Unit12 Don’t eat in class.
Period One
Warming up: Topic: What do you like to do?
A:Can we eat in class? B:No,we can’t. We can’t eat in class. A:So,don’t eat in class.
A: Can we eat apples in class? B: No, we can’t.We can’t eat apple in class. A: So, don’t eat apples in class.
in class in the classroom
classroom classrooms in the classroom in the classrooms
A:Can we eat …in the classrooms? B:No,we can’t . We can’t eat…in the classrooms. A:So,don’t eat… in the classrooms.
hallway in the hallway hallways in the hallways
A:Can we run in the hallways? B: No, we can’t.We can’t run in the hallways. A:So,don’t run in the hallways.
Don’t run in the hallways.
listen to music
A:Can we listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways? B:No,we can’t. We can’t listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways. A:So,don’t listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways.
A:Can you fight ? B:No,We can’t.We can’t fight. A:So,don’t fight.
be late for class = arrive late for class
A:Can we arrive/be late for class? B: No,we can’t.We can’t arrive /be late for class. A:So,don’t arrive /be late for class.
rule rules school rules keep the rules 遵守规则 break the rules 违反规则
Grammar focus:
We can’t …. Don’t ….
祈使句 Example: 肯定祈使句
  1. Sit down.
  2. Come in.
  3. Eat at home.
  4. Listen to music outside.
表示请求,命令等语气的句子, 表示请求,命令等语气的句子, 其结构 为省去主语you的简单句 .
Don’t sit down. Don’t come in . Don’t eat at home.

  5. Do your homework at school.
Don’t listen to music outside.
Don’t do your homework at school.
School rules:
  1. arrive late for class/school. Don’t
in class
  2. Don’t eat .
  3. Don’t fight. Wear
  4. the school uniform.(校服 校服) 校服

  5. wear a hat in. Don’t class Don’t hallways
  6. run in the .
  7. music in the Don’t listen to

  8. Don’t……
Do you know these signs(图标 in a city? 图标) 图标 What do they mean? Can you say them in English?
Don’t walk.
Ride horses.
Don’t ride horses .
Don’t run.
Turn right.
Don’t turn right.

  1. talk . Don’t loudly watch TV at night
  2. Don’t late .
  3. the lights when you leave Turn off the room. waste
  4. Don’t water.
  5. . Don’t sleep too late
  6. Don’t eat and read at the same time.
  7. Don’t ……
Discuss: We have school rules and family rules. What do you think of rules in public? Discuss with your partner, then make a chart. We have to… We can’t … Don’t …/肯定的祈使句 肯定的祈使句
根据句意, 根据句意,用can和can’t填空 和 填空
  1.Mr Green can’t smoke here, because _ there’s a sign on the wall. It says\!No smoking.”
  2.It’s very hot outside. You can wear a hat.
  3.We can’t eat in the classroom, __ because it’s impolite to teachers.
  4.I can’t go to bed after 11:00 on school __ night.
  5.The students can read books and magazines in the library.
用have to或has to填空 或 填空
  1.We have to clean our classroom after school.
  2.She has to make her bed after getting up.
  3.It’s late. Mr. Beckman has to go to work by car.
  4.Emily and Peter join a music club. to They have__ practice guitar every day.
Unit12 Don’t eat in class.
Period Two
Talk about our school rules.
We have many rules in our school. We can’t fight. We can’t wear a hat in class . We can’t listen to music in the classroom. We can’t talk in class.
… …
Warming up!

  1. Don’t arrive late for class.
  2. Don’t run in the hallways.
  3. Don’t eat in the classroom.
  4. Don’t listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways.
  5. Don’t fight.
A: What are the rules? B: Well , we can’t arrive late for class.
1a 3
5 4
1 2
What rules are these students breaking?
Write the numbers after the names
Name rule Peter 2 Selina 3 Nick 4
She is eating an apple .
Dave and Tom
What are they doing now ?
He is listening to music in class .
Peter Jim is looking at his watch . He is late for school . Nick
They’re fighting .
He is running in the hallway .
2a Listen. Check the activities Alex 2b and Christina talk about.
  1. listen to music in the classrooms or hallways
  2. eat in the classrooms
  3. wear a hat
  4. listen to music outside
  5. fight
  6. listen to music in the music room
  7. eat in the dinning room
  8. eat outside can can can can can can can can can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t
2b Listen again.Can Alex and
Christina do these activities? Circle “can” or “can’t” above
Report: These are their rules. They can…, but they can’t… So please don’t …
Suppose one of your partner is a new student, please tell him the rules of your school.
A: What are the rules at your school? B: Well, don’t arrive late for school. A: Can we listen to music, Alex? B: No, we can’t listen to music in the classrooms, but we can listen to it outside.
b 2 c 3
a 1
√ √ √
√ √ √
词汇 规定).
  1.You must not break the rules (规定).
  2.We can’t make too much noise in the hallways (大厅走廊). 大厅走廊). 运动鞋)
  3.We have to wear sports shoes (运动鞋) for gym class.
  4.He walks (步行) two kilometres to 步行) work every morning.
  5.She has to wash (洗) the dishes after meals.
翻译句子: 翻译句子:
1 Don’t speak loudly in the library . Don’t watch TV after school . Don’t eat in class . Don’t arrive late for school . Don’t play football in the street . Please give the book to me .

  1)不要在图书馆大声说话. 2
  1)不要在图书馆大声说话 不要在图书馆大声说话.
  2) 放学后不要看电视. 放学后不要看电视.
  3) 不要上课吃东西. 不要上课吃东西.
  4) 不要上学迟到. 不要上学迟到.
  5) 不要在马路上踢球. 不要在马路上踢球.
  6) 请把那本书给我. 请把那本书给我.
  7) 你们必须早起床. 你们必须早起床.
5 6 3 4
7 You must get up early .
Period Three
Talk about the rules in your house. I have to do my homework after school.And I ...
List the rules of the Fraser family.
  1.Don’t talk loudly.
  2. Don’t watch TV late at night Turn off the lights when
  3. you leave the room. Don’t waste water.
  5. Don’t sleep too late.
  6. Don’t eat and read at the same time.
Dear Dr Know, I’m not happy.I have too many rules in my house.I have to get up at six o’clock every morning. school.because I can’t meet my friends after school.because I have to do my homework.I can’t watch TV on school nights.And nights.And I have to be in bed by ten o’clock.On o’clock.On weekends,I have to cleanmy room and wash my clothes.Then I have to help my mom make dinner.Later I have to go to the children’s palace to learn the piano.I never have any fun.What can I do? piano.I fun.What Zhao Pei
Zhao Pei’s Rules Pei’
  1. get up at 6 o’clock
  2. can’t meet her friends after school
  3. has to do her homework after school
  4. can’t watch TV on school nights
  5. has to be in bed by ten o’clock
  6. has to clean her room and wash her clothes on weekends
  7. has to help her mom make dinner
  8. has to learn the piano
选词填空:用所给词的适当形式填空 选词填空: rule, practice, join, after, lucky, for, on, read, by, early Emily has so many rules .She has to do her __.She __ homework after school. She can’t go out on school night. She has to wash the dishes after dinner, then she can watch TV for half an hour. She likes reading. She . usually reads at night. She has to be in bed by ten o’clock because she has to get __ up early the next morning. She joins a music club. She has to practice her guitar ,,,,,,,,, every day. She doesn’t think she’s lucky . .
Do you know the rules for the school library?
No talking!
No school bags!
No food!
No wet umbrellas! No listening to music!
No school bags No food No wet umbrellas No listening to music
Tell the reason: Where do you like to stay, at home or at school? Now I’ll give you 2 minutes to prepare for it. Eg.1: At school, I can….. I don’t have to …. At home, I can’t …. I have to… So I like to stay at school. Eg.2: At home, I can… At school, I can’t… I don’t have to… I have to …
So I like to stay at home.
  1.She wears sunglasses.(对划线部分提问) sunglasses.(对划线部分提问 对划线部分提问) What does she wear ?
  2.I went to Shanghai with my family.(对划线部 family.(对划线部 分提问) 分提问) Who did you go to Shanghai with?
  3.The sun is shining.(对划线部分提问) shining.(对划线部分提问 .(对划线部分提问) How is the weather?
  4.Listen to music in hallways.(改为否定句) hallways.(改为否定句 改为否定句) Don’t listen to music in hallways.
  5.At school, we must clean the classroom.(改 classroom.(改 为同义句) 为同义句) At school, we have to clean the classroom.
  1.外面很冷 你必须穿大衣。 外面很冷, It’s cold outside. You have to wear your coat.
  2.你必须到十一点上床睡觉吗 你必须到十一点上床睡觉吗? bed by 11:00? Do you have to go to
  3.我们班级有很多规定 我们班级有很多规定。 There are so many rules in our class.
  4.你认为你的英语课怎么样? 你认为你的英语课怎么样 What do you think of __ your English class?
  5.我们不能在教室里吃东西 我们不能在教室里吃东西。 We can’t eat in the classroom . .
Select the correct verb from the choices in parenthesis .选择正确的动词填空。? .选择正确的动词填空 选择正确的动词填空。

  1.(Can/Does) we eat in class?? class??
  2.(Don't/Has to) wear a hat in class !
  3.Does Bill (have to /can) go to bed now?? now??
  4.Francisco and Andrew (can't/don't) come.? come.?
  5.(Do/Have to) they wear sports shoes ?? ??



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