Unit 11 lesson1 World News
What areas of the world are often in the news at the moment ?
Iraq problem
Oil price
Read the text
True or False
  1. G8 stands for eight presidents of the world’s wealthiest nations.
  2.The Group of Eight will be reformed this year.
  3.G8 has decided to cancel the debt of Africa.
  4.At 12:45 UK time today London’s name has been announced twice.
Listening and reading
Listen to the cassette and read the articles and answer these questions

  1. What does “G8” stand for?
The world’s wealthiest nations.

  2. Which nations are in the “G8”? Britain Germany Canada Russia France Japan Italy
the United States

  3. Why is this year’s meeting unusual?
Discuss in detail the topic of Africa
No water! No crops! No food!
This is the result of no water.

  4. What are some of the major problems in Africa?

  5. How can the G8 nations help Africa’s poorest countries?
Cancel the debt of the poorest countries.
Medical team in Africa

  6. What important news were London people reacting to at lunchtime on July 6, 2005?
The announcement of the name of the city to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

  7. How were they reacting to this news?
Cheering people in London streets

  8. Why did this news have historical importance?
London that host the event three times.
It is
Language Points

  1. detail 详情” 全部细节” 名词 “详情” “ 全部细节” This issue will be discussed in more detail in the next chapter. 这个问题将在下一章详细讨论。 这个问题将在下一章详细讨论。 详细讨论 They didn’t give any detail about the game. 他们没有提供这场比赛的具体情况。 他们没有提供这场比赛的具体情况。 具体情况
详细介绍” 动词 “详细介绍” The brochure details all the hotels in the area and their facilities. 这本小册子详细介绍了当地所有 这本小册子详细介绍了当地所有 详细介绍 旅馆及其设施。 旅馆及其设施。
  2. look forward to +n. 高兴地)盼望,期待 高兴地)盼望, I’m looking forward to the weekend. 盼望着周末 我正盼望着周末。 我正盼望着周末。
Look forward to + ving We are looking forward to seeing you again. 期待着再次与你见面 我们期待着再次与你见面。 我们期待着再次与你见面。
  3. come down to sth 可归结为,可归纳为 可归结为, What it comes down to is, either I get more money, or I leave. 归结起来就是:不给我加薪我就辞职。 归结起来就是:不给我加薪我就辞职。 就是
Complete the sentences in the table with these words
have been, was , is , will be , was being, can be, is being, had been, is going to be The Group of Eight, or G8, (
  2) was formed by eight of the world’s wealthiest nations in 19
  98. Past Simple The news (
  3) celebrated by is being crowds in the streets. Present continuous
At 12: 45 UK time today, the name of the host city for…(
  4)announced was being by IOC in Singapore Past continuous Reforms (
  5) demanded by Have been Present people from all over the world. perfect had been London’s name (
  6)announced twice before. Past perfect will be …, as the topic of Africa (
  7) discussed in detail.
They want the leaders to… so that the can be problems there (
  8) prevented from getting any worse. It (
  9) remembered as a is going to be historical meeting this year,…
Read these sentences from the text. Find the phrase that says who the “doer” of the action is in each sentence. Is the “doer” important?
The group of Eight, or G8, was formed by eight of the world’s wealthiest nations in 19
  98. The doer is eight of the world’s wealthiest nations. They are important because they discuss major problems that concern the whole world.
… the name of the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games was being announced by the International Olympics Committee (IOC) … The doer is the international Olympic Committee, which is important because it decides which city will host the Olympic Games.
Put the verbs in brackets into the Passive. Use an appropriate tense.

  1. He just has been offered (offer) a job with a good salary.
  2. The ceremony was reported (report) in the news last night.

  3. I think cinema will gradually be replaced (replace) by TV and computers in the next century.
  4. This programme became very popular after it was award (award) the best TV Show of the Year.

  5. Her latest series of articles is being published (publish) in a nations newspaper at the moment.
Try to use the Passive
International organization has provide a one-week camp for some African children with AIDS. Write a short 100-word news report for a local newspaper.


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