Module 3
Adventure in Literature and the Cinema
A man is trying to get to the final destination directly by a ladder instead of following the long way to it.
寓意理解 In our society,whatever we do,we should be creative and find out a most effective way of settling problems instead of the common practices, which may waste time and effort. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文?
  1.account n.叙述;描写;报告;账单;账户;v.解释,说明 . He has an account with the Bank of China.他在中国银行有账户。 When judging his performance,don’t take his age into account. 评定他的表现时,不必考虑他的年龄。 Can you account for your absence last Friday? 你能解释一下上周五你为什么缺勤吗?[剑桥高阶]
【思维链接】 (
  1)open an account开户头 on account of因为 on no account决不 take...into account=take account of重视;考虑 take no account of对……不予考虑,对……不重视 (
  2)account for sth.解释某事的原因 account to sb.for sth.对于……向某人作满意的交待 即景活用 ①I want you to every cent you spent. A.count on B.account for C.make for D.go for 解析:句意:“我要你把你花费的每分钱都说清楚。”考查词语辨析: count on“把……算在内”,“依赖,指望”;make for/go for不常用, 通常用make room/way for,go in for;account for“把……讲清”。 答案:B

  2.lie v.撒谎,卧,躺,位于;n.谎言 . I told a lie when I said I liked her haircut. 我骗她说我喜欢她的发式。[剑桥高阶] Iraq lies to the west of China. 伊拉克位于中国的西方。 The boy was lying on his hands,wondering what to do next. 那个男孩正用手垫着头躺在那儿,考虑下一步该做什么。 【妙辨异同】 (
  1)v.撒谎lie?lied?lied?lying lie to sb.向某人撒谎
? (
  2)n.谎言 big lie弥天大谎 ? ?white lie善意的谎言
tell a lie/lies说谎
  3)v.卧,躺,位于lie?lay?lain?lying lie down躺下,屈服,甘受 lie on one’s back/side/stomach仰卧/侧卧/俯卧
? lie on/upon依靠,全凭,位于(与之接壤) ? ?to位于(在某范围之外)
  4)lay意为“下蛋,产卵,搁置,放置”,过去式、过去分词和现在 分词分别为laid,laid,laying。 【变式巧记】 中文 放,搁,下蛋 躺 说谎 原形 lay lie lie 过去式 laid lay lied 过去分词 laid lain lied 现在分词 laying lying lying 说 明 及物动词 不及物动词 不及物动词
即景活用 用lie或lay的具体形式填空 ②The boy lying there lied to me that he had laid the eggs that the hen had laid in the basket that lay on the table.
  3.warn vt.警告,提醒(某事),告诫(人)要…… …… There were signs warning of fog as soon as we got onto the motorway. 我们一上高速公路,就看到有“雾大”的警示牌。[剑桥高阶] The police are warning motorists of possible delays. 警方通知驾驶汽车的人交通可能受阻。 He warned me that there were pickpockets in the crowd. →He warned me against the pickpockets in the crowd. 他提醒我人群中有扒手。
warn sb.about/of sth.警告/提醒某人某事
?not to do sth. ? warn sb. ? 警告某人不要做某事 ? ?against doing sth.
warn sb. that-clause提醒某人…… warn sb.off告诫某人不要接近 warning n.警告,警报,告诫 without warning没有预告地,突然地 即景活用 ③Mrs Smith warned her daughterafter drinking. A.never to drive never drive C.never driving D.never drive 解析:warn sb.not to do sth.告诫某人不要做某事,否定副词never要放在 to之前,所以只有A项是正确答案。warn sb.against doing警告某人别做 ……;warn sb.of警告某人注意……。 答案:A

  4.determined adj.坚定的;确定的;决定的 Determined that his son would do well,Eliot sent him to a private school. 埃利奥?特坚信儿子会学业优异,因此把他送到私立学校学习。 I’m determined to get this piece of work finished today. 我决心今天完成这项工作。[剑桥高阶] 【思维整合】 determine v.决定,确定 determination n.决定,决心
?to do sth.下决心做某事(表动作) determine ? ?on/upon(doing)sth.决心,决定……
be determined to do sth.决心做某事(表状态)
【友情提示】 determine是非延续性动词,不能与表示一段时间的状语连用;而be determined to do表一种状态,可以与表示一段时间的状语连用。
?He determined to leave for a long time.(×) ? ?He was determined to leave for a long time.(√)
即景活用 ④to train his daughter in computer,he put an ad like this in the to computer he paper,“,a computer teacher for a ten?year?old girl.” A.Determined;Wanted C.Determines;Wanted B.Determined;Wanting D.Determining;Wanting
解析:determine在句中作状语,故应使用现在分词或过去分词形式,排 除C项;而want在句中同样作状语,与其主语teacher之间为被动关系, 所以用过去分词。 答案:A

  5.force vt.强迫,迫使;n.力量;武力,pl.军队 The thief took the money from the old man by force. 小偷用暴力夺走了老人的钱。 It’s not proper to force your idea upon others. 把自己的想法强加于人是不恰当的。 He joined the police force straight after school. 他从学校一毕业就当了警察。[剑桥高阶] 【词汇派生】 forced adj.被迫的,强迫的,动用武力的 forcedly adv.强迫地,勉强地 forceful adj.强有力的,有说服力的 forceless adj.无力的,软弱的 forcefully adv.强有力地,激烈地
? ?to do sth. force sb. ? ? ?into doing sth.
in force有效,在有效期;大批地;大规模地 be in force生效,有效 be forced into into被迫 bring into force使生效,实施…… by force用暴力;强迫地 by force of由于;凭借 force on强加于,强迫……接受 force up迫使上升
即景活用 ⑤There are so many people that he has tohis way through them. A.force B.make C.Take D.get
解析:句意:“那儿有那么多人,他不得不强行穿过。”考查“force one’s way through...”“强行通过”。 答案:A 经典短语
  1.make up和好,和解;化妆;编造(故事);(数目等齐全而)使…… …… 完整,弥补 The boy made up a story;it was not true. 男孩编了个故事,这故事不是真的。 She made up her face to look prettier.她把脸化了妆以便看上去漂亮些。 This year’s good harvest will make up for last year’s bad one. 今年的丰收将弥补去年的歉收。[剑桥高阶]
【思维链接】 make A into B把A变成B be made from由……制成(不见原材料,如:酒) be made of由……制成(可见到原材料,如:门窗) be made into(+成品)制成 (be)made up of由……组成,由……构成 make up one’s mind下决心,决定 make(full,good)use of(充分、好好)利用 即景活用 ⑥You have tothe midterm examination. made into B.make use of made from D.make up 解析:该题考查make的短语辨析。be made into把……制成……; make use of利用,使用;be made from由……制成;make up编造, 组成,弥补,化妆。本句意为:期中考试你必须补考。故D正确。 答案:D

  2.set off出发,启程;使爆炸,引起爆炸;引起;导致;衬托 The children set off for school.孩子们上学去了。 Terrorists set off a bomb in the city centre. 恐怖分子在市中心引爆了一颗炸弹。[剑桥高阶] The new yellow cushions nicely set off the pale green of the chair covers. 黄色的新靠垫把浅绿色的椅套衬托得很好看。[剑桥高阶] 【用法拓展】 set off/out for动身去某地 set up竖立,开办,建立,设立 set out to do sth.着手做某事 set about doing开始做…… set doing使某人开始做…… set aside宣告无效;驳回;废止 set down放下,搁下;记下,记载,写下 set in(疾病、坏天气或其他自然状况)开始并且(可能)持续下去 set on攻击;袭击;使攻击;使追赶
即景活用 ⑦Don’t set himtalking politics,or he’ll go on all evening. A.out C.About D.of
解析:本句句意为:“不要让他开始谈论政治,否则他一个晚上都不 会停下来”。set doing“使某人开始做……” 答案:B 重要句型 He arrived in New Orleans without a penny in his pocket only to find that there were no boats for South America.他身无分文地到新奥尔良时,却发 现那里没有开往南美洲的船了。 在本句中only to find...是不定式结构作结果状语的用法。另外,不定式结 构所引导的结果状语常表示出人意料的结果,而v.?ing形式所引导的结 果状语常表达自然结果。
The man hurriedly returned home,only to find he had left his key in the office. 这个人匆匆忙忙地回到家,结果发现他把钥匙落在办公室里了。 I hurried to the post office,only to find it closed. 我匆忙赶到邮局结果却发现它关门了。 不定式作结果状语的几种形式 (
  1)...only to do表示出乎意料的结果 (
  2)太……以至于不……(to后面译作否定) (
  3)adj./adv.enough to do sth. (
  4) to/ to如此……以至于…… (
  5)不定式可放在一些形容词后面作状语,而且要用主动形式表示被动意 思。这样的形容词有:hard,difficult,easy,simple,fine,nice,pleasant,heavy,fit。 如果不定式为及物动词,后面不必再跟宾语,如果不定式为不及物动词, 要用相应的介词。 The mountain is difficult to climb.(动宾关系:climb the mountain,不定式不 说to climb it或to be climbed)这山很难爬。 Lesson Two is easy to learn.(动宾关系:learn Lesson Two)第二课很容易学。
即景活用 ⑧He hurried to the station onlythat the train had left. have found B.finding C.Found find
解析:only to do sth.表示出乎意料的结果,为不定式作状语。 答案:D
高考经典解读 【例
  1】 The government plans to bring in new laws parents to take more responsibility for the education of their children. (2009?江西,
  34) A.forced B.forcing be forced D.having forced
【解题方法指导】 本题考查force的非谓语用法。force所表示的动作和 其逻辑上的主语new laws之间是主动关系,故可排除A和C;又因laws与 force之间是主动关系,所以用现在分词作定语。D项不能作定语。 答案:B 教材原文对照 Forced to change his plans,he worked for several years as a pilot on a steamboat,taking passengers up and down the Mississippi,the great river which flows from the north of the US near the Canadian border,down to the Gulf of Mexico. (P
  2】 China has got a goodfor fighting against the flu with its careful and smooth organization. A.reputation B.influence C.impression (2009?安徽,
  31) D.knowledge
【解题方法指导】 本题考查名词的辨析。句意:因细致和平稳的组织, 中国在防控流感方面赢得了好的名声。influence影响;impression印象; knowledge知识,均不合题意。 答案:A 教材原文对照 Twain’s vivid and often amusing descriptions of life on the river quickly became popular,and established the reputation he still enjoys today as one of America’s greatest writers. (P
阅读理解题型攻略 (三)个人情感 凡人皆有喜、怒、哀、乐之情感,所以文章对此也会有所体现,从 文中可以看出作者描述的情感,作为读者也需换位思考,以作者的身份 去考虑整篇文章,切不可自己认为怎样就该怎样,一定要以文章为出发 点。另外,有时候非语言性的显现也可以表达人的情感,这就需要考生 更进一步地去挖掘其中的隐含之意。 【典例】 Moving to a new city and state was difficult for my family,especially in winter.The excitement of a new adventure was dulled by the memories of the California sunshine and the five?foot snow banks outside our door.① ?
I just missed home.But more than our old house,more than the beach, and more than the seventy degree warm weather,I missed Stacey.My best friend and I both cried when I left,like two junior?high girls,not women in their forties. And I missed our lovely teas.Going to a sweet little tea room we had discovered was a special treat for us.The place was Victorian Dream,with delicate teacups and tablecloths with flower prints.Those afternoon teas were precious times,filled with laughter between scones(烤饼)and we shared our lives between tiny cucumber sandwiches. Springtime descended upon Denver,and I decided to set about the adventure of exploring the Denver area.As I was driving,my eyes scanned the buildings on the street.“Tea Leaves”caught my eye.A tea room?Here,in the land of loneliness and pain?
I walked through the doors,and tears came to my eyes again.It was a beautiful room,not Victorian Dre


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