研究生学位英语真题及详细 2011 研究生学位英语_ 研究生学位英语 Part I Listening Comprehension (25 minutes, 20 points)
  1. A. Ann likes orange T-shirts best. B. Ann hates to wear an orange T-shirt in the daytime. C. Ann wears an orange T-shirt to keep mosquitoes away. D. The man doesn't like an orange T-shirt.
  2. A. To entertain himself. B. To go to other countries. C. To become more valuable. D. To broaden his mind.
  3. A. He turns a deaf ear to what the woman said. B. He agrees with the woman. C. He thinks the woman is thoughtless. D. He doesn't think she knows the direction.
  4. A. The car is not big enough. B. The car is not good enough. C. He only promised to buy a small car. D. He can't afford to buy the car.
  5. A. 350,0
  00. B. 315,0
  00. C. 3,500,0
  00. D. 3,150,0
  6. A. He will not take the shower before the meeting. B. He will not go to the meeting at all. C. He will have to attend the meeting. D. He will be late for the meeting again.
  7. A. He is in a bad mood. B. He is more efficient in writing. C. He enjoys himself more. D. He doesn't feel comfortable.
  8. A. He got to know it from government statistics. B. He found the fact on the Internet. C. Fie learned it from a gift book. D. He got the fact by studying in the library.
  9. A. He will persuade his parents. B. He will lie to his parents. C. He will go without his parents' permission. D. He will go somewhere else before going skiing. Section B ( 1 point each)
  10. A. How to take care of little babies. B. How to become qualified parents. C. A single parent should pay more attention to the baby's development. D. Many parents don't know how to help babies develop in intelligence. 11 A. Watching them. B. Holding them. C. Reading to them. D. Playing with them.
  12. A. The first five months. B. The first year. C. The first three years. D. The first five years.
  13. A. She invited educational reformers to teach in her school. B. She invited teachers film Germany to work in her school. C. She went to Germany to find staff for her school. D. She asked famous scholars to teach the staff in her school.
  14. A. 29,670 B. 29,617 C. 29,760 D. 29,716
  15. A. They helped the poor children with donations. B. They persuaded the children to go to kindergartens. C. They taught the mothers how to teach their children. D. They taught children songs, poems and games. Section C
  16. What was the occupation of the advocator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art?
  17. Where is the present location of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City? 1
  18. Why have another six additional wings been built since 1975?
  19. The museum has collected more than three million objects in every known.
  20. Besides being a tourist attraction and an educational institution; the museum also serves as a place for. PART II VOCABULARY (10 minutes, 10 points ) Section A (
  0.5 point each )
  21. In spite of the efforts of those industrious farmers, the local economy is far from developed due to isolation. A. capable B. ingenious C. innovative D. hard-working
  22. Because of the struggle put up by the Women's Lib, many women have found good careers. A. initiated B. proposed C. supported D. terminated
  23. The performance of these new employees will highlight the role of positive thinking. A. confirm B. emphasize C. enhance D. enlighten
  24. Our family stood in silence for a minute looking at the amazingly beautiful photograph of a human flag. A. surprisingly B. indescribably C. permanently D. uniquely
  25. The decision to strengthen intelligence collection is expected to minimize military casualties. A. information B. intellect C. brain D. wisdom
  26. To me, St. Francis embodied the ideal blend of spirituality and public service. A. composition B. mixture C. elaboration D. speculation
  27. In the wake of such findings, several states are rethinking their plan to open these camps. A. Based on B. Preceding C. Following D. Targeted at
  28. The staggering sum of money invested in this project failed to yield the desired result. A. fluctuating B. increasing C. diminishing D. overwhelming
  29. It made me ask questions about life, death and mortality that ultimately helped me get through the disaster. A. decisively B. eventually C. somewhat D. somehow
  30. At that moment the first idea that came to her mind was that a disaster was around the corner. A. coming to an end B. still in the air C. soon to happen D. out of the question Section B (
  0.5 point each)
  31. Do your children worry that they might feel pressure to your hero's image? A. come up with
B. live up to
C. catch up on 赶上;得到……消息;弥补
D. add up to
  32. In the worst times of life, you have to take full advantage of the beautiful things that . A. come along v. 出现;一起来;陪伴;进步 B, come byvt. 得到;从旁走过 C. come acrossv. 偶遇;无意中发现;讲得清楚明白;给人…印象 D. come tov. 想起;共计

  33. Being critical and dictatorial, the boss would discussions and ignore comments not in agreement with his. 2
研究生学位英语真题及详细 A. facilitate B. illustrate C. illuminate D. dominate
  34. Anderson held out his arms to the attack, but the shark grabbed his right forearm and dived. A. turn off B. ward off 避开;挡住 C. trigger off 引起;激起 D. call off

  35. Her excellent of English helped her communicate freely with foreign partners. A. standard B. criterion C. evaluation D. command
  36. Because colleges can't take all students with basic qualifications, to college is competitive. A. admiration B. approach C. admission D. assignment
  37. Helicopters rushed to where Shenzhou 5 for the rescue of China's first astronaut. A. touched down 着陆 B. turned down C. settled down 安顿下来 D. shot down 击落打垮
  38. The Chinese have achieved a great deal, but difficulties and hardships will long . A. tolerate B. bear C. endure D. withhold
  39. The belief that it's healthy to let oft steam no longer , for we are working under heavy pressure. A. holds B. carries C. takes D. stands
  40. Handbags made of leather are considered old-fashioned and poor in quality. A. systematic B. synthetic 合成的人造的 C. sympathetic D. statistic PART III CLOZE TEST (10 minutes, 10 points, 1 point each) People go to evening classes as they want new challenges. Some people choose courses 41 to learn new work-related skills to move their career in a new direction. "Evening classes are a great way of 42 your skills or gaining new ones," says Jessica Rolphe, training and development adviser at the UK's Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. In some 43 , what starts as a hobby turns into a career. This is what happened to Ginny Jory, who did an evening course in photography while working for a newspaper about one year ago. During the course, not only was Jory learning all about photography, she also met other 44 photographers and realized it was a great networking 45 . “I discovered that a colleague from work was doing the same course and we became great friends. We 46 doing a millennium exhibition together.” Finally, Jory left her job and is now a full-time photographer of fashion and
  47. However, anyone thinking of doing a course with a specific outcome in mind needs to be sure that it will 48 what they want before enrolling. “Do your research 49 advance," advises Rolphe. "'Make sure you are doing a course that really is 50 and that the institute you are doing it at is highly respected."
  41. A. separately B. spiritually C. specifically D. socially
  42. A. updating B. uprising C. uprooting D. upholding
  43. A. terms B. occasions C. consequences D. cases
  44. A. perspiring B. aspiring C. expiring D. conspiring
  45. A. specialty B. phase C. opportunity D. period
  46. A. gave in B. ended up C. ceased to D. resulted from
  47. A. qualifications B. characters C. portraits D. personalities
  48. A. deliver B. delight C. determine D. detect
  49. A. up B. for C. into D. in 3
  50. A. redundant B. reserved
C. resolved
D. relevant
PART IV READING COMPREHENSION (45 minutes, 30 points, 1 point each) Passage One The worst thing about television and radio is that they entertain us, saving us the trouble of entertaining ourselves. A hundred years ago, before all these devices were invented, if a person wanted to entertain himself with a song or a piece of music, he would have to do the singing himself or pick up a violin and play it. Now, all he has to do is turn on the radio or TV. As a result, singing and music have declined. Italians used to sing all the time. Now, they only do it in Hollywood movies. Indian movies are mostly a series of songs and dances wrapped around silly stories. As a result, they don't do much singing in Indian villages anymore. Indeed, ever since radio first came to life, there has been a terrible decline in amateur singing throughout the world. There are two reasons for this sad decline: One, human beings are astonishingly lazy. Put a lift in a building, and people would rather take it than climb even two flights of steps. Similarly, invent a machine that sings, and people would rather let the machine sing than sing themselves. The other reason is people are easily embarrassed. When there is a famous, talented musician readily available by pushing a button, which amateur violinist or pianist would want to try to entertain family or friends by himself ? These earnest reflections came to me recently when two CDs arrived in the mail: They are historic recordings of famous writers reading their own works. It was thrilling to hear the voices from a long dead past in the late 19th century. But today, reading out loud anything is no longer common. Today, we sing songs to our children until they are about two, we read simple books to them till they are about five, and once they have learnt to read themselves, we become deaf. We're alive only to the sound of the TV and the stereo. I count myself extremely lucky to have been born before TV became so common. 1 was about six before TV appeared. To keep us entertained, my mother had to do a good deal of singing and tell us endless tales. It was the same in many other homes. People spoke a language; they sang it, they recited it; it was something they could feel. Professional actors’ performance is extraordinarily revealing. But I still prefer my own reading. Because it's mine. For the same reason, people find karaoke liberating. It is almost the only electronic thing that gives them back their own voice. Even if their voices are hoarse and hopelessly out of tune. At least it is meaningful self-entertainment.
  51. The main idea of this passage is that . A. TV and radio can amuse us with beautiful songs and music B. TV and radio have weakened our interest in entertaining ourselves C. people should not be too lazy or embarrassed to sing D. parents should sing songs and read books aloud to their children
  52. According to the passage, Italians . A. only sing songs in Hollywood B. are no longer fond of music C. only sing and dance in villages D. don't sing much nowadays
  53. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a reason for the decline in amateur singing? A. It is easier for people to please themselves with songs through TV. B. People don't want to take the trouble to sing songs themselves. C. Amateurs feel shy if they cannot sing as well as the professionals. D. Famous and talented musicians are always willing to entertain people:
  54. On hearing the voices of the famous writers of a long time past, the author was . 4
研究生学位英语真题及详细 A. very excited B. very frightened C. very nervous D. very surprised
  55. By stating “We are alive only to the sound of the TV and the stereo", the author means . A. we come back to life at the music provided by the TV and the stereo B. we only perceive the music provided by the TV and the stereo C. we should sing more than listen to the TV and the stereo D. we should listen to more music on the TV and the stereo
  56. The author's attitude toward karaoke is . A. negative B. positive C. neutral D. indifferent Passage Two If those “mad moments”-- when you can't recall what your friend has told you or where you left your keys--are becoming more frequent, mental exercises and a healthy brain diet may help. Just as bodies require more maintenance with the passing years, so do brains, which scientists now know show signs of aging as early as the 20s and 30s. "'Brain aging starts at a very young age, younger than any of us have imagined and these processes continue gradually over the years," said Dr. Gary Small, the director of the Center on Aging at the University of California, Los Angeles. "I'm convinced that it is never too early to get started on a mental or brain-fitness program," he added. In his book, "The Memory Bible," the 51-year-old neuroscientist lists what he refers to as the 10 commandments for keeping the brain young. They include training memory, building skills, minimizing stress, mental exercises, brain food and a healthy lifestyle. It's a game plan for keeping brain Cells sparking and neural networks in tip-top shape. “Misplacing your keys a couple of times doesn't mean you should start labeling your cabinets. Memory loss



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