2006最新版九年级英语词组总结 Unit
Unit 1 Section 1A
  1.by介词,“通过…(方式,手段)” by making flashcards 通过做单词抽认卡 by doing sth 通过…..方式(途径)。 例:I learn English by listening to tapes. ②在…..旁边。例:by the window/the door ③乘坐交通工具 例:by bus/car ④在……之前,到……为止。 例:by October在10月前 ⑤被 例:English is spoken by many people.
  2.read the textbook读/看教科书 textbook /
  3.make vocabulary lists 列生词表
  4.listen to tapes听磁带
  5.ask sb for help向某人求助
  6.study for a test为备考学习
  7.watch videos观看录像
  8.practice sth练习某事;practice doing sth练习做某事 Do you ever practice conversations with friends (与朋友对话)? I have to practice speaking English everyday.
  9.read aloud朗读
  10.that way=in that way 通过那种方式

  11.improve my speaking skills 提高我的会话技巧
  12. too…to…太….而不能… It’s too hard for me to understand the article. = It’s so hard that I can’t understand the article.
  13. for example=for instance 例如
  14. ask about询问有关…;ask sb about sth向某人询问/ 打听有关…. We asked them about the best ways to learn more English. I want to ask about the use of the new machines.
  15. watch/see/hear sb do sth观看/看见/听见某人做过 某事;watch/see/hear sb doing sth 观看/看见/听见某人正在做某事 He can watch actors say the words. Can you hear him singing in the room

  16. 辨析:sometime ;sometimes ;some times ;some time ①sometime在将来/过去的某一时间 I’ll speak to him about it sometime. 我会找个时间和他谈谈这事. I met her sometime last year.去年的某个时候我见过她. ② sometimes = at times有时,偶尔It is sometimes hot and sometimes cold here. He sometimes writes to me. ③some time A.一些时间:It will take you some time to walk there. B.在未来的某时 =sometime: Phone me some time next week下个星 期什么时候给我打电话吧. ④some times一些次,几次 I've told him the thing some times.
  17. join短语:①join sb加入到某人的活动中去 ②join in+活 动项目"参加…活动" I'd like to join in the game. ③join+ 组织机构"加入到某个组织机构,成为其中的一个成员"join the Party; join the League, The best way to improve your English is to join an English club

  18. have fun 玩得高兴
  19. not at all 一点也不
  20. get excited 高兴、激动
  21. end up (vi.) 结束; 告终; 结果 ; 最后 end up doing sth. We end up taking a taxi there .我们结果 乘出租车去了那里. We sometimes end up speaking in Chinese.(以说汉语结束对话)
  22. do a survey 做调查;do a survey about针对…做调查 I'm doing a survey about learning English. 我在进行学习英语 的调查。
  23. keep an English notebook 记英语笔记
Section 1B
  1.spoken English英语口语; written English书面英语
  2.make mistakes/make a mistake犯错误
  3.get the pronunciation right 使发音准确
  4.practice speaking English 练习说英语
  5.first of all 首先
  6.to begin with 一开始
  7.late on 随后
  8. be afraid to do因为害怕而不敢做某事 I'm afraid to speak in class.
  9. in class 在课堂上
  10.laugh at sb嘲笑某人; laugh at sth因为某事而发笑
  11.make sentences造句

  12.辨析: too , also , either: too, also用于肯定句 ,疑问句;also用于行前 be后,情后助后 ; either用于否定句,置句末
  13.decide to do sth决定做某事
  14.take notes做笔记
  15.have trouble doing sth在…方面有困难 If you have some trouble spelling new words , you can look them up in the dictionary.
  16. enjoy doing 喜欢干
  17. be impressed 深受感动 impress sth on sb/impress sb with sth 使某人铭记某事
  18.write down 写下、记下
  19.look up(v-adv) “查字典 ”
  20. feel+形容词 “感觉起来…”
  21. native speakers 说本族话的人
  22. make up 组成、构成
  23. as当作… Most people speak English as a second language. You can use the book as your textbook. Regard problems as challenges.
  24. around the world 全世界
  1.deal with处置 How do you deal with your problem?
  2. unless连词 “除非…否则…” (不用于假想的事) Unless you start at once , you will be late. 除非你马上出发,否则你要迟 到了. Nobody , unless Tom can help you. 除了汤姆别人帮不了你。
  3.worry about (be worried about) 担心、担忧
  4.be angry with 生某人的气
  5.stay angry 生气
  6.go by 消逝
  7. affect (vt.)影响,感动 Worrying about our problem affects how we do at home.
  8. have disagreements有分歧 ,意见不同
  9. regard…as… 把……当做……
  10.complain about…抱怨… Many students complain about school. He often complains about the weather here.
Unit 2 Section 2A
  1.used to do过去常常作某事,表示以往的事实或情况 He used to be tall , didn’t he ? Yes, he did. No, he didn’t.
  2.Over here! = Come over here! 到这边来!过来!
  3.play the piano 弹钢琴
  4.be interested in 对…感兴趣.
  5. be on a team 加入…队 I'm on a swim team.
  6.People sure change. change.人确实在变
  7.be afraid of ⑴害怕,畏惧:be afraid of sth /doing sth 害怕… I used to be afraid of the dark. Fred is afraid of flying. He feels anxious before he gets on the plane. He is afraid of going /to go out alone at night. 他害怕夜 晚独自出去。⑵担忧,忧虑(为某事可能产生的后果而担忧) He is afraid of dying.他怕死。
  8.be alone 独自、单独(表状态) live alone单独住,独居 fell lonely 感到孤独,寂寞

  9.in an airplane 坐飞机.
  10.go to sleep 入睡、睡着
  11. be terrified of 害怕. be terrified of sb/sth 对…感到恐惧,很害怕
  12.with the light on开着灯;with the eyes closed闭着眼睛 He often sleeps with the light on.他经常开灯睡觉。 Section 2B
  1. walk to school = go to school on foot 步行去上学 take the bus to school = go to school by bus 乘公共汽车去上学
  2. gym class 体操课.
  3. worry about. 担心.
  4. all the time 一直, 总是
  5.these days 如今,现在

  6. go right home马上回家 ,直接回家
  7. spend time/money (in) doing sth 花时间/钱做某事 辨析:pay; take; cost ; spend:① sb pay for sth支付…的费 用;pay money for sth ②It takes (sb) time/money to do sth. ③sth cost (sb) money ④sb spend time/money on sth /in doing sth
  8. chat with 与…闲聊
  9. hardly ever 几乎从不 hardly“几乎不”,表示否定含义,类似的词有:never,few, little,nothing,nobody等。 I am so tired that I can hardly do anything.我太累了几乎什么事情也干不了了。There is hardly any food left for me.几乎没有给我剩什么吃的东西。

  10.the old days 过去的日子
  11. in the last (few years) “在过去的(几年)里” 用于现在完成时 My life has changed a lot in the last few years. Reading2
  1. cause trouble惹麻烦
  2. afford to do sth支付得起…的费用 sth … I can't afford to see the movie. 我看不起这个电影。
  3. as well as“不仅…而且…;既…又…” His mother looked after him as well as she could.他的母亲尽可能好好照顾他 Living things need air and light as well as water. 生物不仅需要水,而且还需要空气和阳光。
She helps Tom as well as I. 除了我以外她也帮了汤姆的忙。
  4.get into trouble招惹麻烦; get into trouble with sb 惹…的麻烦,与…发生纠缠 He often gets into trouble with the police.
  5.in the end 最后, 终于
  6.make a decision 做出决定 7 send …to… …
  7.send …to…把…送到… …
  8.to one’s 8 to one s surprise 使某人吃惊的是
  9.even though=even if“即使” Even if I have to walk all the way, I’ll get there. 即使我得一路走着去,我也要走到那里。 I like her even though she can be annoying.尽管有时他 很烦人,但是我还是喜欢她。
  10.no longer不再,已不
  11.take pride in对…感到自豪
We must learn how to change problems into challenges.
  12.try one's best to do sth尽力做某事
  13.with the help of 在...的帮助下
  14.think of (think about) 想起、想到
  15.compare A to B 把A比作B Scientists sometimes compare the human brain to a computer. 科学家有时将人脑比作电脑。
  16. physical problems 身体上的问题
  17. face the challenge面对挑战
  18. forget about (口语)不要放在心上;忘掉 Did you forget about the meeting ? He forgot about sweeping the floor .
  19. break off 中断 break off a friendship断绝友谊;断交
  20. in a way用某种方式 ; in a positive way以正面的方式
He would take pride in everything good I do.
  12.pay attention to sb 注意某人,仔细听某人的话
  13. a top student尖子生
  14.give up 放弃
  15.not …any more英式 not…anymore美式 (不再,已不) Unit.3 Section 3A
  1.语法:被动语态 ①构成:主语+be+过去分词+by短语 ② He likes music. Music is liked by him. I ask him to help her.He is asked to help her. She makes me go there every day. I am made to go there every day by her. They gave me some flowers. I was given some flowers by them . Some flowers were given to me by them. ③特殊句型:be made in; be made of; be made from; be made up of; be used /spoken as
  2. be allowed to do sth
I am not allowed to watch TV at home. allow sb to do sth 允许某人干… allow doing sth 允许干…
  3. go out with their friends 和朋友一块出去
  4.sixteen-year-olds = sixteen-year-old boys and girls 16岁的孩子
  5.part-time jobs 兼职工作
  6.get one s ears pierced 穿耳孔 one’s get sth +过去分词“使…被…”You must get your coat washed. I couldn't get my car started this morning.今天 早晨我无法把汽车发动起来
  7.choose one’s own clothes 选自己的衣服
  8. a driver’s license 驾照
  9.enough 用法: enough money/books; old enough
  10.seem to 好像

  11.on weekends 在周末
  12.instead of 代替,而不是 辨析:instead (adv.); instead of (prep.) I won’t go there, I’ll go to the park instead. They talk instead of doing homework. I did it instead of him.
  13. at that age 在那个年龄段
  14.so do we 我们也一样 倒装句: 口诀:前后主语不一样,语序当然用倒装;前后主语一个 样,语序当然要正常(用陈述语序) So + be动词/助动词/情态动词+主语(前为肯定) 表示与前面所述 事实一致. Neither/Nor + be动词/助动词/情态动词+主语(前为否定) 表示 与前面所述事实一致. 例: He likes oranges. So do we. He doesn’t like oranges. Neither do we. She went to the cinema yesterday. So did I. She didn’t go to the cinema yesterday. Neither did I.
Tom can swim. So can John. Tom can’t swim. Neither can John. So +主语+ be动词/助动词/情态动词 表示对前 面事实的进一步确认. 例: Henry is very tired. So he is.(的确是) He surfed Internet for two hours. So he did.(的确是) They will win the game. So they will.(他 们会的) )
  15.on 15 on school nights 在上学期间的每个晚上
  16.by 10:00pm 晚上十点前,by不迟于,常 用于将来时的句子中
  17.stay up熬夜 ,不睡觉 He is allowed to stay up until 11:
  18.clean up (v-adv.) 打扫干净, 收拾整洁 They were all busy cleaning up the ground.
Section 3B get to class late . 上课迟到
  2.fail (in) sth做某事失败 Do you ever worry that you'll fail (in) a test? fail (in) a test考试不及格; pass a test考试及格; take a test参加考试
  3. be strict with 对…要求严格 be strict with+人. be strict in+事物.
  4.the other day前几天,不久以前
  5.all my classmates 我所有的同学
  6.concentrate on…专注于… We would concentrate more on our clothes.
  7.辨析:①be good to sb/sth对…好 She is very good to me.② be good to do sth做某事好 例:Why is it good to volunteer? ③be good at擅长;④ be good for对…有益 Swimming is good for our health.
  8. be a good way to do 是…的好方法
  9.keep +宾语+形容词 “使…保持…状态” We must keep him happy.Keep the door closed.

  10.both;neither用法:Both answers are right.Neither answer is right. Both of the answers are right.Neither of the answers is right.
  11. It’s a good idea for sb. to do 是…的好主意
  12. in groups 成群的,按组的
  13.get noisy 吵闹(系表结构)
  14. learn from 向某人学习
  15.at present现在,目前 At present, the holidays are too short.
  16. have an opportunity to do sth 有做…的机会
  17. be a good/great experience for sb. 对…来说是一次很好的经历
  18. English-English dictionary 英英词典
  19. at least 至少
  20. eight hours’ sleep a night 每晚8小时的睡眠
an old people’s home 敬老院 perform a play for sb为…表演节目 primary schools 小学 newspaper office报社 be sleepy ?
  26. after a long week of classes 上完一周课之后
  27. have…off 放假,休息
  28. reply to 回答,答复 Reading3
  1.get in the way of妨碍 2 a professional athlete 职业运动员
  3.achieve one’s dreams实现某人的梦想
  4. have nothing against doing sth不反对…
  5. think about 思考,考虑
  6. in the end 最后,终于
  7.make a decision 做决定 Should I be allowed to make my own decisions?
  8.be serious about对…感兴趣的/是认真的.
But I'm serious about r



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   学号课程号开始退出医院管理 医生编码 毕业院校 最高学历 学生信息年龄 月薪+津贴+奖金-医疗保险-养老保险 字符型(6) 字符型(30) 字符型(10) 实发工资 华中科技大学 外国语学院英语二学位教学计划 [ 作者:wzhw 来源:华中科技大学外国语学院 点击数:638 更新时间:2006-2-11 文章录入: wzhw ] 【字体: 】 课程名称 学时/学分 二下 (2-6 月) 二下暑假 (7 或 8 月) 32 开课时间 三上(9-次年 元月) 32 三下 (2-6 月) 三下暑假 ...



   To: 2011 年 月 日 VIP 学员补课专用 C5高考英语阅读吴军精品决战教案 C5-1 沈阳铁西区英语家教吴军精品高分教案 沈阳铁西区英语家教吴军精品高分教案 铁西区英语家教吴军精品高分 主编人: 主编人:吴军 (本阅读教案共 5 套,600 元/1.5 时) 这是读文章的重点, 做题顺序【这是读文章的重点,也是难点,一定多多练习 这是读文章的重点 也是难点,一定多多练习】 1.扫描题干,确定题型,划出关键信息词。 2.扫描文章,划出以下内容。 阅读文章的主要目的 抓框架,抓考点 【 ...


   2004 年职称英语考试理工类 C 级考试试题 答案及解析 部分: 第 1 部分:词汇选项 (第 1~15 题,每题 1 分,共 15 分) 下面共有 15 个句子,每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语画有底横线,请从每个 句子后面所给的 4 个选项中选择 1 个与画线部分意义最相近的词或短语。 请将答 案涂在答题卡相应的位置上。 1 We are certain that he will get over his illness. A sure C surprised B happy D exc ...


   外贸英语学习网站资 料大全 这里最重 头的是 七大口 语教程 的完整 语音与 文字版 ,有英 语 900 句、中级 美语、走 遍美国 、走遍 加国、加 国商务 、美国 您好、澳 洲你好 , 实在是一 份学习 英语听 说的饕 餮大餐 埃激动 得差点 忘了说 网。 还有 四道听 力大餐 ,新概 念英语 、听力 入门、 听力技 巧指导 、许国 璋英语 ,网 。 另外 ,这里 的电影 栏目收 藏了大 量经典 名片 一边 听好歌 ,一边 听英语 。看看 英语之 声为我 们准备 了什么 ?,这 里同样 ...


   常用英语动词短语 ● 1.动词 动词+about 1.动词+about speak/talk about 谈论 think about 思考 care about 关心,对...有兴趣 bring about 引起,使发生 set about 着手,开始 come about 发生 hear about 听说 worry about 为...担心 2.动词 动词+away 2.动词+away throw away 扔掉 blow away 吹走 carry away 拿走,使入迷 clear ...


   2010 年职称英语等级考试用书(理工类) 年职称英语等级考试用书(理工类) 新增文章 第四部分 第3篇 Citizen Scientists 篇 Understanding how nature responds to climate change will require monitoring key life cycle1 events-flowering, the appearance of leaves, the first frog calls of the spring - a ...