Title 课题 Aims 教学目的 Book 2 Module 10 Unit 1

  1. Get the students to master the following words and sentences: present. Do you like…?
  2. Get the students to use the sentence patterns to ask and answer.
  3. Through activities, the teacher should cultivate the students’ spirit of competition and cooperation. To use the patterns to ask and answer if he likes or dislikes something. A tape recorder, multimedia computer, some teaching pictures of Unit One, some cards. Teacher’s Activity 教师活动) (教师活动) Ⅰ.Warming-up(热身复习) (热身复习)
  1.Greetings: Good morning, children!
  2.Sing a song. We like swimming. Ⅱ.Leading-in(导入) (导入)
  1.CAI show: some certain objects
  2. Ask some students the questions. ”Do you like…? Ⅲ.Listen and reading activity(新课呈现) (新课呈现)
  1.Play the tape Students’ Activity 学生活动) (学生活动) Good morning, teacher! Sing the song together. To say if they like or dislike the things. Try to answer the question” Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.” Listen and find out which presents Sam an Amy got. Listen and repeat. Estimate the statements True or False Read the word and say the sentence: Here’s present for you. Say it out louder. Ask and answer in pairs Watch and talk in pairs. Do the activity2: Listen and draw ‘Tick” ’or ‘Cross’ Pe-preparation 二次备课) (二次备课)
Focus 重难点 Aids 教学准备
Teaching Process 教学过程

  2.Play the tape several times.
  3.Make statements about the story .
  4. Teach the word: present
  5.CAI show: Do you like …? Ⅳ.Further Development(巩固练习) (巩固练习)
  1.Work in pairs
  2.CAI show : Some pictures with smiling face or sad face.
  3.Play the tape Ⅴ.Homework(作业) (作业) To make a list and research the classmates if they like or dislike the things.
Feed Back 教学反馈
Teaching plan
School: 湖南小学
Tittle Book2 Module10 Unit 2
  1.Learn to say “Do they like jigsaws? Yes, they do. /No, they don’t”.
  2.learn to sing an English song“Toys Toys Toys”. Learn to say:Do they like jigsaws? Yes, they do. /No, they don’t. Word ,card, Tape, Toy Teacher’s Activity Step1:Warming up and Revision
  1. Sing a song. “We like swimming”.
  2. Say chant.
  3. Say hello to Ss.
  4. Review Unit
  1. Ss: Sing it together with the actions. Ss: Say the chat together. Ss: Say hello to teacher. Ss: Look at cards and read. Ss: Listen and do. Step2:Leading--in T:Ask“ Who likes jigsaws? Do you like jigsaws? Teaching Process Do they like jigsaws? Do they like jigsaws?(point to student that is sitting.) Today Mr Smart and his wife will buy some presents for Sam and Amy. Today we’ll learn Unit
  2. Write the title and read. Step3:Listening&reading Activities.
  1.Ask Ss open the book and listen to tape.
  2.listen again and ask. Look at book and listen carefully. Listen to the tape and Read it together. Listen cearfully. S1:Yes, I do. S1:Yes,they do. S1:No,they don’t. Students’ Activity RePreparation
Name:王一童 王一童
Aims Focus Aids
Do they like jigsaws? Do they like books?
  3.Listen and ask Ss repeat.
answer T’s question Listen and repeat.(one by one) Practise and act it out.

  4.Ask Ss practise in pair and Act.
  5. Learn to sing a song. Listen to tape and repeat. Play the song and have the Ss point to the relevant pictures as they listen. Play the tape a third time and get the Ss to sing the song. Step4:Further Development
  1. Say and do. Put up six words and play game. Example T: Toy doll kite bear ball
  2. Ask do you like cars? A car for you.
  3. Ask Ss practise in pairand act.
  4. Do activity book. Step5:Homewrok
Listen and repeat. Listen point and sing the song. Song it together with tape.
Look at cards and do.
Yes, I do. Thank you. Practise and act. Do activity book.

  1. Sing a song to your parents.
  2. Review next lessons before class.
Feed back



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