Lesson 37 A Material World
? Teaching Objectives ?
  1. To practise scanning the text to extract specific information ?
  2. To practise intensive reading skills
  3. To find out the words with the help of English meaning
? Resources used ? pictures from the Internet, the film A Million Pound Bank-Note
Bill Gates
? Design questions ?
  1. What is the ultimate goal for a lot of people? ?
  2. For some millionaires what they continue to do when they become rich?
  3. What’s the living conditions of Charles now? ?
  4. Is Charles satisfied with his present lifestyle?
? True or false or no information F ?
  1. Charles Gray was a rich NI businessman. T T ?
  2. He hasn’t got a TV in his caravan. NI ?
  3. He has got a vegetable F garden.
  4. Charles gave his money to poor people. ?
  5. People thought he was crazy when he gave away small bank notes in the street. ?
  6. He was happier when he was rich.
  1. to give away a) to return ?
  2. to drop out b) to stop doing something ?
  3. to give up c) to change or leave a lifestyle ?
  4. To go back d) to give someone something you don’t need Answers:
  1. d)
  2. c)
  3. b)
  4. a)
? Free talk ? Would you like to be a millionaire? Do you hold the opinion that money makes you happy? Are there more important things in life?


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