Unit 5 Doctor and nurse
Dimension targets: Establish and maintain relationships in carrying out classroom activities. Interpret and use information to follow simple instructions. Teaching times: Five Periods
The First Period
Let’s act Teaching aims: Basic aims: Using imperatives to give simple instructions. Developing aims: Locate specific information in response to simple instructions Use modeled phrases to communicate with other learners. Emotion education: Obey the doctor’s work Teaching important : Using imperatives to give simple instructions. Teaching difficult: How to say these imperative sentences. Teaching aids: cassette. Teaching Process: 一 Pre-task preparation.
  1. Review Play a quick game of “Simon Says” 做“Simon says”游 eg: Stand up, Sit down, Raise your hand, Wave your hand, 戏 是 一 个 热 身 运 Wave your hand Clap your hands, Follow me, Turn left, Turn 动,一方面复习以 right. 前学过的句子,另
  2. Ask some mort able pupils to give the command. And the 一方面为今天所学 rest of the class do the actions. 的 act 作准备 While ?task procedure. 做动作过渡到让好
  1. Say ‘Listen to me’ followed by a ‘Shhh’ sound and point 学生命令,全班作 to your ear. 动作,难易程度上 Repeat several times. 增加了一层 Ask the pupils to follow. 从热闹的场景中引
  2. Have the pupils perform the action several times. 到“Listen to me.” Encourage them to repeat the command after I as they 过渡很自然 perform the action.
  3. Point to my mouth. Say ‘open your mouth’ with the action. Make gesture to let the class do the save. Motion for them to open their mouth. Repeat several times.

Repeat the pross with ‘Say “Ah”’. Open the student’s Book to page
  22. Play the cassette tape. Let the pupils perform the actions after hearing the commands. Post-task activities.
  1. Play a match Who is the quickest pupil to respond? Ask every pupil to out according to your commands. The quickest pupil to out will be the winner.
  2. Divide the class into two teams. Have a more able pupil give commands and the rest perform the actions in each team.
竞赛型的游戏能有 效地提高学生的竞 争意识和思维能力 终合性的能力测试
The Second Period Let’s talk
Teaching aims:
  1. Basic aims: To learn the sentences: ① She is a … ② Is she a …
  2. Developing aims: ?Locate specific information in respons to simple instructions. ?Use modelled phrases to communicate with other learners.
  3. Education aims: To be carefully with your body. Teaching Important: ?Using formulaic expressions to identify people. ?Asking yes/no questions to identify people. Teaching difficult: Asking yes/no questions to identify people. Teaching aids: cassette. A doctor and nurse toy set. Teaching Process: Pre-task preparation:
  1. A song “Occupation” 儿歌形式的歌曲既能复习旧
  2. Dress two girl pupils up as a doctor and a 单词, 又活跃课堂气氛, 为新 nurse. Ask the ‘nurse’ to hold up a classmate’s 课作准备 jacket so that the ‘doctor’ could listen to 模拟的情景引人入胜 his/her chest.
  3. Point to the ‘doctor’ and say ‘She is a nurse.’ 字不离词,词不离句
  4. Repeat several times for pupils to copy.
  5. Use a doctor and nurse toy set to teach pupils representative gestures for a doctor and a nurse. Repeat ‘doctor’ and ‘nurse’. 从肯定句的学习过渡到一般 Ask the pupils to follow. 疑问句的学习,cook 的出现 5 Have another girl dress up as a cook. 非常及时, 自然引入一般疑问 Ask the ‘cook’ Can you cook a meal for us? 句的学习 Then ask the class ‘Is she a doctor?’ to elicit the answer ‘No’. Continue by asking the students ‘Is she a nurse?
Finally, tell them ‘She is a cook’. Let the pupils repeat after me. 6 Teach the class the representative gesture for a cook and say cook’. Have the pupils follow me. While-task procedure.
  1. Put up the wallchart. Tell a story something like this: Sam had a high fever. He had stayed in hospital for three days. He was still lying in bed, but he was feeling much better now. The doctor was asking Sam ‘How are you? The nurse, who was standing next to the doctor was ready to give Sam an injection. Sam didn’t want any more injections or medicines. He was thinking about delicious food already.
  2. Discuss with the pupils what kinds of people you can see Ask with “Is she …?” eg: Is she a doctor? No. She is a cook.
  3. Play the cassette tape.
  4. Pupils listen and repeat. Post-task activity. Allow pupils to act out the story by taking different roles. Let them use the doctor and nurse toy set to enhance the dramatization. The rest of the class should use the structures ‘She is a …?’ and ‘Is she a …’ to talk about them. 板书设计:
基本的语言学习完成后, 以故 事形式把句型串在一起很完 整的故事情节, 在听力的培养 上增加了一层难度, 让好学生 能“吃得饱些。 ”
开放式的说话练习, 是课堂教 学的延伸和升华
The Third Period Let’s Learn
一 Teaching aims: 1 Basic aims: To learn the words: doctor cook nurse old young 2 Developing aims: Pronounce words properly 3 Education aims: What will you be you grow up? 二 Teaching important: Using nouns to identify people Using adjectives to describe people 三 Teaching difficults: Using adjectives to describe people 四 Teaching aids: Cassette word and Picture Cards 五 Teaching process: Pre-task preparation 1 A song “Occupation” 歌曲引入英语学习 2 Ask three girl pupils to pretend that they are either the 游戏的运用能马上吸 doctor、nurse、or cook. 引学生 Have each of them do the appropriate gestures and let 猜的游戏更能吸引学 the rest of the class guess who they are. 生 3 Stack up together all the picture cards for the kinds of people who help us. Say ‘She is a doctor/nurse/cook.’ 这 3 个单词已学过, 为 Ask individual pupils to pick out the correct picture 了加深印象或照顾到 card from the stack and put it on the board. 大部分同学, 再次以配 Get the class repeat the sentences and the words. 对形式巩固一下 While-task procedure 1 Hold up the picture card for ‘doctor.’ Say ‘doctor.’ Repeat for pupils to copy. Stick the word card and picture card next to each on the board. Encourage pupils to read the word. 2 Repeat step1 using the picture and word cards for ‘nurse’ and ‘cook.’ 3 Put up the wallchart for page
Point to Sam’s father and say ‘This is Sam’s father.’ He is young. Then point to Sam’s grandfather and say `‘This is Sam’s grandfather. He is old.’ Repeat for pupils to copy. 4 Hold up the picture cards for ‘old’ and ‘young.’ Say the words slowly and clearly for pupils to follow. Stick the word cards and picture cards next to each other on the board. Make sure they understand the meaning of the two new words and encourage them to read after me. 5 Point to Sam’s mother on the wallchart and ask ‘Is she young ?’to elicit ‘Yes.’ Then point to Sam’s grandmother and ask ‘Is she young?’ to elicit ‘No, she is old.’ 6 Listen to the cassette tape and repeat. Post-task activity Have a competition. Divide the board into five sections and stick the picture cards for the five vocabulary items at the top of each section. Write three words taught in this unit and the previous unit in each section. Get a student from each team to come out and circle the correct word. Pupils take turns to do the task. Consolidation Workbook page17 Trace the lines to find who they are. Listen and tick the correct box. Workbook page18: Match each person’s key to the door. 板书设计:
放在家庭图片中教学 old 和 young,让学生更 能形象记忆
培养学生良好的语感 和听力
The Fourth Period Let’s play
一 Teaching aims: 1 Basic aims: To learn a story 2 Developing aims: Provide and present simple imformation on familiartopics. Respond to characters in simple narrative textsthrough participating in the telling of stories. 3 Emotion education: To be polite Using formulaic expressions to express thanks. 二 Teaching important: Asking yes/no questions to identify people. Using adjectives to describe people. Using imperatives to give instructions. 三 Teaching difficult Asking yes/no questions to identify people Teaching aids Cassette、word and Picture Cards、wallcharts、a doctor and nurse toy set Teaching process: Pre-task preparation 1 Put up the wallchart for page
  23. 用图片直接进 Point and ask pupils to identify the vocabulary items. 入角色 2 Stick on the board all the picture cards for the kinds of people who help us. Ask pupils to identify the people and their jobs. 复习所学内容 Stick the corresponding word cards next to the pictures and ask pupils to read the words. 3 Repeat step2 to revise all the adjective words to describe 复习所学内容, people. 培养学生说的 While-task procedure 能力 1 Put up the wallchart for page
  25. 从图片进入学 Point to May in first picture and ask “Who is this?” 习很形象 Say Hello, May. Tell the class something. 2 Use May’s voice to say ‘Hello, I am May.’ 情景的设置淋
Still pretending to be May, say in a bad voice I am not feeling well. I am going to see a doctor. 3 Discuss with pupils what they can see in each picture. Tell the story in English. 4 Play the cassette tape. Listen and follow the story. 5 Dress up as a doctor and act out the story. Use the doctor and nurse toy set to enhance dramatization. 6 Divide the class into pairs. 7 Invite some pairs of pupils to act out the story to the class. Post-task activity Ask what might you go and see the doctor for? Elicit suggestions such as a fall which has hurt a leg or an arm, or a fever which makes them feel very hot. Put the pupils into groups and allow them to develop their own story about going to the doctor. Get selected groups to act out their stories in front of the class./ Consolidation
放磁带, 培养听 力 听说能增加学 生的语感故事 的表演是一种 综合能力的体 现, 可以看出学 生的掌握程度
Workbook page18:Write the correct number in the box a ccording to the pair of words. 板书设计: 课后小结:
The Fifth Period Let’s enjoy
Rhyme Teaching aims:
  1. Basic aims: To learn the rhyme 2Developing aims: .Develop an awareness and an enjoyment of the basic sound patterns of English through reading a rhyme.
  3.Education aims: To learn better Teaching important: Using imperatives to give simple instructions. Using adjectives to describe people. Teaching difficult: Pronounce correctly words in connected speech. Identify key words in an utterance by recognizing stress. Teaching aids: cassette paper cut-outs of the old doctor the old nurse the old cook and the old book Pre-task preparation
  1. Stick the cut -outs of the old doctor, 复习学过句型,为学习小诗打下埋伏 the old cook and the old book on the board. Point to each picture and say ‘She is a 现在进行时第一次出现,让学生稍有感悟, doctor. She is a cook. This is a book.’
  2. Discuss with pupils how these 难点分散 pictures are related to each other. Then say Look at the doctor. She is old. What is she doing? She is reading a book. The book is about a nurse and a book. Today we will learn a rhyme about the old doctor.
While-task procedure
  1. Open the books. 让学生把学生的句型说一 Discuss each picture on the corners of the mirror. 说,也是一种自主学习的体 E .g .She is a doctor . She is old. 现
  2. Play the cassette tape. Listen. 培养听力 Follow and say.
  3. To make the rhyme more interesting ,use body 培养语感 language or music to emphasize the beats.

  4. To make the rhyme more interesting ,use body 为了让学生学得更加有趣, 配以身体语言,节奏等,加 language or music to emphasize the beats. 强记忆
  5. Encourage the pupils to act out the rhyme. Post-task activities
  1. Divide the class into groups.Have each group act out the rhyme to the class. The best group will be the winner.
  2. Help the less able pupils while you walk around the classroom.
板书设计: 课后小结;



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