also miss our quarrelling! My brother My brother is a clever and tall boy. He is a senior high student .I am three years older than him. He likes reading. His favorite writer is Yi Zhongtian. Therefore, he reads most works written by Yi Zhongtian and watches all the programs talked by him, called Bai Jia Jiang Tan. In my mind, he is a thoughtful boy. Myself I am a college student. Next year, I will graduate. I dream much for my future. In the future, first I will be a teacher. But maybe I will try other kinds of jobs, such as free writer, editor and so on. However, no matter what is my hobby, I will be on my own stage; no matter which stage I am on, I will dance wonderfully! (
  6). about university (你的大学) My university is …., which is modern and smart. You see, the many age-old buildings here are actually great libraries and labs. Scientific and technological development is easily smelt in the air, because she never lags behind the world. Her everlasting youth and vigor beam through every corner of the campus and the young in school vivify every piece of concrete and wood here. What makes me happy and strong is that it perpetuates me with unfading energy. And it is definitely beneficial for me to be granted enthusiasm. The deep impression of my university is her creativity and profundity. As is known to all, she has a wide range and comprehensive style. No wonder I can enjoy the multi-colored life here. Every school year a diversity of competitions and activities are held and a large number of students take active part in them. I do appreciate such a style, and in my mind’s eye, she resembles a tall tree silhouetting with all shapes of branches while stretching far into the blue sky. Undoubtedly there is a world of difference between university and high school. University students are supposed to enjoy more freedom to develop themselves. However, … seems more concerned about the efficient cooperation and teamwork among students as to prepare them for the competitive society. I believe upon graduation I will be equipped with abundant skills to face more unknown challenges. After all, in my opinion, university is for more cultivated character, richer knowledge and greater abilities. That’s why I chose …. She provides me with what I’ve dreamed of. After my graduation, I want to find a job in Siemens and make good use of the theories I will have learned from this university. I have the potential to be a professional manager and do program management. (
  7). Why do you change your major? (为什么换专业) I have shifted my major from Mathematics to Quantitative Economics, mainly out of my interest. During the holidays, I got the chance to work for a company as an intern, when I first acquainted myself with the knowledge of Quantitative Economics, and I was attracted deeply by it. What’s more, what I have learned can be applied very well to this subject. Meanwhile, the major has gained wide application and concern for the time being. So gradually, I got the idea that I should try my best to learn Quantitative Economics. (
  8). Why do you choose this major? (为什么选择这个专业)
I major in International Trade and have great interest in it. International trade currently become increasingly important in the world of globalization, and those companies desirous to file themselves into the international market and have to confront plenty of issues. Thus, corresponding emphasis have been put on these issues in this field. But during my college study and internship period, I have found I have many to study, so it is very necessary and urgent for me to grasp firmly and comprehensively the relevant knowledge of international trade. That is why I chose this major. Now I look forward to enriching my scope in this field in our university. (
  9). Could you tell the importance of English? (您觉得英语重要吗) Yes, it’s very important. It plays an indispensable role both in my academic study and future career. When I look for some learning material on-line for my research paper, the Chinese information is usually not enough, and thus the English information works as an essential compensation. Furthermore, when I command English, work efficiency will be greatly improved because the time of the translation between languages is shortened. (
  10). plans in the postgraduate study (研究生期间你的计划) I’ve already made a plan for my postgraduate study. If luckily I got the admission to the …university, I would make good use of the two/three years. You know, three years is very short for an aspirant pursuer for knowledge, so it’s necessary to make a good plan both for my academic research and future career. First, I will try my best to grasp the theoretical knowledge and set the solid foundation for my further study. Second, if time permits, I will do some part-time job relevant to my major and in this way I can put the theory into practice. Third, I will apply for a doctor degree and if impossible I will find a job related to my major and become an expert in this field. (
  11). plans after graduation (毕业后有什么打算) After my graduation, I want to find a job in Siemens and make good use of the theories I will have learned from this university. I have the potential to be a professional manager and do program management. I love economic policy research. After graduation, I want to further my study for a Doctor’s degree. Then I’ll work for a research institute. What satisfies me most is to make contributions for Chinese economic growth. (
  12). What can you tell me about yourself? (关于你自己,你能告诉我些什么?) I am 21 years old, born in Heilongjiang province, northeast of China. I am now a senior student at Beijing XX University. My major is packaging engineering, and I will receive my bachelor’ degree after my graduation in June. In the past four years, I have spent most of my time on study. I have passed CET4/6 with an ease and I have acquired basic knowledge of packaging both in theory and in practice. Besides, I have attended several packaging exhibition held in Beijing and I have taken a tour to some big factories through which I have had a deep understanding of domestic packaging industry. Compared to developed countries such as U.S., unfortunately, although we have made extraordinary progress since 1978, our packaging industries are still underdeveloped. But I have full confidence in a bright future if only our economy can keep the growth pace still. I choose to learn law in my graduate study because pursuing law is one of my lifelong goals. I like my major packaging and I won’t give up it. If I can pursue my master degree
here I will combine law with my former education. I will work hard in patent, trademark, copyright in the packaging field. I am optimistic and confident. Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but I am not lonely. I like to chat with my classmates on various subjects. My favorite pastime is playing volleyball. Through college life, I learn how to keep balance between study and entertainment. By the way, I was an actor of our amazing drama club. I had a few glorious memories on stage. (
  13). What would you like to be doing within five years after graduation?(在毕业以后 5 年内你 想做些什 么?) Five years are quite a long time, I would like to divide it into two parts for my future plan.



   研究生考试复试英语口语须知 1. 自我介绍篇(重点) 。基本上每个院校每个专业的口试中都会涉及这一方 面。考官其实是要借此了解你的口头表达能力以及你的报名表之外的一些信息。 自我介绍时间以 2-3 分钟为宜。思路要清楚,要突出重点,口语尽量流利(不要 太流利了,有背诵之嫌) 。 1) 考官要求你作自我介绍时, 不要用…let me introduce myself briefly / please allow me to introduce myself to you 等句子,重复、Up嗦。 ...


   最新整理研究生复试英语 最新整理研究生复试英语 研究生 如何备考+ 如何备考+面试范文资料 随着研究生报名人数的逐年增加,研究生复试一般改为差额复试,考 生复试的成绩如何直接影响到其是否被录取。研究生复试一般分为专业课 复试与英语复试,而英语复试主要是口语测试。由于从 2005 年起研究生 入学考试英语笔试部分取消了听力,因此,研究生复试中除了传统的口语 测试外,很多学校增加了听力部分。这里我们特别邀请了中央财经大学多 年的博士生、硕士生与 MBA 英语复试考官冯玉红和温剑波老师,为大家 介 ...


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   一。如何提高听力水平 口语词汇听力不仅需要较大的普通词汇量,更需要留心整理常用的口语词 汇。听力对话与书面语的一大区别就是经常使用一些比较“俗”的词,称 为口语词汇。口语词汇一般比较简短,发音明确,很多都是考生早就学过 的词汇,听起来也容易分辨,只要多听,逐步就能摸出一些规律。场景词 汇对话或独白往往发生在一定的场景之中,例如关于天气、问路、课程安 排等等。这些场合或话题都有自己一套常用的词汇,如果能够较好掌握, 将有助于考生迅速判断出大概的话题范围,极大地提高理解程度。这一类 词汇很多,例 ...


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   Hello, my professors.It's a fine day today,and i'm very pleased to meet you here. First of all,i'd like to introduce myself to you.My name is ***,my hometown is ***,which is a really beautiful city.Even when i was a young boy,i was very interested ...


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   牛津七年级英语下册第二单元检测卷, 牛津七年级英语下册第二单元检测卷,含有听力等 Test for Unit Two 第一卷 I 听力:15% A. 听句子,选出正确的图片 A E B C D 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. B. 选出所听句子的正确答语。(2 遍) ( ) 6. A. Yes, I like. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I’d love. D. Yes, I’d love to. ( ) 7. A. All right. B. Not at all. C. ...


   第一单元 预防保健与整体医疗 预防保健 预防保健指的是某种生活方式和医疗保健(例如疾病筛查)的实施,其目的在于延长健康的状态和避免某一特定常见病的发生(如心 脏病,癌症,和由于谷蛋白和其他饮食敏感引起的免疫系统疾病) .我认为更多的精力和卫生保健资金应该用于预防疾病,这样一来治疗疾病所 需资金会相应减少(由于疾病减少) . 这种方法同样适用于筛查某一特定疾病.这就是我用谷蛋白敏感性作一例子的理由.现在我们拥有技术在儿童的生长过缓之前,在不可逆 的骨质疏松症发生之前,在其它自身免疫疾病产生之前 ...


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