BOOK2 Unit1
  1. 我拿不准这本书是谁的? I am not quite sure who that book belongs to.
  2. 布朗先生来到中国寻找更美好的未来. Mr. Brown came to China in search of a better future.
  3. 他为了做沙发而拆掉了两把旧椅子. He took apart two old chairs in order to make a sofa.
  4. 约翰提到了几个法官的名字,他对他们评价不高. John mentioned the names of a few judges whom he did not think highly of.
  5. 毫无疑问,搜寻那些丢失的文物的工作还会继续下去. There is no doubt that the search for those lost cultural relics will continue.
  6. 当时两个国家正在打仗,大批军队被派往前线(战斗) . When two countries were at war troops of soldiers were sent to the front line to fight.
  7. 她给了我食物和衣服,没求任何回报. She gave me food and clothes and she did not ask for anything in return. Unit 2
  1. 只有在希腊出生的人才能成为古代奥运会的参赛者. Only those who were born in Greece could be admitted as competitors in the ancient Olympic Games.
  2. 运动员们一个接一个地离开了奥运村. One after another the athletes left the Olympic village.
  3. 他和儿子讨价还价后答应他:如果孩子努力学习,他就会带他去看 2008 年的北 京奥运会. He made a bargain with his son and promised him that he would take him to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games if he worked hard.
  4. 有许多运动员虽然没有为自己赢得奥运奖牌的荣誉,却以运动家的精神帮助别人 实现了这个梦想. There are many athletes who did not win the glory of an Olympic medal for themselves, but helped others to realize their dream by their sportsmanship.
  5. 志愿者将帮助人们找到前往体操馆和体育场的正确的路.
Volunteers will help people find their way to the gymnasia / gymnasiums and stadia / stadiums. Unit 3
  1. 本热爱足球,他最大的快乐就是自己进球的那一刻. Ben loves football and his greatest happiness is whenever he scores a goal.
  2. 有了电脑的帮助,你会发现处理和分享信息是不难的. With the help of a computer, you will not find it hard to deal with and share information.
  3. 杰克上学期考试不及格,从那时起她父母就不再让他玩电脑游戏了. Jack failed his exams last term and from then on his parents stopped him playing computer games.
  4. 我不愿意每周末都照看我那淘气的侄女,但是我母亲坚持我得这么做. I don't like to watch over my naughty niece every weekend, but my mother insists that I do.
  5.当我年轻的时候,我并不乐意帮我妈妈做饭,但是这却在某种程度上帮助了我, 现在我能做可口的饭菜啦. When I was young, I didn't like to help my mother with the cooking, but in a way it has been useful as I am now able to make delicious food.
  6. 一个能培养世界级运动员的教练将大受欢迎. A coach who can train world class athletes will be universally popular.
  7. 发射火箭进入太空的信号出了差错,结果火箭爆炸掉入了大海. The signal to the rocket going into space went wrong, and as a resultit exploded and fell into the sea. Unit 4
  1. 当苏珊看到猴子们在猎物保护区互相追逐(搞得)尘土飞扬时,忍不住大笑起来. 它们的样子太滑稽了. Susan burst into laughter when she saw the monkeys running after each other in the dust of the game reserve. They looked so funny.
  2. 我爷爷如此盼望着麋鹿归来,以至于在南海子麋鹿苑看到它们时,他抑制不住内 心的激动哭了起来. My grandpa longed for the return of the Milu deer so much that he could hardly contain his excitement and burst into tears when he saw them in the Nanhaizi Milu Park return to China.

  3. 野生动植物保护基金会定期视察大熊猫保护区,因此,那里的大熊猫得到了很好 的保护.他们确保任何大熊猫捕猎者都会受到惩罚,毫不留情. The WWF inspects the panda reserves regularly so that the pandas there are well protected. They make sure that anyone who hunts a panda will be punished with no mercy.
  4. 失去了那么多藏羚羊之后,猎物保护区的工作人员开始采用新的方法去抓捕偷猎 者. After the loss of so many antelopes, the game keepers began to employ new methods for catching the hunters.
  5.当熊猫宝宝开始自己可以啃咬竹子时,这些科学家知道他们的实验会成功的. The scientists knew that their experiment would succeed when the panda babies began to bite and eat bamboo all by themselves.
  6.漏油事件危害了许多海鸟的生存,这促使了许多以保护鸟类为目标的社会团体的 形成. Incidents with oil spills harm many sea birds, this has encouraged societies to come into being, whose aim is to save the birds.
  7.许多人到像深圳那样的新经济开发区去找工作,希望能提高他们的收入. Many people go to a new economic zone like Shenzhen to look for a new job, hoping to increase their income there. Unit 5
  1. 这就是我梦想的家!我们什么时候可以搬进来? This is the home I have always dreamed of! When can we move in?
  2. 你可以跟我说实话,因为我很了解这个情况. You can be honest with me since I am familiar with the situation.
  3. 他很喜欢拿别人开玩笑,但是对别人开他的玩笑却非常敏感. He likes playing jokes on others but is very sensitive if others play jokes on him.
  4. 在我被那演员的幽默玩笑逗乐的短暂一刻,我忘记了腿上的疼痛. For a brief moment I forgot the pain in my leg as I laughed at the humorous jokes of the actor.
  5. 他成功的原因很多.后来,我们一致同意,首先是歌迷的喜爱和执着使得他的事 业成功.
There are many reasons for his success. Afterwards we agreed that above all the love and devotion of his fans had made his career successful.
  6. 大约从明年开始,我就不得不靠儿子来养家糊口了. For the next year or so I will have to rely on my son to support the family.


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   考研英语十二大基础语法体系 对于任何英语句子,要分析其结构,这样才能找到英语语言的规律。 每种语言 都有它的难点,汉语的难点在于汉语不是拼读语言,汉字很难写,而且有四种声 调。其实,许多接触过多种外语的人都认为,英语的语法比法语、德语、俄语、 日语等都简单,是最容易学的。著名语言学家乔姆斯基说过,语法是内生的、也 就是随着语言的诞生而诞生的。因此,学习语法和学习语言是相辅相成的。 一、 英语动词的时态 (一)英汉两种语言在时态表达方式上的差异: 英汉两种语言在时态表达方式上的差异: 英语的词 ...


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