八年级上册 unit1-2 练习题
  1. Doing morning e every day is good for our health.
  2. Mr Green h ever goes to bed before midnight.(午夜)
  3.. They often chat(聊天) with each other on the I.
  4. The r of the football match is 4:
  5. There is an interesting p on TV tonight.
  6. You must look after yourself and keep (健康).
  7. He is strong because he often (锻炼)
  8. M you are right.
  9.A he is ill, he comes to school early.
  10. His eating h are good.
  11. This bike is d from that one.
  12. I have a t and I have to see a dentist.
  13. Nancy had a s after she had some bad food.
  14. I want to be thinner, please give me some a.
  15. His mother’s i(疾病)made him do some housework.
  16. Many Chinese people like to have t Chinese food at home.
  17. The old woman wanted to take some (药) after she had a cold.
  18. Not all the (西方的) children have a healthy lifestyle.
  19. I think she is too (虚弱的), she has to stay in bed for three days.
  20. The p is how to get more water today.
  21. If you have a s back, lie down and rest.
  22. I’m feeling t, I want to have a rest.
  23. My Putonghua isn’t (提高), what should I do?
  24. I’m t, please give me something to drink. 二、适当形式填空。
  1. Does your brother often go (swim) in summer、
  2. Here (be) some oranges.
  3. His mother often (have) lunch at her workplace.
  4. He (do) his homework on weekends.
  5. Katrina with her parents (go) camping once a month.
  6. We are sorry (hear) that you are ill.
  7. What would you like (eat)?
  8. Is he good at (dance)?
  9. Don’t (be) stressed out.
  10. Jim never exercises so he is very (health).
  11. He can (hard) believe his own(自己的) eyes or ears.
  12. There are many (different) between the two shirts.
  13. It’s 6:40 in the afternoon. The children (play) games.
  14. Who (clean) the classroom on Monday?Tom does.
  15. What about (swim) ithis afternoon?
  16. Eveybody (get) thirsty after working in the sun for a long time.
  17. My grandpa’s (eat) habits are pretty good.
  18. I think (run) is a good way to keep healthy.
  19. Would you like something (eat)?
  20. Don’t open the door. Keep it (close). 三、句型转换。
  1. Tom does his homework at school.(改为否定句)
  2. My brother plays soccer after school every day.(提问)

  3. His grandpa exercises twice a day.(提问)
  4. What’s the matter with you?(同义句)
  5. You should drink some hot water.(否定句)
  6. Judy is feeling well.(提问)
  7. You can’t eat junk food every day.(变为祈使句) junk food every day.
  8. He brushes his teeth twice a day.(提问)
  9. Julie has a cold ,too.(否定句) Julie doesn’t a cold, .
  10. I believe he can pass the exam.(否定句) I believe he pass the exam.
  11. You should go to see a doctor if you have a fever.(提问) should I if I have a fever?
  12. You shouldn’t eat anything before you go to hospital.(同义句) You should before you go to hospital.
  13. I hope I can improve my English soon.(同义句) I hope my English soon.
  14. Jim always does his homework after school.(否定) Jim his homework after school.
  15. There is some milk and orange in the fridge.(否定) There milk orange in the fridge. 四、根据汉语完成句子。
  1. 你多久上一次网? do you ?
  2. (多少次) do you play tennis a week?
  3. Who is (最好的学生) in your class?
  4. They have party (两三次) a month.
  5. My father (几乎从不) goes shopping.
  6. 蔬菜和水果对你的健康有好处。 Vegetables and fruit your health.
  7. 均衡饮食很重要。It’s eat a .
  8. 我现在感觉很不舒服。I’m not feeling well .
  9. 我希望您尽快好起来。I hope you soon.
  10. 我有多头疼的事。 I have .
  11. 你应该尽量上学不迟到。 You should try late for school.
  12. 健康的食物能够帮助我们学习更好。 Healthy food can help us .
  13. 为了保持健康,我们应该多吃蔬菜少吃肉。 To , we should eat and .
  14. 我的生活方式与他的相同。 lifestyle his. My
  15.你喉咙疼吗?Do you have a ?
  16.你应该躺下来休息。You should and .
  17. 在周末你们通常进行什么运动? do you usually play ?
  18.我每晚加班学习,有时候到两点钟。 I every night, 2 o’clock. 五、单项选择
  1. Give me my glasses. I can read the words in the newspaper.
A. not hardly B. hardly
C. not hard
D. hard

  27. How are you? A. feel well
I’m not . C. feeling well D. feeling good

  2. Her favorite exercise is A. play football B. play games C. skate D. swimming
B. feel good

  28. When he to our school? About two hours ago. A. does, come B. did, come C. did, came D. does, came

  3. Eating a lot of vegetables us to keep in good . A. helps, health B. help, health C. help, healthy D. helps, healthy

  29. Thirty years ago, only people knew how to use computer. A. little B. a little C. few D. a few

  4. My mother doesn’t want at home for too long. A. I to stay B. me don’t stay C. me staying D. me to stay

  30. It’s raining outside. Don’t leave it stops. A. when B. after C. until D. at

  5. These shoes are beautiful. , please. A. Try them on B. Try on it C. Try it on D. Try on them

  31. There is noise in the street, and it’s noisy.(噪杂的) A. too much, much too B. too many, too much C. too much, many too

  6. Sam is bad science, so he study it hard. A. for, try to B. to, tries to C. at, tries to D. in, is try to

  32. do the students have a P.E. class a week? Once or twice. A. How often B. How many C. How long D. How many times 六、阅读短文,用所给词的或词组的正确形式填空。 exercise, stressed out, medicine, should, stay, be good for, shouldn’t, get tired, at the moment, lifestyle

  7. Is your hairstyle ? A. same as his B. the same as he C. the same as him D. the same as his

  8. There is no grass land flowers in that place. A. and B. or C. but D. so

  9. Your father is sleeping. make any noise(噪音). A. Don’t try to B. Try to C. Try not to D. Try don’t Steve is not feeling well these days. He feels . His friend Sam thinks he change his lifestyle. He eat so much

  10. Where are my keys? I can’t find them. They in your bag. A. maybe B. may be C. can be D. could
junk food, and he should try to do some . The doctor can give him some , and can do a check-up(检查). He is going ti take Steve to do sports. Now Steve knows how to healthy. He has a balanced diet .He knowstaht fruit and vegetables him. Now he is very C. some advice D. any advice healthy and Sam feels happy for him because he knows Steve has a healthy . They play tennis every afternoon for two hours. When they , they go to have a rest. Now they are in good health. 七、任务型阅读 D. of have Early to Bed, Early to Rise There is an old saying: Early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy(富有的) and wise(聪明的). (
  1) . By doing this, we will be in good health. And we will also be wealthy and wise. D. did, stress It’s true that our bodies need to have enough sleep to be healthy. (
  2). Those who do not have enough sleep can’t do their work very well.They will not be wise and they may not get wealthy in the future. (
  3). Walking, running, jumping, riding bikes and D. playing playing games are all exercises. Exercise helps to keep the body strong and healty. It also helps the blood(血液) move around inside the body. D. /, at The head needs blood, too. (
  4). 将下列句子填入短文中(
  4)处。 A. B. D. How much C. D. The body also needs exercise It means(意思是)that we should go to bed early and get up early the next morning. So exercise helps people think better. Children should have a ten-hour sleep every night.

  11. If you have a fever, you should drink hot tea hioney. A. with B. in C. on D. and ?

  12. Could you give me A. any advices
B. some advices

  13. You are not good at mtath. You need hard. A. to study B. studied C. studies D.studying

  14. It’s easy a healthy lifestyle. A. have B. to have C. having

  15. Maybe you have too yang, you should eat more yin foods. A. many B. much C. more D. some

  16. Why you so out? A. are, stressed B. do, stress C. do, stressed

  17. the teacher’s help, he improved his Chinese. A. Under B. In C. With D. By

  18. She always enjoy football. A. play B. to play C. and play

  19. She go to bed eleven every day. A. don’t, until B. doesn’t, until C. /, until

  20. His sister eats vegetables although it’s good for her health. A. often B. sometimes C. ever D. hardly ever

  21. hours do you exercise every day? A. How long B. How often C. How many

  22. homework, I think you must do it every day. A. To B. As C. For D. As for

  23. You should know good food and exercise you study well. A. help B. helps C. helping D. to help
  5. What does the wors “rise” mean? A. To do exercise B.To get up C. To stand up

  24. he is tired, he still does his homework. A. Because B. When C. As D. Although

  6. If children do not have enough sleep, they may A. not be late for school B. become wise C. do badly in their work 八、 Tony 是你最好的朋友, 在学校他学习努力。 他平时喜欢看英语书, 有时上网冲浪。他很注意照顾自己的身体:他每周锻炼两、三次,每 天步行去上学。他的饮食习惯很好,身体很健康。 (发挥,80 字左右)

  25. The results for “ watch TV” interesting. A. is B. are C. was D. were

  26. He shouldn’t eat for 24 hours. A. something B. nothing C. anything D. many food


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