First of all ,I'd like to talk about something about culture difference. As all we know, culture difference includes many things ,such as value system,the habits of language, social etiquette, the sense of equality and so on. Whit the developing of China, it’s everywhere and affect our daily life. (
  2)Yes,I quite agree with the view above last classmate(I think you’re right.).When we do something with foreign people, the culture difference maybe a problem. For example, In China, when you do something very good or make a big progress, others may say:“Congratulations!”, you may say:” where, where!”. You real meaning is that you progress is not very big which show our modest, but foreign people misunderstand your meaning. They may think you’re asking him where you do the best and they may find out where did you do best. (
  3)Your example sounds very interesting, I think this phenomenon mainly caused by the habits of language. I will give an example about marriage. In China, the bride and the bridegroom would in red clothes because they believe the red color represents good luck and happiness and the wedding would host in the bridegroom’s house. But in the aboard, the bride always in her white wedding gown and their wedding will host in the church. I also think this is a reflection of culture difference. (
  4) The last classmate said very well, I really agree with his idea. Besides,I will give you a very important difference which is the sense of value. Chinese centered with collectivism, but foreigners centered with individualism. Chinese pay attention on modest, but foreigners pay more attention on personal honor. I think this is biggest difference between China and foreign countries. (
  5)Every one has given a good speech,indeed,China and many other countries have culture difference, but it’s this difference strengthens the communication and promotes the development among them. I believe our world may become better in the future through culture exchanges.
  10. 谈谈中国文化和西方文化有哪些禁忌(如数字、颜色等) 谈谈中国文化和西方文化有哪些禁忌(如数字、颜色等) 。 (
  1) Good morning, everyone! Today we will talk something about taboo in both China and western countries. Nowadays, so many people prefer to go out to another country. Well, I think that’s a good idea, too. To another country means you can learn so
many cultures in that country, but, when you arrive there, you’d better pay more attention on the taboo in that country. If you break them, you will be unwelcome in that country. (
  2) Yes, I agree with you. For example, in western countries, there are so many taboos in the numbers. And the most important one is the number
  13. As we know, Jesus had been killed by his thirteenth disciple. After that, people in western countries believe that the number 13 will bring bad things even death to them, so the number 13 has been a taboo in western countries. (
  3) I see. And in China, there has many taboos in numbers, too. Not the number 13, it has no special meaning in China. The special one is the number
  4. It has the same meaning with 13 in western countries, but different reason. The number 4 means bad things just because the number 4 has the same sound with the word death in Chinese. (
  4) So that’s the taboo in numbers. And there are many taboos in colors, too. For instance, the color blue in western countries. Blue has the meaning of pureness in China, but melancholy in western countries. Sometimes it means violence. Another special color is red. In western countries red means blood, violence and dictatorship. When we go out to another country, we shall pay attention to these colors in western countries. (
  5) And in China, there has many taboos in colors, too. Such as the color black and green. The color black is used in the funeral ceremony. It has the meaning of death, so people in China will not want to see it in some special days. The interesting one in China is the color green. When people call some one as a green hat, it means the man’s wife commit adultery with another person. So we shall not give a green hat as a gift to a person in China. Because it’s a taboo. (
  1) Wonderful explain! I learn so much from that. But the range seems a little wide. When we in different countries we should focus on different taboos. Not all the western countries has the same taboos, it has something special in some special countries. Well, when we arrive at a special country and we don’t know their taboos, how do we avoid them? (
  2) Good question! In my opinion, you should do some prepare work on the country which you want to go. It’s better to find a friend in that country to tell you something about their taboos. You can also use the Internet to find the article about the taboos in that country and learn from that. Then, you can avoid them in a special country. (
  3) Well, prepare work is important, and your behavior in a strange place is important, too. When you arrive at a strange country, you’d better use the formal word in your conversation. It’s better not to learn dialect from indigene, because there has so many taboos in these dialects. Work more and talk less will avoid to break taboos. (
  4) I don’t think work more and talk less is a good idea when you go to another country. The purpose of go abroad is that we want learn some different things in that country. If we don’t talk more, we will lose more about the culture and taboos. In my opinion, we should do everything same as we do that in our own country. When we break their taboos, we should do apologize, and learn that. Then, we will never break them again. (
  5) I agree with you. And there is another important thing is that we should pay attention to the way of apologize. Because when you do apologize to them, that will break another taboo, too. In my opinion, when we break the taboo, we shall work more and talk less. In other case, we should do everything like what we do in our own country. Then, we will avoid taboos and make friends in a strange country. (
  1) OK. I will remember your advice. If I go abroad, I will pay more attention to these laws and have a wonderful trip. Thank you. (
  1) 早上好,各位!今天我们说一说在中国和西方国家的一些禁忌。现在,有很多人喜欢出国,我也认为那是个不错 的主意。当你去另外一个国家,你会学到很多他们的文化。但是在你出国的时候,你应当多加注意那些国家的禁忌, 如果你破坏了它们,你将会很尴尬。 (
  2) 是的,我同意你的观点。举个例子来说吧,在西方国家,数字中有很多的禁忌。其中最重要的一个就是数字
  13。 我们知道,耶稣基督是死于他的第 13 个徒弟的。从那以后,西方国家的人们就相信数字 13 会给他们带来不好的东西 甚至是死亡。所以 13 在西方国家是一个禁忌。 (
  3) 原来如此。中国在数字中也有很多禁忌。不是数字
  4。它和数字 13 在西方国家的意义一样,但是原因不同。它有这个意思的原因只是因为它的声音和中国的死字同音。 (
  4) 这就是在数字中的禁忌。还有些关于颜色的的禁忌。比如说蓝色在西方国家也是一种禁忌。蓝色在中国和干净有 相同的含义,但是在西方国家则有悲伤的意思。有时候它有暴力的意思。另一个特别的颜色是红色。在西方国家红色 代表着流血,暴力,和独裁。当我们去别的国家的时候,我们应该多注意颜色在西方国家的意义。 (
  5) 在中国,在颜色方面,同样的很多禁忌。比如黑色和绿色。黑色在葬礼中用得比较多,它代表死亡,因此在中国, 人们在一些特别的日子不想看到黑色。在中国有趣的颜色是绿色。当人们说某人带绿帽子的时候,它意味着那个男人 的妻子有外遇了。因此在中国,我们不应该送某人绿帽子,因为这是一个禁忌。
  1) 很好的解释。我从中学到了很多。但是覆盖的范围还不够广。当我们在不同的国家,我们应该多注意下不同的禁 忌。并非所有的西方国家有同样的禁忌,有些国家不一样。当我们来到一个特别的国家,我们不知道他们的禁忌的时 候,该怎么样避免这些禁忌? (
  2) 很好的问题!在我看来,当我们想要去某个国家的时候,我们应该做一些准备工作。最好是找一个朋友告诉你关 于他们的禁忌。你也可以上网看一些关于他们国家禁忌的文章,从中学习。你将能够避免这些禁忌。 (
  3) 是的,准备工作很重要,你在陌生地方的表现也很重要。当你来到一个陌生的国度,你在交谈中最好用正式的语 言。最好不要从土著居民中学习方言,因为在他们的方言中有许多的禁忌。 。多干活少说话可以避免这些禁忌。 (
  4) 我认为当你去别的国家的时候,多干活少说话不是个好主意。我们去国外的目的是我们想学习那个国家不同的东 西。如果我们不能交谈更多,我们将不能学习到他们的文化和禁忌。在我看来,我们可以做同样的事情,和在自己国 家一样。当我们碰触到他们的禁忌的时候,我们可以道歉,然后从中学习,我们将不会再犯同样的错误。 (
  5) 我同意你的观点。同时还有另外一家重要的事情,就是我们应该注意道歉的方式。因为当你向他们道歉的时候, 将碰到另外的禁忌。在我看来,当我们触犯到他们的禁忌的时候,我们应该多做事,少说话。另外一方面,我们应该 做在自己国家做的同样的事情。在别的国家,我们可以避免禁忌,然后交朋友。 (
  1) 我会记住你们的建议的。如果我出国的话,我将会注意他们的法律,然后有一个愉快的旅途。谢谢!
  11. 如何缩小中西方文化的差异。 如何缩小中西方文化的差异。 (
  1)各位老师上午好,我们组所讨论的话题是如何缩小中西方文化的差异。首先我来谈谈自己的看法,毫无疑问,中 西方文化之间存在着巨大的差异,我们不能一概而论是东方的文化好还是西方的文化好,他们各有千秋、各有长短。 因此,要想缩小这种差异,中西方的人们之间就应该多加强交流,增进理解。 (
  2)我很同意你的观点,我们知道中西方的文化差异除了表现在价值观,习俗差异等外,还与生存环境,宗教信仰, 历史典故的不同有关。我们不能强迫别人依据我们的文化来生活,但是我们可以增进这种融合,在不断的交流过程中 差异会自然缩小,这就是同化。 (
  3)是的,我们都知道“入乡随俗”这句话,当你到了一个陌生的地方去,你应该尊重那个地方的文化,否则你就会 犯一些错误,引起不必要的麻烦和尴尬,例如: (
  4)我觉得要想缩小这种文化差异,我们首先应该去了解对方的文化是怎么样的,例如我们可以试着去看一些西方文 学方面的书籍,还有多看些西方电影,理解他们说话的方式,人和人接触的方式。 (
  5)以上同学都说的非常好,我们可以用不同的方法来缩小中西方文化的差异,我们可以在相互理解与交流的前提下 来缩小这种文化差异,达到认同与融合,而没有必要强迫一方文化为另一方文化作让步和改变,我们知道,每一种文 化的存在都有其理由,而且,不同文化之间应该是互相共存的。 总之,每个国家的文化都有各自的不同,都有着自己的精髓,在学习的同时我们要取其精华,去其糟粕。在信息技术 飞速发展的今天,不同文化背景的人交流越来越多。了解不同文化差异,并且缩小这种差异,提高文化适应性,对于 现代人来说具有十分重要的意义。 (
  1)Good morning teachers, our topic is how to narrow the differences between Chinese and Western culture. First of all, I'm going to talk about my own views. There is no doubt that there are many differences between Chinese and Western culture, we can not generalize whether the Eastern culture or the Western culture is better. They are different, and each length. Therefore, in order to narrow the differences, people from different cultures should strengthen communicates and enhance understanding. (
  2)Yes, I quite agree with the view above last classmate. We know that in addition to cultural differences in the performance of Western values, loaded with different customs, but also with the living environment, religion, the relevant historical allusions. We can not force others to live according to our culture, but we can improve this integration. In the process of communication, the difference will naturally reduced , which is assimilation. (
  3)Yes, we all know that "when in Rome, do as the Romans", that is, when you come to a strange place, you should respect the local culture, or else you will make mistakes, which lead to unnecessary troubles and embarrassment. (
  4)I think in order to narrow the cultural differences, we should first get to know how each other's culture. For example, we can try to see some of the books of Western literature, as well as to see more Western fi



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