How to describe people
No.Six Middle School of Lao Shan Hu Lei
What does he/she look like ?
What is he /she like?
appearance: (外貌 外貌) 外貌
  3.curly straight/long hair
  4.glasses 、beard(胡子 胡子) 胡子
  5.medium height/build(中等高度/身材)
  6.good ?looking、beautiful 、 、
personality(性格 性格) 性格

  1.athletic(强健的 creative 强健的) 强健的 energetic
  2.calm--wild polite--rude
  3.lovely(可爱的)、lively(生机的) 可爱的)、 可爱的)、 (生机的)
  4.outstanding(杰出的 、talented 杰出的) 杰出的
  5.nervous 、serious confident outgoing--quiet
八上 Unit 6 P
  33. Fill in the chart.
the same
have black eyes and black hair sports like enjoy__
going to parties
hair sports Liu Li Liu Ying longer
athletic more more smarter outgoing
physics chemistry

personality quieter subject
Useful words: as you can see, although ,and, I think…,however,
Pair work : describe yourself and your best friend
Target language:
  1.I’m tall and thin.
  2.I think she is the funniest in our class.
  3.He is more athletic than me.
  4.I like…
  5.She prefers…
likes & dislikes fruit subject animal day movie music
an apple P.E
excited and relaxed
They only live in China.
an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
pandas Tuesday & Thursday
Sinking ship
have PE class. sad energetic
Target language: What’s your favorite animal/subject/day/fruit ? What kind of movie/music do you like/prefer?
like to do 作动词 意为喜欢 句型: 作动词,意为喜欢 句型: doing同时 意为喜欢,句型 like 同时like 为介词。 为介词。
放于感官动词后, 起来像如: 如 be like ,放于感官动词后,表示 起来像如: 放于感官动词后 表示…起来像如 . like look /feel/sound
enjoy doing/oneself enjoy 意为“享受… 乐趣,欣赏.句型
  2. 意为“享受 乐趣,欣赏 句型 句型: prefer…to prefer意为宁愿 更喜欢。主要句型有:
  3.意为宁愿,更喜欢。主要句型有: … 意为宁愿,
★用所给词的适当形式填空: 用所给词的适当形式填空:

  1.He said he enjoyed himself at the party.
  2.Would you go shopping with me? like to
  3.My brother swimming to running when he was young.
Group work: Make a survey!
S1 S2
past future experience activities went sightseeing going camping will see my grandma
Report: In my group, Tom went…last week . next week Kate’s going …
Target language: What did you do last week? What did you use to do? What will you do next week/in the future?
★词语辨析: used to 过去常常 习惯于 doing/sth be used to be used for/to (复习指导P
  71) 被用来做 ★用所给词的适当形式填空:
  1.The box to store books. is used
  2.He hard work. is used to
  4.You must be used to getting up early.
  5.Stamps sending letters. are used for
Pair work:
ability Tom Kate job reason plan& dreams
Target language What can you do? Can you … What are you going to be when you grow up. What do you plan to do? Why do you want to be a …?
dreams &plan
personality interests &hobbies
activities (5W)
Zhou Yi : 14,tall,thin,kind; favorite sport: listen to music:…
要求: 可用所给信息 可用所给信息, 要求:
  1.可用所给信息, 也可适当发挥。 也可适当发挥。
  2.词数:60-80 词 词数: 词数
写作思路: 写作思路: 组织本篇文章, 组织本篇文章,一定要紧扣主 记叙一位好朋友的一些情况, 一位好朋友的一些情况 题,记叙一位好朋友的一些情况, 来体现与作者之间的纯真友谊。 来体现与作者之间的纯真友谊。可 以以你朋友的一些小事和他的特征 以以你朋友的一些小事和他的特征 来表现你朋友的人格品行 人格品行, 来表现你朋友的人格品行,最终要 对你朋友给以评价 评价。 对你朋友给以评价。
My friend Now I want to tell you something about one of my best friends, Zhou Yi. He is a boy of 14 years old. He is tall and thin. He likes reading very much. He likes sports, such as swimming and playing basketball. When he is free, He usually plays basketball with some other friends and me .Also he enjoys listening to music. Zhou Yi is kind. He often helps me with my study. I’m happy that I’ve such a good friend.
名师点评: 名师点评: 短文介绍了好朋友的一些情况。 短文介绍了好朋友的一些情况。 通过他基本情况的描写来表现朋友 的特点及爱好。用词较为考究, 的特点及爱好。用词较为考究,行 文流畅,层次分明,结构严谨, 文流畅,层次分明,结构严谨,结 尾是对拥有如此好的朋友而感到高 兴。
Say it like her. The topic: myself
Writing: The topic:
choose one:
① myself ② my ③my
best friend favorite teacher

  1.appearance(外貌 &personality(性格) 外貌) 性格) 外貌 性格
  2.interests & hobbies.
  3.activities and ability(能力 能力). 能力
  4.future job

  1.Finish the writing.
  2.Prepare for next topic.
Thank you for listening!



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