人教版课程标准实验教材( 单元) 人教版课程标准实验教材(英语 选修 7 第 3 单元)知识讲解
第三单元 (
  1) sth with sb 与某人分享某物 He would share his last pound with me. 1 share (v) 房间. 房间. 共享/均分… sweets (
  3) share sth among sb 共享/均分… Please share the sweets among the children pre sent here. Profits are shared (out) among the partners. 合伙人均 分利润。 分利润。 (
  4) (in) sth (
  5) vi rn to share. 一份, 这些费用让我也出一份。 (
  6) n 一份,股份 Let me take a share in the expenses . 这些费用让我也出一份。 股股份。 He owns 500 shares of the company. 他拥有那家公司的 500 股股份。 share sb’s joys and sorrows 和某人同甘共苦 2 favorite (
  1) adj 最喜欢的 Who is your favorite writer? be favorite with 在…中受欢迎 The singer is popular with young people. favorite.。 (
  2) n 最喜欢的人或物 The book is a favorite with students. Liu Xiang is a general favorite.。刘 翔是最受大众喜欢的人 favor 喜欢, 支持, 赞成的,有利的, favor 喜欢,支持 in favor of 支持,赞成 favorable 赞成的,有利的,讨人喜欢的 favoritism (n) 偏爱, 偏爱,得宠 当场见到, 3 witness (
  1) v 当场见到,目击 I witnessed an accident on my way home yesterday. 表明, flushed(通红) (
  2) v 表明,说明 Her flushed(通红) face witnessed the excitement she felt. (
  3) v 作证 None could witness that he was present. (
  4) v 为…作证 常与 to 连用 He witnessed to having seen the man enter the room. 他作证说他看到 那个人进入房间。 那个人进入房间。 目击者,证人” (
  5) n (C) “目击者,证人”常与 to 连用 The police found the witness to the murder case.He was a witness to the accident. 证词,证据, witness (
  6) n (C,U) 证词,证据,证明 His ragged clothes were (a) witness to his poverty. We will share the joys and sorrows. You must lea 共同承担… (
  2) sth between sb 共同承担… We share a small room between us. 我们俩合用一个
合用) There is only one room , so we’ll have to share. (合用)
那位老人为被告作证。 The old man gave witness on behalf of an accused person. 那位老人为被告作证。 on behalf of 代表/ 代表/替… 相关短语: 相关短语:be a witness to 是…的目击者 give witness on behalf of 替…作证 witness to 为某事 作证说 用作连词可引导时间,原因,让步,比较, 4 as (
  1) conj 用作连词可引导时间,原因,让步,比较,方式等状语从句 As he looked at her, she made a face. tionary and looked up . He doesn’t speak as the other people do . You must do as I told you. He is not so diligent as you. Young as he is , he knows a lot. ory. As a young boy , he lost his parents in the war. I watched her as she combed her hair. I have changed it as you suggested. I read the letter as I walked along the river. As As he has been ill , perhaps he needs help. Tired as they were, they walked on. Leav he Child/Student as he is, he has a good knowledge of hist As he didn’t know much English, he got out his dic
As you weren’t there , I left a message. Try as he would , he couldn’t open the door. e the table as it is.
作关系代词,引导限制性定语从句, 与之呼应, (
  2) 作关系代词,引导限制性定语从句,先行词前常有 such, the same, as, so 与之呼应,构成 such…as, so…as,等 so…as,等 computers We’ll make such computers as are needed in different branches of science. I want to buy the same shoes as were advertised. 作关系代词,引导非限制性定语从句, 指前或后面整个句子的内容。 (
  3) 作关系代词,引导非限制性定语从句,as 指前或后面整个句子的内容。 As you can see in the map, the two cities are far away from each other. As everybody knows ,all that glitters is not gold. As is known to us all, Taiwan is part of China. (
  4) prep 作为 You will be welcomed as a hero tomorrow morning . She treats him as her brothe r. 近义词辨析: ① 强调主从句谓语动词的动作同时发生。 近义词辨析: as 强调主从句谓语动词的动作同时发生。 We talked as we walked on our way home. 侧重表示瞬间(时间点) 主从句所述动作可以同时也可先后发生 ②when 侧重表示瞬间(时间点),主从句所述动作可以同时也可先后发生 . homework.(先后 先后) He went home when he had finished his homework.(先后) It was snowing when we got to the air 同时) port. (同时) www.ks5u.com -2版权所有@高考资源网
③while 表示时间段或两个延续性动作同时发生 Strike while the iron is hot. er while I’m away.
Please look after h
语气最强,着重说明原因或理由(其从句一般放在主句之后), 问句时, ④because 语气最强,着重说明原因或理由(其从句一般放在主句之后), 在回答 why 问句时,必须用 bec 不能用其他词。 ause 不能用其他词。 He was tired because he had done much hard work. 稍弱,表示关系上的必然结果,一般译成“既然,鉴于” 一般放在主句前) ⑤since 语气比 because 稍弱,表示关系上的必然结果,一般译成“既然,鉴于” (一般放在主句前) Since everyone is here, let’s begin our class. 语气最弱,只说明一般的因果关系(可放在主句之前,也可以放在主句之后)。 ⑥as 语气最弱,只说明一般的因果关系(可放在主句之前,也可以放在主句之后)。 difficulty As he didn’t know much English , he had some difficulty in making himself understood. 是并列连词,不能放在句首,提供一种解释、理由或推断。 ⑦for 是并列连词,不能放在句首,提供一种解释、理由或推断。The electricity must be cut off for t he light went out. 她正忙于给信件分类。
  5. sort (
  1) vt 把…分类 ,拣选 She is busy sorting letters. 她正忙于给信件分类。He was sorting his foreign stamps. 整理( 我已把信分好。 (
  2) sort out 整理(好) I have sort ed out the letters. 我已把信分好。He sorted out the old c ards.他整理好了旧名片 ards.他整理好了旧名片 We must sort out the good apples from the bad ones. 种类, helphe (
  3) n 种类,类别 A hammer is a sort of tool. You can ask him for helphe is a good sort. …他是个好人。 他是个好人。 He’s the sort of person I really dislike. What sort of paint are you using? all sorts of 相当于 all kinds of
  4)词组 颇为, (
  4)词组 sort of 颇为,有几分 I feel sort of sick.
种类,在口语和商业语言中更常用,还可表示轻蔑的意思. 近义词辨析 ①sort 种类,在口语和商业语言中更常用,还可表示轻蔑的意思. This sort of question is easy to answer. How did you get this sort of idea into your mind?
种类, 指某种性质相同,具有极其相似特征的东西,适用于某种方法分类,并置于一起。 ②kind 种类,特指某种性质相同,具有极其相似特征的东西,适用于某种方法分类,并置于一起。 He is the person of this kind. 类型,在一般情况下, 较笼统、模糊, 较具体、肯定。 ③type 类型,在一般情况下,kind 较笼统、模糊,而 type 较具体、肯定。 Do you know how many basic types of blood there are in all ? 房间, 不足)
  6. accommodation (
  1) 房间,住所 The accommodation of this hotel is scare. (不足) (
  2) 常用复数) (
  2) 膳宿 (常用复数) This hospital has accommodations for 600 patients. 提供住处, (
  3) accommodate 向…提供住处,接纳 (v) The house will accommodate two families.
相关短语: 相关短语: (
  1) make accommodations for 为…提供膳宿 (
  2) book accommodation at a hotel 在旅馆预 订房间 给某人安排住处 (
  3) arrange sb’s accommodation 给某人安排住处 (
  4) accommodate …to = adapt… to 使…适应 You will have to accommodate yourself to the situation. (
  5) accommodate sb with = supply sb with The bank will accommodate you with a loan.
7 out of (
  1) 离…一段距离,不在内 Fish can survive for only a short time out of water. 一段距离, (
  2) 离开 He jumped out of bed when he heard the door bell rang. 出于… (
  3) 出于…动机 He helped you just out of kindness. (
  4) 从…中 Please don’t look out of the wi ndow. 某事物) (
  6) 用,以(某事物) She made a skirt out of the material I gave her. 缺乏, without (
  7) 缺乏,无 lack (sth), without : I’m beginning to feel out of patience. 我开始觉得有些不耐 烦了。 烦了。 后的名词所表示的情况, (
  8) 不出于 out of 后的名词所表示的情况,脱离 He’s still in hospital but out of danger. My rad io is out of order. 相关短语: 不加入, 相关短语: (
  1) out of breath (
  2) out of it 不加入,孤立 (
  3) out of date 过时的 (
  4) out of cont 失控(
  5) repair rol 失控(
  5) out of repair 失修(
  6) 毫无疑问(
  7) 看不见(
  9) 失修(
  6) out of question 毫无疑问(
  7) out of the question 不可能的 (
  8) out of sight 看不见(
  9) out of mind 离久情疏 不协调, (
  10) out of line 不协调,不一致 (
  11) out of work/a job 失业 有关的短语: 伸出, 大声念出/ 与 out 有关的短语:stick out 伸出,突出 pick out 挑选出 read/shout sth out/loud 大声念出/叫出 b out 某人累坏了/ 用完/ e worn out =be tired out =give out 某人累坏了/筋疲力尽 run out 用完/尽,有宾语时加 of 帮助… l out 卖完 help out 帮助… 意为“正要,即将” 此结构不与具体的时间状语连用。 8 be about to do 表示即将发生的动作 ,意为“正要,即将” 此结构不与具体的时间状语连用。常与 whe 连用。 n 连用。 She was about to go to the cinema when I came. ng. 表示劝说,激励, 9 come on (
  1) 表示劝说,激励, 不耐烦或催促等 Come on, we’ll be late for school. 上演, (
  2) 上演,演出 There’s a new play coming on next week. I was about to leave when the telephone ra sel
相关短语: 偶然遇到(
  3) 出来, 相关短语: (
  1) come about 发生 (
  2) come across 偶然遇到(
  3) come out 出来,花(开), 出版 (
  4) 走近,上升, 发芽(
  5) 赶上,补充, 谈到,总计为,达到, come up 走近,上升, 发芽(
  5) come up with 赶上,补充, 提出 (
  6) come to 谈到,总计为,达到, 苏醒 向前, 10 ahead (
  1) adv 向前,朝前 The way ahead was blocked by fallen trees. He ran ahead . 前面,优于, (
  2) ahead of 在…前面,优于,胜于 She was always well ahead of the rest the class. 她在班上总 是遥遥领先。 是遥遥领先。 他的思想比他所处的时代先进。 His ideas were ahead of his time . 他的思想比他所处的时代先进。 ahead of time 提前 You should have told me that ahead of time. He is ahead of me in Chinese
11 throw (
  1) 投,掷,扔,抛 Throw the ball to your younger brother. He was thrown into prison. 被关进… 被关进… I felt discouraged when he threw cold water on my idea. She threw herself into a chair and began to cry. 匆忙或随便穿/ 他匆忙给伤者披上毯子。 (
  2) 匆忙或随便穿/脱 He threw a blanket over the injured man. 他匆忙给伤者披上毯子。 她匆匆穿上/脱掉大衣。 She threw on/off her overcoat. 她匆匆穿上/脱掉大衣。 惊扰, (
  3) 惊扰,使不安 The news of Fu Biao’s death really threw us. 大火使几百人失业。 (
  4) 使某人处于某种状态 The big fire threw hundreds of workers out of work. 大火使几百人失业。 爆炸使人们慌乱。 The explosion threw the people into confusion. 爆炸使人们慌乱。 我们让那消息给弄糊涂了。 We were thrown into confusion by the news. 我们让那消息给弄糊涂了。He was threw himself into teaching.全身心 teaching.全身心 相关短语: 抛弃,浪费, 相关短语: (
  1) be thrown into confusion 陷入混 乱 (
  2) throw away 抛弃,浪费,拒绝 (
  3) throw c old water on 匆匆脱掉,抛弃, on 依靠, 向…泼冷水(
  4) throw off 匆匆脱掉,抛弃,摆脱 (
  5) throw oneself on 依靠,求助于 (
  6) throw one 泼冷水(
  4) self into doing sth 开始热心做某事(
  7) throw up 举起,呕吐,丢弃 开始热心做某事(
  7) 举起,呕吐, 12 grab (
  1) 抢,抓, 抢夺 He grabbed my collar and pulled me before the boss. 他抓住我的领子把 我拎到老板面前。 我拎到老板面前。 failed.他想 When I gave him the chance , he grabbed it at once. He grabbed at the boy, but failed.他想 抓住那个男孩,可是…. 抓住那个男孩,可是…. 男孩 www.ks5u.com -5版权所有@高考资源网
He grabbed at the boy, but couldn’t save him from falling. 他伸手去抓那个男孩,但还是没有 他伸手去抓那个男孩


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