The Language of flowers It is a kind of language that used for expressing one’s emotion or desire by flowers. Forming under a certain history condition ,flower language is a form of exchange information which ecognized by particular populations. 狗尾巴草 Craig:暗恋 requited love 山茶花 Camellia:理想的爱 ideal love 向日葵 Sunflower:爱慕 Amouage
郁金香(一般) tulip- 完美的爱情,传说,荷兰之国花幸运 perfect lover, fame, flower emblem of Holland, luck 郁金香(红色) tulip- 相信我,爱的宣言 believe me, declaration of love 郁金香(杂色的) tulip (variegated)- 美丽的眼睛 beautiful eyes 郁金香(黄色的) tulip- 阳光般的笑容 There's sunshine in your smile
薰衣草 lavender 等待爱情 wait for love
菊花(一般的说) chrysanthemum- 你是个了不起的朋友,快活与放松 You're a wonderful friend, cheerfulness and relax 菊花(红色) chrysanthemum- 我爱 I love 菊花(白色) chrysanthemun- 事实,尊敬死者 truth,respect the death 菊花(黄色) chrysanthemum- 忽视的爱 slighted love 矢车菊 bachelor button- 单身的幸福 single blessedness 勿忘我 forget me not- 真爱,记忆 True love, memories 爱丽丝(鸢尾属植物)Iris- 法国的象征,你的友情对我很重要,信任,希望,智慧与勇猛,我的 问候,许诺 emblem of France, your friendship means so much to me, faith, hope, wisdom and valor, my compliments, promise 栀子花 gardenia- 你可爱,秘密的爱 You're lovely, secret love 天竺葵 geranium- 愚蠢,荒唐 stupidity, folly 雏菊 daisy- 天真无邪,忠诚的爱,我永远不会说的,纯正 innocence, loyal love,, I'll never tell, purity 蒲公英 dandelion- 忠诚,幸福 faithfuleness, happiness 康乃馨(一般的说) carnation- 魅力使人柔弱的爱 fascination, womanized love 康乃馨(粉色) carnation- 我永远不会忘了你 I'll never forget you 康乃馨(红色) carnation- 我的心为你而痛,赞赏 My heart aches for you, admiration 康乃馨(紫色) carnation- 任性 capriciousness 康乃馨(原色) carnation (solid color)- 是 yes
康乃馨(有斑纹) carnation (stripped)- 不! 拒绝, 我不能和你在一起 No! Refusal, sorry I can't be with you 康乃馨(白色) carnation- 甜蜜而可爱,天真无邪,纯洁的爱,给女性带来好运气的礼物 sweet and lovely, innocence, pure love, gift to women for good luck 康乃馨(黄色) carnation- 你让我感到失望,抛弃 You have disappointed me, rejection
Different colours -- different meanings Roses in mixed colors: "you re everything to me." Red roses: romance, beauty, respect, courage, passionate love and unity. Red & White roses together: unity or togetherness. Dark pink roses: appreciation and gratitude,"thank you!" White roses: unity, loyalty, reverence, humility, sincerity, purity, silence and innocence as well as youthfulness. Yellow roses: friendship, familiar love and domestic happiness, "remember me" , "I am sorry , or "I care." Pink roses: elegance, gracefulness, refinement, gentility, style and poetic romance but being combined with fun and light-heartedness. Light pink roses: admiration, sympathy, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy, friendship and sweetness. The combination of red roses and pink roses: strong romance and passion. Black roses: a major change in the future. Purple roses: enhancement, magnification, opulence, majesty and glory,"I will always love you!" Blue roses: fantasies, hoping for miracles, new opportunities and possibilities. Orange roses: enthusiasm, desire and fascination, "I am proud of you!" Peach roses: desire, anticipation, sincere appreciat 的 ion and optimism for the future.
Pale peach roses: symbol of modesty 不同的颜色,不同的意味
黄玫瑰: 友谊、 亲密的感情和家庭幸福, “勿忘我”、 “对不起”、 或“我在意”。
粉红玫瑰:高雅、优美、精致、文雅、时尚和诗情,但同时又有玩笑和轻 浮的意味。



   The Language of flowers It is a kind of language that used for expressing one’s emotion or desire by flowers. Forming under a certain history condition ,flower language is a form of exchange information which ecognized by particular populations. 狗尾 ...


   如 不 会 荒 废 了 , , 业 精 要 于 勤 荒 于 嬉 才 是 。 巩 固 就 能 心 , 就 断 不 事 几 天 信 有 的 是 是 要 也 持 久 不 是 语 言 关 键 , , 成 学 好 的 , 学 语 你 学 坚 持 好 英 学 何 学 好 英 语 " " 一.首先要培养对英语的兴趣 兴趣是最好的老师 ,兴趣是学习英语的巨大动力, 有了兴趣,学习就会事半功倍 。 我们都有这样的经验:喜欢的事,就容易坚持下 去;不喜欢的事,是很难坚持下去的。而兴趣不 是与生俱来的,需要培养 ...


   Heal the World 这是MJ自己作词作曲的一首 这是 自己作词作曲的一首 歌,也是他的所有歌中我最 喜欢的。 喜欢的。音乐中大量切分音 的运用, 的运用,足以张显他深厚的 功底。在所有的乐曲中, 功底。在所有的乐曲中,还 没有一首是单纯的运用切分 音的, 音的,大部分都是在一些抒 情的部分中添加一到两个。 情的部分中添加一到两个。 但这一尝试太成功了, 但这一尝试太成功了,曲调 悠扬却不随流俗, 悠扬却不随流俗,婉转动听 却不易模仿。 却不易模仿。他唱出了他的 心声, 心声,也打动 ...


   Why are people more and more interested in Foreign Festivals? Tradition " The spring festival has always been a time of joy, happiness and family reunion with fine cuisine, new clothes, and a sleepless night with carnivals(狂欢). Yet something has b ...


   Debut Ghana 初次登台 加纳(非洲西部国家) 加纳(非洲西部国家) Surpassing (胜过) 胜过) International career Ronaldo made his international debut for Brazil in 1994, He went to the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the USA as a 17-year-old but did not play. he scored four goals and made ...


   Keep Reading to the Bottom of the Page Don't Stop at the Feet You'll See Things are not Always What They Seem 一定要阅读到最后,不要停下来,你将会看到 你将会看到有些事并不象它看上去那样 Top.Feng April 23,2001 Two travelling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy fa ...


   It is a serious topic!!!!!!! It's about failure and success success There are so many famous man we admire who turn their failure to success so.................................. Lincoln Lincoln is one of America's greatest presidents, but he was st ...


   SY1001132 高聪 Barack Hussein Obama The 44th president of USA Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 Central Theme " Obama talked about responsibilities of young men . He underlined the meaning of adolescent s’ education to the future of America. " The language ...

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   地址:南京市文安街) 南京山寨街 (地址:南京市文安街) 山寨名牌 我才是正宗的彪“ 我才是正宗的彪“马”! d 说:“我照个镜子一样是国际大牌!” 我照个镜子一样是国际大牌! 史上最有夫妻相的一对跨国恋人! 史上最有夫妻相的一对跨国恋人! 狼和狗本来就是一家的嘛~~~ 狼和狗本来就是一家的嘛 山寨名人 山寨文化是以极低的成本模仿主流品牌产品的外观或功 能,并加以创新,最终在外观、功能、价格等方面全面超 越这个产品的一种现象。山寨文化深深地打上了草根创新、 群众智慧的烙印。 “山寨文化”的出 ...


   Are you a social butterfly, or do you prefer being at the edge of a group of friends? Either way, your genes and evolution may play a major role, US researchers reported on Monday. While it may come as no surprise that genes may help explain why ...



   at that moment, just now, a few days(weeks, months, years) ago 等。例句: Lucy turned off all the lights before she went out. 出门前露茜关了所有的灯。 [2] 一般过去时也可以与 today, this week(month, year)等时间状语连用,但这些时间状语应指过去。如: Did you see him today? 你今天见他了吗?(today 指今天已过去的某一时 ...


   外语下载中心 Greetings 问候语 1. Hello.你好! 2. Good morning.早晨好! 3. I’m John Smith.我是约翰、史密斯。 4. Are you Bill Jones?你是比尔、琼斯吗? 5. Yes,I am.是的,我是。 6. How are you?你好吗? 7. Fine,thanks.很好,谢谢。 8. How is Helen?海伦好吗? 9. She’s very well,thank ...


   Unit 1 1. disability 2. hearing 3. eyesight 4. syndrome 5. infantile paralysis 6. lap 7. ambition 8. dictation 9. noisy 10. suitable 11. entry 12. beneficial 13. in other words 14. clumsy 15. bump 16. outgoing 17. adapt 18. adapt to 19. bench 20. c ...


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   英语专业四级语法练习题 than 1. Mary is than Alice. (1992) A. more experienced a teacher B. a more experienced teacher C. more an experienced teacher D. more experienced teacher an experienced teacher, 比较级加在形容词前,因此 B。 比较级加在形容词前, 。 2. the two, Bob is student. ( ...