Part One 认读字母及单词 认读字母及 字母及单词 (26 个字母大小写都要认识,此处我列举一些小朋友平时容易错的字母)
V i
m z

  1. morning
  2. rubber
  3. face
  4. peach
  5. pizza
  6. tall
mother ruler father pear pie thin
four bear

  7. good morning
  8. four
  9. short
  10. Quack five friend Oink
grandmother friend classmate Peep Moo
Part Two

  1. Hello, I’m Ben.
  2. Goodbye, Kitty.
  3. Good afternoon, Alice.
  4. How are you? Fine, thank you.
  5. Nice to see you.
  6. I can see a pencil.

  7. Here you are.
  8. Give me a yellow book, please.
  9. Thank you.
  10. This is a green orange.
  11. Touch your mouth.
  12. This is my ear.
  13. Who’s he? He’s my father.
  14. She’s my grandmother.
  15. He’s my classmate. He’s tall.
  16. She’s my friend. She’s thin.
  17. How many cakes? Six cakes.
  18. What’s that? It’s a panda. It’s fat.
  19. Is this a tiger? No, it’s a lion.
  20. What’s this? Is this a duck? No. It’s a chick.
  21. Can I help you? May I have a banana pie, please? Here you are. Thank you.
  22. What can you do? I can draw a tree. What colour is it? It’s green.
  23. Oink…Oink… I’m a pig.
  24. It’s small. It’s yellow. It goes “Peep…Peep…” What is it? It’s a chick.
Part Three 问答
  1. Good morning/afternoon.
  2. How old are you? (I’m seven years old.)
  3. How are you?
  4. Nice to see you.
  5. What can you see/draw?
  6. What can he/she do?
  7. What’s your name? (My name is…)
  8. Touch your face. (This is my face.)
  9. Who’s she?
  10. Apples, please. (How many apples?)
  11. May I have an orange, please?
  12. What’s this? What’s that? (It’s a/an…)
  13. Is this a tiger? Is that a bear? (Yes./No. it’s a/an…)
  14. How many hamburgers?
  15. What colour is the pear?
  16. What do you like? (I like …s.)
  17. What do you like to eat? (I like to eat …s)
  18. Can you see a lion? (Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.)
  19. Is it fat? (Yes, it is. /No, it’s thin.)
  20. What is it? ( It’s a/an …)
Part Four
  1. 自我介绍
  2. 介绍你的一个家人
  3. 介绍你的一个同学或朋友
  4. 介绍你喜欢的一种水果
  5. 介绍你喜欢的一种食物
  6. 介绍一下一种小动物
以上是我整理的认读资料,有些要灵活处理,如句子里的词会改变, 所以单词都要掌握好,另外,可能还会有看图说话等题型,请小朋友 自己做好准备。口语练习时,请放松心态,不要紧张。



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