一年级英语期末复习题 三(Module 5 and Module
  6) )
一、看图,圈出正确的单词。 看图,圈出正确的单词。
pig pigs
thin fat
snake pig
scary cute
elephant cow
giraffe monkey
farm zoo
girl boy
二、将问题的答案序号填到提前的括号里。 将问题的答案序号填到提前的括号里。
( ( ( ( (
)1 )2 )3 )4 )5
What are these? How old are you? What is this ? How many eyes? Good boy!
A. It’s an elephant. B. They’re cows. C. I’m eleven. D. Thank you. E. Two.
三、选择题将答案序号填到提前的括号里。 选择题将答案序号填到提前的括号里。
( )1 A. and ( )2 A. We
Look the big elephant. B. to C. at are my mother and father. B. They C. He
( )3 are these? They are desks. A. Where B. Who C. What ( )4 This boy tall. A. am B. is C. are ( )5 That is long. A. elephant B. panda C. snake ( )6 Let’s go the zoo. A. to B. at C. for ( )7 The are tall. A. giraffe B. boys C. girls ( )8 Are the lions cute? they aren’t. A. Yes B. No C. Are ( )9 Six baby pigs. Five are black. is pink. A. One B. Two C. Three ( )10 These chickens. A. am B. is C. are
四、读一读,圈一圈。 读一读,圈一圈。
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
)1 )2 )3 )4 )5 )6 )7 )8 )9
What’s this?
It /These
is a dog. she / her bag. is / are ducks.
My mother is a nurse. That is Look, what are they? They What are these?
These / This are eyes.
What are they, grandpa? They’re cow / cows. This / These are giraffes. This / These is a lion. They is / are snakes. It is / are a cow. chicken / chickens.
)10 They are
)11 It’s an egg / eggs.
五、读短文,选择正确的答案 读短文,
This is a farm. Look, that is a fat pig. The small pigs are her babies. They are very lovely. What are those over there(那边)? They’re chickens. They’re little. They are yellow and white. ( ( ( ( ( )1 )2 )3 )4 )5 That is a pig. A fat B thin small B B B blue B thin pigs chickens yellow
The pigs are her babies(幼仔). A The are very lovely. The are little. A A elephants pigs
The chickens are and white. A
不相符圈出× 六、读句子,与图片内容相符圈出 √ ,不相符圈出× 读句子,
A boy is under a tree.
A girl is on a seat.
A panda is in a box.
A bird is in the tree.
A cat is on a box.
A kite is under a seat.
七、请你将下面的对应单词或反义词连起来。 请你将下面的对应单词或反义词连起来。

tall fat big short cut
little scary short long thin

boy mother white this sister
八、按要求将下列图片涂上对应的颜色。 按要求将下列图片涂上对应的颜色。
brother father girl black that



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