PART I LISTENING COMPREHENSION (25 minutes, 20 points) Section A (1 point each)
  1. A. He fixed the tape recorder. B. Although old, he is still working. C. His love for music surprised the two speakers. D. He picked up the tape recorder from the garbage can.
  2. A. He can't imagine what his friends have got for him. B. He always knows what Mary will say. C. He is anxious to see Mary's reaction to the gift. D. He is too busy to wait.
  3. A. His car broke down. B. He is usually late. C. He never leaves his house before 9:
  00. D. He might be late because of the bad traffic.
  4. A. No, because the man will have guests. B. No, because the man has seen the movie. C. No, because the man will go out. D. No, because the man wants to see the movie alone.
  5. A. She will continue with her diet. B. She can't afford expensive food. C. She might die any day. D. She is overweight.
  6. A. He should be thinking about something more important. B. He has enough money for a car. C. He spends money like water. D. He can't afford a car.
  7. A. People have different tastes. B. Each of them owns a restaurant. C. The woman should tell him her own opinion. D. Many customers like the restaurant.
  8. A. She has already seen it. B. She enjoys the movie. C. She regrets missing the movie. D. She doesn't care for the movie.
  9. A. Setting the table. B. Polishing silver. C. Sewing napkins. D. Putting the food away. Section B ( 1 point each) Mini-talk One
  10. A. A residential college. B. A family house, C. A university, D. An office block.
  11. A. It is the same as the old Smith House. B. It has become smaller. C. It has become larger. D. It is the same as it was in the 1840s.
  12. A. Wing 2-3rd Floor - Room
  4. B. West - 2nd Floor - Room
  34. C. West Wing 2 - 3rd Floor - Room
  4. D. West Wing - 2nd Floor - Room
Mini-talk Two
  13. A. Smoking rooms. B. A gymnasium. C. Assembly rooms D. Dining rooms.
  14. A. April 10, 19
  12. B. April
  11. 19
  12. C. April 13, 19
  12. D. April 14, 19
  15. A. There were not enough lifeboats. B. The water was cold. C. There was too much panic. D. People were disorganized. Section C ( 1 point each) The Film-making Process: Six steps
  16. Step 1:
  17. Step 2:
  18. Step 3:
  19. Step 4:
  20. Step 5: Step 6: Composing the music PART II VOCABULARY (10 minutes, 10 points) Section A (
  0.5 point each)
  21. If innovators are not financially rewarded for their innovations, the incentive for path-breaking innovation will eventually dry up. A. investment B. resource C. inspiration D. stimulus
  22. These illegal immigrants have to work long hours a day despite the appalling working conditions. A. bewildering B. exasperating C. dismaying D. upsetting
  23. Many critics agreed that by and large, this movie was a success in terms of acting and photography. A. all at once B. by and by C. to some extent D. on the whole
  24. The country carried on nuclear tests without feeling apprehensive about the consequences. A. optimistic B. anxious C. uncertain D. scared
  25. There is the fear that babies might be genetically altered to suit the parents' wishes. A. enhanced B. revised C. alternated D. modified
  26. The American Civil War is believed to have stemmed from differences over slavery. A. arisen from B. contributed to C. patched up D. participated in
  27. Experts said the amount of compensation for sick smokers would be reduced if cooler jurors prevailed. A. resigned B. compromised C. persisted D. dominated
  28. Hamilton hoped for a nation of cities while Jefferson contended that the country should remain chiefly agricultural. A. inclined B. struggled C. argued D. competed
  29. There have been some speculations at times as to who will take over the company. A. on occasion B. at present C. by now D. for sure
  30. TWA was criticized for trying to cover up the truth rather than promptly notifying victims' families. A. briefly B. quickly C. accurately D. earnestly Section B (
  0.5 point each)
  31. New York probably has the largest number of different language in the world. A. neighborhoods B. communities C. clusters D. assemblies
  32. Nuclear wastes are considered to a threat to human health and marine life.
A. compose B. impose C. expose D. pose
  33. Some states in the US have set standards concerning math and science tests. A. energetic B. vigorous C. rigorous D. grave
  34. This school promised to make classes smaller and offer more individualized . A. presentation B. instruction C. conviction D. obligation
  35. Because of ways of life, the couple has some difficulty getting along with each other. A. incomprehensible B. incomparable C. inconceivable D. incompatible
  36. As China and other emerging export powers, efforts to strengthen anti-corruption activities are gaining momentum. A. in the light of B. in the event of C. in the case of D. in the course of
  37. According to an Australian research, moderate drinkers better thinkers than heavy drinkers or those who never drink. A. end up B. take up C. put up D. turn up
  38. Strangely enough, an old man me and introduced himself, who turned out to be a friend of my father’s. A. stood up to B. walked up to C. lived up to D. added up to
  39. Many children often why airplanes can fly like birds while we humans cannot. A. assume B. anticipate C. assure D. wonder
  40. The FDA was created to the safety of products, review applications and grant approvals. A. manipulate B. adjust C. regulate D. manage PART III CLOZE TEST (10 minutes, 10 points, 1 point each) Tall people earn considerably more money throughout their lives than their shorter co-workers, with each inch adding about US$789 a year in pay, according to a new study. "Height 41 career success," says Timothy Judge, a University of Florida professor of management, who led the study. "These findings are troubling since, with a few 42 , such as professional basketball, no one could argue that height is something essential required for job 43 ," Judge points out. Judge analyzed results of four large-scale studies in the US and Britain that followed thousands of people from childhood to adulthood, examining details of their work and personal lives. "If you take this 44 the course of a 30-year career, we're talking about literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of earnings 45 that a tall person enjoys," Judge said. Greater height boosted both subjective ratings of work performance--a supervisor's 46 of how effective someone is-- and 47 measures of performance--such as sales volume. Being tall may boost self-confidence, improving performance. Other people may also give higher 48 and greater respect to a tall person, giving them an edge in negotiating states, he says. The commanding influence of height may be a remainder of our evolutionary 49 . Maybe from a time when humans lived among animals and size was 50 power and strength used when making "fight or run" decisions.
  41. A. makes out B. works in C. takes on D. matters for
  42. A. cases B. exceptions C. examples D. problems
  43. A. performance B. operation C. condition D. environment
  44. A. on B. with C. over D. to
  45. A. deficiency B. advantage C. loss D. necessity
  46. A. imagination B. decision C. judge D. evaluation
  47. A. relative B. absolute C. objective D. initiative
  48. A. state B. status C. situation D. statue
  49. A. origins B. sources C. courses D. organizations
  50. A. a time in B. a hold on C. a work at D. a sign of PART IV READING COMPREHENSION (45 minutes, 30 points, 1 point each) Passage One At the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), a student loaded his class notes into a handheld e-mail device and tried to read them during an exam: a classmate turned him in. At the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) students photographed test questions with their cellphone cameras and transmitted them to
classmates. The university put in place a new examination-supervision system. "If they'd spend as much time studying, they'd all be A students," says Ron Yasbin, dean of the College of Sciences of UNLV. With a variety of electronic devices, American students find it easier to cheat. And college officials find themselves in a new game of cat and mouse. They are trying to fight would-be cheats in the exam season by cutting off Internet access from laptops, demanding the surrender of cellphones before tests or simply requiring that exams be taken with pens and paper. "It is annoying. My hand-writing is so bad," said Ryan Dapremont, 21 who just finished his third year at Pepperdine University in California. He had to take his exams on paper. Dapremont said technology has made cheating easier, but plagiarism (剽窃) in writing papers was probably the biggest problem. Students can lift other people's writings off the Internet without attributing them. Still, some students said they thought cheating these days was more a product of the mindset, not the tools at hand. "Some people put too much emphasis on where they're going to go in the future, and all they're thinking about is graduate school and the next step," said Lindsay Nicholas, a third-year student at UCLA. She added that pressure to succeed "sometimes clouds everything and makes people do things that they shouldn't do." Some professors said they tried to write exams for which it was hard to cheat, posing questions that outside resources would not help answer. Many officials said that they rely on campus honor codes. They said the most important thing was to teach students not to cheat in the first place.
  51. One student at UCLA was found cheating . A. when he was loading his class notes into a handheld e-mail device B. when he was trying to tell the answers to his classmates C. after the university put in place a new examination-supervision system D. after his classmate reported his cheating to the authority
  52. According to Ron Yasbin, all the cheating students . A. should be severely punished for their dishonesty B. didn't have much time to study before the exam C. could get the highest grades if they had studied hard enough D. could be excused because they were not familiar with the new system
  53. To win the new game of cat and mouse in examinations, the college officials have to. A. use many high-tech devices B. cut off Internet access on campus C. turn to the oral exanimation forms D. cut off the use of high-tech devices
  54. According to Ryan Dapremont, . A. examinations taken with pens and paper were useless in fighting cheating B. his examination paper was under-graded because of his bad hand-writing C. cheating was more serious in writing papers than in examinations D. it was more difficult for him to lift other people's writings off the Internet
  55. Which of the following is probably the most Significant measure to fight cheating? A. Putting less emphasis on where the students are going to go in the future. B. Letting students know that honesty is more important. C. Writing examinations for which it is hard to cheat. D. Setting up more strict campus honor codes.
  56. The best title of the passage might be. A. Cheating Has Gone High-tech B. Game of Cat and Mouse C. A New Examination-supervision System D. Measures to Fight Against Dishonesty Passage Two Top marathon runners tend to be lean and light, star swimmers are long thighs with huge feet and gold medal weightlifters are solid blocks of muscle with short arms and legs. So, does your physical shape--and the way your body works--fit you for a particular sport? Or does your body develop a certain way because of your chosen sport?
"It's about 55:45, genes to the environment," says Mike Rennie, professor of clinical physiology at Britain's University of Nottingham Medical School. Rennie cites the case of identical twins from Germany, one of whom was a long-distance athlete, the other a powerful sportsman, so, "They look quite different, despite being identical twins." Someone who's
  1.5-meters tall has little chance of becoming an elite basketball player. Still, being over two meters tall won't automatically push you to Olympic gold. "Unless you have tactical sense where needed, unless you have access to good equipment, medical care and the psychological conditions, and unless you are able to drive yourself through pain, all the physical strength will be in vain," said Craig Sharp, professor of sports science at Britain's Brunel University. Jonathan Robinson, an applied sports scientist at the University of Bath's sports development department, in southwest England, points to the importance of technique. "In swimming only 5-10 per cent of the propelling force comes from the legs, so technique is vital." Having the right physique for the right sport is a good starting point. Seventeen years ago, the Australian Institute of Sport started a national Talent Search Program, which searched schools for 14-16-year-olds with the potential to be elite athletes. One of their first finds was Megan Still, world champion rower. In 1987, Still had never picked up an oar in her life. But she had almost the perfect physique for a rower. After intensive training, she won gold in women's rowing in the 199



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