1:Do you get pocket money from your parents?
Q2:What things do you like to spend money on ?
How about buying a tree instead?
can have so much effect?
Read the text ( P12 )
When Less Is More
Yes All this started with 5 yuan
Look at the titles and pictures. Read the paragraph in italics. (斜体字段落 斜体字段落) 斜体字段落 Try to guess: What do you think will be talked about in the text?
Task 2: Fast reading
Read the text fast and match the topics with each paragraph.
Para 1
a. A successful tree-planting programme and the importance of your 5 yuan. b. Everybody plays an important role in stopping Yellow River erosion. c. It is a huge job to control Yellow River erosion. d. It tells us the cause of Yellow River erosion and bad effects.
Para 2
Para 3
Para 4
Task 3 : Read and listen to the passage. Answer the questions in Ex.4 on P
  1. Which river is being talked about in the text? The Yellow River

  2. What’ s the problem with the Yellow River?

  1. Every year, about billion tons of
  1.6 sand flows into the Yellow River.

  2. Over time, the removal of sand has caused serious soil erosion .

  3. In which area has soil erosion almost destroyed farming land?
In some areas in Shanxi Province

  4. What can people do to help stop soil erosion?
Plant trees

  5. Why does the writer say 5 yuan is important? Because we can use it to buy a tree, which helps prevent erosion.

  6. Which example is given to show that 5 yuan can help to develop a local economy?
Jiuchengong Valley
Some information about Jiiuchengong Valley 内蒙古九成功村于1997年被列入黄河中上 内蒙古 地重点流域治理和98年生态重点治理流域。经 几年治理,推广植树计划后,原来
  12.8平方公 的五荒地变成了“林草繁茂有山正绿,沟渠打坝 水皆清,种植、养殖兴旺发展,人与自然和谐 荣”的生态园。在这个优雅环境里,庄园外观 朴,内设舒适典雅,游人在这可垂钓、采摘鲜 娱乐休闲度假,同时体会东胜人民战胜恶劣生 环境的毅力,尽情领略大自然的风光。

  7.Do you know the meaning of the title “when less is more” ?? Chinese is also ok! 积少成多 according to the text
Task 4 : Decide True, False, or
No Information ( NI ) F
  1. With the money of selling trees , farmers can buy goods or services. T
  2. Jiuchengong Valley has been changed into a green homeland.

  3. Now government has taken measures to make everyone buy a young tree with 5 yuan.

  4. Five yuan is too little, you can give more money to plant more trees.
  5. Planting more trees reduces soil erosion and makes soil stay on the land.
Task 5: Vocabulary learning
Read these words together approximately, soil, contain, remove, erosion, view, crops, puzzled
Find out in which line each word is and match them with their meanings. ( 根据句子语境猜词 根据句子语境猜词)
Match the words with their meanings.
  1. about crops
  2. Plants such as wheat, rice erosion or fruit grown by farmers puzzled
  3. being worn away by water, wind or sand. contain
  4. Unable to understand sth. view
  5. opinion
  6. Have something inside soil
  7. The top part of the earth remove in which plants grow
  8. Take something away approximately from the place
Post-reading: Consolidation of the text Close your books and fill in the blanks.
Beginning: Showing a question -- What can you do with 5 yuan? Buy a tree -- along the banks of the Yellow River.
Para. 1: Explaining the Erosion of the land along Yellow reason for doing this River is serious and it has forced Local farmers to leave their homeland. Para. 2: Who should be Government, international everyone responsible for organisations and controlling Yellow of us. River erosion?
Post-reading: Consolidation of the text Close your books and fill in the blanks.
Para. 3: Your role in stopping Yellow River erosion Buy a tree→Help soil on the land → stay Farmers can grow crops → Develop local economies. green future Create a for our motherland.
Para. 4: The effect your 5 yuan can have
Voice your opinion: How to use pocket money in a more meaningful way? forest plantation Hope Project the disabled a charity hospital Orphanage(孤儿院 ) home for the aged beggars
Homework: writing
an environmental report
Make a survey about the local environment you live in. And think about what you and your friends can do to improve it?


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