Unit 10 Can you play the guitar 测试题
班级 姓名 得分 Ⅰ.根据句意及词首字母写出单词。(5 分)
  1.Gina wants to j the music club.
  2.Can you s English?
  3.I can play the guitar but can’t play the p .
  4.My e-mail a is cindyyjones @ 1
  63. com.
  5.Can you h kids with swimming? Ⅱ.从第Ⅱ栏中找出第Ⅰ栏中问句的相应答语。(5 分) Ⅰ Ⅱ ( )
  6.What club do you want to join? A.Very well. ( )
  7.What’s your phone number? B.It’s $
  10. ( )
  8.How are you? C.It’s 89897
  66. ( )
  9.How can I contact you? D.The music club. ( )
  10.How much is the shirt? E.You can call me at 8989
  76. Ⅲ.单项选择(15 分) ( )
  11.Tom wants to you. Are you free? A.to tell B.tells C.to talk D.talks ( )
  12.Can you help me my English? A.with B.of C.learning D.about ( )
  13.Bob can play tennis but can’t play violin. A.the, the B.×, × C.the, × D.× , the ( )
  14. I a cup of tea. A. want to B. want C. like to D. could like ( little ( ( in ( club. ( ( ) Can you paint?
  15. . A. Yes, a little B. Yes, little C. a little No, D. No,

  16.Please call me 89897
  66. A.in B.at C.about D.with )
  17. like to go swimming summer. A. Children, on B. Children, in C. child, on A D. child, A ) Miss Read is good music. can be good children in the music
  18. She A.at, at B.with, with C.at, with D.with, at )
  19.The young plays the very well. A.pianist, piano B.piano, pianist C.pianist, pianist D.piano, piano )
  20.What can you do, Lin Tao? . A.I like sports B.I want to join the music club C.I am well D.I can do Chinese Kung Fu )
  21.Hi, can I help you? . A.Yes, please B.No, I can’t C.Yes, I can D.You are welcome )
  22. you can our school concert. A.Maybe, in B.Maybe, be in C.May be, in D.May be, be in
( (

  23.We want two good our rock band. A.music for B.musician in C.music in D.musicians for ( )
  24.Little Tom can draw .His drawings are very . A.good, well B.well, good C.good, good D.well, well ( ) Can he it in English? A.
  25. speak B. speaks C. say

D, talk
Ⅳ.选词填空,每词只用一次。(5 分)

  26.you dnce?
  28. What club does she to join? club.
  30.What can you ? Ⅴ.连词成句,注意标点符号。(12 分)
  31.play, brother, the, your, guitar, can, (?)
  32.can’t, he, piano, the, play, (.)
  33.play, you, the, can, guitar, (?)
  34.guitar, sing, the, I, play, can, and, yes, (.)
  35.to, club, music, join, want, do, you, our, (?)
  36.I, show, want, to, talent, my, (.)

  27.I sing.
  29. want to the guitar We
Ⅵ.将下列句子译成英语。(8 分)
  40.我会表演中国功夫。 Ⅶ.下列句子可以组成一则会话。根据提示,请排列出顺序。(7 分) A Yes, I can. B Do you want to join the art club? C Can you paint? D What club do you want to join? E Can you swim? F No, I can’t. G Yes, I do. H I don’t know.

  41. D
  43. __
  48. Ⅷ.从所给的 7 个选项中选出 5 个完成下列对话。(5 分) B: Yes, I want to join the chess club. A: Good morning! 49 ? A: Good, 50 ? B: David. A: 51 ? B: I’m twelve. A: 52 ? B: My telephone number is 435?2
  01. A: 53 ? B: Yes, a little. A: Here is a card, please fill it out. B: Thank you. A: You’re welcome. A.What’s your name B.How can we contact you C.Can you play chess D.I can play chess E.How old are you F.What can you do G.Can I help you
  53. Ⅸ.完形填空(8 分) Mike and Ann are 54 They live in a large house. The house is 55 the foot of a mountain (山). Near the mountain 56 a lake(湖). There are four people in the family: Mike, Ann, their father and their mother. Their father is a farmer. He 57 a farm not far from their house. Their mother is at home. She is a housewife (家庭主妇). Mike and Ann go to school every day. They are 58 , but they are 59 . Mike is in Grade
  2. Ann is in Grade
  1. Mike likes sports. He likes swimming and playing football. After school he often plays football 60 his classmates. Ann is a good girl. After school, she often goes home to help her the housework. mother 61 ( )
  54.A.brothers and sisters B.brother and sister C.a brother and sister D.a brother and a sister ( )
  55.A.at B.in C.under D.on ( )
  56.A.has B.have C.is there D.there is ( )
  57.A.are working B.is working C.works on D.works at ( )
  58.A.at the same school B.at the same schools C.in the same school D.in the same schools ( )
  59.A.in different grades B.in a different grade C.at different grades D.at a different grade ( )
  60.A.and B.with C.but D.or ( )
  61.A.doing B.does C.with D.in Ⅹ.阅读短文,选择正确答案(10 分) Once a great boxer (拳击家), Tom Brown, went to a restaurant(饭馆)for dinner. He put his bag near the door, but he was afraid(害怕) that someone would take it. So he got out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote on it: “The great boxer, Tom Brown, left his bag here. He’ll come back in a few minutes. ” He put the paper on his bag and went to have his dinner. When he came back, his bag wasn’t there. But he found a piece of paper on the ground. It said: “A great runner took away your bag, and he will not come back. ” ( )
  62.Tom Brown went to the restaurant . A. his bag for B. see the runner to C. have his meal to D. his for pen ( )
  63.Mr Brown was afraid .
A.to put down his bag near the door B.he couldn’t find his pen C.thieves would take his bag away D.he couldn’t get enough food himself from the restaurant ( )
  64.Mr Brown wrote the words on the paper because he . A.thought the thief would not steal (偷) his bag when he read the words B.was a boxer C.wanted to catch the thief D.wanted to get to know the runner ( )
  65.When Mr Brown came back he . A.found another piece of paper on the ground B.found his bag wasn’t there C. both A and B D. saw the runner running after him ( )
  66.Which is not right? A.Mr Brown was foolish. B.The runner was a thief. C.The runner made a joke on Mr Brown. D.The boxer didn’t know the runner at all.
Ⅺ.阅读短文,选择正确答案。(10 分) Most people make their living with their hands. But Tom makes his living with his feet. A very good living it is, too. Tom’s story began in a very small city in England. His parents were very poor. Seven people lived in their small house. Tom had no place to play in but in the street. Tom’s father often played football, and little Tom wanted to play football, too. So his father made a nice ball for him to play. The little boy played it every day. At last Tom learned to play a real football, and after a few years he could play football very well. Now Tom is one of the best football players. ( )
  1.Tom made his living with his . A. hands B. head C. feet D. legs
( )
  2.Tom’s parents lived in a city in English. A. small B. big C. new D. old
( )
  3. Tom’s father a football for him to play. A. bought B. borrowed C. built D. made
( )
  4. A few years later, Tom was at playing football. A. well B. good C. bad D. nice
( )
  5. Tom plays football than many other players. A. harder B. worse C. best D. better
Ⅻ.书面表达(10 分) 简要介绍你们学校乐队有多少人,以及每个人的特长。(不少于 5 句话) 提示词:school band(校乐队)talented(有才华的) favourite(最喜爱的)


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