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I Give My Love to You Only I want to live and love with you and be one forever; to be near you so I can reach out and touch you; to make love with you, talk with you, and be silent with you; to hold you close every night and wake up with you each morning. I want to share my secrets with you and be honest with you; to understand and respect you, accepting you as you are. I want to find shelter in you when I am afraid and hold you when I need warmth; to be with you through all seasons, walking with you in the sunshine and cuddling with you in the cold.
Noteshelter n. 掩蔽,庇护所
I want to care for you when you are ill and be joyful with you when you are happy; to grow old with you and be with you until the end of time. I want all these things with you only.
cuddle v. 拥抱
care for 照顾,照料
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I would do all these things for you only. To you only, I give all my love. Sanderson? Jacqueline Faye Sanderson-Mixon 英文背诵:我们第一次相遇 When we first met I held back so much afraid to show my deepest feelings
Note:hold back 踌躇,阻止,抑制,隐瞒 As I got to know you better Note:
your gentleness and honesty encouraged me to open up and I started a trust in you that I never had with anyone else Once I started to express my feelings I realized that this is the only way to have a relationship It is such a wonderful feeling to let myself be completely known to you Thank you so much for showing me what two people can share together I look forward to spending many beautiful times with you ? Susan Polis Schutz
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We'll be okay, won't we? The one thing that matters more to me than anything else in the world... is you and me. You are my world. You're the one who gets all my love and my wishes and my prayers. But somehow... despite all my best intentions, I never feel quite safe enough or sure enough to rest assured that I'll always be able to make you happy. I need to know. I need you more than my words can say. I need to always feel the warm peaceful feeling that I get when you hold me. I need to experience the beauty of our love that I gently receive when we caress. I need for us to remember all the love that's been given and all the love that will unfold each day, between the wonder of you and the warmth of me.
Note:caress v. 爱抚,接吻 Note:
And sometimes, I just need to know that we'll be okay... won't we?
unfold v. 打开,呈现
? Jamie Delere 英文背诵:没人比我更爱你 I sometimes feel a little jealous in my thoughts,
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imagining that someone else could please you more than me. It's just my insecurity acting up a bit, I guess... because I know I'm not the most beautiful, the most ecticing,
Note:jealous adj. 嫉妒的,猜疑的 Note: enticing adj. 引诱的,迷人的
the most fun, or the most imaginative person in the world, but I do know this ? no matter how much time goes by, I can't imagine that you'll ever find another who will love you with a beauty and a passion
insecurity n. 不安全感
Note:passion n. 激情,热情 Note:
and a happiness like that which I feel for you. ? Laine Parsons
英文背诵:爱是两个人的事 Just between you and me... I want our love to always be a personal thing ? just between you and me. There will be others who will think they know us better
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that we know ourselves ? who will want to offer their opinions on the way we ought to be There will be times when we are curious or confused
Note:curious adj. 好奇的 Note:
and we'll find comfort in talking to a friend or spending time alone... But if ever there is a problem involving the two of us, I hope that we will always come to each other first, For just as it took only the two of us to fall in love, the two of us can overcome any obstacle that ever gets in the way.
Note:obstacle n. 障碍,阻碍 Note:
? Lindsay Newman 英文背诵:你是我心灵归宿 To come home to you... People always say things like, "Do you ever feel like getting away from it all?" Away from the worries of the rush-about days that always seem to be? I know that I do... I need something in my life that is solid and secure and someplace that I can escape to ? where I can close out any worries and open up to more peaceful things.
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Note:get away 逃跑,逃离 Note:
secure adj. 安全的,可靠的,放心的
I'm luckier than a lot of people, I guess ? for I have found someplace I can go where my heart is always happy to be and where I have someone I can turn to, someone who is an essential part of me.
Note:essential adj. 本质的,基本的 Note:
And the best part of all is that all I have to do... is just come home to you. ? Jamie Delere 英文背诵:知道你很在乎我 I know you care. I can see it in your eyes. I know you love me; you so often tell me. You must know that it's hard to express all the tender emotion I feel in my heart for you. It's there. Every day, every night, every second of the hour, every day of the year. And in the years to come, I pray that we will always mean this much to each other.
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? Sher Daugherty 英文背诵: 英文背诵:为你付出我的爱 I give you my love... For the harmony you bring into my life... Noteharmony n. 和谐,融洽 I give you my love For the understanding of my needs and the many smiles you have brought to me... I give you my love For the joy you bring to my heart and the many ways you make me feel with every embrace...
Note:embrace n. 拥抱 Note:
I give you my love For the comfort you bring to me and the many treasured times we have shared... I give you my love For the way you are my friend as well as the many ways you express our love... I give you my love For the many ways that you've allowed me to be a part of your life... I give you my love
? Richard W. Weber 英文背诵:我的爱日渐日深
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As time goes by we know each other better we share more things together we share reached or not reached so many goals together we have so many emotions and experiences together As time goes by the bonds holding us together get stronger and stronger the foundation of our relationship gets stronger and stronger my feelings of oneness with you get stronger and stronger
Note:bond n. 结合,粘结 Note:
As time goes by my feeling of love for you gets stronger and stronger
foundation n. 基础,根本
? Susan Polis Schutz 英文背诵:你是我心中最美 英文背诵:你是我心中最美 To someone who is beautiful... all over It is absolutely wonderful to have someone in your life who is caring and giving and gracious ? some whose smiles are live sunshine and laughter and whose words always seem to say the things you most like to hear... because those magical people are really beautiful... inside.
Note:absolutely adv. 完全地,绝对地 Note:
gracious adj. 亲切的,高尚的
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And it is a special privilege to know someone whose outward appearance is a delight just to see ? someone who lights up a room with radiance and who lights up my little corner of the world with a loveliness it has never known before... because special people like that are really beautiful... outside.
Note:previlege n. 特权 Note:
outward adj. 外面的,外表的
But most of all, it is one of the world's most special blessings to have a person in your life who can add so much pleasure and such magnificence to the days ? as you have to mine... because you're someone who is beautiful... all over.
? Andrew Tawney 英文背诵:爱如清晨的阳光 So often, when I'm alone with my thoughts, I feel your presence enter me like the morning sun's early light, filling my memories and dreams of us with a warm and clear radiance.
Note:radiance n. 光辉,闪烁 Note:
You have become my love, my life, and together we have shaped our world until it seems now as natural as breathing. But I remember when it wasn't always so ? times when peace and happiness seemed more like intruders in my life than the familiar companions they are today; times when we struggled to know each other,
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but always smoothing out those rough spots until we came to share ourselves completely. We can never rid our lives entirely of sadness and difficult times ?but we can understand them together, and grow stronger as individuals and as a loving couple.
Note:intruder n. 入侵者 Note:
rid vt. 使摆脱,使去掉
If I don't tell you as often as I'd like, it's because I could never tell you enough ? that I'm grateful for you sharing your life with mine, and that my love for you will live forever.
? Edmund O'Neill 英文背诵: 英文背诵:许下永恒的诺言 To you, my love, I vow... Be my strength, and I will be the same for you. Like a mirror, I will reflect the love you so freely give. Like the infinite circles that ripple forth in water pierced by a stone, I will radiate the happiness you bring to my soul.
Note:infinite adj. 无穷的,无数的 Note:
In times of darkness, I will cling to the memories of our unity and provide you with inner visions of this same bond to be your faith.
ripple n. 波纹
radiate v. 发光,放射
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In times of sorrow, I will be your comfort and divide your grief by sharing it... In times of joy, I will rejoice in our love and encompass you with every tenderness. Together or apart, I will cherish everything about you with all my heart.
Note:grief n. 悲痛,忧伤 Note:
Be my strength, and I will be the same for you.
rejoice v. (使)欣喜,(使)高兴
encompass v. 包围
? Karen Jessie
英文背诵: 英文背诵:相守一生的理由 I want nothing but the best for you, and that's why I want you to always have me in your life... Wanting the best for you means wanting you to always have a friend you can count on, a love you can celebrate, arms you can come home to, and a life that feels fulfilled.
Note:count on v. 依靠,指望 Note:
Wanting the best for you makes me wish that
fulfill v. 履行,实现,完成(计划等)
you'll always want me in your life, because nobody will love you like I will.
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Nobody will try as hard to give you what you need and what you wish for, and nobody could feel as happy as I am or as privileged or as hopeful.
Note:privileged adj. 有特权的,有特别恩典的 Note:
I want the best for you... and that includes me. Not because I'm perfect... but just because I'm perfectly in love with you.
Jamie ? Jamie Delere
英文背诵: 英文背诵:被爱触摸的喜悦 Touched by Love I knew I had been touched by love... the first time I saw you and I felt your warmth and heard your laughter. I knew I had been touched by love... when I was hurting from something that happened, and you came alone and made the hurt go away. I knew I had been touched by love... when I quit making plans with my friends
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and started dreaming dreams with you. I knew I had been touched by love... when I stopped thinking in terms of "me" and started thinking in terms of "we". I knew I had been touched by love... when suddenly I couldn't make decisions by myself anymore, and I had this strong desire to share everything with you. I knew I had been touched by love... the first time we spent alone together and I knew I wanted to stay with you forever... because I had never felt this touched by love.
? Lindsay Newman 英文背诵: 英文背诵:我不再逃避爱情 Because of you... I've stopped running away from love; I no longer want to live inside myself. I want to live within you, to respond to you and to grow from your response to me.
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I never want to shut you out of my life because you are the best thing that's ever happened to me.
? Edward O'Blenis
Note:respond (to) v. 回答,响应 Note:
shut v. 关上,关闭



   初中英语李雷和韩梅梅的缠绵悱恻的爱情故事(转滴) 《九年义务教育三年制初级中学教科书英语第一册 (上) 1994 》 年 10 月第 2 版,1996 年 1 月第 2 次印刷关于初中英语课本的误区, 我一直觉得 Miss Gao 和 Jim Green 他爸有一腿,然后 LiLei 在第一次 去 Jim 他家见到 Jim 的妹妹 Kate Green 的时候就心怀不轨,反正我 一直特讨厌李雷,觉得此男猥琐虚伪的要命.还有 Jim 家貌似很有钱 的样子,回英国过圣诞节做飞机,家里还有苹果树, ...


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