Lesson 3 Living Abroad
In this class, we will be able to
  1. Recognize the function of the Present Participles.
  2. Use the Present Participles to talk about our experience in real life.
Read the texts from Martin, Wang Lei, and Jin Li aloud. Answer the questions.

  1. What did Martin think of the Chinese?
  2. What experience did Wang Lei have?
  3. What did Wang Lei notice?
  4. Why did Jin Li feel he was not welcome?

  1. It was exciting exciting. B A
  2. He had an embarrassing experience. staring
  3. He noticed people staring at them. C closing
  4. His friend went to his room closing the door. D
Which of the Present Participles is used as A. to describe a noun 定语 B. to express features of the subject 表语 C. to add information to an object 宾语补足语 D. to describe two actions that happen at the same 状语
1,7 副词 D.their functions in pairs 状语: 状语
  1. As soon as we said goodbye, my friend went back to his room closing the door behind him.
  2. … but since an embarrassing experience in a New York restaurant I’ve been much more cautious.
  3. …I noticed people staring at us. people staring
  4. What did I learn about Chinese customs from my exciting exchange to China?
  5. They didn’t seem to hear me saying “ No, thank you” in me saying my poor spoken Chinese.
  6. What he did was amazing.
  7. …, but she looked very embarrassed, saying that it was a cheap one she had bought a long time ago.
A. 定语 定语: 2,4 Read through the texts again. Find out more B. 表语 表语: 6 形容词 sentences with Present Participles and discuss C. 宾语补足语 宾语补足语: 3,5
When the earthquake happened,
能跟现在分词作宾语补足语的常见动 词:
see,watch,hear,notice, see,watch,hear,notice,feel, look at, to, look at, listen to, make,let, make,let,have
We saw the buildings . falling down
shaking We felt the earth . crying We heard people .
encouraging What the children did was . moving What the soldiers did was . 表示主语的特征
The doctors sat on the floor with the chatting kids.
Seeing the number "5,12", we will think of giving love to others.
telling We have made some cards, the children we care about them.
Facing all kinds of difficulties, we will be more
When we face all kinds of difficulties, we will
be more united. 主语一致
Rewrite the following sentences, using Present Participles.
  1. As I know a lot of people need my help, I became an education.
  2. The Volcano erupted , killing all the and killed dinosaurs. Climbing
  3. When the detective climbed out of the window, he waved to his partner who was waiting for him in his car. the detective
  4. To my great surprise, I found the couple were discussing their financial difficulties in discussing front of their children.
Form Functions Key Points 表示主语的 特征
V. +ing
定语 主动, 主动, 宾语补足语 状语 正在
Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the words in Brackets. Hong Jin arrived at the University of Leads on 20 January. It was (freeze) freezing cold. (turn)on the tap in his Turning flat, Hong Jin found that there was no running (run) water. He called the asking landlord, (ask) what was wrong. The landlord said, “Oh dear, the pipes have frozen!”
Complete the sentences by using the words in brackets in the correct forms.
  1. a) His performance amazed me. (amaze) amazing b) He gave an performance.
  2. a)My friend went home and me to left conduct the band. (leave) leaving b) My friend went home, me to conduct the band. broke into
  3. a) The burglar the house and Nancy saw him. (break into) breaking into b) Nancy saw the burglar the house.
  4. a) The dog always when I pass by the house. (bark) barking b) I always hear the dog when I pass by the house. think
  5. a) Parents their children may get injured and they won’t let them play in the street. (think) Thinking b) they may get injured, parents won’t let their children play in the street.
Finish off the exercises on Page 82 &83


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