高职高专英语三级作文题目 高职高专英语三级作文题目 三级作文
[目录] 便函或备忘录(Informal Letters or Memos) 便笺(Short Note) 通知(Announcement) 事务信函(Business Letters) 留学申请信(Application for Admittance) 奖学金申请信(Applications for Scholarships) 求职信(Letters of Applying for a Job) 投诉信(Letters of Complaint) 社交书信概述 证明信(Certificate) 商榷信(Letters of Discussion) 道歉信(Letters of Apologies) [原文] 便函或备忘录(Informal Letters or Memos) 便函和备忘录通常用于公司内部传递信息,将实情、信息、观察资料等进行传阅。便函和备 忘录包括如下固定格式: Date:(日期,如 September 12, 20
  01) To:(收文人,如 All Faculty) From:(发文人,如 Jim B. Hardemann) Subject:(事由,如 Faculty Meeting) 写作特点: 1?在 date,to,from,subject 字样后填上相应的内容。 2?在上述字样下面空两行写正文。 3?不用称呼和结尾礼词。 发文人的姓名首字母写在与正文末行空一行的地方。 【例一】 TO: Henry Smith, Sales Manager FROM: Jack Wong, Personnel Manager DATE: May 4, 2000 SUBJECT: Applicants for Sales Post Attached are the resumes and certificates of four applicants who have applied for your department position. Please evaluate these applicants and then recommend people you want to interview to me. As soon as I have the names, I will make arrangement for the interviews.
  1. 真题 2004 年 欢迎来到西部主题公园
公园开放时间为 4 月到 9 月,每周 7 天,从上午 10 点至下午 6 点。成人票价 15 美元,儿童 7 美元,也可以花 28 美元买家庭票!每周六,周日我们有原始西部表演。表演从下午两点 开始,持续两个半小时。星期一至星期五上午
  10:00 有免费巴士从市区开往公园, 节假日和周末全天都有免费巴士从市区开往公园。 可以在网上预订门票, 也可以打电话订票。 演出开始半个时可买到半价票。 Welcome to Wile West Theme Park to September Opening months: From April Opening days in a week: 7 days Opening hours: From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Time of Wile West Show: Every Saturday and Sunday Show starts: 2 p.m Show lasts: 2 and a half hours Ticket price : Adults$ 15 ; Children $ 7 ; Family Ticket $28 Additional information:
  1. Bus service From Monday to Friday, there are free buses form the urban area to the park from 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock in the morning. And on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, free buses are available the whold day.
  2. Booking information The tickets can be available through the Internet and telephone. You can get a fifty percent half an hour before the performance in head. 2005 年 6 月 Write a Letter of Application 说明: 请以王曼丽的名义写一封求职信 王曼丽,24 岁,毕业于龙江技术学院,主修企业管理,各门课程优良。学过速记与打字, 速度为每分钟 70 字至 90 字。请为她拟出一份 ABC 公司的自荐信,希望能在该公司谋得总 经理秘书一职。请注意书信的格式,写信日期为 2004 年 6 月 25 日 Words for reference: 技术学院: Technical College 企业管理:Business Administration 速记与打字:shorthand and typing 参考范文: June 25th,2004 ABC Company Dear Sir or Madam:, I am writing to apply for the post of the secretary to the general manager. I am 24 years old and graduated frim Long Jiang Technical College.I major in Business Admininstration and I have performed excellently in all courses.I have learmed shorthand and typing,and the speeds ara 90 words per minute and 70 werds per minute respectively.
Thank you for scanning my letter while you are so busy.I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yous sincerely, Manli Wang 2005 年 12 月 Complete the English questionnaire Form based on the information given in Chinese 说明: 假定你是王明 (中国籍) 去海口旅游度假, 2005 年 6 月 10 日入住白云宾馆 30
  02. , 与 内容如下:
  1. 对酒店的总体管理感到满意;
  2. 对酒店提供的各种服务感到满意;
  3. 建议: A) 因酒店位于海边,交通并不方便,周围的商业设施比较少,建议酒店每天能提供免费 班车,方便来海边度假的住店旅客去市区购买所需商品。 B) 建议酒店与相关公司联系,为住店客人提供租车服务。 Words for reference: 总体:overall 商业的 commercial 班车 shuttle bus
相关公司: related company
QUESTIONNAIRE To improve the quality of our service, we should be grateful if you’d complete the following questionnaire. Name: WangMing Nationality P.R.China Room number: 3002 Check-in Date June 10th Check-out Date June 20th Did you receive polite and efficient service when you arrived? _Yes Are you satisfied with the room service fo our hotel?__Yes What’s your opinion of our health facilities? Good Please give your impression of our restaurant service. I am satisfied with the management and services of the restaurant. Have you any other comments to help us make your stay more enjoyable? Nevertheless,there are two suggestions for you.First,as you restaurant is by the sea,the traveling is not quite convenient and the commercial facilities are very limited.Thereforem,I would appreciate it if you could offer the coustomers free shuttle buses everyday.With the buses the guests on holiday can gou downtown for shopping more conveniendly.second,I hope the restaurant can contact the related company to provide the customers with car rentinp service. Baiyun Hotel General Manager 2006 年 6 月 A Letter of Complaint 请以顾客张明的名义给某商店写一封投诉信。张明于 5 月 28 日在某商店买了一台电视,但 用了不到两个星期,发现电视坏了。他打电话去商店的服务中心,得到的答复是商店会尽快 上门修理。但是一个星期过去了,至今无人上门修理。张明要求商店道歉并退货。
参考范文: Dear Sir, I am writing to tell you about the TV set which was bought form your shop on May
  28.I am keeping the receipt now.Two weeks later,I found it broken,I phoned to the Service Center for its repairing and the center promised to mend it here as soon as possible.Now,another week passed,we still found nobody from you company here. I would resist you apologize for this and you get the broken TV back with my receipt. Yours sincerely, Liming. 2006 年 12 A notice of the lost property Louise Jones 小姐 7 月 12 日下午
  5: 左右在地铁站第四站丢失黑色公文包一个,内有手机 40 一部, 驾照一本, 信用卡两张及公司的一些重要文件, 价值约 500 美金。 琼斯小姐的电话是: 9856 57
  89(宅电) ;驾照号码是:2129BD;地址是:Flat 1,Fountain Road. Lost Property Register Lost items :A blak briefcase Things inside :A mobile,a driving license,two Master Cards and impotant papers of the company. Estimated value of the lost items:About US?5
  00. Where lost it:He Fourth Platform in the subway station What time: 5:40p.m 12th July Owner of the lost property:First name: Jones Surname: Louise Male/Female: Female Telephone number :98565789 ID number: 2129D Address: Flat 1,Fountain Road.
2007 年 6 月 CERTIFICATE 工作及收入证明 内容:兹证明陈强自 2000 年 7 月以来一直在公司负责市场营销工作。由于他较强的工作能 力以及出色的业绩, 2004 年 9 月升任本公司国内贸易部经理。 自 陈强税后年薪约为 8 万元, 包括基本工资,奖金和其他福利。市场营销:marking 业绩:achievements 奖金 bonus 福 利:welfare 证明单位:山东金星贸易公司 Work ang Income Certificate July 8,2007 To: British Embassy This is to certify(证明)
Chen Qiang has been in charge of markeing in our compay since July ,20
  07.Because of his excellent competence and achievement,he was promoted to be the manager of the Home Trade Department since September,20
  04.His after tax annual salary is about 80,000yuan,including the base pay,bonus and ant other welfare. Jinxing Trade Co.,Shandong Province
2007 年 12 月份 APPLICATION LETTER 张凯得知他被纽约大学入取,想申请奖学金。请待张凯写一封奖学金申请信。 内容包括:
  1. 很高兴自己被入取。
  2. 自己家境困难,为减轻父母负担(financial burden) ,想申请奖学金
  3. 请校方考虑自己的申请,并告知是否有这种可能。 参考范文: Dear leaders of the NewYork University, I’m very happy to be enrolled by your great university. I always dream to learn in this university.I write to you to apply for the scholarship to relieve my parents’ financial burden.Here,I must tell you my families are leading a poor life,so I ask you for help.I hope you can consider my application and tell me whether there exists such a probability. I hope to get your reply as soon as possible.Best wishes to you! Your sincerely ZhangKai 2008 年 6 月 RECOMMENDATION LETTER 请以某大学教师王静的名义写一封推荐信(80 字) ,想你的外国朋友 Johnson 先生推荐你的 学生陈琳。该生在你校学习,即将毕业。毕业后她打算到 Johnson 先生所在学校继续深造, 攻读硕士学位。陈琳聪明刻苦,乐于助人,肯定会成为好学生。如 Johnson 先生能给与帮助 将不胜感激 参考范文: Dear Johnson, I’m Wang Jing,doyou still remember me?I write to you introduce my student,ChenLin to you.She is a very hard-woring student and is always trying to help others.Soon she will graduate here,therefore she intends to go to your college to study further and get a master’degree.I’m sure she will be a very excellent student if she lucky enough to be enrolled in your college.I will bu very appreciated if you can offer her some help. Your sincerely Wang Jing
2008 年 12 月: A COMPLAINT LETTER 加入你叫王佳, 上个月去广州出差时, 在一家上弹买了一架照相机, 并在广州拍了血多照片。 回家后将照片冲洗出来,却发现什么也没有拍上,因此非常恼火。今天(12 月 21 日)给商 店写信投诉,并寄回相机,坚决要求尽快退款。 Words for Reference: 出差:be on busssiness;冲洗:develop;退款:refund 参考范文 Dear manager, I’m Wang Jia,do you still remember me?I brought a camera from your store when I was on bussiness last month and I took many photos in Guangzhou.Unfortunately,I am very annoyed with it after I was coming back home.I found nothing n the photos developed.Therefore,I write the letter ti complain it to you.I have also send the camera back to you and I firmly require you to refund me as soon as possible. Your sincerely Wang Jia
  2. 模拟题 (
  1) ) You r required to write sth. according to the following given in Chinese. No less than 80 words.
本翻译服务中心由一批有经验的翻译人员组成, 聘请数名国内知名的专家教授为顾问, 以确 定提高质量的服务。 本中心提供下列服务项目: 各种语言的技术与非技术类文献资料的翻译和出版、印刷及广 告业务。主要服务特色: 质量优等、校对准确、交稿及时、严格保密、价格合理。 Translation Service Center A working team of well-experienced and professional translations together with a unique advisory board formed by noted professors and experts ensures the super quality of our service. We provide the following service:
  1. Multilingual translation of technical and no-technical literature
  2. Publishing, printing and advertising Chief Characteristics:
  1. super quality.
  2. Accurate proofreading
  3. Prompt delivery
  4.Strict confidentiality

  5. Reasonable price (
  2) 听到你昨晚骑车返校途中被卡车撞伤的消息后, 我大为震惊。 现在怎么样了?希望伤腿手术 顺利,一切安好。 我们将于本周六下午去看你,相信那时你的伤势会大有好转。 衷心祝你早日康复! Dear…, We are greatly shocked to learn that you were knocked down by a truck while cycling back to the campus last night. How are you feeling today? We do hope that you are doing well after the operation on your injured leg indeed. We are coming to see you on Saturday afternoon and trust that our condition will remarkably improve by them. With every good wish for your swift recovery! Sincerely yours, Members of Rm 202 (
  3) Write a letter to your mother. 假如你叫王红, 请于 2006 年 3 月 21 日给你母亲写一封信, 向她汇报一下你近期英语学习的 情况。 Dear mom, I’ve received your letter of March 15, asking me how I am getting along with my English. I’ve been concentrating on English listening and reading this term. Besides the listening class, I copied a dozen tapes after class. This really helps a lot. As for reading, I attend every intensive reading class closely. Besides , I also get some English newspaper, magazines and books from the library as my extensive reading material. I am trying to enlarge my vocabulary at the same time of reading. I am going to take part in Band-3 examination which is to be held at the end of this term and I am working very hard to prepare for it . I am sure that good news will reach you soon. Yours, Wang Hong (
  4) Write a letter to apply for a job 按照书信的要求写一封申请担任机



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