1. Do you like traveling? And why?
  2. Have you ever been to any interesting places?
  3. Do you know the following places, have you ever gone there?
  4. How did you get there?
Relax ourselves Increase our knowledge
Make friends Be good to health
The Great Wall The Forbidden City
Mogao Caves
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor
The Potala Palace in Lhasa
The Ancient Town of Lijiang The Ancient Town of Pingyao
Chengde Mountain Resort
The Summer Palace in Beijing
Classical Garden of Suzhou
on foot
by bike
by bus
by train
by boat
by plane
Which kind of transportation will you use? Transport

  1.Very cheap Takes longer than the train
  2.Efficient for short journeys or plane.
  1.Faster than bus, cheaper than plane
  2.ends in the centre of the town/city.
  1.Cheaper than plane
Takes longer than the plane.

  1.More expensive than train
  2.Not convenient for visiting inland places
  2.Journey ends far from the city.

  3.Provides meals
Make a Travel Plan
things to do background information time to set out place to go travel cost
A travel plan
points for attention
means of transportation
things to take



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   五年级上学期短语 Unit1 1. 在十二点三十分 在十二点三十分 2. 在十一点五十分之前 3. 在伦敦 4. 做面条 5. 去购物 6. 在周末 7. 今天晚上 8. 每个早上 9. 在下午 10. 晚饭后 11. 吃午饭 12. 读点书 13. 回家 14. 少年宫 15. 经常 16. 参观博物馆 17. 上网 18. 去工作(上班) 去工作(上班) 19. 去散步 20. 锻炼身体 21. 22. 23. at twelve thirty before eleven fifteen ...


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   Unit 4 Language 学生卷 一.副词练习:选择正确的答案 副词练习: 1. Peter looks sporty. --(2010.江苏省盐城市 江苏省盐城市) Yes. He is therunner in my class. (2010.江苏省盐城市) C.faster A.slower B.slowest D.fastest 2010?陕西省 陕西省) 2. Sometimes it rains in Xi'an in summer. (2010?陕西省) B.heavil ...