2005 年 1 月份研究生学位课英语统考试题 月份研究生学位课英语统考试题 研究生学位课英语统考 Paper One Part I :Listening Comprehension (25 minutes, 20 points ) Section A (1 point each)
  1. A: He refuses to help the woman. B: He can’t handle the equipment by himself. C: He thinks some other people can do it better. D; He thinks the equipment is too heavy for the woman.
  2. A: His colleagues have contributed a lot. B: All of his colleagues congratulated him. C. The award has been given to his colleagues. D He doesn’t deserve the honor.
  3. A: He dislike Jack’s name. B He doesn’t care who Jack is. C He doesn’t know Jack well. D He dislikes Jack.
  4. A: The man is cracking a joke on her. B It is impossible to buy a genuine antique for so little money. C The man is out of his mind about the old vase. D The man has run into a great fortune.
  5. A: He can’t find a good idea about the problem. B He feels hopeless about the project. C He has encountered another problem. D He is going to give up the project.
  6. A: It is worthwhile. B It has a very tight schedule. C It was a waste of time. D It took him too much time on the road.
  7. A: It’s useless to talk to the professor. B The professor is often unfair. C The man has done well enough. D The man can’t be better next time.
  8. A The man should not say things like that. B The man should fight back. C The man should show his anger openly. D The man should not complain openly.
  9. A: She was injured in the shoulder. B She disliked the people who attended the party. C She was laughed at for her behaviour. D She was unpopular at the party. Section B (1 point each) Mini-talk One
  10. A: Improving the conditions of farm animals. B: Increasing the production of farm animals. C: Regulating the food marketing system. D: Regulating the food stores and restaurant chains.
  11. A: Because they want to save more money. B: Because they want the hens to lay more eggs. C Because they want the hens to grow more lean meat. D Because they want to sell the hens at a better price.
  12. A: Chickens should be kept in clean places. B: Pigs should be housed in large metal boxes. C: Farm animals should be slaughtered in factories. D Farm animals should be killed without feeling pain. Mini-talk Two
  13. A: Under the mountains is the state of Nevada. B: At the power centers in almost forty states. C: Under the deep ocean . D Near the inactive volcanoes.
  14. A: People object to burying it at the power centers. B: The power centers have no more space to store it. C: It is very dangerous to bury it in populous areas. D: The new site is the estate of the federal government.

  15. A; There are active volcanoes nearby. B: Some people still live in the area. C: The area is close to Las Vegas. D The area is geographically unsafe. Section C (1 point each) You will hear the recording twice. At the end of the talk there will be a 3-minute pause, during which time you are asked to write down your answers briefly on the Answer Sheet. You now have 25 seconds to read the questions (请在录音结束后把 16-20 题的答案抄写在答题纸上.)
  16.What percentage of plant and animal species on Earth do rain forests contain?
  17. What critical role do rain forests play besides being home to animals and plants?
  18. How much has global output of carbon dioxide increased in the past century?
  19. To be classified as a rain forest, how should the trees look?
  20. How large is the size of the rain forest in South America? Part I Vocabulary Section A
  1. This student was expelled from school because he had forged some documents for overseas study. A frustrated B formulated C fabricated D facilitated
  2.Opinion polls suggest that the approval rate of the president is on the increase. A agreement B consensus Cpermission D support
  3. A man of resolve will not retreat easily from setbacks or significant challenges. A pull out B pull up C pull in D pull over
  4. As few household appliances are now perfect, this minor defect is negligible. A detectable B trifling C inexcusable D magnificent
  5. The U.S. athletes topped the gold medal tally for the 3rd straight time this summer. A direct B proceeding C vertical D successive
  6. Despite tremendous achievement, formidable obstacles to development will persist. A difficult B sustainable C external D unpredictable
  7. Moderate and regular exercise can boost the rate of blood circulation and metabolism. A restrict B reduce C increase D stabilize
  8. The manager is seeking some cost-effective methods that can call forth their initiative . A efficient B conventional C economical D unique.
  9. The report proposes that students be allowed to work off their debt through community service. A pay off B get off C dispose of D run off
  10. It was a tragic love affair that only gave rise to pain. A brought forward B brought about C brought down D brought in Section B :
  11. As females in their 40s tend to weight, they are to go in for outdoor activities. A take on B hold on C carry on D put on
  12. The shop-owner took a load of -crusted bread and handed it to the child. A fragile B crisp C vague D harsh
  13. The excessive hospitality the local officials failed to leave us assured. A on the point of B on the grounds of C on the advice of D on the part of
  14.These intelligence officers tried a of persuasion and force to get the information they wanted. A combination B collaboration C conviction D confrontation
  15. The terminally ill patient lying in the care unit was kept alive on life support.
A apprehensive B intensive C extensive D comprehensive
  16. The very sound of our national anthem being played at the awarding ceremony is . A ice-breaking B eye-catching C painstaking D soul-touching
  17. Leading universities in China prefer to enroll brilliant high school students. A intellectually B intelligibly C intelligently D intimately
  18. When a heavy vehicle is in the mud, the driver has to ask for help. A involved B stuck C interfered D specialized
  19. A risk or effect may diminish , but it may also increase for some reason. A at will B over time C under way D so far
  20. It’s in your best to quit smoking, for you have some breathing problems. A sake B benefit C advantage D interest Part II. Cloze “Techno-stress”frustration arising from pressure to use new technologyis said to be 21 , reports Maclean’s magazine of Canada. Studies point to causes that 22 “the never-ending process of learning how to use new technologies to the 23 of work and home life as a result of 24 like e-mail, call-forwarding and wireless phones.” How can you cope? Experts recommend setting 25 . Determine whether using a particular device will really simplify life or merely add new 26 . Count on having to invest time to learn a new technology well enough to realize its full benefits. “ 27 time each day to turn the technology off,” and devote time to other things afforded or deserving 28 attention. “People start the day by making the 29 mistake of opening their e-mail, instead of working to a plan,” notes Vancouver productivity expert Dan Stamp. “The best hour and a half of the day is spent on complete 30 .”
  21. A descending B narrowing C mounting D widening
  22. A pass on B range from C deal with D give up
  23. A confusion B construction C contribution D conduction
  24. A creations B promotions C productions D innovations
  25. A laws B boundaries C deadlines D barriers
  26. A convenience B advantages C flexibility D complexity
  27. A Put forward B Put across C Put aside D Put up
  28. A prior B major C senior D superior
  29. A fragmental B fictional C fractional D fundamental
  30. A relaxation B entertainment C rubbish D hobby Part III. Reading Comprehensive Passage One The study of genetics has given rise to a profitable new Industry called biotechnology. As the name suggests, it blends biology and modern technology through such techniques as genetic engineering. Some of the new biotech companies, as they are called, specialize in agriculture and are working enthusiastically to patent seeds that give a high yield, that resist disease, drought, and frost, and that reduce the need for hazardous chemicals. If such goals could be achieved, it would be most beneficial. But some have raised concern about genetically engineered crops. “In nature, genetic diversity is created within certain limits,” says the book Genetic Engineering, Food, and Our Environment. “A rose can be crossed with a different kind of rose, but a rose will never cross with a potato…” Genetic engineering, on the other hand, usually involves taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an attempt to transfer a
desired property or character. This could mean, for example, selecting a gene which leads to the production of a chemical with antifreeze properties from an arctic fish, and joining it into a potato or strawberry to make it frost-resistant. It is now possible for plants to be engineered with genes taken from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. In essence, then, biotechnology allows humans to break the genetic walls that separate species. Like the green revolution, what some call the gene revolution contributes to the problem of genetic uniformitysome say even more so because geneticists can employ techniques such as cloning and tissue culture, processes that produce perfectly identical copies, or clones. Concerns about the erosion of biodiversity, therefore, remain. Genetically altered plants, however, raise new issues, such as the effects that they may have on us and the environment. “We are flying blindly into a new era of agricultural biotechnology with high hopes, few constraints, and little idea of the potential outcomes,” said science writer Jeremy Rifkin.
  31. According to the author, biotech companies are A mostly specialized in agriculture. B those producing seeds of better properties C mainly concerned about the genetically engineered crops. D likely to have big returns in their business.
  32. Now biotech products are made . A within the limits of natural genetics . B by violating laws of natural genetics. C without the interference of humans. D safer than those without the use of biotechnology
  33. In nature, genetic diversity is created A by mixing different species B within the species itself C through natural selection D through selection or contest
  34.Biotechnoly has made it possible A for us to solve the food shortage problem in the world. B for plants to be produced with genes of humans. C for humans to assume the cold-resistant property. D to grow crops with the taste of farm animals.
  35. According to the author, with the development of biotechnology A the species of creatures will be reduced. D we will suffer from fewer and fewer diseases. B our living environment will be better than it is now. C humans will pay for its side effect.
  36. The author’s attitude towards genetic engineering can best be described A optimistic B pessimistic C concerned D suspicious Passage Two The practice of capital punishment is as old as government itself. For most of history, it has not been considered controversial. Since ancient times most governments have punished a wide variety of crimes by death and have conducted executions as a routine part of the administration of criminal law. However, in the mid-18th century, social critics in Europe began to emphasize the worth of the individual and to criticize government practices they considered unjust, including capital punishment. The controversy and debate whether government should utilize the death penalty continue today. The first significant movement to abolish the death penalty began during the era known as the Age of Enlightenment. In 1764 Italian jurist and philosopher Cesare Beccaria published An Essay on Crimes and Punishments. Many consider this influential work the leading document in the early campaign capital punishment. Other individuals who campaigned against executions during
this period include French authors Voltaire and Denis Diderot, British philosophers David Hume and Adam Smith, and political theorist Thomas Paine in the United States. Critics of capital punishment argue that it is cruel and inhumane, while supporters consider it a necessary form of revenge for terrible crimes. Those who advocates the death penalty declare that it is a uniquely effective punishment that prevents crime. However, advocates and opponents of the death penalty dispute the proper interpretation of statistical analyses of its preventing effect. Opponents of capital punishment see the death penalty as a human right issue involving the proper limits of governmental power. In contrast, those who want governments to continue to execute tend to regard capital punishment as an issue of criminal justice policy. Because of these alternative viewpoint, there is a profound difference of opinion not only about what is the right answer on capital punishment, but also about what type of question is being asked when the death penalty becomes a public issue.
  37. We can learn from the first paragraph that in ancient times A death penalty had been carried out before government came into being. B people thought it was right for the government to conduct executions. C death penalty was practiced scarcely in European countries. D many people considered capital punishmen



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