Complete the following sentences

  1.The children were (惊吓) frightened at the sight of the lion in the zoo.
  2.The street are full of passengers (乘客)
  3.I watched the train until it disappeared in the distance (距离).
  4.They must have new markets roducts for their p.

  5.The match was (取消) as abandoned a result of bad weather.
  6.He is an (专家) in cooking expert good cheap meals.
  7.You look extremely (疲倦) exhausted after a long run.
  8.I have got an (面试) with interview National Chemicals.

  9.I bought a model of the Eiffel Tower as a s of Paris. ouvenir

  10.If the news was f, sorry, frightening I didn’t mean to f you. frighten

  11.The leaders want to go to Pudong Airport (坐火车). by train
  12.People in the company are not allowed (吸烟) in the to smoke office.
  13.They tried riding horses (骑马).
  14.The English teacher usually allows us to speak (允许讲) Chinese.
Complete the sentences
  1.We ate great meals . (专 cooked by experts 家们做的)
  2.I want to buy a watch in Swiss made (瑞士造) for my father.
  3.I am reading the works (鲁迅著).
  4.They walked on the soft fallen leaves.
  5.The boy had a hard life . abandoned
  6.There is no roomfor the piano. left
written by Lu Xun
Choose the best answer:
  1. Don’t use words, expressions or phrases only to people with specific knowledge.
A. being knowing B. to be known C. having been known D. known

  2. Everybody attended the meeting last week. A. held B. being held C. to hold D. to be held

  3.I made another wonderful discovery, of great importance to science. A A. which I think is B. which I think it is C. which I think it D. I think which it is
  4.I suggested that the person put into prison. A. referred to B. referred to be C. referring to be D. referred be

  5.Mr Smith likes travelling , but his wife enjoys . A. by train, taking a taxi B. on train, by taxi C. by train, by taxi D. on train, taking a taxi
  6.He a bird, but missed it. A. shot at B. shot C. was shooting D. was shot

  7.The Olympic Games, in 776 B.C. didn’t include women players until 19
  12. A. first play B. to be first played C. first played D. to be first play
  8. it is to have a cold drink on such C a hot day! A. What a fun B. How a fun C. What fun D. How fun

  9.I don’t believe that little children can finish so much work in short time. D A. so, so B. such, such C. so, such D. such, such a
  10.Mr Smith is my English C teacher, he is also my friend. A. no more than B. no less than C. more than D. less than

  11.?I haven’t seen you recently. ?Oh, I went to Chongqing to watch the 13th Asian Football Match and 3 days and 2 nights there. And it us 14 hours to get there by train. A. spent; took B. spent; spend C. takes; takes D. spend; takes

  12. What do you imagine him from going? A. to prevent B. preventing
C. to have prevented D. prevented
  13. Can you think of the name of a flower with “T”? A. began C. beginning B. begun D. begins

  14. ?Do you mind my taking this seat? ? ?. A. Yes, sit down please B. No, of course not C. Yes, take it please D. No, you can’t take it
  15. ? Would you mind if I here? ? . It’s not allowed. A. smoke; Yes, please B. smoked; You’d better not C. smoke; That’s all right D. smoked; You are welcome

  16. ?Would you mind if I opened the door? ?. I feel a little cold. A. Certainly not B. Of course C. No, you can’t D. I’m sorry but you’d better not
  17. ?Do you mind driving? I’m feeling pretty tired. ? A. Yes, don’t worry B. Of course not C. No, help yourself D. Of course, Why not


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   本文由明德小小学贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 小学六年级英语教学计划 一、指导思想 对于我们六年级老师和学生来说,现在正是最繁忙的季节,因为 伴随着新学期的开始,紧张的复习工作也即将开始。复习能让学生巩 固所学知识,还能进行查漏补缺,使学生能顺利地完成小学阶段的学 习任务,能在毕业考试中取得好成绩,同时也为今后的学习打下坚实 的基础。下面就我班的实际情况制定学期的教学计划即复习设想。 二、情况分析 我班男生 20 人 ...

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