The Language of flowers It is a kind of language that used for expressing one’s emotion or desire by flowers. Forming under a certain history condition ,flower language is a form of exchange information which ecognized by particular populations. 狗尾巴草 Craig:暗恋 requited love 山茶花 Camellia:理想的爱 ideal love 向日葵 Sunflower:爱慕 Amouage
郁金香(一般) tulip- 完美的爱情,传说,荷兰之国花幸运 perfect lover, fame, flower emblem of Holland, luck 郁金香(红色) tulip- 相信我,爱的宣言 believe me, declaration of love 郁金香(杂色的) tulip (variegated)- 美丽的眼睛 beautiful eyes 郁金香(黄色的) tulip- 阳光般的笑容 There's sunshine in your smile
薰衣草 lavender 等待爱情 wait for love
菊花(一般的说) chrysanthemum- 你是个了不起的朋友,快活与放松 You're a wonderful friend, cheerfulness and relax 菊花(红色) chrysanthemum- 我爱 I love 菊花(白色) chrysanthemun- 事实,尊敬死者 truth,respect the death 菊花(黄色) chrysanthemum- 忽视的爱 slighted love 矢车菊 bachelor button- 单身的幸福 single blessedness 勿忘我 forget me not- 真爱,记忆 True love, memories 爱丽丝(鸢尾属植物)Iris- 法国的象征,你的友情对我很重要,信任,希望,智慧与勇猛,我的 问候,许诺 emblem of France, your friendship means so much to me, faith, hope, wisdom and valor, my compliments, promise 栀子花 gardenia- 你可爱,秘密的爱 You're lovely, secret love 天竺葵 geranium- 愚蠢,荒唐 stupidity, folly 雏菊 daisy- 天真无邪,忠诚的爱,我永远不会说的,纯正 innocence, loyal love,, I'll never tell, purity 蒲公英 dandelion- 忠诚,幸福 faithfuleness, happiness 康乃馨(一般的说) carnation- 魅力使人柔弱的爱 fascination, womanized love 康乃馨(粉色) carnation- 我永远不会忘了你 I'll never forget you 康乃馨(红色) carnation- 我的心为你而痛,赞赏 My heart aches for you, admiration 康乃馨(紫色) carnation- 任性 capriciousness 康乃馨(原色) carnation (solid color)- 是 yes
康乃馨(有斑纹) carnation (stripped)- 不! 拒绝, 我不能和你在一起 No! Refusal, sorry I can't be with you 康乃馨(白色) carnation- 甜蜜而可爱,天真无邪,纯洁的爱,给女性带来好运气的礼物 sweet and lovely, innocence, pure love, gift to women for good luck 康乃馨(黄色) carnation- 你让我感到失望,抛弃 You have disappointed me, rejection
Different colours -- different meanings Roses in mixed colors: "you re everything to me." Red roses: romance, beauty, respect, courage, passionate love and unity. Red & White roses together: unity or togetherness. Dark pink roses: appreciation and gratitude,"thank you!" White roses: unity, loyalty, reverence, humility, sincerity, purity, silence and innocence as well as youthfulness. Yellow roses: friendship, familiar love and domestic happiness, "remember me" , "I am sorry , or "I care." Pink roses: elegance, gracefulness, refinement, gentility, style and poetic romance but being combined with fun and light-heartedness. Light pink roses: admiration, sympathy, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy, friendship and sweetness. The combination of red roses and pink roses: strong romance and passion. Black roses: a major change in the future. Purple roses: enhancement, magnification, opulence, majesty and glory,"I will always love you!" Blue roses: fantasies, hoping for miracles, new opportunities and possibilities. Orange roses: enthusiasm, desire and fascination, "I am proud of you!" Peach roses: desire, anticipation, sincere appreciat 的 ion and optimism for the future.
Pale peach roses: symbol of modesty 不同的颜色,不同的意味
黄玫瑰: 友谊、 亲密的感情和家庭幸福, “勿忘我”、 “对不起”、 或“我在意”。
粉红玫瑰:高雅、优美、精致、文雅、时尚和诗情,但同时又有玩笑和轻 浮的意味。



   The Language of flowers It is a kind of language that used for expressing one’s emotion or desire by flowers. Forming under a certain history condition ,flower language is a form of exchange information which ecognized by particular populations. 狗尾 ...


   Heal the World 这是MJ自己作词作曲的一首 这是 自己作词作曲的一首 歌,也是他的所有歌中我最 喜欢的。 喜欢的。音乐中大量切分音 的运用, 的运用,足以张显他深厚的 功底。在所有的乐曲中, 功底。在所有的乐曲中,还 没有一首是单纯的运用切分 音的, 音的,大部分都是在一些抒 情的部分中添加一到两个。 情的部分中添加一到两个。 但这一尝试太成功了, 但这一尝试太成功了,曲调 悠扬却不随流俗, 悠扬却不随流俗,婉转动听 却不易模仿。 却不易模仿。他唱出了他的 心声, 心声,也打动 ...


   班级小学英语 班级小学英语 Warm up Say and write Look and say Difficult point Let’s practice(1) Let’s practice(2) Doe ray me Doe Ray Me Doe, a deer, a female deer Ray, a drop of golden sun Me, a name I call myself Far, a long, long way to run Sew, a needle pull ...


   Debut Ghana 初次登台 加纳(非洲西部国家) 加纳(非洲西部国家) Surpassing (胜过) 胜过) International career Ronaldo made his international debut for Brazil in 1994, He went to the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the USA as a 17-year-old but did not play. he scored four goals and made ...


   Travel Lead-in 1. Do you like traveling? And why? 2. Have you ever been to any interesting places? 3. Do you know the following places, have you ever gone there? 4. How did you get there? Relax ourselves Increase our knowledge traveling Make friend ...


   " Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. " 中文翻译:麻烦没去找你,就别去自找 麻烦。 " 第一,四个trouble是动词,第二,三个 trouble是名词。 I know. You know. I know that you know. I know that you know that I know. 中文翻译:我知道。你知道。我知道你知 道。我知道你知道我知道。 The quick brown fox jumps over ...


   Keep Reading to the Bottom of the Page Don't Stop at the Feet You'll See Things are not Always What They Seem 一定要阅读到最后,不要停下来,你将会看到 你将会看到有些事并不象它看上去那样 Top.Feng April 23,2001 Two travelling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy fa ...


   It is a serious topic!!!!!!! It's about failure and success success There are so many famous man we admire who turn their failure to success so.................................. Lincoln Lincoln is one of America's greatest presidents, but he was st ...


   Why are people more and more interested in Foreign Festivals? Tradition " The spring festival has always been a time of joy, happiness and family reunion with fine cuisine, new clothes, and a sleepless night with carnivals(狂欢). Yet something has b ...


   SY1001132 高聪 Barack Hussein Obama The 44th president of USA Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 Central Theme " Obama talked about responsibilities of young men . He underlined the meaning of adolescent s’ education to the future of America. " The language ...



   附件: 编号 第二期全国高职高专英语类专业教学改革课题 第二期全国高职高专英语类专业教学改革课题 全国高职高专英语类专业教学 立项申请书 课 题 名 称 大学英语听说能力培养体系的构建 孔庆荣 山东外国语职业学院 2009 年 11 月 20 日 课 题 负 责 人 负责人所在学校 填 表 日 期 教育部高等学校高职高专英语类专业教学指导委员会制 填表说明 1. 本表一律用 A4 纸打印装订成册,表内空格不够可加页。 2. 课题负责人只限一人,课题组主要成员一般不超过 5 人。 3. 课题级 ...


   选校网 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 228 个经典英语口语句子 1. It's up to you.(由你决定.) . (由你决定.) 2. I envy [羡慕 羡慕]you.(我羡慕你.) . 羡慕 (我羡慕你.) 3. How can I get in touch with you? . 4. Where can I wash my hands? (请问洗手间在哪里?) 请问洗手间在哪里?) . 5. What's ...


   初三上册重点词组 MODULE 3 stand for set up first of all finishing line several times allow to do so…that + 句 too…to + 词 be angry with sb. be mad with sb. a symbol of an overnight success as a hero compare with gold medal MODULE 1 listen up get out of on th ...


   Unit 1 课内阅读参考译文 享受幽默??什么东西令人开怀? 1 听了一个有趣的故事会发笑、很开心,古今中外都一样。这一现象或许同语言本身一 样悠久。那么,到底是什么东西会使一个故事或笑话让人感到滑稽可笑的呢? 2 我是第一次辨识出幽默便喜欢上它的人,因此我曾试图跟学生议论和探讨幽默。这些 学生文化差异很大,有来自拉丁美洲的,也有来自中国的。我还认真地思考过一些滑稽有 趣的故事。这么做完全是出于自己的喜好。 3 为什么听我讲完一个笑话后,班上有些学生会笑得前仰后合,而其他学生看上去就像 刚 ...


   学年第二学期六年级期末教学质量检测 第二学期六年级期末教学质量检测试卷 2009 学年第二学期六年级期末教学质量检测试卷 英 密 语 听力部分( 听力部分(40%) ) 封 三个选项中,选出你所听到的选项, 一、听录音,从 A B C 三个选项中,选出你所听到的选项,把它的编号填在 听录音, 左边的括号里。 左边的括号里。 (本大题共 15 分,每小题 1 分) 班级 } A) 听录音,根据你所听到的内容,选出图画。 姓 名 Qg ( )1. A. B. C. 不 ( 要 )2. A. B. ...