How do people communicate with each other?
Answers: The way people use to
communicate with each other: Spoken language Written language Facial expressions Body language 体态, 体态,
Hand gestures n.(身体的 姿势, 身体的) Posture n.(身体的)姿势,
What is the feeling of the baby?
Central Africa
Facial expressions
pull a long face
In our life ,we often use the body language,it is a way of our communication. Can you guess the meanings of these hand gestures ?
quiet stop
a point
wave b
smile c
shake d
Say what you do when you…
  1. Meet a friend.
  2. Show sb. the way.
  3. See a friend in the distance.
  4. Say yes.
  5. Say no.
  6.Say who?me?
  7.say goodbye. Action
Shake hands and say:pleased to meet you Point in the direction.
Wave one’s hand. Nod one’s head up and down. Shake one’s head from side to side. Point to myself and put on a surprised expression. Shake one’s hand and say:goodbye.
? Read the text quickly and choose the best title.
1 Saying It Without Words 2 When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do 3 Greeting Around the World 4 Read My Mind
Listen the passage and match column A
with column B
Para 1 Para 2
fc1 ings in Asian countries ways of communication fascinating body language greetings in western countries American youth’s greeting today
Examples Para 3 of greetings Para 4
Para 5
Read the passage carefully and say if these statements are true or false,and correct it.

  1. Not all body language is conscious.
  2. Europeans shake hands with their left hand.
  3. In Asia, people touch strangers when they meet.
  4. In the US a “high five” is a way of saying hello.
  5. A “high five” is a formal gesture.
  6. Body language is less communicative than spoken or written language.
Language points
  1.Although these are very important, we communicate with more than just spoken and written words. 尽管这些很重要,但我们并不只是通过口 尽管这些很重要, 头和书面语言交流。 头和书面语言交流。 more than “不只是”, “远甚于” 不只是” 远甚于” 不只是
It is more than a museum; it’s a school.

  2. Like other animals, we are on guard until we know it is safe to relax. 我们感觉到很安全才会放松, 我们感觉到很安全才会放松 否则将一直 处于戒备状态. 处于戒备状态 be on guard 有警惕 心存戒备 有警惕,心存戒备
  3. If our right hand is busy greeting someone, it cannot be holding a weapon. 如果我们的右手忙着和别人打招呼, 如果我们的右手忙着和别人打招呼 就不可 能握有武器了. 能握有武器了
be busy doing sth be busy with sth 忙着做某事. 忙着做某事
  4.Nowadays, it is quite a common greeting. 现在, 现在 它是一种很常见的打招呼方式 quite 通常放在冠词 通常放在冠词a/an 的前面 quite a success.非常成功 . 非常成功. 非常成功
aggressive, deal, gesture, greet, formal, informal, position, trust, unconscious, weapon

  1. Guns and knives are two different types of weapons . aggressive
  2. Someone who has a(n) attitude may be violent. greet
  3. You can someone by saying “hello” position
  4. Your is the way you are sitting or standing.
  5. If you are of something you do not unconscious know it is happening.
  6. A(n) is a business agreement. deal
aggressive, deal, gesture, greet, formal, informal, position, trust, unconscious, weapon

  7. An gesture is a movement of the body to communicate something.
  8. If you someone you believe them and trust rely on them.
  9. “Give me five!” is a(n) greeting. informal
  10. People are usually more with people formal they don’t know.
Can you figure out the meanings of the following gestures in the following countries?
[usually] eye contact show interest be rude or disrespectful [Japan] OK money
[France] zero [Brazil,Germany] rudeness [USA] great / good job [Nigeria] rude [Germany, the number one Japan]
thumbs up
? Finish the exercises on Page 80 on English textbook. ? Read the passage fluently and retell it.


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