Unit 1 Women of achievement
SubjectSubject-Verb Agreement
The group made up of nine students. is
are The group dancing happily.
has The team some good players. (have) are The team handsome. (be)
Group discussion: Can you find out the grammar rules? Collective nouns can have a singular or plural verb. If the noun refers to a whole unit, the verb is singular. If it refers to the different members of a unit, the verb is plural.
Collective nouns(集体名词) (集体名词)
group, family, class, government, team, public, enemy, crowd, company, audience, club, party, police, army, band, minority and so on.
由集体名词, 由集体名词,如group, family, class, government, team, public, enemy, crowd, company, audience, club, party, crew等作主语 等作主语 如果看成一个整体,谓语动词用单数形式, 时,如果看成一个整体,谓语动词用单数形式, 如果看成其中各成员, 如果看成其中各成员, 则用复数形式. 则用复数形式. 注意: 注意:集体名词为 people, police, cattle,谓语 , 动词用复数形式 e.g. The police are searching for the thief.
Choose the correct verb form to complete the following sentences.

  1.The research group is (is, are) made up of five people.
  2.What do (do, does) the group want for their lunch?
  3.Our family is (is, are) not poor any more.
  4.He has to worry. His family are (is, are) waiting for him.
  5.The class is (is, are) more than forty in number.

  6.The class have (have, has) disagreed among themselves about where they should go and have a picnic.
  7.The government has (has, have) spent more than two million yuan in planting trees.
  8.The city government have ( has, have) different opinions about next year's plan.
Neither __ big. ( A. is B. are ) dog A Neither of them big. ( A. is B. are ) A/ B Neither handsome. ( A. is B. are ) rabbit A A/ B Neither of the rabbits handsome.. ( A. is B. are )
How to use none and neither
neither + n.(singl.) neither of none of n.(C) V.(singl.) singl. plural.
n. (U)
  1.None of these people doctors. A. has B. is C. are D. was
  2.Neither of them B a good singer. A. are B. is C. were D. is used to be
  3.Neither of us (was/were) ready was/were when the party began.
  4. None of them (has/have) watched the talk show.
Indefinite pronouns
everybody somebody something anybody everything everyone anything nobody nothing
当这些词做主语时,谓语动词用单数, 当这些词做主语时,谓语动词用单数,在 来代替它们, 句中我们可以用they 来代替它们,有时我 来代替. 们可以用he/she来代替
  1. Nothing difficult in the world if you set your mind to it . they/he/she
  2. Nobody thought would have to pay for their/his/her own ticket(s).
二,用作主语的两个名词或代词由or, either… or, neither… nor, 用作主语的两个名词或代词由 both… and或not only… but also连接 或 连接
is Bob a worker. Mike and Bob workers. are
are Both Mike and Bob workers. is Neither Mike nor Bob a teacher.
Neither of them knows/know (know) how to teach English. None of them knows/know (know) how to teach English.
A or B Not A but B Either A or B Neither A nor B Not only A but also B Here There +Verb A and B A , B and C Verb
Not only you but also he wrong. (is/are) is _ Neither you nor he right. (is/are) _ is There two shops and a cinema beside the are railway station. (is/are) Here __ a map and a handbook for you. is (is/are)
The singer and dancer on the stage. is
The gift is used to have western meals. What is it?
A knife and fork is used to have meals.
三,由and连接的两个并列主语指同一个人 连接的两个并列主语指同一个人 或物,谓语动词用单数, 或物,谓语动词用单数,这时后面的名 词没有冠词. 词没有冠词.
  1).The worker and writer our school visits today.( visit )
  2).The worker and the writer have come to the meeting . (have come / has come )
A Each man and woman the same rights. A. has B. have C. had D. is having
所修饰的名词, 由each, every, no, many a所修饰的名词, 所修饰的名词 连接作主语, 即使用 and连接作主语,谓语动词一般用单 连接作主语 数.
四,当主语后面跟有as well as, as much as, no less than, 当主语后面跟有 along with, with ,like, rather than, together with , but , 等引导的词组时, except, besides, ,including等引导的词组时,其谓语动词的 等引导的词组时 复数由主语的单,复数而定. 单,复数由主语的单,复数而定.
  1. The teacher with two students at the meeting . (was / were)
  2.E-mail, as well as the telephones, an A important part in daily communication. A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play

  1) A library with five thousand books to the nation as a gift. A. is offered B. has offered C. are offered D. have offered
  2) Nobody but Jane the secret. A. know B. knows C. have known D. is known
由分数或百分数或a lot of, lots of, plenty of, half of, the rest of, some of, most of, all of , (a) part of +名词作主语时,谓语动词的形式与of 后面的名词的数一致 e.g. Lots of damage was caused by fire. Some students are planting trees. The rest of them are watering them.
e.g. Tom is one of the students who are good at playing football. Tom is the only one of the students who is good at playing football. [注意]在"one of+复数名词+关系代词" 注意] +复数名词+关系代词" 的结构中, 的结构中,定语从句中谓语动词用复 数形式;但是若前有the only, 将其限定为只 数形式;但是若前有 , 有一个时,谓语动词用单数形式. 有一个时,谓语动词用单数形式.
e.g. The rich are to help the poor. The wounded was a young boy. 以定冠词the + adj.(或过去分词)结构作主 语,谓语动词常用复数形式,如the brave, the poor, the blind, the sick, the unemployed等, 但有少数过去分词与定冠词连用时指个体, 用单数形式.
七,当主语由不定式,动名词或疑问词引导的 当主语由不定式, 句子充当时,谓语动词用单数. 句子充当时,谓语动词用单数.

  1).To hold the Olympic Games a rich is prize for a country. (be)
  2). Choosing what to eat no longer as easy as it once was.

  3) What we need is more time and more materials. 由what, who, why, how, whether等引导的主语 等引导的主语 从句,谓语动词通常用单数, 但所指的具体内 从句,谓语动词通常用单数,(但所指的具体内 容为复数意义,则可以用复数形式. 容为复数意义,则可以用复数形式 What we need are teachers.)
八,表示时间,金钱,距离,重量等复数名词, 表示时间,金钱,距离,重量等复数名词, 在表示单位数量用作主语时, 在表示单位数量用作主语时,通常被看作整 谓语动词用单数. 体,谓语动词用单数.
is A million dollars __(is/are) really a lot of money.
Sixty years is a long time.
Three thousand milesis a long distance. Fifty kilogrammes is not too heavy to be carried.
  1.One or two days enough to see . the city. . A.is B.are . . C.am D.be . .
  2. Neither my wife nor I myself . able to persuade my daughter to change her mind. . A.is B.are . . C.am D.be . .

  3.Not only I but also Jane and Mary . tired of having one examination after another. . A.is B.are . . C.am D.be . . 4 . Not the teacher , but the students looking forward to seeing the film. . A.is B.are . . C.am D.be . .

  5.Nobody but Betty and Mary late . for class yesterday. . A.was . B.were . C.has been D.have been . . 6 . A woman with some children soon. . A.is coming B.are coming . . C.has come D.have come . .

  7.No one except my parents . anything about this. A.know B.knows . . C.is known . D.are known .
  8.The teacher as well as the students . the book already. . A.has read B.have read . . C.are reading D.is reading . .
  9.All but one in the accident. . . A.was killed B.were killed . . C.will be killed D.are killed . .

  10. When and where to build the new factory yet. A. is not decided B. are not decided C. has not decided D. have not decided
  11. The number of people invited fifty, but a number of them absent for different reasons. A. were; was B. was; was C. was; were D. were; were
  12. of the land in that district covered with trees and grass. A. Two fifth; is B. Two fifth; are C. Two fifths; is D. Two fifths; are
Finish workbook page 43 using structures 1 and page 44 using structures
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