Unit 2 It’s raining.
【本讲教育信息 本讲教育信息】 本讲教育信息
一、教学内容: 教学内容: Unit 2 It’ s raining. (一)重点单词 (二)重点短语 (三)重点句型 (四)语法知识:现在进行时 (五)写作:What are they doing? 二、知识总结与归纳: 知识总结与归纳: (一)重点单词
  1. weather
rain rainy
sun sunny
wind windy
snow snowy
  4. cook
  5. study

  6. bad

  7. terrible

  8. pretty
  12. winter (二)重点短语

  9. vacation
  13. scarf

  10. surprised
  14. everyone

  11. relaxed
  15. man

  1. play basketball
  3. have a party
  5. play computer games
  7. take photos
  9. play the guitar
  11. this group of
  13. have a good time (三)重点句型:
  1. ?How is the weather in Taiyuan? ?It’s cloudy.
  2. ?How’s it going? ?It is great.
  3. ?Is Aunt Sarah there? ?Yes, she is.
  4. ?What’s she doing? ?She’s cookin g.

  2. watch TV
  4. ride camels
  6. visit my grandmother
  8. wear a kind of scarf
  10.look at
  12. look cool

  5. Thank you for doing sth.
  6. Some are taking photos. Others are lying on the beach.
  7. There are many people here. (四)语法知识:现在进行时
  1. 含义:表示现在正在进行或一段时间内正在进行的动作。
  2. 构成: 肯定句: 主语+be +v-ing+其它. 如: I am reading a book. 否定句:直接在 be 后加 not. 如:I am writing. I am not writing. 一般疑问句及其回答:问句,直接把 be 提前,肯定回答:Yes,主语 +be 否定回答:No,主语+be+not ?Ar e you drawing ? ?Yes, I am./No, I’m not.
  3. v-ing 的变化规则:
  1)一般直接加 ing . 如:play?playing watch?watching
  2)以不发音的 e 结尾,去 e 加 ing. 如: take?taking come?coming
  3)元+辅 结尾,且是重读闭音节的单词,双写该辅音字母再+ing. 如:run?running swim?swimming (五)写作
【典型例题】 典型例题】
  1. sun, sunny Look! The is shinning today. It’s . Let’s go for a trip.
  2. cloud, cloudy There are many in the sky (天空). It’s very today.
  3. wind, windy It’s . Put on your scarf. The is strong(强烈的) 二、单项选择
  1. We want this book now. A. reading B. am reading C. read D. to read
  2. That boy isn’t the teacher . A. listen B. listens C. listening D. listening to
  3.__you __the window??Yes, I am. A. Do, clean B. Is, cleaning C. Are, cleaning D. Do, cleaning
  4. It’s eight o’clock. Jim’s father __TV. A. is watching B. are watching C. watch D. to wat ch
  5.is the weather there? It’s windy. A. What B. How C. What’s D. How’s
  6.the weather like today? Cloudy. A. How’s B. What does C. What D. What’s
  7. What’s the weather like today? A. It’s rain. B. It’s raining. C. It rainy. D. It’s wind.
  1. It’s (sun)today, but it’s (wind)
  2. Look, what they ?(do) They (play) tennis.
  3.There (be) some milk in the glass.
  4. Can he(go) shopping with me?
  5.Lucy (have) lunch at school now. She usually (have) lunch at school.
  1. It is windy today. (对画线部分提问) today?
  2. There are some people here on vacation. (改为一般疑问句) people here on vacation?
  3. He reads a book w hen it is raining. (对画线部分提问) he _ when it is raining?
  4. They are enjoying themselves. (改为同义句)
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They are a .
  5. The children are watching TV. (对画线部分提问) the children ? 五、根据汉语提示完成句子 ,每空一词
  1. (感谢你加入) the music club.
  2. Three young men are (照相) in the park.
  3. Some boys are lying (在沙滩上).
  4. Please (看)Pictur e One.
  5. These old women are (戴着围巾).


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