Unit 9-1
Do you want to go to a movie ?
-What day is today? -It’s Monday. -What’s the date today? -It’s November 22nd. -What do you want to do after school? -I want to do my homework./…
They want to go to a movie.
an action movie action movies
a comedy comedies
a documentary documentaries
a thriller thrillers
Ask and answer in pairs:
What kind of movies do you like? I like action movies.
Pair Work:
You want to ask a friend to go to a movie.Make a conversation.You can use these sentences: Do you want to go to a movie? Let's go to a comedy. What kind of movies do you like? …
Section A,2a
Listen to Ben and Sally’s conversation. Number the kinds of movies in the order you hear. Answers: comedies action movies documentaries thrillers
3 1 2 4
Unit 9-2
Do you want to go to a movie ?
What kind of movies do you like? I like …and I like… I like…but I don’t like…
He likes… and he likes… She likes …but she doesn’t like…
What kind of movies are they? Do you know?
Harry Potter
The Princess’s Diaries
Make a survey(use give a report.
Names Comedies Action movies Documentaries Thrillers Romances Science fictions Beijing Opera Cartoons
)and then
?Write down the report. ?Do “homework”exercises.
Unit 9-3
Do you want to go to a movie ?
I think comedies are very funny.
What kind of movies are they? They are action movies. Do you like them? Yes, I do. They are very exciting.
My sister doesn't like thrillers because they're scary.
Pair work
Work in groups of four, and find what movies your partners like or dislike, and ask for the reasons,then fill in the form and give reports. e.g. they’re Linda likes comedies. She thinks they re … doesn’t But she doesn t like documentaries or are… thrillers. She thinks they are
reason (原因) 原因)
写一短文介绍你和你朋友喜欢的电 影类型及理由。 影类型及理由。
Read P.57 3a and fill in the form:
name kinds of movies we like favorite actor names of movies we like
My Father's Paul Jackson Birthday
thriller, Black Rick Smith September Beijing Opera
Rowan Atkinson Yang Ziqiong Jackie Chan
Talk about movies: ? Do you like movies ? ? Do you want to go to a movie ? ? What kind of movies do you like ? ? What do you think of them ? ? What's your favorite movie ? What' ? Who is your favorite movie star? Now please give a short report.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Fill in the blank with the right verb.
  1. She ( want ) ( see ) the movie.
  2.I ( like ) ( watch ) TV.
  3. He ( have ) some ice cream every day.
  4. you ( have ) chicken for supper?
  5.We ( give ) a concert each year.
  6.My father ( watch ) TV in the evening.
  7. He often ( go ) to movies.
  8. They ( stay ) at home on Sunday.
  9. They ( not like ) comedies.
  10. they ( sell ) the shoes ?
  11. She ( not watch ) TV every day.
  12. Ann ( go ) to school every day.
  13. Tom ( do ) his homework in the evening.
Do you want to play basketball? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

  1.Write a poster of your favorite movie.


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