硕士研究生学位英语考试( 硕士研究生学位英语考试(模拟试题 Part II Cloze (10 points) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the one that best fits in to the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter with a single line through the center. Mankind’s fascination with gold is as old as civilization itself. The ancient Egyptians respected gold, which had a religious 1 to them, and King Tutankhamun was buried in a sold-gold coffin 3,300 a golden calf, and the legendary King Midas asked that years ago. The wandering Israelites 2 everything he touched 3 into gold. 4 only is gold beautiful, but it is 5 indestructible. It will not rust or corrode; gold coins and products 6 from the metal have survived undamaged for centuries. Gold is extremely easy to 7 ; one ounce, which is about the size of a cube of sugar, can be beaten into a sheet nearly 100 square feet in size, and become to thin that light passes through it. An ounce of gold can also be 8 into a wore 50 miles long. Gold 9 electricity better than any other 10 and it is particularly important in the modern electronics industry. People have always longed to 1 gold. Unfortunately, this longing has also 12 the worst th in the human character. The Spanish conquerors of the 16 century robbed palaces, 13 and graves, search for gold. Even today, the economic running and killed thousands of Indians in their 14 of South Africa’s mines depends largely on the employment of black laborers who are paid about 40 pounds a month, plus room and board, and who must work in condition that can only be 15 as cruel. Historically, the desire to keep gold at home has been primarily 16 of the working and peasant in paper money. George Bernard Shaw 18 their instincts eloquently: chasses, who have no 17 “You have to choose between trusting to the natural stability of gold and the natural stability of the 19 and intelligence of members of the government”, he said, “and with due respect to these gentlemen, I advise you … to 20 for gold.”
  1. A. significance B. capability C. conception D. qualification
  2. A. bred B. grazed C. prayed D. worshiped
  3. A. turned B. was turned C. be turned D. to be turned
  4. A. It B. If C. Even D. Not
  5. A. apparently B. reversibly C. virtually D. actually
  6. A. fabricate B. to fabricate C. fabricating D. fabricated
  7. A. hand down B. work with C. wear out D. pay off
  8. A. expanded B. amplified C. stretched D. prolonged
  9. A. conveys B. conducts C. handles D. transplants
  10. A. substance B. component C. essence D. ingredient
  11. A. possess B. preserve C. explore D. rob
  12. A. backed up B. pulled out C. brought out D. amounted to
  13. A. churches B. temples C. nurseries D. cathedrals
  14. A. ruthless B. merciful C. aggressive D. maximal
  15. A. considered B. described C. illustrated D. characterized
  16. A. a commitment B. a job C. a profession D. an occupation
  17. A. royalty B. faith C. fidelity D. credit
  18. A. defended B. criticized C. commented D. narrated
  19. A. honesty B. delicacy C. capability D. confidence
  20. A. select B. choose C. elect III Part III Reading Comprehension (35 points) D. vote
Passage 1
One of the greatest mysteries of the world, for which scientists have so far been unable to find any satisfactory explanation, is the Bermuda Triangle, sometimes called “The Graveyard of the Atlantic.” This is an area of the Western Atlantic between Bermuda and Florida, roughly triangular in shape, where since 1845 at least a hundred ships and planes and over a thousand people have disappeared. No wreckage has been found, no bodies, lifebelts or any other evidence of disaster. It is as if these planes, ships and people had never existed. In some cases a routine radio message has been received from aircraft reporting everything in order a few minutes before all contact was lost, in others a weak S.O.S. message has been picked up and in perfect weather, inexplicable references to fog and loss of bearings. In the extraordinary case of five U.S. navy planes disappearing on a routine mission from Florida, the rescue plane sent to locate them vanished also. There have been references to the curious white light which is a feature of the sea in part of this area, and it is interesting to note that not only was this light observed by the astronauts o their way to space, but was also noted by Columbus, five centuries ago. Whether this light has any connection with the mysterious disappearances is unknown ? it is just another curious circumstance as yet unexplained. Many theories, some bordering on the fantastic, have been advanced to account for the disturbing incidents that occur in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. It has been asked whether these disappearances are caused by extraterrestrial activity, by some undiscovered source of energy, or some dimension of time or space unguessed at by Man. There is no answer and speculation continues as anxiety increases.
  21. What is the most puzzling feature of the incidents that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle area? A. The unexplained wreckage found in the area. B. The lack of evidence of disaster. C. The appearance of the wreckage. D. The disastrous losses in the area.
  22. Before contact with missing aircraft has been lost . A. unidentified signals have sometimes been received. B. confusing signals have sometimes been received C. the pilot has invariably reported bad weather conditions D. the pilot has never made any request for assistance
  23. The five United States Navy planes that disappeared were . A. trying to locate a missing plane B. trying to rescue a plane in trouble C. on a special mission D. on a normal flight
  24. The curious white lights observed on the surface of the sea in the Bermuda Triangle area . A. were only seen by astronaut B. were unearthed by Columbus C. were seen from a spacecraft D. were not discovered for five centuries
  25. The cause of the disappearances of ships and planes in the area is . A. known only by laymen B. inexplicable to scientists C. known only to scientists D. comprehensible only to scientist
Passage 2
Automation refers to the introduction of electronic control and automatic operation of productive machinery. It reduces the human factors, mental and physical, in production, and is designed to make possible the manufacture of more goods with fewer workers. The development of automation in American
industry has been called the “Second Industrial Revolution”. Labor’s concern over automation arises from uncertainty about the effects on employment, and fears of major changes in jobs. In the main, labor has taken the view that resistance to technical change is unfruitful. Eventually, the result of automation my well be an increase in employment, since it is expected that vast industries will grow up around manufacturing, maintaining, and repairing automation equipment. The interest of labor lies in bringing about the transition with a minimum of inconvenience and distress to the workers involved. Also, union spokesmen emphasize that the benefit of the increased production and lower costs made possible by automation should be shared by workers in the form of higher wages, more leisure, and improved living standards. To protect the interests of their members in the era of automation, unions have adopted a number of new policies. One of these is the promotion of supplementary unemployment benefit planes. It is emphasized that since the employer involved in such a plan has a direct financial interest in preventing unemployment, he will have a strong drive for planning new installations so as to cause the least possible problems in jobs and job assignments. Some unions are working for dismissal pay agreements, requiring that permanently dismissed workers be paid a sum of money based on length of service. Another approach is the idea of the “improvement factor”, which calls for wage increases based on increases in productivity. It is possible, however, that labor will rely mainly in reduction in working hours in order to gain a full share in the fruits of automation.
  26. Though labor worries about the effects of automation, it never doubts that . A. automation will eventually prevent unemployment B. automation will help workers acquire new skills C. automation will eventually benefit the workers no less than the employers D. automation is a trend which cannot be stopped
  27. The idea of the “improvement factor”(para.
  3) implies roughly . A. wages should be paid on the basis of length of service B. the benefit of the increased production and lower costs should be shared by workers C. supplementary unemployment benefit plans should be promoted D. about with the minimum of inconvenience and distress to workers
  28. In order to get the full benefits of automation, labor will depend mostly on . A. additional payment to the permanently dismissed workers B. the increase of wages in proportion to the increase in productivity C. shorter working hours and more leisure time D. strong drive for planning new installations
  29. Which of the following can best sum up the passage? A. Advantages and disadvantage of automation. B. Labor and the effects of automation. C. Unemployment benefit plans and automation. D. Social benefits of automation.
Passage 3
President Lincoln was leaning lightly forward with his hand on the railing. He had turned his head to look into the audience. Pulling around the flag that decorated the box, he was looking between the pillar and the flag. It was at this moment, 10:15 P.M., that John Wilkes Booth entered the door to box 8 and fired the fatal shot. A single-shot derringer, about six inches long, was fired by Booth at close range. The bullet entered Lincoln’s head and lodged close behind the right eye. The President slumped forward in his chair and then backward, never to regain consciousness. Quickly Major Rathbone sprang upon the assassin. Booth dropped the gun, broke from Rathbone’s grasp, and lunged at him with a large knife. Rathbone received a deep wound in his left arm above the elbow. Booth placed one hand on the railing to the left of the centre pillar, and jumped over the railing.
Pathnone again seized Booth but caught only his clothing. As he leaped, Booth’s right boot struck the framed picture of George Washington. The spur on his heel caught in the fringe of the flag and brought it down, tearing a strip with it. These obstacles caused the assassin to lose his balance, and he fell awkwardly on the stage, He landed in a kneeling position with his left leg resting on the stage. In the fall, the large bone of his left leg was fractured about two inches above the ankle. The actor regained his balance like an athlete, and was supposed to have waved his dagger and shouted, “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (Thus always with tyrants), before dashing across the stage. Harry Hawk, seeing Booth coming toward him with a knife, ran through the centre doorway on the stage and up a flight of stairs. Leaving the stage on the north side of the theatre, Booth passed between Laura Keene and young William J. Ferguson, standing near a desk. In the narrow aisle leading from the stage to rear door, Booth bumped into William Withers Jr., the orchestra leader. He slashed twice at Withers, cutting his cost and knocking him to the floor before rushing out of the door. Grasping the horse’s reins from Mr. Burroughts, Booth felled him with the butt end of his knife. He then mounted his hose and rode swiftly from the alley. History had been made.
  30. Lincoln was shot while he was sitting in . A. the balcony B. the front row C. the back row D. a box seat
  31. The person who first tried to stop Booth was . A. Ferguson B. Withers C. Keene D. Rathbone
  32. In a fall to the stage, Booth fractured his . A. Arm B. ankle C. back D. leg
  33. The author arranges details . A. in order of importance B. in order of time C. in order of interest D.in order of space
  34. When Booth shouted “Sic Semper Tyrannis”, . A. he was scolding Major Rathbone B. he was referring to himself C. he was calling Lincoln a tyrant D. he was making a reference to his enemies
  35. The author develops his writhing through . A. personal opinions B. vivid descriptions C. scientific facts D. logical reasoning
Passage 4
Testing has replaced teaching in most public schools. My own children’s school week is framed by pretests, drills, tests, and retests. They know that the best way to read a textbook is to look at the questions at the end of the chapter and then skim the text for the answers. I believe that my daughter Erica, who gets excellent marks, has never read a chapter of any of her school textbooks all the way through. And teachers are often heard to state proudly and openly that they teach to the mandated state test. Teaching to the test is a curious phenomenon. Instead of deciding what skills students ought to learn, helping students learn them, and then using some sensible methods of assessment to discover whether students have mastered the skills, teachers are encouraged to reverse the process. First one looks at a commercially available test. Then one distills the skills needed not to master reading, say, or math, but to do well on the test. Finally, the test skills are taught. The ability to read or write or calc



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