1《building the future》 《 》
I happened to have read your advertisement and have decided to apply for the job. I’m a student in Senior three. I’m strong and healthy. I shall be free during the summer vacation, so I’ve decided to find something interesting to do and I think the job is the very thing I’d like to do. I’m interested in English and I can speak fluent English, so I think I’m fit for the job. Though I won’t get pay for the job, it will give me some valuable job experience as well as the opportunities to practise my spoken English by acting as a translator for you. Besides, I really enjoy making friends and communicating with foreigners. I’d appreciate it if I’m offered the job. I’m sure I can be of great help to you. Looking forward to your early reply!
Enjoy a good passage

  1.降雨 降雨
  2.每年的 每年的
  3.全球的 全球的
  4.失业的 失业的
  5.现在 现在
  6.电 电

  2. yearly
  3. global
  4. unemployed
  5. currently
  6. electricity
  7. breadwinner
  8. homeless
  9. conventional
  10. nutritional

  7.养家糊口的人 养家糊口的人
  8.无家可归的 无家可归的
  9.常规的 常规的
  10.营养的 营养的

  1. 给 …… 施加压力
  2.另外 另外
  3.处于危险状态 处于危险状态
  4.毫无疑问 毫无疑问
  1. put pressure on
  2. on top of / besides
  3. at risk
  4. without doubt

  5. at a crossroads 处于抉择的关键时刻
  6.依靠 依靠
  7.负债 负债
  6. be dependent on
  7. in debt
Careful reading
How well did you understand the student essay?

  1. Why was the Live Aid concert so important?
Because it raise $100 million for famine victims in Ethiopia and also raised public attention. It also put pressure on politicians to do something about the famine.

  2. What has the United Nations done to fight the problem of world hunger?
In 1963, the United Nations set up the World Food Program aiming to reduce the problem of world hunger. the world. A number of programs have been organized and the WFP has helped more than one billion people around

  3. Why is food aid alone not enough to help poor countries? Because the poverty still exists after the food has been eaten up.

  4. What things are included in the infrastructure of a country? Things like transport, irrigation, electricity, postal service, telephones and schools are included.

  5. What is the long-term solution to the problem of poverty? Development aid together with food aid.

  6. Why is education and training for young people in developing countries so important? Because the future of developing countries lies in the hands of young people.

  7. Why is it better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish? Because if you give a man a fish, you can only feed him for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.
Pair work
What is each paragraph mainly about?
Main idea
Para 1 Para 2 Para 3 Para 4 Para 5 Para 6 Para7
structure Introduction of the themeworld hunger and some ways of dealing with hunger The meaning of "give a man a fish" Further ways to fight world hunger Summary
Introduction of Live Aid World hunger Measures already taken(WFP) Proverb Aid in infrastructure Aid in education A good start
C2 Read the third paragraph again.

  1.Food for Work
  2.Food for Life
  3.Food for Growth Fill in the blanks with proper words to show the aim and functions of some programs.
program Food-for-life
aim Send emergency food aid to countries during the times of crisis
Through the programs like these, the WFP has helped Target people most more than at risk, such as one billion babies… people since Helps unemployed it was set people support up. It was themselves by giving surely an them work and paying amazing them in food aid. achievement.
Xue Song is preparing a speech about developing countries and the best ways to help them. Help him complete the draft by filling in the blanks using the words from the box below.
malnutrition solution unemployed food aid success
victories developing long-term hunger crisis
developing In the
  1. world, many malnutrition children die from
  2.. This is often a result of poverty, and there is no quick and easy
  3. to solution this problem.
  4. is one Food aid solution, but it is an artificial, shortterm answer to this
  5. long-term problem.
Recognizing this, the United Nations set up the World Food Program (WFP) in 1963 to help fight world
  6. The WFP has hunger three policies: firstly, to save lives in times of
  7. by sending grains such as crisis rice; secondly, to improve nutritional standards and the quality of life in poor countries; and thirdly, to help develop the resources of these countries and to help unemployed
  8. people become independent.
The WFP’s work has led to some of the success many
  9. stories from all over the developing world. These small
  10. in the fight against victories poverty and hunger have helped people while allowing them to maintain their dignity. The WFP has helped show that both food aid and development aid are needed to finially end poverty.
Useful expressions

  1. destroyed harvests 收成毁损
  2.提高公众对饥荒的意识 提高公众对饥荒的意识
  2. raise public awareness of the famine
  3. famine relief funding 饥荒救济基金
  4. receive much attention
  4.受到关注 受到关注
  5. put /place pressure on 施加巨大压力
  6. on top of this
  6.除此以外 除此以外
  7.夺走一千万人的生命 夺走一千万人的生命
  7. claim ten million lives

  8. global health risk 全球健康威胁
  9.在努力干 中 在努力干……中 在努力干
  9. in trying to do…
  10. during times of crisis 处于危机时刻
  11. support oneself
  11.养活自己 养活自己 an amazing achievement
  12.惊人的成就 惊人的成就 fall further behind …
  13.远远落后于 远远落后于.. 远远落后于
  14.长期问题的短期解决办法 长期问题的短期解决办法
shortlonga short-term solution to a long-term problem

  15.从进口粮食过渡到生产粮食 从进口粮食过渡到生产粮食
switch from importing food to producing it

fight the cause of poverty run smoothly create jobs

  19.而不是依赖他人 instead of being dependent on/ upon lie in / consist in
  20.存在于 存在于…
  20.存在于… have been taught to sew clothing
  21.开始学习缝制衣服 develop one’s problem solving
  22.发展解决问题和沟通的技能 and communication skills
  23.用金属丝制作艺术品 make works of art from wire
  24.产量迅速增加 a rapidly growing output
  25.通向更美好未来的良好开端 a good start towards a better future
  1. The concert received much attention around the world that it put pressure on politicians to do something aboutthe famine.
  2. On top of this, according the UN, hunger to lives and malnutrition claimded 10 million every year.
  3. There is a saying that goes ‘ Give a man a Teach fish, and you feed him for a day. a man to and fish, you feed him a lifetime. for
At any rate
  1. the task must be filled.
  2. We drove there at a rate of 50 km an hour. lead to
  3. All roads Rome.
  4. The cattle are grazing (graze) near the river. happened / occurred
  5. An earthquake in the south of China last year. occurred to
  6. It me that she didn’t know about it. broke out
  7. A fire in the hospital at night.
At any rate
  1. the task must be filled.
  2. We drove there at a rate of 50 km an hour. lead to
  3. All roads Rome.
  4. The cattle are grazing (graze) near the river. happened / occurred
  5. An earthquake in the south of China last year. occurred to
  6. It me that she didn’t know about it. break out
  7. A fire in the hospital at night.
Pay attention to the following phrases:
  1. give place to
  2. go places
  3. in place 让位于 平步青云 代替
  4. in place of / take the place of
  5. out of place
  6. go natural
  7. go international
  8. go native
  9. go green 在不适当的地方 回归自然 国际化 融入当地社会 追求绿色生活
Translate the following sentences:
  1.过去三年我们学校发生了巨大的变化 过去三年我们学校发生了巨大的变化. 过去三年我们学校发生了巨大的变化 Great changes have taken place in our school in the past three years.
  2.按计划会议在八点举行。 按计划会议在八点举行。 按计划会议在八点举行 The meeting will take place at eight.
  3. It just so happens that I have his phone number right here. I happen to have his phone number right here. =.
  4.The arrangements are all in place for the concert next Thursday.

  5.孩子们一听到这消息高兴地欣喜若狂. 孩子们一听到这消息高兴地欣喜若狂 The children went wild with excitement on hearing the news.
  6.俗话说 不耻下问才能有真学问. 俗话说,
  6.俗话说,不耻下问才能有真学问. There is a saying that goes ‘A man becomes learned by asking questions. = As the old saying goes, a man becomes learned by asking question.
  7.在太阳下读书对你的眼睛有害。 在太阳下读书对你的眼睛有害 Reading in the sun is bad for your eyes.
What do you think about helping the poor?
A: Do you think that giving food aid alone is a good way to help poor countries? B: Yes. I think it is a good way to help poor countries. Hungry people need to eat! What do you think? A: I think that it is only a short-term solution to the problem of poverty. B: Why? A: …
West region of China
Nothing but an empty house All their belongings add
up to no more than ¥50
The same sky, but...
Group work
What should we do to fight poverty of our country?

  1. What are the present situation in poor areas of China? (life/job opportunity/education...)
  2. What are the measures already taken?
  3. What further steps should we take?
Today's west region of China
Hospital Power system Transportation
Write a report of what we should do to fight poverty of our country, paying special attention to the structure.
Thank you!


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