Unit 1 Women of achievement

  1. achieve (vt.) 后接 做宾语 后接n.做宾语 He achieved great success. You will never achieve your aim unless you work harder. achievement (c.n.) He is proud of his achievements.
  2. condition "条件" (c.n.) 条件" 条件 That was a condition for peace talk.
身体健康是获得成功的条件之一. 身体健康是获得成功的条件之一. 身体健康是获得成功的条件之一
Heath is one of the most important conditions of achieving success.
"状况,状态" (u.n.) 状况,状态" 状况
be in good/poor/excellent condition 处于某种状态中 She is often in top condition. I have had no exercise for ages; I'm really out of condition.
on condition ( that ) … 条件下, 在……条件下,倘若 条件下 倘若……
你要穿上大衣才可以出去. 你要穿上大衣才可以出去. 你要穿上大衣才可以出去
You can go out on condition that you wear an overcoat. on no condition 一点也不,决不 一点也不,
你决不能把发生的事情告诉他. 你决不能把发生的事情告诉他. 你决不能把发生的事情告诉他
You must on no condition tell him what happened.

  3. connection connect connect A with B 把A与B联系起来 与 联系起来 People connect Vienna with waltzes and coffeehouses.
The two towns are connected by a railway. 与join 的区别
connect 强调仍保持各自特点的基础上把 两个或多个物体连接起来; 两个或多个物体连接起来; join 使多个物体连接 强调连接后仍可分离 使多个物体连接,强调连接后仍可分离
They joined the two pieces of wood with nails.
connection between A and B
肺癌和抽烟之间有关系吗? 肺癌和抽烟之间有关系吗? 肺癌和抽烟之间有关系吗 Is there a connection between smoking and lung cancer?
connection with/ to sth.
他的失败和他的态度无关. 他的失败和他的态度无关. 他的失败和他的态度无关
His failure has no connection with his attitude.

  4. devote
  1)devote oneself /sth. to (doing) sth. 献身于……;致力于 献身于 ;致力于…… He devotes himself to finishing the task. She devotes all her time to her family.
  2) devoted (adj.) 深爱的,全心全意的, 深爱的,全心全意的,忠实的 a devoted friend She is devoted to her family.
她深爱她的家庭. 她深爱她的家庭.

  3) devote v devote oneself / sth. to sb / sth. 他一生促进世界和平的发展. 他一生促进世界和平的发展. He devoted his life to promoting/ the promotion of the world peace. 刘胡兰把生命奉献给了祖国. 刘胡兰把生命奉献给了祖国. Liu Hulan devoted her life to our country. 他所有的余闲都花在学英语上. 他所有的余闲都花在学英语上. He devotes all his spare time to learning English.

  5. behave behaviour (
  1) 行为;举止 行为;
她表现出了很大的勇气. 她表现出了很大的勇气.
She behaved with great courage.
他对顾客的态度不好. 他对顾客的态度不好.
He to the customers. behaved badly Behave yourself (yourselves).
  2)vt. &vi. 举止适当或有礼
你应该学会举止得体. 你应该学会举止得体. 你应该学会举止得体
learn to behave You should . (
  3) vi. (指事物)表现好,或正常 指事物)表现好,
我的摄像机自从修好后一直很正常. 我的摄像机自从修好后一直很正常. 我的摄像机自从修好后一直很正常
has been behaving well My camera since it was repaired.

  6. worthwhile (可作定语和表语) 可作定语和表语) a worthwhile experiment job The experiment is worthwhile. It is worthwhile to do sth./ doing sth. It is worthwhile to do the job. doing the job. * worth be worth (doing) sth. well worth reading The book is . = It is worthwhile to read the book.

  1) observe + n. / pron.
sb. doing / do sth. that ? clause .
She likes to observe stars. He observed her come across the street. →She was observed to come across the street.
We observed the students entering the hall. He observed that it had turned cloudy.
  2) 遵守,顺从 遵守,
我们必须遵守交通规则. 我们必须遵守交通规则. 我们必须遵守交通规则
observe the traffic rules We must . (
  3) 举行(仪式等),庆祝(节日等) 举行(仪式等),庆祝(节日等) ),庆祝
你们国家的人庆祝圣诞节吗? 你们国家的人庆祝圣诞节吗? 你们国家的人庆祝圣诞节吗
Do you observe Christmas Day in your country?

  8. respect (
  1)n. 尊敬;敬重 尊敬; respect for sb./ sth. 对某人的敬意 Students should show respect for their teachers. The new officer soon won the respect of his men. (
  2) v. 尊敬,敬重 尊敬, respect sb./sth. for… I respect you for your honesty.
  3) respect oneself 自尊;自重 自尊; If you don't respect yourself, how can you expect others to respect you.
  9. argue argument (
  1) argue with sb. about /over sth. 和某人争吵某事
We argued with the waiter about the price of the meal.
  2) argue for 为……而辩论 而辩论 argue against 为反对 为反对……而辩论 而辩论
工人们为争取罢工的权力而辩论. 工人们为争取罢工的权力而辩论. 工人们为争取罢工的权力而辩论 argued for the right to strike The workers . 一些人为反对自由贸易辩论. 一些人为反对自由贸易辩论. 一些人为反对自由贸易辩论
Some people . argue against free trade
  3) argue sb. into / out of doing sth. 劝说某人做 不做 不做某事 劝说某人做 /不做某事 They argued him out of giving up the plan. They got into an argument with the dean.
  10. entertainmententertain a place of entertainment (u.n.)
The local entertainments (c.n.) are listed in the newspaper. 本地的娱乐活动都登在报纸上了. 本地的娱乐活动都登在报纸上了.
  11. inspire inspire sb. to do sth. His spirit inspires us to work hard to achieve more in our life. She inspires those who want to cheer the achievements of women. 她激励着人们为妇女们的成就而欢呼喝彩. 她激励着人们为妇女们的成就而欢呼喝彩.
inspiration (n.) 灵感 inspiring (adj.) 鼓励人的 inspired (adj.) 有创作力的
She was an inspiration to all of us. inspiring Her speech yesterday made us. We are determined to learn from her inspired and try to do our job better.

  12. communication ? communicate Internet and mobile phone are the most important means of communication today. I don't think the teacher communicates his ideas clearly. Have you communicated with your parents?

  13. upon
  1)一般情况下upon =on,在一些短语中 一般情况下 , 可以通用: 可以通用:
depend on/ upon; rely on/ upon; look on/ upon sth. as… look down upon / on sth.
  2) 在下面情况下不可以通用
  1) 表"日期"时只用 日期"时只用on:
on Sunday

  2) 在句末或分句末的动词不定式后往往用
upon nothing to depend upon; not enough to live upon

  3) 在一些习惯用法中
upon my word; once upon a time

  14. career She spent most of her career as a teacher . 与job的区别: 的区别: 的区别 job 为了谋生而做的事情; 为了谋生而做的事情; career 是人们终身从事的工作和职业. 是人们终身从事的工作和职业.
  15. explain explain sth. to sb. Please explain this point to us. * explanation (n.) She's giving an explanation of how the machine works.

  16. rate (
  1) 做 n. "价格,费用,速度,比率" 价格, 价格 费用,速度,比率" a national unemployment/birth rate of 5% a tax rate 税率 an interest rate 利率 the exchange rate between …兑换率 兑换率 a rate of speed of 60 miles an hour postal/advertising/insurance rates 邮资/广告费 保险费 邮资 广告费/保险费 广告费
a first-rate level at any rate 无论如何 at this / that rate 照这种/那种情形看 照这种 那种情形看
e.g. At any rate, I'd like to attend the play, in spite of high prices. At this rate, we can't finish it on time. (
  2) [vt.] "评定,认为" 评定,认为" 评定
rate sth. at … / rate sb.<sth.> as … *What do you rate his income at? * She is highly rated as novelist.

  17. care for (
  1) 用在肯定句中表示"照顾,照料" 用在肯定句中表示"照顾,照料" He is very good at caring for patients. (
  2) 用在否定句和疑问句(无被动)"喜欢,愿意" 用在否定句和疑问句(无被动) 喜欢,愿意" I don't really care for tea; I like coffee better. care about: 关心;担心;计较 关心;担心; He doesn't care about his clothes. I don't much care about going.

  18. determination I have the determination to win / of winning honor for our team. determine (v.)--determine to do sth. They determined to go at once/ that he would go at once. determined (adj.) be determined to do sth. I am determined to go. She is a very determined woman.

  19. consideration (
  1) u.n.
Your suggestion is under consideration. John never showed any / had no consideration for anyone. 他从来不替他人着想. 他从来不替他人着想.
  2) c.n.
Cost is an important consideration for me when I buy new clothes. 我买新衣服时,价钱是考虑的一个重要因素. 我买新衣服时,价钱是考虑的一个重要因素.
take sth. into consideration 考虑到 Your teacher will take your recent illness into consideration when judging your paper. considerate (adj.) 替人着想的
be considerate of others 能体谅别人的


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