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大学英语》系列教材中的《综合教程》 以《大学英语》系列教材中的《综合教程》 第四册为主, 听说教程》为辅, 第四册为主,《听说教程》为辅,并组织各 类教学活动 以课堂教学和课下自学相结合的模式, 以课堂教学和课下自学相结合的模式,加强 ★Presentation 学生英语语言知识和技能。 学生英语语言知识和技能。
听说教程》 课内《综合教程》 ★Debate 课内《综合教程》Text A & 《听说教程》部分单元 ★ 课外《综合教程》 role-play ,《阅读教程》 课外《综合教程》Text B ,《阅读教程》及《快速阅 听力 1 unit/week 听说教程》为主, unit/week《 读》,听力 Group discussion 《听说教程》为主,辅 ★ 以其它相关材料。 以其它相关材料。
A和 B中所包含的语言知识 词汇、 中所包含的语言知识、 ①Text A和Text B中所包含的语言知识、词汇、语 法结构、语篇结构及涉及到的背景知识等; 法结构、语篇结构及涉及到的背景知识等; ②完成课文后的练习 在线学习,完成并提交在线学习系统上的测试题, ③在线学习,完成并提交在线学习系统上的测试题, 本部分将计入期末总评(20%) 本部分将计入期末总评(20%) ④认真完成任课教师所布置的各项课外学习任务和 新课准备活动 PS:根据教学进度表来完成这些课外任务 根据教学进度表来完成这些课外任务, PS:根据教学进度表来完成这些课外任务,不需要老 师每次课提醒
课外在线学习(自主学习) 课外在线学习(自主学习)
学生利用教材附送的单机版助学光盘以及 中山大学数字化教学平台(Blackboard) (Blackboard)上的 中山大学数字化教学平台(Blackboard)上的 教学资源(包括系列教材的网络版、 教学资源(包括系列教材的网络版、新理念 大学英语自主学习系统(《综合教程》+ 大学英语自主学习系统( 综合教程》 听说教程》听力) 《听说教程》听力)以及其它英语学习资源 库等)自主学习《大学英语》 库等)自主学习《大学英语》系列教材中的 内容 在线学习, 在线学习,完成并提交在线学习系统上 的测试题,本部分将计入期末总评(20%) 的测试题,本部分将计入期末总评(20%)
教育网网址http://elearning.ne.sysu.edu.cn 教育网网址 公共网网址http://elearning.ne.sysu.org.cn 公共网网址 广州大英教学平台http://cegz.sysu.edu.cn 广州大英教学平台 珠海大英教学平台: 珠海大英教学平台: http://cezh.sysu.edu.cn
Course Assessment

  30% 包括考勤5% 5%、 (
  30% (包括考勤5%、课堂展 示与参与15% 写作及其他作业10% 15%、 10%) 示与参与15%、写作及其他作业10%) PS:自本学期起,不再安排期末口语考试, PS:自本学期起,不再安排期末口语考试,对 学生口语能力的评估应贯穿于全学期的课堂 教学中,占期末总评15% 15%的口语能力应基于学 教学中,占期末总评15%的口语能力应基于学 生在课堂上的至少三次presentations 生在课堂上的至少三次presentations (
  2)自主学习 20% (在线学习):综合教 在线学习):综合教 ): 程和听说教程各占10% 10%。 程和听说教程各占10%。

  3) 期末考试 50% 听力:第一册占40% 40%( 听说教程》20%,
  1)听力:第一册占40%(《听说教程》20%, 课外20%);第二 20%);第二、 四册均占35% 35%, 课外20%);第二、三、四册均占35%, 听说教程》20%,课外15% 15%; (《听说教程》20%,课外15%;另外用于写 作的听力15% 15%) 作的听力15%) 写作15% 第一册为不拘文体的篇章写作; 15%:
  2)写作15%:第一册为不拘文体的篇章写作; 第二、 四册为基于听力的短文写作, 第二、三、四册为基于听力的短文写作,先 听短文、新闻报道或长对话, 听短文、新闻报道或长对话,然后写总结并 发表自己的评论和观点或对指定情景作出书 面回应
阅读:一级占20% 20%, 四级均占25
  3)阅读:一级占20%,二、三、四级均占25 包括:快速阅读(一级5% 5%; 四级10% 10%) 包括:快速阅读(一级5%;二、三、四级10%) 阅读教程》 《阅读教程》5% 深度阅读之泛读5% 深度阅读之泛读5% 深度阅读之阅读词汇理解题5% 深度阅读之阅读词汇理解题5% 词汇与结构占15% 基于综合教程) 15%(
  3)词汇与结构占15%(基于综合教程) 完型填空或句子填空或段落排序占5%
  4)完型填空或句子填空或段落排序占5% 翻译5% 基于综合教程)
  5)翻译5% (基于综合教程)
My requirements
分小组进行课堂和课后活动,自愿分组,但是建议 分小组进行课堂和课后活动,自愿分组, 每组四到五人左右,最好来自不同院系不同专业, 每组四到五人左右,最好来自不同院系不同专业, 有男生有女生,推选一位组长, 有男生有女生,推选一位组长,负责组织活动 每个小组在课堂做presentation presentation时 每个小组在课堂做presentation时,可由一到两个 代表来做,也可所有成员一起来做,负责不同部分, 代表来做,也可所有成员一起来做,负责不同部分, 每组十到十五分钟左右, 每组十到十五分钟左右,一学期每人至少要做两次 陈述, 陈述,话题有我指定 听说教程口语部分定期和老师一起讨论 这学期实际上课16 16周 计划12周学习综合教程, 12周学习综合教程 这学期实际上课16周,计划12周学习综合教程,2 周听说课, 周听说课,2周写作课
Presentations’ Criteria
Content clear in content coherent in organization creative in designing Speech well-prepared, fluent, clear, talk wellinstead of reading aloud Form power point slides with pictures, audio or video Interaction
Group Discussion New Year’s Resolution Have you made yours?
A New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year's Day. Some examples include resolutions to donate to the poor more often, to become more assertive, or to become more environmentally responsible. (from Wikipedia) The concept, is to reflect upon self-improvement annually.
Popular goals include resolutions to: Improve health: lose weight, exercise more, eat better, drink less alcohol, quit smoking ; Improve finances: get out of debt, save money ; Improve career: get a better job ; Improve education: improve grades, get a better education, learn something new (such as a foreign language or music) ; Improve self: become more organized, reduce stress, be less grumpy, manage time, be more independent ; Take a trip; Volunteer to help others.
How to stick to your resolution and achieve it to get support & supervision from partners or friends “Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, the other can help him up… Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person alone. A rope made of three cords is hard to break.” Ecclesiastes 4:9 (TEV) Review and summarize the past year and make your new year’s resolution

  1. Preview Text A of Unit 1 and finish Language focus.
  2.Debate Man & Nature
Pros: Man can conquer nature. Cons: The forces of nature are too powerful to be resisted.
Step1 Form teams Step2 Have a pre-debate discussion
Step3 Carry on the debate
  1) Opening speeches (3minutes)
  2) Free debate: everyone can present your views against another side. (15minutes)
  3) Closing speeches (2minutes)
  4) The best debater of each side is chosen and rewarded.
Tips For pros
Man has achieved great success in preparing in advance for many kinds of natural diseases. Man can harness new form of energy such as nuclear power, solar power, etc. Man builds dams to prevent floods and generate electricity. Man can forecast rain, typhoons, tornados, and even earthquakes. Man lands on the moon and explores the universe.
For cons
Burning fossil fuels has led to global warming. The city of Pompeii was completely destroyed by a volcano cruption in the history. Forest fires kill many people and make people homeless. The earthquake in Iran on February, 2005, killed more than 7,000 people, and made thousands of people homeless. The tsunami that hit India on December 26, 2004 claimed over 11,000 lives with thousands missing and many homeless.

  3.Group discussion Topic: Which one, man or nature is more powerful? Can man conquer nature?
有关“雪灾” 有关“雪灾”的英语表达法 雪暴: 雪暴:snowstorm; blizzard 雪灾: 雪灾:snow disaster, disaster caused by snowstorm 滞留旅客: 滞留旅客:stranded passengers 有六十万火车乘客滞留: 有六十万火车乘客滞留:As many as 600,000 train passengers were stranded. 渴望回家过年: 渴望回家过年:be eager to go home for the Spring Festival holiday 恢复交通: 恢复交通:restore traffic
重新开放高速公路: 重新开放高速公路:reopen the expressway 这条南北主要干道的一些路段仍然堵塞。 这条南北主要干道的一些路段仍然堵塞。The northnorth-south trunk road remained blocked at several sections. 冰冻的路面: 冰冻的路面:frozen surface 停电: 停电:power failure 限电、灯火管制: 限电、灯火管制:power brownout 急需物资的供应: 急需物资的供应:the supply of some essential goods
大雪: 大雪:heavy snow 雨夹雪: 雨夹雪:sleet 冻雨: 冻雨:ice rain 极其寒冷的天气: 极其寒冷的天气:freezing weather 雪人: 雪人:snowman 冰柱: 冰柱:icicles 公路停运: 公路停运:All the bus service has been halted. 红色警报、橙色警报: 红色警报、橙色警报:red alert, orange alert

  1. paralyze 使瘫痪,使麻痹 使瘫痪, Passengers in Guangzhou have been especially heavy because the southern end of the Beijing-Guangzhou rail line, a northsouth trunk railroad, has been paralyzed because of heavy snow in the central Hunan Province. 由于湖南省大雪, 由于湖南省大雪,造成铁路南北主干线京广 线南端瘫痪, 线南端瘫痪,聚集在广州火车站内的旅客人 数异常巨大。 数异常巨大
  2. halt 停止,尤其指暂停 Road traffic between Hunan and Guangdong provinces has also ground to a halt. Jiangxi Province has halted all provincial bus service. 湖南和广东之间的公路运输也停止了。 湖南和广东之间的公路运输也停止了。江西省也 停掉了所有的公路客运运输。 停掉了所有的公路客运运输。 疏散,
  3. evacuate 疏散,撤出 Some 827,000 people have been evacuated in 14 provinces since January 10, the Ministry of Civil Affairs ministry said. 据民政部统计, 10日以来 全国14 日以来, 14个省份约有 据民政部统计,1月10日以来,全国14个省份约有
  82.7万人被疏散 万人被疏散。

  4. power failure 停电 Almost 150,000 passengers were stuck at Guangzhou railway station by Jan.26 night after a power failure caused by snow, ice and sleet stopped more than 136 electric trains in Hunan province on the trunk line between Beijing and Guangzhou. 报道中说,截止至1 26日晚 日晚, 报道中说,截止至1月26日晚,由于大雪造成的停 致使广州火车站内大约15万名旅客滞留; 15万名旅客滞留 电,致使广州火车站内大约15万名旅客滞留;而冰 雪天气同时导致京广线湖南境内超过136 136列列车受 雪天气同时导致京广线湖南境内超过136列列车受 阻滞留。 阻滞留。 均表示”停电, Power cut / power failure 均表示”停电,断 相关词汇有: grid, 电“;相关词汇有:电网 power grid, 架高压电 pylons。 缆的铁塔 pylons。
  5. Power brownouts 电力管制,限电 Several regional airports have been closed and many provinces have imposed power brownouts to conserve energy. 部分地方城市机场已经关闭, 部分地方城市机场已经关闭,许多省份实 施限电以节省能源。 施限电以节省能源。

  6. stranded passengers 滞留旅客 apologies“ Premier Wen Jiabao expressed "deep apologies to the stranded passengers at Changsha railway station in Hunan, who are eager to go home for the Spring Festival holiday."Early festival greetings to you," Wen said. 报道中说, 报道中说,温总理对滞留在湖南火车站的旅客们 表达了新春的问候,总理说, 表达了新春的问候,总理说,“给大家拜个早 年”。 这里,滞留旅客表达为“ passengers”; 这里,滞留旅客表达为“stranded passengers ; 此处为“搁浅, strand 此处为“搁浅,陷入困难



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