In Search of the Amber Room
Group 2 Class 4
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Words & Phrases
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Important Sentences
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History of the Amber Room
1701年,普鲁士国王腓特烈一世想拥有一件珍品 年 ??一个壁上嵌满琥珀的房间 一个壁上嵌满琥珀的房间
1717年,国王威廉一世将所有做好的琥珀屋部件作为 年 外交物送给了俄罗斯皇帝彼得一世。 外交物送给了俄罗斯皇帝彼得一世。
1743年,俄罗斯女皇伊丽莎白一世将琥珀屋的琥 年 珀罩层放到了位于圣?彼得堡的冬宫的一个房间里 珀罩层放到了位于圣 彼得堡的冬宫的一个房间里
Words & Phrases
? design
? n. 设计;图案;图样;式样
? The building is poor in design.
? 这座建筑物在设计上欠佳。
? I like the design of your furniture.
? 我喜欢你的家具式样。 ? vt. & vi. 设计;筹划;作图案
? A new highway between the two cities is being designed. ?
? by design ? 故意地(by accident / by chance) 偶然 Do you think the building was burnt down by accident or by design?
? be design to do
be design for
The experiment is designed to test the new drug. This house is designed for a large family.
? fancy
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? adj. 奇特的;异样的;别致的 I bought a fancy neck tie for my husband. 我给我丈夫买了一条很别致的皮带。 vt. 想象;设想;爱好 He fancies (that) she likes him. 他认为她喜欢自己。 She doesn‘t fancy the idea of staying up late. 她不喜欢熬夜这个主意。
? n. 想象力;设想;幻想;爱好;鉴赏力;审美观 点 ? The poet Emily Dickinson is know for her brillian fancies. ? 诗人Emily Dickinson 以其丰富的想象力而闻名。

  1. 限制性定语从句 限制性定语从句与主句关系密切,若去掉从句,主句意 义不完整,甚至不合逻辑。 I was the only person in our class that praised by the headmaster at the meeting.
  2. 非限制性定语从句 非限制性定语从句是指与主句关系不十分密切,只对主 句中的先行词起补充说明作用的定语从句。其标志是主句 和从句之间常由逗号隔开。 This is our headmaster, who I think has something important to tell you.

  1)引导非限定性定语从句的关系代词指人时用who, 指物 时用which。Whose既可用来指人也可用来指物。 My elder sister has become a doctor, which I wanted to be. (
  2)引导非限定性定语从句的关系副词有when, where。当 先行词指时间时用when;指地点时用where。 He left his hometown in 1992, when he was only 12 years old.
? belong to
? 属于;为……的一员;与……有关 ? In fact,I don't know which dictionary belongs to me. ? 事实上,我不知道哪本字典是我的。 ? Tiger and cats belong to the same family of beasts. ? 虎和猫属于兽类的同一科。
注意: 注意:
belong to 为不及物动词短语,不用于被动语态, 也不用于进行时 ,其中 to 为介词,后跟名词或 者代词作宾语。 ? in return 作为交换;作为报答
He taught me English, and I helped him with maths in return.
? 拓展: 拓展:
? in return for 作为对……的报答;以答谢…… ? in turn 依次;轮流;反过来 ? in need 需要 ? in peace 平安的 ? in particular 尤其是;特别是
Important Sentences Later, Catherine Ⅱ had the Amber Room moved to a palace outside St Petersburg where she spent her summers.

  1)Have/get sth.done 让别人做某事
I'll have my hair cut tomorrow.
明天我要理发。 (
He had/got his money stolen.
have sb. do sth. get sb. to do sth.
别着急,我会让约翰替你做。 让某人做某事
Don't worry. I'll have John do it for you.
have sb./sth. doing sth.
? 让某人、某物持续处于某种状态
? How could you have her standing in the cold the whole night?
? 你怎么能让她整夜站在寒冷中?
? have sb do sth 使某人做某事; ? have sth to do 有某事要做。
There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. There is no doubt that... 毫无疑问 There is no doubt that he can do the job well.
doubt n. 怀疑;疑惑。
doubt用在否定句中,后面接that引导的同位语从句用在肯定 doubt用在否定句中,后面接that引导的同位语从句用在肯定 句中后面接whether引导的同位语从句,此时不能用if替代 句中后面接whether引导的同位语从句,此时不能用if替代
? I have little doubt that he will pass the driving test.
? 我毫不怀疑他会通过这次驾照考试。
? If you are in any doubt whether you should be doing the exercise, consult your doctor.
? 如果你拿不准是否应进行这种锻炼,咨询一下医生好了。
doubt vt. 怀疑,不信
在否定句和疑问句中,后接that引导的宾语从句 在否定句和疑问句中,后接that引导的宾语从句 在肯定句中,一般接whether或if引导的宾语从句 在肯定句中,一般接whether或if引导的宾语从句
I don't doubt that he's a brilliant scientist, but can he teach?
I doubt if that was what he wanted.
without any doubt 毫无疑问的 Beyond/out of doubt 毫无疑问地;确实地 I’ll be back on Friday without doubt.
The truth of the story is beyond doubt.
? design n. 设计;图案;图样;式样 vt. & vi. 设计; 设计;图案;图样; 设计; 筹划; 筹划;作图 ? fancy adj. 奇特的;异样的;别致的 vt. 想象;设想; 奇特的;异样的; 想象;设想; n.想象力 设想;幻想;爱好;鉴赏力; 想象力; 爱好 n.想象力;设想;幻想;爱好;鉴赏力;审美观点 ? 定语从句 ? belong to 属于;为……的一员;与……有关 属于; ……的一员; ……有关 的一员 ? in return 作为交换;作为报答 作为交换; ? Have/get sth.done 让别人做某事 ? There is no doubt that... 毫无疑问
FrederickⅠ Ⅰ
The clue of the story
Peter the Great
Frederick WilliamⅠ Ⅰ
CatherineⅡ Ⅱ
The end,thank you!
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