U1-- 单项选择练习及中考题 --U5 英语 9 年级上册 U1--U5 单项选择练习及中考题
  1.is really hard them to climb Mount Tai. A.This;to B.It;for C.This;for D.It;to
  2.“Shall we go to the sea animal show tomorrow?” “” A.Thank you B.Good idea C.It dosen't matter D.It's very kind of you
  3.??Speak,please,because I can't hear a word from the back. ??Well,it'senough. A.loudly;loudly B.louder;loud C.loud;louder D.loud;too loud
  4.“How do you improve your listening?” “I improve it byon TV.” A.watch English programmes B.to watch English programmes C.watching English programmes D.watches English programmes
  5.If you practicemore often ,you can take part in the school match. A.swimming B.to swim C.swim D.swiming
  6.The English party beganan English song andan interesting game. A.with;ended up with B.for;ended with C.for;ended up with D.with;ended up
  7.Did you have any problems in London? Yes,Chinese food like rice,noodles and dumplings. A.find B.found C.finding D.to find
  8.Ms Liu is s teacher we like to,because she can always give us good advice. A.find out B.look for C.talk about D.talk with
  9.When we heard thenews,we got. A.exciting;excited B. excited; exciting C. excited; excited D. exciting; exciting
  10.“YourEnglish is very good.” “Thank you.” A.speak B.speaking C.to speak D.spoken
  11.He did well in this exam.He mademistakes in it. A.a few B.few C.a lot of D.much
  12.We have a lot of troublethe essay. A.to make up B.to make C. making up D.making
  13.The man regards the little boy from Wenchuanhis own son. A.with B.as C.of D.to
  14.That doctor is very brave. He isn’t afraidA/H1N1 flu. A.face B.facing C.to face D.of face
  15.He must laugh at youyou dealthe unfair thing. A.if;with B.if;to C.unless;with D.unless;in
  16.If you like the new house,you’d better buy it.
But it’s really expensive.I can’tit. A.afford B.get C.do D.spend
  17.“My father has decided tosmoking.” “That’s great.I hope he can do it this time.” A.turn off B.try out C.clean up D.give up
  18.“I’d likegrapes and pears.” “Oh,I only needorangs juice.” A.some;a few B. a few ; some C. a little;few D.a little; a few
  19.To my,the water in the lake becomes so dirty!It used tovery clean. A.surprise;be B.surprised;bding C. surprise;being D. surprised;be
  20.Have you heard of Liu Qian from Taiwan? Sure!His magic performance isamazing for peopleforget. A.so;that B.such;that C.too;to
  21.The young man used toto work,but he is used toto work now. A.drive;walking B.drove;walked C.drive;walks D.driving;walk
  22.“What’s the matter?” “I am having troublewho has taken my book.” A.finding B.looking for C.finding out D.looking up
  23.The Sutong Highway Bridge,abridge,is already open to traffic. A.32 kilometre long B. 32-kilometre-long C.32 kilometre-long D. 32-kilometres-long
  24.“Are you afraid ofat home,Linda?” “No,I’ve grown up.” A.alone B.being alone C.lonely D.being lonely
  25.During the Spring Festival Chinese usuallymuch timetheir relatives and friends. A.spend;visiting B.take;to visiting C.cost;to vist D.pay;to visit
  26.Harry Potter is anbook for children,but I am notin it. A.interesting; interesting B. interested;interested C. interesting; interested D. interested; interesting
  27.You should keep working hardyou have passed the exam. A.if B.because C.even though D.when
  28.He often comes here,but weknow him. A.mostly B.exactly C.nearly D.hardly
  29.“I used to play tennis,but now I’m on the swim team.” “” A.People sure change B.Good idea C.Thanks D.All right

  30.My mother always takes prideeverythingI do. A.of;well B.in;well C.of;good D.in;good
  31.David is only ten years old.I don’t think heto ride his bicycle in the street. A.should allow B.would allow C. should be allowed D. wouldn’t be allowed
  32.It’s raining now.I would like to watch TV at homeplaying soccer outside. A.instead B. instead of C.because of D. because
  33.Our teachers are not only very stricttheir work.but also strict their students. A.in;at B.to;with C.in;with D.with;with
  34.During the World Club,some peopleall night to watch the games. A.wake up B.get up C.stay up D.make up
  35.Tom,your hair is too long.Would you please get your hair? A.cut B.to cut C.cutting D.be cut
  36.The hall isto hold one hundred people. A.enough big B. big enough C. as big D.too big
  37.“Do you have enough books to read?” “No,I think we needbooks.” A.another two B. other two C. two another D. two other
  38.Ithink youserious enough. A./;aren’t B.don’t;are C./;should D.won’t;are
  39.The National Day is coming.We’ll have three days. A.away B.on C.off D.down
  40.Liu Qiangfixing the machine yesterday.Look,it is running well again. A.felt like B.succeeded in C.failed in
  41.Health is veryand every student knows theof keeping healthy. A.important; importance B. important ; important C. importance ; importance D. importance ; important
  42.Do you thinkshould be allowed to drive in our country? No,I don’t think so. A.sixteen-years-old B. sixteens-year-old C. sixteen-year-old D. sixteen-years-olds
  43.I think running is an way to keep healthy. ,but Bill dosen’t think so. A.No problem B.I agree C.I’m afraid not
  44.Mary went to the park.. A.So Lucy did B. So did Lucy C.So went Lucy D.So dose Lucy

  45.Sometimes playing computer games canstudents’ study. A.get the way B. get in the way of C. get in the way on D. get in the way with
  46.What will you do if ittomorrow? I’ll stay at home and watch the match on TV. A.rain B.rains C.will rain D.is raining
  47.When will Han Han’s new book? Sorry,I don’t know.I’m looking forward to his new book,too. A.come on B.come out C.come in D.come over
  48.What would you doyou got A/H1N1 flu? I would stay in the hospitalI became well. A.whether;until B. whether;if C.if; until D.if;if
  49.It’s dark.I would ratherin bed thana walk outside. A.lie;take B.to lie;to take C. lie;to take D.to lie;taking
  50.If Iher,I would sing a song in English at the party. A.am B.were C.was D.are
  51.What they said doesn’t trouble him. A.at the most B.the slightest C.at the slightest D.in the slightest
  52.I don’t know Perter’s address.You’d better ask. A.else somebody B.other somebody C. somebody else D.anybody else
  53.If some is in trouble,we shouldhim our help. A.offer B.show C.make D.get
  54.the table with a cloth,or the table will get dirty easily. A.Clean B.Set C.Cover D.Wash
  55.Amy is very friendly.She is easy to. A.begin with B.get along C.talk about D. get along with
  56.Hello,Mike!Where is Lintao?I have something important to tell him. He leftgoodbye to us just now. A.with saying B.not say C.to say D.without saying
  57.She is planning to hold a party.Let’s help hersome good ideas. A.come out B.come up C.catch up with D.come up with
  58.The rest of the studentsnot allowed to leave the classroom at that time. A.are B.is C.was D.were
  59.trees are going to be planted around the park near our school. A.A plenty of B.Plenty of C.Lot of D.Much
  60.He preferredat home rather thanout for a walk.
A.staying;go B.staying;to go C.to stay;going D.to stay;go
  61.Who’s that girl swimming in the pool?Is it Lucy? Itbe Lucy.She is sleeping in her bedroom now. A.may B.can’t C.must D.should
  62.After a long journey,the eight pandas from Wolong safelyin Beijing. A.arrived B.reached C.got D.came
  63.Where is Mr Wang,do you know? Well,it’s hard to say,But I saw himfootball with his students just now. A.plays B.played C.playing D.was playing
  64.More than thirty people lost their livesthe heavy snow. A.because B.because of C.if D.as
  65.I was reallyabout you.You shouldn’t have left home without a word. A.careful B.strange C.anxious D.worry
  66.The boy pretendedhis homework.In fact,he was palying games online. A.being done B.doing C.to do D.to be doing
  67.There are many boysfootball in our school. A.play B.plays C.are playing D.playing
  68.We’d better hurry,I suppose. Don’t worry.We have enough time tothe next train. A.hold B.catch C.ride D.pick
  69.English seems very difficult to me,dad. Oh,don’tit.It may be difficult,but it is very useful. A.drop B.fall C.go D.stop
  70.It’s necessary for us to know some ways ofthe building when the earthquake happens. A.coming up with B.living in C.escaping from D.getting along with
  71.Don’tall the soap.Leave me some to wash with. A.end up B.put up C.use up D.look up
  72.“Is zhangpeng good at English?” “.He doesn’t study hard.” A.Yes,he is B.I think so C.That’s right D.I’m afraid not
  73.“Don’t make anyin class.Listen to me carefully.” “Sorry,Mr Wang.” A.noise B.sound C.voice D.cry
  74.What do you think of the lecture of Li Yang’s Crazy English?
I think it’s,but someone thinks it’s much too. A.wonderful enough;bored B. enough wonderful ;boring C. wonderful enough;boring D. enough wonderful ;bored
  75.“What’s Jim doing,do you know?” “Heover there.” A.could be running B.can’t run C.could run D.couldn’t run 英语单项选择中考题 英语单项选择中考题
  1.Life in the countryside ia quitethat in modern cities. B.the same B.different C.full of
  2.Lin Lin often practices Englishchatting with her American friend. A.in B.by C.for D.with
  3.The art club is for members only.You can’t go inyou are a member. A.unless B.because C.if D.though
  4.Don’tother.Sometimes you make mistakes,too. A.knock at B.laugh at C.look at D.arrive at
  5.Ia lot but I don’t play very often now. A.use to play tennis B.was used to play tennis C.am used to play tennis D.used to play tennis
  6.“What do you think of her dress?” “I think it still looks quite fashionable on herit is a style of many years ago.” A.though B.or C.so D.because
  7.I like flowers.I’m going to buy a housea small garden in front of it. A.in B.near C.with D.between
  8.The world has a big headache and itby money.It began in American. A.cause B.causes C.is caused D.are caused
  9.Can you understand what I meant? Sorry,I can’tfollow you. A.always B.almost C.nearly D.hardly
  10.Would you like to go to the movies with me? Sorry,Ito go out tonight. A.won’t be allowed B.am allowed C.don’t allow D.will allow
  11.“When was the first man with A/HINI flu in mainland China known for sure?” “May 11,20
  09.” A.in B.on C.for D.since
  12.He alwayshis friends about everything.In fact,he has no thoughts of his own. A.agrees with B.plays with C.deals with D.talks with
  13.Jenny won the first prize in piano competition.She was so excited that sheall night.
A.stayed up B.showed up C.made up
  14.We also learn how towell with others at school. A.get to B.get on C.get down D.get up
  15.Nicka job in a bank,but to our surprise,he didn’t take it. A.is offered B.offered C. was offered D. has offered
  16.Millie gavea baby cat yesterday that hurtwhen it fell from the tree. A.me;it B.myself;itself C.me; itself D. myself;it
  17.The old lady didn’t knowwhen the house caught fire. A.how to do B. how to do it C. what to do D. what to do it
  18.Have you seen the CCTV news on TV? Yes,children had a good festival on Children’s Day. A.millions of;sixty B. ten millions;sixty C. millions of;sixtieth D.ten millions; sixtieth
  19.Xiao Li said she would ratherjoin us. A.did not B.to not C.not D.not to
  20.Since June 1 st last year,all the supermarkets havefree plastic bags. A.to stop to provide B. to stop providing C.stopped to provide D. stopped providing
  21.Susan has bought a large house with a swimming pool. Itbe very expensive.I never even dream about it. A.must B.might C.can’t D.shouldn’t
  22.I thought you hadEnglish. No,it has been useful in my work. A.studied B.dropped C.failed D.passed
  23.Is that your best friend Simon? No,itbe him.He flew to Hong Kong yesterday. A.mustn’t B.may not C.can’t D.needn’t
  24.What is Mum cooking in the kitchen? Fish,I guess.How nice it! A.looks B.sounds C.tastes D.smells
  25.Granny,you look so weak.What’s wrong with you? Terrible.The factory madenoise.It wasnosiy that I couldn’t sleep well last night. A.too much;so B. much too;so C. too much;too D. many; much 答案:BBBCA ACDAD BCBCC ADBAC ACBBA CCDAD BBCAB DCACD DDDBD BACBC DDBAC CDACA BBABD ACCDA BAABC CCCCD ABCDA CBCCA BABCB ADBBB



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