Reading and vocabulary
? Guess . (look at the picture) Who are they? Where are they? What are they doing? What is the boy pointing at? What will they do?
  22)Activity2 read the text and number the events in the order they happen(5minutes)
Keys: d.Huck and Jim see the steamboat. b.Huck and Jim climb onto the steamboat. g.Jim runs back to the raft. a.Huck sees three men in a cabin. f.The tall man is pointing a gun at the man on the floor. c.The short man suggests leaving the man on the floor h.Huck has a plan.
e.Huck and Jim take away the men’s boat.
Questions for paragraph 1

  1.What was the weather like that night?
poured down The rain

  2. What did they see as they were sailing down the river?

  3.What did they dostraight towards the steamboat. then? They sailed
Questions for paragraphs 2-5

  1.what did Huck want to do?
paddle He wanted to over and climbed on to the steamboat.

  2.What did they hear after they got on the steamboat?
“ Oh please boys, don’t kill me! I won’t tell anybody”
Questions for Paragraphs 6-8

  1.What did the men on the steamboat do with another man?
The tall man….. The short man…..

  2.How did they decide to kill him?
They left him in the steamboat which will sink in a couple of hours.
Questions for Paragraph 9-11

  1.what did Huck decide to do after he heard they would leave the man on the He along the deck, found him. crawled steamboat?
to find their boat and take it away
  2.what was the idea Huck told to him?

  3.Why did Huck feel bad about what he had He didn’t want all three men to die done?
  23) Activity4 Find words in the passage which mean:
pour down rain heavily
  2.something which protects you from bad weather a shelter
  3.a sort of flat boat usually made from tree trunks a raft lose control because youpanicfrightened are
  5.the feeling of being interested in something and curious wanting to know more threaten tell someone you are going to cause them harm
Speaking:what will happen next? Please continue the story
Homework (
  23) Activity5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box. Keys:
  2. running
  3. flown
  8. crawl (P
  23) Activity 6 read the passage again and answer the questions. Keys:
  2. b
  4. a
Readinglanguage point by the light of the lightning
借助闪电的灯光),we saw something in 借助闪电的灯光 the middle of the river.
  2.It had hit a rock and was half in and half out of water (一半沉在水里 一 一半沉在水里,一 一半沉在水里 半露在水面上) 半露在水面上 a looks
  3.“Itcouple ofas if it’ll go under soon” Jim board said,after (几)minutes. 几
  4. “I board the bus / plane /train 登上 登上)a (v.) don’t want to (登上 sinking ship”
readinglanguage point

  5.So we paddled over and climbed on to as quiet as mice the steamboat,keeping( To our astonishment 象老鼠一样无声无息). 象老鼠一样无声无息
  6.(令我们吃惊的是 there 令我们吃惊的是), 令我们吃惊的是 was alying in one of the cabins. You’re light lying on the floor
  7. A man’s angry voice answered, “(你在撒谎 你在撒谎)” 你在撒谎 lie(撒谎 撒谎)liedliedlying 撒谎 ….,but I could see a man(正躺 正躺 在地上) 在地上 lie(躺)laylainlying 躺
readingLanguage point

  8. When he heard these words, Jim panicked (恐惧万分 and ran to the 恐惧万分) 恐惧万分 raft. panic+ked / king (V.) picnic +ked / king
I’ve had enough of you. shoot

  9.“(我受够你拉 我受够你拉).I’m He shot a bird and killed it. 用枪 我受够你拉 用枪,箭等射中 强调结果 箭等射中,强调结果 箭等射中
The hunter shot at the fox but missed it. 瞄准 不一定射 瞄准,不一定射 中,强调动作 强调动作
going to (枪毙 枪毙)you now. 枪毙
readingLanguage point

  10.when he heard that , frightened the (被吓倒的 man on the 被吓倒的) 被吓倒的 floor started crying. die of fright
  11. “He sounds as if he’s going to fright (死于惊吓frightening n. frighten v frightened/ (死于惊吓) 死于惊吓)
die of (内部原因 hunger, thirst,illness, sorrow, a 内部原因): 内部原因 disease,cold,poison, boredom…… die from (外部原因 wound, lack of food, an 外部原因):a 外部原因 accident, over work,drinking…..
readingLanguage pointing

  12.but I persuaded him to help me _(劝他帮我 and we found the men’s 劝他帮我), 劝他帮我 tied to boat(把…系在 the 系在) 把 系在 other side of the steamboat.
persuade sb to do sth persuade sb into doing sth


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