1995 翻译真题 The most important task today is to develop the national economy and improve the people’s living standard. In order to realize the goal, we must reform the old economic system so that we can further liberate the productive force. We should open our door to the world so that we can learn advanced science and technology from other country. As long as we adhere to the reform and open policy, we can certainly build our motherland into a powerful socialist country. 1996 翻译真题 在过去的几十年里, 可能没有任何其他话题 在过去的几十年里,可能没有任何其他话题 领导艺术更受到管理研究者的关注 更受到管理研究者的关注。 比领导艺术更受到管理研究者的关注。在管 理人员的培训和开发方面, 理人员的培训和开发方面,领导艺术也是热 门的话题之一。 门的话题之一。这表明专业管理人员对探索 卓有成效的领导艺术的奥秘感兴趣。 卓有成效的领导艺术的奥秘感兴趣。
Probably no other single topic has gained more attention from management researchers in the last several decades than leadership. The subject also persists, year in year out, as one of the hottest topics in management training and development, indicating that practicing managers are still interested in discovering the secrets to effective leadership. 1997 翻译真题 亚裔美国人对美国作出了杰出的贡献 对美国作出了杰出的贡献。 亚裔美国人对美国作出了杰出的贡献。这些 贡献包括诸如自然科学 医学、 然科学、 医学、 法律、 文学、 贡献包括诸如自然科学、 法律、 文学、 艺术等各个领域 等各个领域。 艺术等各个领域。由于亚裔移民的祖籍国家 具有丰富多彩的传统, 他们大大促进了美国 具有丰富多彩的传统,他们大大促进了美国 文化的发展, 文化的发展 , 提高了全美国人民的生活水 平。 Americans who have come from Asia(Or: Asian-born Americans) have made notable contributions to the United States in a wide range of field, including natural science, medicine, law, literature, arts and so on.
Through the rich and varied traditions of their homelands, they have greatly enhanced America’s culture and living standard of Americans. 1998 翻译真题 环境科学家们说, 环境科学家们说,如果要使地球继续供养人 类生存,保护野生动物是极为重要的。 类生存,保护野生动物是极为重要的。这些 专家说, 专家说,我们必须明白在我们这个环境供养 系统中我们自己与野生动物之间的重要联 他们指出, 系。他们指出,没有人有把握知道这些动物 中的哪一种将来可能对我们有用。 中的哪一种将来可能对我们有用。 Environmentalists say that the protection of wide animals is of vital importance if the earth is to supply the human being. These experts say that we must understand the fundamental relation between ourselves and wild animals and plants in our environmental supplying system. They point out that no one is sure to know which kind of animals is likely to be useful to us in the future.
1999 翻译真题 别人抽烟 你吸入, 抽烟, 你吸入, 确实会对你的肺有危害。 别人抽烟, 确实会对你的肺有危害。 据美国肺协估计, 据美国肺协估计,每年约有 3000 名死于肺 癌的人是被动吸烟者。有一项调查发现, 癌的人是被动吸烟者。有一项调查发现,不 吸烟的妇女, 吸烟的妇女,如果在吸烟的家庭环境中生活 40 年或更长的时间, 年或更长的时间, 那么就有加倍患肺癌的 危险。 危险。 It surely does harm to your lungs if other people smoke and you breathe it in. According to the anticipation of American Lung Association, each year about 3000 people who die from lung cancer are passive smokers. An investigation indicates that non-smoking women living in a smoking family environment for 40 years or still longer will have double risk of developing lung cancer. 2000 翻译真题 文化是不同国家的人们互相理解 是不同国家的人们互相理解的最佳媒 文化 是不同国家的人们互相理解 的最佳媒 通过举办文化节, 体。通过举办文化节,许多中国城市在世界
上的知名度提高了。已经证明, 上的知名度提高了。已经证明,对促进中国 人民和世界其他地方人民之间的交流来说, 人民和世界其他地方人民之间的交流来说, 这是最好的途径之一。 这是最好的途径之一。这种交流不仅仅限于 文化方面,还扩大到了经济和其他领域。 文化方面,还扩大到了经济和其他领域。 Culture is the best medium for different people of different countries to understand each other. Through holding cultural festival, many cities in china have become better known to the world. It has been proved that this is one of the best ways to promote the exchange between the people of China and other parts of the world. The exchange was not been confined to culture but extended to the economic and other fields. 2001 翻译真题 年其实并不是发明创造的黄金时期。 发明创造的黄金时期 过去 50 年其实并不是发明创造的黄金时期。 从 1900 年到 1950 年,改变人类生活的发明 有汽车、 飞机、 电话、 收音机、 电视机--有汽车 、 飞机 、 电话 、 收音机 、 电视机 当然还有核武器和计算机。 年来, 当然还有核武器和计算机。而近 50 年来, 只有为数不多的发明。 只有为数不多的发明。难道发明的源泉已经
枯竭了吗?答案并非如此。事实上, 枯竭了吗?答案并非如此。事实上,发明的 新时代刚刚开始。 新时代刚刚开始。 Actuarially the past 50 years may not have been the golden age of invention and innovation. From 1900 to 1950, human life was transformed by such inventions as cars, aeroplanes, telephones, radios and television sets, not to mention(let alone) nuclear weapons and computer of course. In the recent 50 years since only a few inventions have been made. Was the well-spring of invention drying up? Not likely. Indeed, a new age of invention is just beginning.
2002 翻译真题 年中,世界上没有任何一个国家的 在过去 20 年中 世界上没有任何一个国家的 外贸发展速度像中国那么快 发展速度像中国那么快。 外贸发展速度像中国那么快。日本用了 20 多年时间才将其外贸总额翻了一番 翻了一番, 多年时间才将其外贸总额翻了一番,而中国 翻了两番。 却翻了两番。中国现在已是全球第三大电器 生产国, 生产国,并且正在成为全球电器市场上的主
角。中国还是世界上劳动密集型 (labor-intensive)产品的主要生产国。 )产品的主要生产国。 8 分档译文: 分档译文: In the past 20 years, China’s increasing speed in foreign commerce is faster than any other countries in the world. It took Japan 20 years to increase its foreign commerce to two times, while at the same time, China have increased its foreign commerce by three times. Now China ranks third in the global producers of electronic facilities and is playing a critical role in the global electronic facilities market. China is also a main producer of labor-intensive products in the world. 2 分档译文 In the past 20 years, there is no any countries like China that the trade for foreign speed up so high. Japan have made improve on time as the total of foreign trade, and it taken 20 years, but China’s double.
China already became No.3 electronic products around the world, and it was playing a important role in the electronic global market. China is yet a great products country of labor-intensive in the world. Jiangsu 学位真题 2002 中国面临的另一个长期任务是缩小沿海地 区与中西部地区的经济差距.尽管政府制定 区与中西部地区的经济差距 尽管政府制定 了地区发展战略以减轻日趋严重的经济不 平等现象,需要正视的关键性的协调问题还 平等现象 需要正视的关键性的协调问题还 包括地区之间的合作、 应包括地区之间的合作、资源从较富裕转向 较贫穷省份的重新分配。 较贫穷省份的重新分配。 Another long-term challenge for China is the narrowing of economic disparities between the coastal regions and the central and western provinces. Despite the regional development strategy of the government, aimed at reducing growing economic inequality across the country, key coordination issues that need to be
addressed include interregional cooperation, redistribution of resources from richer to poorer provinces. 2003 学位 Part II: Translation (20 minutes, 10 points) Directions: Translate the following passage into English. Write your translation on the ANSWER SHEET. 奥运会, 为了成功举办 2008 年奥运会,北京计划投 亿美元用于基础设施建设。 基础设施建设 据说, 据说, 入 230 亿美元用于基础设施建设。 一 些外国公司已经注意到了这些商机。 些外国公司已经注意到了这些商机。美国的 一些公司打算在电信和信息技术方面提供 产品和服务。 产品和服务。英国的一些公司也正在围绕北 京奥运会寻求商机, 京奥运会寻求商机,他们试图找到自己有优 势的领域,如不污染环境的建筑技术等。 势的领域,如不污染环境的建筑技术等。 With a view to successfully hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing is planning to spend 23 billion US dollars on its infrastructure development/ the construction of basic facilities. It is reported that many foreign companies have noticed
the business opportunities. Some American companies plan to provide products and services in the areas of telecommunication and information technology (IT). Some British companies are also seeking (out) business opportunities from the Beijing Olympic Games. They are trying to identify areas where U.K. has advantages, such as environmentally friendly building technology. (形式主语,连动,定语语序 形式主语,连动, 调整,定语从句,状语语序调整, 调整,定语从句,状语语序调整,介宾结构 作状语,) 作状语,) 2004 Part II Translation (35 minutes, 20 points,10 for each section) Section A Directions: Translate the following passage into Chinese. Write your translation on the ANSWER SHEET. Another kind of distinction that can be made among works of art is whether they
were intended as objects to be looked at or to be used. The fine arts, such as painting and sculpture, involve the production of works to be seen and experienced on an abstract level. Pieces of fine art may evoke emotional or spiritual responses in us. Those who love the fine arts feel that these responses are very valuable, for they expand our awareness of the great richness of life itself. Section A 英译汉 参考译文: 参考译文: 艺术品的另外一个显著特征是它是用来观 赏的还是被使用的物品。精美的艺术品, 赏的还是被使用的物品。精美的艺术品,如 绘画和雕塑, 绘画和雕塑,都包含了看得见的和抽象体验 的作品的制作。 的作品的制作。一件件精美的艺术品可以唤 起我们情感和精神上的响应。 起我们情感和精神上的响应。热爱艺术品的 人会觉得这些响应是非常有价值的, 人会觉得这些响应是非常有价值的,因为它 们扩大了我们对生活本身丰富内涵的了解。 们扩大了我们对生活本身丰富内涵的了解。 分析: 分析:
  1、被动结构: 、被动结构: they were intended as objected to be looked
at or to be used. 它是用来观赏的还是被使用的物品 ü 注: 英语的被动句往往译成汉语 后不带被字结构, 后不带被字结构,注意符合汉语习惯
  2、定语的处置: 、定语的处置: (
  1)定语前置:the fine arts 精美的艺术品 )定语前置: emotional or spiritual responses 情感和精神上的响应 ü 注意词语的选择 定语后置: (
  2) )定语后置:objects to be looked at or to be used 用来观赏的还是被使用的物品 the production of works to be seen and experienced 看得见的和抽象体验的作品的制作 our awareness of the great richness of life itself 我们对生活本身丰富 内涵的了解 (
  3)定语从句:Another kind of distinction )定语从句: that can be made among works of art 艺术品的另外一个显著特征 Those who love the fine arts 热爱艺术品的 人
ü 语定语多后置, 注:英语定语多后置,汉语多前 置
  3、状语的处置 : …, for they expand our 、 状语的处置: awareness of the great richness of life itself. …因为它们扩大了 因为它们扩大了… 因为它们扩大了 ü 表示补充说明原因, 注:for 表示补充说明原因,无 需提前 4 、 表 语 从 句 : …is whether they were intended as objects to be looked at or to be used 它是用来观赏的还是被使 用的物品 ü 注意 whether 的翻译
  5、 宾语从句: …feel that these responses are 、 宾语从句: very valuable 觉得这些响


研究生学位英语复习 翻译学位真题

   研究生学位英语复习 1995 翻译真题 The most important task today is to develop the national economy and improve the people’s living standard. In order to realize the goal, we must reform the old economic system so that we can further liberate the productive force ...


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