1:投诉信 Dear, I am . (自我介绍) I feel bad to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a complaint about. The reason for my dissatisfaction is ( 总 体 介 绍 ). In the first
place,(抱怨的第一个方面). In addition, (抱怨 的第二个方面). Under these circumstances, I find it (感觉) to (抱怨的方面 给你带来的后果). I appreciate it very much if you could( 提 出 建 议 和 请 求 ), preferably (进一步的要求), and I would like to have this matter settled by (设定解决事情最后期限). Thank you for your consideration and I will be looking forward to your reply. Yours sincerely Li Ming
  2:询问信 Dear , I am (自我介绍). I am writing to see if it is possible for you to provide me with information regarding.(要询问的内容) First of all, what are ?( 第 一 个 问 题 ) Secondly, when will?(第二个问题) Thirdly, is ?(第三个问题) I would also like to inquire (将最重要的问题单独成段). Could you be so kind as to send me some relevant booklets on the above-mentioned aspects? Thank you for you kindness, and your prompt attention to this letter will be highly appreciated. Yours sincerely Li Min 模板一:图画作文 This illustration depicts (图画中的人物)Ving, with(补充说明). Recently it has become common for people in many walks of life to(进一步阐释) It seems to me that the cartoonist is sending a message about (图画主题), which is (进 一步的说明). He seems to be saying that(给出细节). In my opinion, (个人阐述). This simple picture is a wake up call for (所涉群体,如 the whole of the human race). Therefore, it is imperative for us to take drastic measures to put an end to (问题所在). One the one hand, we must (建议一). It is clear that the drawer of the illustration is urging us to (进一步说明). On the other hand, (建议二) Only in this way can we(展望前景). 模板二:图表作文 The chart gives us an overall picture of the ( 图 表 主 题 ). The first thing we notice is that(图表最大特点). This means that as , (进一步说明). We can see from the statistics given that (图表细节一). After ving(细节一中的第 一 个 变 化 ), the Ved+ 幅 度 + 时 间 ( 紧 跟 着 的 变 化 ). The figures also tells us
that(图表细节二). (数据位置,如 In the second column), we can see that accounts for (进一步描述). Judging from these figures, we can draw the conclusion that(结论). The reason for this, as far as I am concerned is that(给出原因). / It is high time that we Ved(发出倡议) 模板三:利弊型作文 Recently the issue of whether or not(讨论话题) has been in the limelight and has aroused wide concern in the public. There are two major arguments that can be made for. For one thing, can bring
to( 优 点 一 ). For another, it is widely hold that people usually when (优点二). But we must not lose sight of the fact that there are also drawbacks to, among which are (列举缺点). For instance, it can be to (举例说明). In addition, many people find it (形容词)to (第二个缺点) When asked to , I tend to . This is because I (原因一). Furthermore, (原因二). Finally, (原因三). 模板四:展望未来型 With the rapid advances of in recent years, has(引出现象). However, has, as(提出问题). As a result, has (指 出影响). The effects has produced on can be boiled down to two major ones. First , (影响一). More importantly, (影响二). Hence, I believe that we will see a (提出展望)/ Nevertheless, I do not think we will see a (或反面展望) There are numerous reasons why , and I would like to explore a few of the most important ones here. The first is that the more( 比 较 级 ), the more ( 比 较 级 ). In addition, we all agree
  3:请求信 Dear, I am writing to formally request to(请求的内容) The reason for is that(给出原因).I, so I (给出细节) I would also like to request ( 提 出 进 一 步 的 要 求 ). I am sorry for any inconvenience I have caused. Thank you for your attention to these requests. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at(电话号码). I look forward to a favorable reply. Yours sincerely Li Ming
  4:道歉信 Dear , I am truly sorry that(道歉的原因). The reason is that (介绍原因) Once again, I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. Hope you can accept my apologies and understand my situation. Yours sincerely Li Ming
  6:建议信 Dear , You have asked me for my advice with regard to , and I will try to make some conductive suggestions here. In my humble opinion, you would be wise to take the following actions:(建议的内容) I hope you will find these proposals useful, and I would be ready to discuss this matter with you to further details. Good Luck with your(祝愿) Yours sincerely Li Ming

  7.求职信 Dear Sir or Madam, I write this letter to apply for the position that you have advertised in(报纸名称)of(广告 发布时间). Not only do I have the qualifications for this job, but I also have the right personality for a (工作名 称 ). In the one hand,( 第 一 个 原 因 ). On the other hand, (另一个原因). Should you grant me a personal interview, I would be most grateful. If you need to know more about me, please feel free to contact me at any time at (电话号码) Thank you for considering my application, and I am looking forward to meeting you. Yours sincerely Li Ming
  8:邀请信 Dear, There will a (内容) at/in(地点) on(时间). We would be honored to have you there with us. The occasion will start at (具体时间). This will be followed by a (进一步的安排). At around(时间),(另一个安排) I really hope you can make it. RSVP before (通知你的最后期限) Yours sincerely Li Ming 词汇类 一、近义词汇:
  1.完全:absolute, unconditional, unlimited, complete, unrestricted, unmixed, perfect, entire
  2.好: extraordinary, amazing, miraculous, marvelous, stupendous, excellent, good, well, wonderful, fine, nice, of high quality, pleasing, surprising, agreeable
  3.小:small, diminutive, puny, little, pocket-sized, petit, minute, tiny
  4.多:big , enormous, large, gigantic, vast, tremendous, gargantuan, huge, immense, a lot of, lots of, many, much, plenty of, a great deal of, a number of, an amount of, a great many, a good many, many a, scores of, dozens of, a great quantity of
  5.高兴,快乐:delighted, delightful, pleased, pleasing, charmed, pleasant, cheerful, cheering, merry, happy, gratified, glad, gay, agreeable, friendly, content, satisfied, light-hearted, joyful
  6.真的:True, truthful, veracious, faithful, accurate, loyal, staunch, genuine, honest, real, trustworthy, constant。
  7.全,都:all, whole, entire, complete, perfect, total, the whole number of , unbroken , gross 二、常见的连接词 连接词根据其本身的意思和文章连接所需要的逻辑意义可分为几类: a。表示开场 to begin with , in the first place , in general , generally speaking b。表示总结 to summarize , to sum up , to conclude , in conclusion , finally c。表示举例 a case in point , a good illustration / example of … is …, d。表示原因 because , since , for , the cause of , the reason for , now that e。表示结果 as a result , as a consequence , consequently f。表示比较 both , like , likewise , similarly , in common , in the same way
g。表示对照 on the contrary , on the other hand , despite , in spite of , however h。表示列举 first , firstly , in the first place , first of all , to begin with i。表示强调 especially , particularly , certainly , surely , chiefly , actually j。表示让步 even though , although , in spite of , however , but , yet
  1.经济的快速发展 the rapid development of economy
  2.人民生活水平的显著提高/稳步增长 the remarkable improvement/ steady growth of people‘s living standard
  3.先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology
  4.面临新的机遇和挑战 be faced with new opportunities and challenges
  5.人们普遍认为 It is commonly believed/ recognized that…
  6.社会发展的必然结果 the inevitable result of social development
  7.引起了广泛的公众关注 arouse wide public concern/ draw public attention
  8.不可否认 It is undeniable that…/ There is no denying that…
  9.热烈的讨论/争论 a heated discussion/ debate
  10.有争议性的问题 a controversial issue
  11.完全不同的观点 a totally different argument
  12.一些人…而另外一些人…Some people…while others…
  13.就我而言/就个人而言 As far as I am concerned, / Personally,
  14.就…达到绝对的一致 reach an absolute consensus on…
  15.有充分的理由支持 be supported by sound reasons
  16.双方的论点 arguments on both sides
  17.发挥着日益重要的作用 play an increasingly important role in…
  18.对…必不可少 be indispensable to…
  19.正如谚语所说 As the proverb goes:
  20.…也不例外…be no exception
  21.对…产生有利/不利的影响 exert positive/ negative effects on…
  22.利远远大于弊 the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
  23.导致,引起 lead to/ give rise to/ contribute to/ result in
  24.复杂的社会现象 a complicated social phenomenon
  25.责任感/成就感 sense of responsibility/ sense of achievement
  26.竞争与合作精神 sense of competition and cooperation
  27.开阔眼界 widen one‘s horizon/ broaden one‘s vision
  28.学习知识和技能 acquire knowledge and skills
  29.经济/心理负担 financial burden / psychological burden
  30.考虑到诸多因素 take many factors into account/ consideration
  31.从另一个角度 from another perspective
  32.做出共同努力 make joint efforts
  33.对…有益 be beneficial / conducive to…
  34.为社会做贡献 make contributions to the society
  35.打下坚实的基础 lay a solid foundation for…
  36.综合素质 comprehensive quality
  37.无可非议 blameless / beyond reproach
  39.致力于/投身于 be committed / devoted to…
  40.应当承认 Admittedly,
  41.不可推卸的义务 unshakable duty

  42.满足需求 satisfy/ meet the needs of…
  43.可靠的信息源 a reliable source of information
  44.宝贵的自然资源 valuable natural resources
  45.因特网 the Internet(一定要由冠词,字母 I 大写)
  46.方便快捷 convenient and efficient
  47.在人类生活的方方面面 in all aspects of human life
  48.环保(的)environmental protection / environmentally friendly
  49.社会进步的体现 a symbol of society progress
  50.科技的飞速更新 the ever-accelerated updating of science and technology
  51.对这一问题持有不同态度 hold different attitudes towards this issue
  52.支持前/后种观点的人 people / those in fovor of the former/ latter opinion
  53.有/提供如下理由/证据 have/ provide the following reasons/ evidence
  54.在一定程度上 to some extent/ degree / in some way
  55.理论和实践相结合 integrate theory with practice
  56.…必然趋势 an irresistible trend of…
  57.日益激烈的社会竞争 the increasingly fierce social competition
  58.眼前利益 immediate interest/ short-term interest
  59.长远利益 interest in the long run
  60.…有其自身的优缺点…has its merits and demerits/ advantages and disadvantages
  61.扬长避短 Exploit to the full one‘s favorable conditions and avoid unfavorable ones
  62.取其精髓,去其糟粕 Take the essence and discard the dregs.
  63.对…有害 do harm to / be harmful to
  64.交流思想/情感/信息 exchange ideas/ emotions/ information
  65.跟上…的最新发展 keep pace with / keep abreast with the latest development of…
  66.采取有效措施来…take effective measures to do sth.
  67.…的健康发展 the healthy development of…
  68.有利有弊 Every coin has its two sides.No garden without weeds.
  69.对…观点因人而异 Views on…vary fr



   1:投诉信 Dear, I am . (自我介绍) I feel bad to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a complaint about. The reason for my dissatisfaction is ( 总 体 介 绍 ). In the first place,(抱怨的第一个方面). In addition, (抱怨 的第二个方面). Under these circumstances, I find ...


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