1 Look at these pictures. In pairs discuss what they have in common. in common共同的,共有的 共同的, 共同的 The two brothers have nothing in common. This is our wish in common.
common sense常识 常识 have nothing/ little/ something/ a lot in common 有……共同之处 共同之处
2 laptop 手提电脑 I need a small, lightweight laptop.
3 work out a list and compare it with your partner. compare ……with 把……与……相比较 与 相比较 I compared the copy with the original, but there wa not much difference.
compare with/ to与……相比 与 相比 (在句中做状语) 在句中做状语) compared with other girls, she is tall. 比较” 做“与……比较”时,既可以用 比较 with也可以用 也可以用to 也可以用 但做“ 比作” 但做“把……比作”只能用 比作 只能用to
? He compared his camera with/ to mine. ? Books can be compared to friends.
? 4 calculating machine计算器 计算器 ? calculate计算 计算 ? It is a traditional way to calculate one's age. ? calculator计算器 计算器 ? calculation计算 计算 ? where did I go wrong in my calculation?
? 5 universal machine通用机器 通用机器 ? universal 普遍的,通用的,宇 普遍的,通用的, 宙的 ? Humor is a universal language. ? Climate change is a universal problem.
6 simplify 简化 Try to simplify your explanation for the children. sum总数,算术题,金额 总数, 总数 算术题,
? in sum 总而言之 ? In sum, theory should be combined with practice. ? a sum of一笔 一笔 ? You will be fined a sum of money.
7 logically逻辑的 逻辑的 They do not think logically, but emotionally. logical合逻辑的,合情理的 合逻辑的, 合逻辑的
? 8 At that time it was considered a technological revolution and the start of my "artificial intelligence." ? 那时这被当做是一次技术革命, 那时这被当做是一次技术革命, 也是我“人工智能” 也是我“人工智能”的开始
? technological科技的 科技的 ? In the future, competition between nations will be increasingly based on technological skill. ? technology工艺,科技,技术 工艺, 工艺 科技, The firm has to overcome its resistance to new technology.
intelligence n 智力,聪明,智 智力,聪明, 能 The bride unites beauty and intelligence. intelligent 智能的,聪明的 智能的, A dolphin is an intelligent animal.
? revolution革命,变革 革命, 革命 ? the Russian revolution 俄国革 命 ? the computer revolution电脑 电脑 革命
? artificial ? 人造的,人为的 人造的, ? artificial flowers人造花 人造花 ? This drink contains no artificial colors. ? 矫揉造作的,虚假的 矫揉造作的, She welcomed me with a rather artificial smile.
9 solve解决,解答 解决, 解决 解答=settle The dispute between the two countries was solved by compromise. Perhaps time would solve the problem. solution n 解决方法 we must find the solution to the problem.
10 from……on从……时起 从 时起 Your life will change from now on.
11 by用作介词,“不迟于, 用作介词, 不迟于, 用作介词 到……为止” 和表示时间的状 为止” 为止 语连用,常用于完成时态。 语连用,常用于完成时态。 By the end of 2009, we had learned 6000 words.
wonder : 1 no wonder that= It is no wonder that 2 I wonder at his carelessness. 3 I wonder if you can help me out of the difficulty. 4 The Great Wall is one of the seven wonders of the world.
12 reality 事实,现实 事实, We must learn to face the reality. in reality= in fact 事实上,实际 事实上, 上
13 As time went by, i was made smaller as 连词,“随着” 表示事情的 连词, 随着” 发展过程。 发展过程。 As he grew older, he became less patient.
? go by= pass经过,时间流逝 经过, 经过 ? A car went by. ? Two years went by before he got another letter from her.
14 personal个人的,亲自的,私 个人的, 个人的 亲自的, 人的 The president made a personal appearance at the event.
15 totally 总共的,完全的 总共的, I totally agree with you the total population of Britain.
16 over time在这期间 在这期间=over a 在这期间 period of time. We discussed it over a bottle of wine.
17 application n 应用,用途, 应用,用途, 申请 He is busy writing a job application. application form申请表 申请表 make an application to sb for sth向某人申请 向某人申请
When should I make an application if I expect to enter the university? apply vt. 申请,请求 申请, vi. 应用,运用 应用, Any of them can apply for the job. In this way they can better apply theory to practice.
? 18 finance n 金融,财政 金融, ? His father is an well-known expert in finance. ? Financial crisis ? Financial center
19 explore vt探究,探索 探究, 探究 Before you discover , you must explore. Exploration n 探索 Space exploration is still in its infancy.
20 anyhow= anyway 无论如何, 无论如何, 即使如此 Anyhow I must tell the truth. Somehow以某种方式,用某种 以某种方式, 以某种方式 方法 We must stop him from seeing her somehow.
? Provide 提供,供给 提供, ? Provide sb with sth ? 向某人提供某物 ? They provided him with money and clothes. ? Goal 目标,球门,(进球)得 目标,球门,(进球) ,(进球 分 ? Achieve one’s goal实现目标 实现目标
? 21 I am now filled with happiness that I am a devoted friend and helper of the human race. ? 我现在真的很快乐,因为我是人 我现在真的很快乐, 类忠实的朋友和助手。 类忠实的朋友和助手。 ? That 引导同位语从句,解释 引导同位语从句, happiness的内容。 的内容。 的内容
? The news that our football team won the match was encouraging. ? 我接受了你的建议,买了较贵的 我接受了你的建议, 那种型号。 那种型号。 ? I accepted your suggestion that I should buy the more expensive model.


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