It is a serious topic!!!!!!!
It's about failure and success success
There are so many famous man we admire who turn their failure to success
Lincoln Lincoln is one of America's greatest presidents, but he was still an ordinary man suffered from all kinds of misfortune, failures
Some one has done statistics about Lincoln, said there were only three successes in his life, but he failed 35 times. However the 3rd success of the let him become a president.
Einstein Einstein was an ugly duck in his childhood, he was excluded and ridiculed by people everywhere at that time. But at last he became the greatest scientist.
Thomas Edison Failure looks like a light sometime.
Napoleon Hill 20th century's greatest master of motivational success Napoleon Hill wrote seventeen laws of succeed, there is a "smile at failure." in it .Napoleon Hill convinced that "failure" is one of nature's most stringent tests of human.
Deng Xiaoping's "three ups and downs" can also tell us the connection between success and failure
(Ludwig Van Beethoven,1770-18
  27) When he was twenty-year-old he began to be deaf, and he was totally deaf in his old age, he can talk to people only by talking books. But the lonely life of silence did not make him retreat, he still wrote the "Ninth Symphony ".He plays an important role in the development of world music
Qu Yuan
Qu Yuan was banished from the country。 After that he wrote “Li Sao”
中文名: 外文名: 中文名:漩涡鸣人外文名:うず 外文名 まき ナルト ,Uzumaki Naruto 别名: 别名:涡卷鸣门,旋涡鸣人
When he was young ,he was lonely and always had poor performance.
But he never gave up then………………
That’s all! ’ !
questionnaire: :
Q1:If you fail ,what will you do at once ? try again B give up temporary C give up totally Q2:If you fail ,whom will you ask for help? A yourself B friends C relations D teachers E others Q3: Please list a famous man you admire who turns his failure to success? Q4What factor do you think is the most important one that you should have if you fail? A courage B brief C hard-working D luck (destiny) E others
Using this questionnaire , our group interview 45 students around us. Although they are all schoolboys in HIT and the answers are not representative . But I think our result is still useful .
give up 0% totally give up , 0, 0% tempora ry, 25, 56% try again, 20, 44%
try again give up temporary give up totally
From the answers ,we can see nobody will give up totally after the failure. Everyone seemed has the courage and brief to carry on ,to try once more .
orthers , 8, 17% teacher s, familie 4, s, 13, 9% 28%
myself, 5, 11% friends , 16, 35%
myself friends families teachers orthers
They mostly ask their relations and friends for help.
Besides ,we can know that most of the students believe that hardworking is the main factor which can lead us to the succeed
Facing such concrete results, our group has a short discussion. At last we have several findings and the conclusion. According to the choice of the students and the examples of the successful man ,we know that the failure is important but not necessary factor lead to the succeed . But it seemed there is no possibility for you to achieve without hardworking and brief .
So ,work hard ,don't give up your dream . You will reach your goal at last!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
Designer: 郝佳康 谯飞 蔡继翔
May be it waste your time ,but I still believe it's a nice presentation.



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