英文作文 52 活用句型 一把抓住英语句子精华
[本部分设定了隐藏,您已回复过了,以下是隐藏的内容] 英文作文 52 活用句型 一把抓住英语句子精华 I. 用于文章主题句
  1. 不用说?… It goes without saying that 子句 = (It is) needless to say (that)子句 = It is obvious that 子句
= Obviously, S. + V. 例?不用说早睡早起是值得的。
It goes without saying that it pays to keep early hours.
  2. …是不可能的; 无法…
There is no Ving = There is no way of Ving. = There is no possibility of Ving. = It is impossible to V. = It is out of the question to V. = No one can V. = We cannot V. 例?不可否认的?成功的事业关键在于健康的身心。
There is not denying that successful business lies in a healthy body and mind.
  3. 我深信… I am greatly convinced (that)子句
= I am greatly assured (that)子句 例?我深信预防是于治疗。
I am greatly convinced that prevention is better than cure.
  4. 在各种…之中?…
Among various kinds of …, … = Of all the …, … 例?在各种运动中?我尤其喜欢慢跑。
Among various kinds of sports, I like jogging in particular.
  5. …是很容易证明的。 It can be easily proved (that)子句 例?时间最珍贵是很容易证明的。
It can be easily proved that nothing is more precious than time.
  6. …无论如何强调都不为过
… cannot be overemphasized 例?交通安全的重要性无论如何强调都不为过。
The importance of traffic safety cannot be overemphasized.
  7. 就我的看法?…;我认为…
In my opinion, … = To my mind, …. = As far as I am concerned, … = I am of the opinion that 子句 例?就我的看法?打电动玩具既花费时间也有害健康。
In my opinion, playing video games not only takes much time but is also harmful to health.
  8. (A) 每个人都知道… Everyone knows (that)子句 (B) 就我所知?…
As far as my knowledge is concerned, … 例?就我所知?下列方法对我帮助很大。
As far as my knowledge is concerned, the following ways are of great help to me.
  9. 毫无疑问地?… There is no doubt (that)子句 例?毫无疑问地?近视在我国的年轻人中是一个严重的问题。
There is no doubt that near-sightedness is a serious problem among the youth of our country.
  10. 根据我个人经验?…
According to my personal experience, … = Based on my personal experience, … 例?根据我个人经验?微笑已带给我许多好处。
According to my personal experience, smile has done me a lot of good.
  11. 在我认识的人当中?也许没有一个人比…更值得我尊敬。
Of all the people I know, perhaps non deserves my respect more than … 例?在我认识的人当中?也许没有一个人比我的英文老师张老师更值得我尊敬。
Of all the people I know, perhaps non deserves my respect more than Miss Chang, my English teacher.
  12. 在我的求学过程中?我忘不了…
In the course of my schooling. I will never forget …
In the course of my schooling. I will never forget the great difficulty I encountered in learning English.
  13. (A) 随着人口的增加?… With the increase/growth of the population, … (B) 随着科技的进步, … With the advance of science and technology, … 例?随着台湾经济的快速发展?许多社会问题产生了。
With the rapid development of Taiwan's economy, a lot of social problems have come to pass.
  14. (A) 在这信息的年代?…扮演重要的角色。
In the age of information and communication, … plays an important role. (B) 在今日工业社会中?…是生命不可或缺的。
In today's industrial society, … is indispensable to life. 例?在这信息的年代?计算机扮演非常重要的角色。
In this age of information and communication, the computer plays an extremely important role.
  15. 在讨论…?一个人不得不承认…。 In dealing with …, one cannot but admit (that)子句 例?在讨论未来的职业?一个人不得不承认尽早决定未来的职业很重要。
In dealing with one's future career, one cannot but admit that it is very important to decide one's future career as early as possible.
  16. 世上没有什么比…更令我高兴。
Nothing in the world can delight me so much as … 例?世上没有什么比到快餐店吃汉堡更令我高兴。
Nothing in the world can delight me so much as having hamburgers in fast-food restaurants.
  17. … 是必要的 It is necessary that S (should) V
… 是重要的 It is important/essential that S (should) V … 是适当的 It is proper that S (should) V … 是紧急的 It is urgent that S (should) V 例?我们当保持公共场所清洁是应当的。
It is proper that we (should) keep the public places clean.
  18. 每当我听到…?我就忍不住感到兴奋。Whenever I hear …, I cannot but feel excited. 每当我做…? 我就忍不住感到悲伤。 Whenever I do …, I cannot but feel sad. 每当我想到…?我就忍不住感到紧张。Whenever I think of …, I cannot but feel nervous. 每当我遭遇…?我就忍不住感到害怕。Whenever I meet with …, I cannot but feel frightened. 每当我看到… 我就忍不住感到惊讶。Whenever I see …, I cannot but feel surprised. 例?每当我想到我家附近那一条清澈的小溪?我就忍不住感到悲伤。
Whenever I think of the clean brook near my home, I cannot but feel sad. = Every time I think of the clean brook near my home, I cannot help feeling sad.
  19. 据说… It is said (that)子句 一般认为… It is thought (that)子句 大家都知道… It is known (that)子句 据报导… It is reported (that)子句 一般预料… It is expected (that)子句 一般估计… It is estimated (that)子句 一般相信… It is believed (that)子句 例?一般相信阅读增加我们的知识、扩大我们的心胸。
It is believed (that) reading increases our knowledge and broadens our mind.

  20. …的主要理由是… The main reason why ….. is (that)子句 例?青少年犯罪的主要理由是社会环境日一败坏。
The main reason why the juveniles commit crimes is that social environment is becoming worse.
  21. 俗语说得好:「…」。
Well goes an old saying, "…" = As an old saying goes(runs, says), "…" = An old saying goes, "…" = It's an old saying (that)子句 例?俗话说得好:「诚实为上策」。
As an old saying goes, "Honesty is the best policy."
  22. (A) …用下列方法… … in the following ways. (B) …有三个主要理由。 … for three major reasons. (C) 要…?至少我们可做三件事。 To …, there are at least three things we can do. 例?(A) 我用下列方法增加信心。
I increase my confidence in the following ways. (B) 人们学外语有三个理由。
People learn a foreign language for three major reasons. (C) 为了维护健康?我们每天至少可做三件事。
To keep healthy, there are at least three things we can do every day. II. 用于文章承转句
  23. 那就是(说)…;亦即…
That is to say, … = That is, … = Namely, … 例?我们生活需有规律。也就是说?早睡早起?戒除烟酒。
We need to live a regular life. That is, we can keep good hours and refrain from smoking and drinking in the daily activities.
  24. (A) 基于这个理由?… For this reason, … (B) 为了这个目的?… For this purpose, … 例?基于这个理由?我已决定把行医作为未来的职业。
For this reason, I have decided to take practicing medicine as my future career.
  25. 我们有理由相信… We have reasons to believe (that)子句 例?我们有理由相信体罚应该严格禁止。
We have reasons to believe that corporal punishment should be strictly prohibited.
  26. 事实上?…
As a matter of fact, … = In fact, … 例?事实上?健康才是最重要。
As a matter of fact, it is health that counts.
  27. (A) 例如?… For example, … (B) 拿…做例子 Take … for example. 例?例如?我们盲目地提高生活水准?却降低生活品质。
For example, we elevate the living standards blindly, but lower the quality of life.

  28. 此外?我们不应忽视…
Besides (In addition), we should not neglect … 例?此外?我们不应忽视每个人都想要一个温馨祥和的社会。
In addition, we should not neglect that everyone wants a friendly and peaceful society.
  29. 相反地?…
on the contrary, … = by contrast, … 例?相反地?少数学生似乎还在鬼混。
On the contrary, a few students, it seems, are still fooling around.
  30. 另一方面?…
on the other hand, … 例?政府应严格执法?另一方面?大众也应该培养减少污染的好习惯。
The government should enforce laws strictly. On the other hand, the public also should develop the good habit of reducing pollution.
  31. 然而?很可惜的是… However, it is a pity that 子句 例?然而?很可惜的是他总是临时抱佛脚。
However, it is a pity that he should always cram at the eleventh hour.
  32. 换言之?…
in other words, … = to put it differently 例?换言之?我会尽最大的努力达成我的目标。
In other words, I will try my best to attain (gain, live up to) my goal.
  33. 别人可能认为这是事实?但我不是。我认为… It may be true as assumed by others, but I don't. I believe that 子句 例?别人可能认为这是事实?但我不是。我认为…
It may be true as assumed by others, but I don't. I believe that if you have strong determination and perseverance, the success will certainly come to you in the end.
  34. 从此之后?我已发现… Ever since then, I have found that 子句 例?从此之后?我已发现…
Ever since then, I have found smile the best way to avoid any possible conflicts in our daily lives.
  35. 这样说来?假如...?当然毫无疑问地…。 In this light, if…, there can surely be no doubt (that) 子句 例?这样说来?假如我们能善用时间?当然毫无疑问地我们会成功。
In this light, if we can make good use of time, there can surely be no doubt that we will get somewhere.
  36. 更严重的是?…。 What is more serious is (that)子句 例?更严重的是?我们不珍惜野生动物。
What is more serious is that we do not cherish the wildlife.
  37. 鉴于社会的实际需要?…。
In view of the practical need of society, …. 例?鉴于社会的实际需要?愈来愈多人对学英语有兴趣。
In view of the practical need of society, there are more and more people interested in learning English. III. 用于文章结论句

  38. 如果能实践这三点?…。
If one can really put the three points into action (practice), … 例?如果能实践这三点?…。
If one can really put the three points into action(practice), he will surely be able to live a healthy and happy life.
  39. 做这些简单之事?我们一定可以…。
By doing these simple things, we surely can …. 例?做这些简单之事?我们一定可以快乐出门平安回家。
By doing these simple things, we surely can go out of the door happily and come back home safe every day.
  40. 如此?我相信…。 In this way, I believe (that)子句 例?如此?我相信大家能够像我一样?享受乘坐公车的乐趣。
In this way, I believe that all the people may be able to enjoy the bus ride like me.
  41. 实践这些?…。
By putting them (the above) into practice, …. 例?实践这些?在智育方面我一直能不断进步。
By putting them(the above) into practice, I have been able to make constant progress in intellectual education.
  42. (A) 唯有符合此三项要求?我们才能…。
Only by living up to the three requirements, can we …. (B) 唯有通力合作?我们才能…。
Only with combined efforts, can we ….
Only with combined efforts, can we expect Taiwan to take a new face in due course.
  43. 最后?但并非最不重要?…。
Last but no least, …. 例?最后?但并非最不重要?教育上的缺失是助长青少年犯罪的原因。
Last but no least, the shortcoming in education is the cause contributing to juvenile delinquency.
  44. 这证据显示~的重要性在怎么强调都不为过。 This evidence shows that the importance of ~ cannot be overemphasized. 例?这证据显示交通安全的重要性在怎么强调都不为过。
This evidence shows that the importance of traffic safety cannot be overemphasized.
  45. 由于这些理由?我…。
For these reasons, I …. 例?由于这些理由?我认为在台湾接受大学教育是明智的。
For these reasons, I think that receiving college education in Taiwan is wise.
  46. 总而言之?…。
In conclusion, … = To sum up, … 例?总而言之?好国民应该遵守交通规则。
In conclusion, a good citizen should abide by traffic regulations.
  47. 因此?我们能下个结论?那就是…。 We can, therefore, come to the conclusion (that)子句 例?因此?我们能下个结论?那就是世上自由罪珍贵。
We can, therefore, come to the conclusion that nothing is so precious as freedom in the world.
  48. 如果我们能做到如上所述?毫无疑问地?…。 If we can do as mentioned above, there can be no doubt (that)子句 例?



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