Unit 5 专项分类练习 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 从 A、B、C 和 D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 、 、
  1. In the library, there is a desk, you can read. A. in which B. on which C. at which D. from which
  2. What he said just now was the opinion he stuck all the time. A. to which B. to whom C. of which D. on which
  3. He found his house last night. Luckily, nothing was lost. A. broken down B. broken up C. broken into D. broken through
  4. I never dream of my child such a thing. A. doing B. to do C. did D. done
  5. Having been abroad many years, he longs to see his family again. A. first of all B. after all C. above all D. at all
  6. As a kind-hearted mother, she cannot bear the thought of children hungry. A. went B. going C. becoming D. turning
  7. A thief slipped into the room without . A. seeing B. noticing C. to be seen D. being noticed
  8. Everything went on as usual nothing had happened. A. as if B. even if C. even though D. seemed
  9. Bill was doing a lot of physical exercise to build up his . (2005 天津) A. ability B. force C. strength D. mind
  10. We went to Canada to travel and my cousin as our guide. (2005 湖南) A. played B. showed C. acted D. performed
  11. They decided to a large medical conference. A. found B. form C. set up D. organize
  12. The girl monitor is the daughter of my teacher. A. acts as B. who act as C. acted as D. acting as
  13. I would like to buy a house, modern, comfortable, and , in a quiet place. A. first of all B. above all C. in all D. after all
  14. The teacher as well as the students who fond of football, playing together. A. are; is B. are; are C is; are D. is; is
  15. No matter what others might say, Einstein his theory and his research work. A. stuck to; went on B. stuck out; went on doing C. stuck to; went on with D. stuck out; went on with
  16. the lecture going on, the students got more and more interested. A. With B. While C. During D. As
  17. The speed is 120 kilometers per hour. A. at that the car is traveling B. with which the car is traveling C. which the car is traveling D. at which the car is traveling
  18. Mrs Bush stood for a moment when an old solider suddenly appeared before her. A. surprising B. surprised C. being surprised D. to be surprising
  19. I take his book by mistake, I should apologize.
A. which B. for that C. for which D. that
  20. Read the passage I referred in my talk, would be a great help for your problem. A. to which; which B. which; which C. to which; for which D. that; that Keys: 1-5 CACAC 6-10 BDACC 11-15 DDBAC 15-20 ADBCA
  6. B。go 作系动词,表“进入某状态; 变为”。
  7. D。介词后面要接动名词,因为 notice 是一被动动作,所以使用动名词被动式。
  10. C。act as 意为“担任” 。
  11. D。found , form, set up 均有“建立,成立”之意;organize 意为”组织”,在此应是组织会 议。
  12. D。此处为现在分词作定语,相当于 who / that acts as,修饰 the girl。
  13. B。above all 意为”最重要的是”。
  14. A。谓语动词在第二空,应与主语 the teacher 一致,用 is;第二空为 who 引导的定语从 句的谓语动词,修饰 students,所以用 are。
  15. C。go on with sth 意为“继续干某事” 。
  16. A。with +宾语+宾语补足语(going on)作状语,表伴随。
  17. D。at the speed of … 意为“以……速度”,提到了关系代词 which 的前面。
  18. B。Mrs Bush 很吃惊,用 surprised。这里为形容词作状语,表示主语所处的状态。
根据中文或首字母提示,填写所缺单词的适当形式。 根据中文或首字母提示,填写所缺单词的适当形式。
  1. The doctor p the operation successfully. , I don’t think we have a chance of winning.
  2. To be h
  3. The bus company provided e buses because there were so many people.
  4. The pilot checked the i before he took off. in the paper and got a job.
  5. He answered the a (挣得) his living by teaching at a language school.
  6. He
  7. The concert (吸引) a great number of people.
  8. There are all sorts of magazines here. Can you (分类) them out? (后来).
  9. She was very well before lunch, but felt sick
  10. The author of the book is almost (不知名的) to young people.
  11. A m is someone who is skilled in playing music, usually as their job. was destroyed when he was caught stealing some money.
  12. His r Keys:
  1. performed
  2. honest
  3. extra
  4. instruments
  5. advertisement
  6. earns
  7. attracted
  8. sort
  9. afterwards
  10. unknown
  11. musician
  12. reputation
请根据中文意思及提示,翻译下列句子,每空填一词。 请根据中文意思及提示,翻译下列句子,每空填一词。
  1. 一场强烈的暴风雨袭击了这个小镇。
  2. 我已下定决心而且会坚持到底。(make up one’s mind)

  3. 和加拿大一样,中国的天气也是随季节的变换而变化。
  4. 不要开着门窗睡觉。
  5. 我们祝贺他通过了考试。
  6. 她刚和男朋友分手。
  7. 把你想要扔掉的衣服整理一下给我吧。(sort; throw away)
  8. 俗话说: “鸡蛋未孵,勿先数雏。 ”
  9. 你不要轻易地去戏弄她,她很容易生气的。
  10. 说老实话,我认为这是不可能的。 Keys:
  1. A powerful storm hit the small town.
  2. I’ve made up my mind and I’m going to stick to it.
  3. As well as in Canada, the weather changes from season to season in China.
  4. Don’t sleep with the door and windows open.
  5. We congratulated him on having passed the examination.
  6. She’s just broken up with her boyfriend.
  7. Sort out any clothes you want to throw away and give them to me.
  8. As the saying goes, “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.”
  9. You couldn’t play jokes on her easily for she is an irritating person.
  10. To be honest with you, I don’t think it will be possible.
请从下面方框中选择适当的单词并用其正确形式填空。 请从下面方框中选择适当的单词并用其正确形式填空。 break up, after all, sort out, be based on, first of all, stick to, by chance, play jokes on, above all, to be honest
  1. He always likes to me because we are close friends.
  2. The novel historical facts.
  3. I’ll leave you to that .
  4. This kind of hotel you choose is probably decided according to how much money you want to spend.
  5. ,let me introduce myself.
  6. Police were called in to the meeting.
  7. ? Would you like some wine? ? No, I’ll beer, thanks.
  8. , I don’t like classical music. , I once read something by that writer.

  10. I know he hasn’t finished his work, but, Keys:
  1. play jokes on
  2. is based on
  3. sort; out
  5. First of all
  6. break up
  7. stick to
  9. By chance
  10. after all
, he is busy.
  4. above all
  8. To be honest
阅读短文,根据所读内容在表格的空白处填入适当的单词或短语, 个单词 阅读短文,根据所读内容在表格的空白处填入适当的单词或短语,每空不超过 3 个单词。 TV is not only a convenient and cheap service for fun, but also a great mass medium of communication. People only have to pay once to buy a TV set, and then they can sit at home enjoying watching TV. All they have to do is to push a button or turn a knob, and they can see plays, films, operas and shows of every kind. TV keeps us well informed about the events that are happening at home and abroad and the latest development in science and technology. The most distant countries and the strangest customs are brought right into our room. On TV everything is much more living and much more real. In fact, it has become so much a part of human life that a modern world without television is unimaginable. Some people even say that life without television is not worth living. Some people argue against TV. They think that TV viewers need do nothing. The viewer doesn’t even have to use his legs if he has a remote control. Many people are glued to (粘到…… 上) seats to look at the movements on TV. They become so dependent on its pictures that it begins to control their lives. As a result, TV is taking up too much of a person’s life and making him lazy. On the whole, there are more advantages than disadvantages in the use of TV. Different people may have different attitudes toward TV. But we must realize that television itself is neither good nor bad. Its value to people and society depends on how we look at it. Is TV a plus or a minus? a convenient and cheap People enjoy plays, films, kind. Advantages People know around the world. 4 2 3 of every TV is an life. 8 part of
that are happening 5 .
Things on TV are more TV viewers need 1 Conclusion TV begins to 7 6
when watching TV. a person’s life.
TV is 9 time of people, and making them lazy. 10 .
TV itself is neither good nor bad. Its value depends on
  1. Disadvantages
  6. do nothing

  2. service
  7. control

  3. operas and shows
  4. the events
  8. important
  9. taking up

  5. living and real
  10. people’s attitudes



   [ 国际音标中的一些音标写法与拉丁字母的辅音字母如[p]、[b]、[t]、[d]、[k]、 [g]、[m]、[n]、[f]、[v]、[s]、[h]、[z]、[l]、[w]等相同,它们均为许多欧洲语言 所使用的字母,在发音上与英语并无差别,可是与拉丁字母写法相同的元音符号[a]、 [e]、[i]、[o]、[u],它们的发音法却较为接近西班牙语或意大利语中的发音,如[i] 的发音为英文 piece 中的 i,而[u]为英文 food 中的 oo。 其他一些音标虽然与拉丁字母相同,如[j]、[r] ...


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   状元谈英语学习方法:培养语感 状元谈英语学习方法:培养语感 林婵娟 2007 年海南文科状元 林婵娟 英语作为一门语言, 和汉语一样, 拥有自身的文化背景。 许多同学感到学习英语很吃力, 就是因为不了解它作为一门来自西方文化的外语所存在和使用的背景。 毕竟我们生活的世界 和西方文化有很大差距。而学习语言必须有语感,而语感不能单单靠读几个单词,几个句子 就能获得。我的建议是,在高一或者高二,英语学习难度开始加深而学习压力还不算大的时 候, 在课外时间找一些英文发音中文字幕的好莱坞大片来 ...


   小杨你好 我是北碚区供销社的驾驶员罗康,首先感谢你给我提供的你父亲治头晕的药,我照 此方买来后经服用效果挺好。作为回报,我把我儿子2007年的篇文章提供给你,也许对你大 学期间的学习有一点点帮助。 关于英语学习,我以前说过有自己的一套理论,的确是这样的。 我的理论用一句概括就是, 英语学习是一种快乐, 学习的动力来自内心的渴望而决不是外部 的驱使。 为什么要学英语?为过四六级吗?为期末考试拿高分吗?为找工作吗?为出国吗?统统不 是! 如果把这些作为学习英语的目的, 那么英语水平也许就只能停留 ...


   考研的英语复习是一个庞大的系统工程, 而且英语成绩的提高是一个循序渐进的 过程,所以英语的复习必须有一个整体的规划。根据本人的英语现状和考研英语 大纲制定四个阶段的复习计划。 个人现状:英语通过四六级考试,语法基础较好,但词汇量与阅读量不足,写作 能力较差。 一、1 月到 6 月。掌握大纲要求词汇,强化阅读。 词汇量是考研英语阅读能力和写作能力提高的根本。首先要注重记忆核心词汇, 重点的单词的含义相关短语,语法以及同义词、反义词等需要注意。某些词汇只 需记住意思即可。学习要循序渐进,不可急躁 ...


   浅谈英语文章阅读 一、阅读英文文章的技巧 1、扩大阅读视野 、 所谓阅读视野是指眼睛在“凝视”的瞬间所能接收或覆盖的印刷符号。 普通读者眼睛停顿 时可接收两个英语单词, 阅读能力强的读者一眼可以看四个左右的单词, 但能力差的读者一 眼只能接收一个或者不到一个的单词。因此,在相等的阅读时间里,视野狭窄的读者所看到 的单词要少得多,如果再经常复视,读速肯定快不了。 我们阅读时应该特别注意词的整体性, 要把注意力放在句子中较大的单位上, 而不要放 在一个个孤立的单词上。例如,下面的句子可以分成三个 ...


   Could 'Japanglish' be a legitimate language " "We wish all the time to be able to provide you fresh bread and to propose you a joy of eating life with bread," says the sign in my local bakery. "Especially, we want to be a host at di ...


   据说这篇资料在人人网已经被收藏 30 多万次了,不知道是不是真的,不过既然有 很多人收藏,估计肯定有它的道理吧,呵呵,大家一起学习进步) (1)英语口语集锦 http://www.xingkoo.com/view_info_new/36/view_info-36855.html (2)100 句英语典句 http://www.xingkoo.com/view_info_new/31/view_info-31141.html (3)最让人心动的爱的英文表白 http://www.xingkoo ...


   英语学习方法 ?语言重运用,功到自然成 林语堂学英文要诀 林语堂先生(1895-1976), 现代文学家、翻译家,一生共出 版中文集三种,英文著作36种。 他从中国人学习英语的实际出发, 提出了一系列的英语教学方法和 英语学习方法,至今仍然值得我 们借鉴。 林语堂学英文要诀 " 一、学英文时须学全句,勿专念单字。学 时须把全句语法、语音及腔调整个读出 来。 " 二、学时不可以识字为足。识之必然兼用 之。凡遇新字,必至少学得该字之一种正 确用法。以后见有多种用法,便多记住。 " 三、识字不可 ...


   大学英语啊??说的是四六级?我想知道你是想掌握实用性的还是应试性的……四六级和真正的英语是背道而驰的,要想学真正的英语,出国用的,趁早丢了四六级,免得中毒……如果是国内发展,四六级就可以了 语法其实在高中已经全部学完了,你要是想加强语法,我相信你肯定有老师发给你们的什么高考冲刺之类的复习书吧?看语法,再把里面的选择题全部好好做完,把错题全部弄懂,为什么错了,相信我,你的语法一定会很牛…… 四六级的关键在于听力和阅读,特别是听力,建议采用精听和泛听,精听就是把重要的单词能写下来的那种,泛听就是大 ...



   小学英语单词汇总表 bag n.书包;提包 bed n.床 boy n.男孩 cake n.蛋糕;饼;糕 cat n.猫 circle n.圆;圈;环 desk n.书桌 dog n.狗 egg n.蛋 English n.英语 adj.英语的 fan n.扇子;风扇 fish n.鱼 girl n.女孩 globe n.地球仪 hello int.喂,你好 I pron.我 key n.钥匙 learn vt.学;学习 let vt.让 now adv.现在 you pron.你;你们 b ...


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   六年级英语上册期末测试卷 听听做做 Ⅱ Ⅲ 读读写写 Ⅲ Ⅳ 合 计 题 号 成 绩 Ⅰ Ⅳ Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅴ Ⅵ 又要迎来新的一年了。在同学们最后一个寒假之前,让我们一起来完成这份英 语测试。希望大家取得好成绩。也祝大家新年快乐! (Listening Part) 听力部分 Ⅰ、Listen and choose(听录音,选择) 10% A. 1.( 姓名 B. ) C. 2.( ) A. B. C. A. 3. ( 班级 B. C. ) 4. ( ) A. B. C. 学校 5.( ) A. ...


   at prep.在(某处) doll n.木偶;洋娃娃 fun n.兴趣;有趣的事 have fun 玩得开心 have fun with 玩得开心 gate n.大门 house n.房子 have no idea 不知道;不了解 into prep.到…里 next a.下一个 ad.下面 shall aux.v.(我,我们)将要 the Great Wall 长城 will v.将;会;愿意 boat n.小船;汽艇 busy a.忙(碌)的 listen vi.听 listen to ...


   高考的成败,从某种角度来看,并不真正是在高考场上的搏杀,其决战其实是在高考场外,也就是说高三这一年的复习质量决定着高考的成败。 高三英语复习是一项复杂的系统工程,复习得法,将事半功倍,成绩骄人。 高三英语复习首先要扎实系统地掌握足够的基础知识(课本知识和语法知识体系),使新旧知识系统化、条理化;然后迅速把掌握的知识转换成能力,如解题能力、分析能力、知识迁移能力、创新能力。因此,同学们要充分发挥主体作用,讲究策略、方法,使整个高三的英语复习有目的、有计划、有步骤地顺利进行。 第一阶段 ...