A 级考试应用文写作 考试应用文 应用文写作
一 求职信
  1.通常叙述一下你如何得知这个工作消息,以及你打算应聘哪一项职位。 通常叙述一下你如何得知这个工作消息, 通常叙述一下你如何得知这个工作消息 以及你打算应聘哪一项职位。
  2.简述自己求学经历中与应聘工作最相关的部分,同时要说明对方的公司为什么吸引你,并 简述自己求学经历中与应聘工作最相关的部分, 简述自己求学经历中与应聘工作最相关的部分 同时要说明对方的公司为什么吸引你, 说明你能为对方做什么贡献。 说明你能为对方做什么贡献。
  3.感谢看信人花时间阅读你的信,随信附个人简历,请她或他给你一个面试的机会。 感谢看信人花时间阅读你的信, 感谢看信人花时间阅读你的信 随信附个人简历,请她或他给你一个面试的机会。
范文: May
  12, 2009 Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to apply for the position of a translator in your company which was advertised in 21st century on May 9, 20
  09. I`m twenty-three years old and graduated from the English Department of Guangzhou University in 20
  07. I have been teaching English in a college since then as well as a part-time translator. I believe that my ability and experience will fully qualify me for the position. I`m enclosing my resume together with my recent photo and a copy of my certificate of graduation. I shall be obliged if you will give me a personal interview at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your consideration of my application. Yours sincerely, Wang Fei
二 邀请信 说明与收信人的相关性与写作意图,具体交代情景:包括受邀请的人,邀请朋友干什么, 说明与收信人的相关性与写作意图,具体交代情景:包括受邀请的人,邀请朋友干什么, 地点及具体时间等内容, 信末期待朋友的回复 期待朋友的回复。 地点及具体时间等内容, 信末期待朋友的回复。
May 13, 2009 Dear Jane, I am writing to invite you to a dinner party at my house on May 18, 2009 ( Saturday) to celebrate my mother`s 60th birthday. It is an important occasion for our family, and as you are my best friend and I do hope you can come and share our joy. The party will start at seven o`clock in the evening. Certain special activities have been arranged for the entertainment of the guests. Please note that informal dress is acceptable. I know you have been busy these days, but I do hope you can make it. My family and I look forward to seeing you. Yours ever, Linda
三 贺信 就某事向收信人表达祝贺给人以真诚亲切感,还包括对未来的期望。 就某事向收信人表达祝贺给人以真诚亲切感,还包括对未来的期望。 April 17,2009 Dear Jack, I feel very pleased when hearing that you have just passed the English Level A test. It
is really a great achievement.Please accept my hearty congratulations. You have set a good example for me to follow. You know that I have many difficulties in learning English,especially vocabulary and grammar. I will be much appreciated if you can put forward some useful suggestions on how to improve my English more effectively. Wish you better performance in the future and look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Jack 四 感谢信 包括对对方提供的帮助,接待或赠送礼品表示衷心感谢; 包括对对方提供的帮助,接待或赠送礼品表示衷心感谢;说明对方的帮助所起的作用或赠 送的礼品非常好;再次表示感谢或问候对方。 送的礼品非常好;再次表示感谢或问候对方。 July
Dear Mr Smith, I am writing to thank you for your hospitality during my recent trip to Germany. It is always very useful to meet one`s business partners face to face, and I think we had some interesting discussions. I am looking forward to seeing you when you visit London in September. Yours sincerely, ***
五 请假条 提出请假 请假时间 请假原因 希望获得准假。
June 11, 2009 Dear Mr Smith, Owing to a severe stomachache, I shall be unable to attend classes . I would like to know if I could ask for a casual leave of absence for one day on June 13th, this Wednesday. I enclose a medical certificate from the doctor. Hoping you will excuse my non-attendance. Yours respectfully, Liu Dehua
六 道歉信 希望接受道歉。 提出真诚的道歉 说明原因 希望接受道歉。
June 11, 2009 Dear John, I`m terribly sorry that I failed to come yesterday. I hope that this did not mess you up completely, although I know that you had already made some special arrangements for our meeting. I`m very sorry about all that. I`m sure you will be sympathetic,when I tell you my father is dangerously ill in a hospital, and I found it impossible for me to leave him when he is in that state. I hope you will accept my sincere apologies. Yours, ***
七 投诉信 投诉的产品问题所在 伤害你的个人利益 提出更换或者退款。
5th July, 2009 Dear Sir, I`m writing to you about a shirt which I bought from your shop while on holiday this summer. When I took it out of the bag and examined it closely, I found a large hole at the side and one button was missing. As you will realize, I was extremely upset to discover all this. At your prices, I expect top quality! I am returning the shirt with this letter and look forward to receiving a full refund of 124 yuan. Yours faithfull
八 证明信 如实证明某人任职期间或学习期间的表现,和这些表现反映出的特点。 如实证明某人任职期间或学习期间的表现,和这些表现反映出的特点。
5th July, 2009 To whom it may concern: (敬启者) 敬启者) This is to certify Mr Wang Xiaochen has been employed in our company as a typist for the past three years. He has faithfully attended to his duties and has proved himself to be industrious and thoroughly reliable. Sincerely yours, ***
九 介绍信
5th July, 2009 Dear Mr Tu, I have the pleasure of introducing to you Mr Liu, a good friend of mine. He is going to spend some days in your town. I shall be much obliged if you will show him any favour.
十 推荐信 推荐者和被推荐者的关系, 被推荐者的学习成绩和品质 突出其优点和长处。 推荐者和被推荐者的关系 被推荐者的学习成绩和品质 突出其优点和长处。 May 12,2009
To whom it may concern: It is my great pleasure to recommend Mr Li Wei, one of my former students, for graduate study in the field of computer science at your university. I have known Mr Li for four years. From my observation of him, Mr li was a very diligent student. His academic record was constantly maintained at the top level,which resulted from his devotion to study and intelligent nature.In dealing with his fellow students, Mr Li always showed his willingness to help others and was well respected by them. I sincerely hope that his application will have your kind attention. Sincerely yours, *** 十一 通知和海报 通知本文上面写 Notice 或者 NOTICE 字样, 发出通知的日期写在左下角。
Notice All teachers are requested to meet in the department conference room on Tuesday (May
  16) at 2:30 p.m. to hear a report on English learning. After the report, please discuss in groups. The English Department Office May 12,2009 海报标题写正上方,可用 Poster, 也可用海报的内容作为标题。内容包括活动内 容 主办方 时间地点 方式等。海报的正文没有一定的格式,书写采取按行排列 式或分项排列式。单位名称位于右下方,日期位于左下方。 English Party The students` Union of English Department will hold an English Party this weekend to celebrate the coming Thanksgiving Day. All performances will be given by the teachers as well as the students. You can watch English drama and enjoy English songs there. Please join us and it will be a good chance to improve your English and have some fun! Time: 7:00 P.m. , November 17, 2008 Place: The College Auditorium 十二 电子邮件 To groupsales@aston.com Date Tuesday, February 20,2009 Subject room reservation Reservation Office, I would like to book a single room with a bath and three standard rooms with baths from June 25 to
  27. And I also want to rent a room to hold a business meeting on the afternoon of June
  26. Please write back as soon as possible, and let me know if the rooms are available, what the price is and if I should pay the deposit. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Li Qiang A 级试卷 2005 年 6 月 催款信 2004 年 6 月 征稿启事
2005 年 1 月 询价信和报价信 2002 年 12 月 招聘启事 招聘启事



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   英语应用文写作指导 应用文,尤其是信函,是人类交际的重要媒介,是人与人之间表达情感、传递信息、沟 通思想的重要桥梁。书信往来在大学生活中起着重要的作用,无论你在国内求职,还是想联 系国外学校,无论你想和身处异地的老朋友叙谈友情,还是想和新朋友加深了解,书信都可 以发挥重要的作用。 然而,虽然人人了解信函的重要作用,但写成一篇好的书信并非易事。尤其是用外语来 写信时,需要掌握一定的技巧,并经过反复练习,才有达到较高的水平。 在书信类写作题目中,常常是给定一个情景,然后在理解的基础上,给相关的人 ...


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