高中英语必修四 单词总结
Unit 1 Women of achievement Exercise 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子. Coming top in such an important exam is quite an a. The ship is in no c to make a long voyage. Their b towards me shows that they do not like me. He was under o by the police. We’d better take time and money into c when making the plan. He is always (谦逊的) about his success. Genius is
  10% (灵感)and
  90% perspiration. The workers are on (罢工)for higher pay. I was (资助)by my parents when I was studying at collage. We have been told to show (尊敬)for our elders. As a student, all her life is (奉献)her students. This settlement (成立)in 16
  00. Do you (了解) Jack getting arrested? You need warm clothes to (保护) you against the cold. I was (驱逐) the club because of breaking the rule. The lost child was seen (闲逛)last afternoon. Tom, the top student of our class, thinks studying is a very (值得的)work. With the Internet, people can (交流)each other much easier. He (瞧不起)people who’ve never been to university. I know the writer who ( 打算) work children. Unit 2 Working the land Exercise 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子. After a long s, he gained control of the business. Our foreign trade has e greatly in recent years. The girl s her mother by cleaning up the kitchen. As is known to all, coal and iron are m. She r her weight by 5 kilograms. Her unexpected arrangements(搞乱)all our plans. After the conference, the secretary passed me a ten-page (纪要,摘要). The Fashion Magazine developed a large (销售量)quickly. The two students (相互交流)greetings when they met. After 10 years in prison, he was given his (自由). They(结束)the party with a song “Take me to your heart”. It seems that you don’t (在乎) your failure in the examination at all. The police are (寻找)the escaped prisoners. The baby is hungry but it is too young to (喂养) itself yet. We want to (装备)your children with some special skills. Last night they the dormitory mice which made much noise at night.(摆脱) I don’t hope to leave so soon; I (宁愿) stay home a day longer.
It’s no use (希望)things you can’t have. She (醒来) a terrible dream when her mother entered the room. We help (互相) with our homework in the summer holiday. Unit 3 A taste of English humour Exercise 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子. Man should try to be harmony with nature, and not be c to wildlife. To my a, he did the difficult job well. Could you e the child for an hour, while I make dinner? He had o the difficulties with his English before he went aboard. I was f to have a good teacher. Don’t be in such a hurry; you’d better eat a few (一口,满口)of food before you go shopping. In fact, China is a(多山的)country. He did the job under my (指导). Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be (咀嚼)and digested. Although he failed in the examination again, he knew the success came after many (失败) . Last night, I happened to (碰见) a chair in the dark. He used to hope to go abroad, but now he (满足,满意)stay his present position. We should satisfy ourselves with the living conditionsmany families are much (穷的) than we are. They were recognized by the (贫穷)of their clothing. The movie (以……为背景)pre-war Beijing in China. You’ve been caught cheating, now you must (面对) the music. Her health soon ( 恢复) after a few day’s rest. (代替) the children’s play and adventure, he had a desire to learn. It’s cruel to (玩弄,开玩笑) people who stammer(结巴). Those who’d like to go sign names at the (底部) of the page, please. Unit 4 Body Language At the airport, he kissed me goodbye on the c. The guest e their thanks to the host and hostess when leaving. The artist asked his model to take a reclining (躺着) p. Mother told me to b well when we visited relatives. You say he is easy-going, but I never feel at e with him. We both are not in time; I think there must be some (误会) over the time. As you (接近) the school the first building you see is the teaching building. Everyone who helped gets a (份额) in the profiles. The police (注意到) the man entering the bank. You see I’m a student of art; I’m not very (熟悉的) with botanical names. I ( 愿意,准备) lend you the book if you promise to return it on time. Our teacher (主修) in mathematics and physics. Following the national news we have got the (当地的) news and weather.
The picture (描绘,描述) a hunting scene in which there is an ancient king. I will stay at home this evening; she very (很可能) ring me tonight. I think he ( 回避,躲开) me, because he several times pretends not to see me. We have (相似的) tastes in music. I heard they (想要,打算) marry, but they haven’t so far. The teacher (惩罚) the students for their being late by letting them stand outside the classroom. They have broken the (协议,同意) between us. Unit 5 Theme parks Unlike traditional park, t parks often want to teach visitors something. Today many people are experiencing the joy of the a park for the first time. There’s gas e somewhere. Can you smell it? When in conferences, he often leaves for v reasons. They will c at least $600 for moving the piano. The (设备) of Information Technology is expensive indeed. Only a m(少数)of students receive(s) the scholarship. Many people would agree that it is one of the most technologically (先进的) theme parks in the world after visiting Futuroscope on France. Stop looking for the perfect jobit’s just a (幻想). In science fictions, aliens are (生物) from the outer world. You’d better leave now if you want to (弄清楚) of getting there on time. You are very cool with your family, but with your friends you really (活跃). What I said about Tom (对……适用) everyone in our class. Tasmania (以……命名) its discoverer, A.J. Tasman. How many countries will (参加) in the next Olympic Games, do you know? The teacher said to Bruce that he should come to class on time(以后). Don’t (卷入) me in solving the troublesome situation. The architecture (建筑) in the town center is a successful (结合) of old and new. We should (准备) any trouble that may happen. Don’t worry, but I will try to (分摊,均分) the cost with you. 参考答案: 参考答案 Unit 1
  1. achievement
  2. condition
  3. behavior
  4. observation
  5. consideration
  6. modest
  7. inspiration
  8. strike
  9. supported
  10. respect
  11.devoted to
  12. was founded
  13. know about
  14. protect
  15. driven out of
  16. wandering off
  17. worthwhile
  18. communicate with
  19. looks down upon/ on
  20. intends for Unit 2
  1. struggle
  6. confused
  11. ended

  2. expanded
  7. summary
  12. care about

  3. satisfied
  4. minerals
  5. reduced
  8. circulation
  9. exchanged
  10. freedom
  13. searching for
  14. feed
  15. equip

  16. rid of
  17. prefer to
  20. one another

  18. wishing for

  19. awaken from
Unit 3
  2. astonishment
  3. entertain
  4. overcome
  6. mouthfuls
  7. mountainous
  8. direction
  9. chewed
  11. bump into
  12. is content to
  13. worse off
  14. poverty
  16. face
  17. picked up
  18. Instead of
  19. make fun of

  5. fortunate
  10. failures
  15. is set in
  20. bottom
  1. cheek
  2. expressed
  3. posture
  4. behave
  5. ease
  6. misunderstanding
  7. approach
  8. share
  9. observed
  10. familiar
  11. am prepared to
  12. majored
  13. local
  14. represents
  15. is likely to
  16. is avoiding
  17. similar
  18. intended to
  19. punished
  20. agreement Unit 5
  1. theme
  2. amusement
  3. escaping
  4. various
  5. charge
  6. equipment
  7. minority
  8. advanced
  9. fantasy
  10. creatures
  11. make certain
  12. come to life
  13. goes for
  14. was named after
  15. take part in
  16. involve
  17. system
  18. combination
  19. prepare for/ be prepared for
  20. share
高中英语必修四 语言点总结
Unit 1 Women of achievement Word usage
  1. achieve v: attain or reach a goal through a lot of effort eg. You will never achieve anything if you spend your time that way. She finally achieved what she wanted. 该词的名词形式为 achievement. eg. The invention of the computer is a great achievement. They made great efforts in the achievement of their goals.
  2. condition n: a) [C]situation or state that under which person or thing exist eg. After the king came to power, the condition of the people became worse. My bike is in bad condition. I want to buy a new one. Our living and working conditions have been improved in the past few years. b) [U]the state of general health What's the patient's condition? The old man’s condition is improving.
  3. connection: union or relationship linked by different means eg. His connection with the family is slight. There’re excellent road and rail connections between the two cities.
Is there a connection between the sun and seasons?
  4. campaign n: organize activity+ for/against/to do eg. The city is planning to start a campaign against smoking. We started a campaign for money raising for the flood area. b)v: hold or join in a campaign eg. He hasn't decided whether to campaign for the position. Mary is campaigning for equal rights for women.
  5. organization: organizing or organized system eg. An army without organization would be useless. Do you know the organization of the human body? He is busy in the organization of the football club.
  6. devote v: give up time or set apart for 该词通常构成词组 devote… to,其中 to 为介词,后接名词或代词或动名词. eg. He devoted himself to writing. He still devotes to the study of chemistry. He has devoted all his life to helping the blind.
  7. behave v: act or respond in a specified way eg. He behaved like a true gentleman. The young lady behaved courageously in the face of danger. He behaved badly to the customers. 其名词形式为 behaviour. eg. His parents were satisfied with his behaviour. I don’t like his rude behaviour.
  8. worthwhile adj: rewarding enough to justify the time, money or effort that is spent eg. The job is worthwhile. It is worthwhile to read the book. It is worthwhile to visiting the city. 区别 worthwhile, worthy 及 worth 的用法 be worth sth/doing sth be worthy of sth/ being done be worthy to be done be worthwhile to do/doing sth eg. The book is worth reading. It is worthwhile to read the book. The book is worthy of being read.
  9. observe v: watch carefully eg. The scientist observed the experiment. I observed him stop at the gate. 这个动词的名词形式为 observation eg. They decided to put him under observation.
  10. respect n: esteem or admiration eg. They treated me with respect.
We show great respect for old man. v: to have respect for eg. He is highly respected by everyone. I deeply respected his courage.
  11. argue vi/vt: to express disagreement in words, often with strong feelings. Eg. I don’t want to argue with you. We argued the matter over four hours. He argued that she should not go.
  12. inspire v: encourage eg. His speech inspired us to try again. My parents inspire me to study harder. The beautiful scenery inspired the writer.
  13. support n: act of supporting eg. Tom is the chief support of the family. We need your support. I will support his plan. v: to provide money , food, etc eg. He has a large family to support. I can support myself after graduate from university.
  14. communication n: act of communicating eg. Communication between old and young people is not so difficult as you think. Mobile phone has become an important means of communication. There is little communication between him and his parents.
  15. explain v: make clear or know in detail eg. Can you explain how the machine operates? I was asked to explain the meaning of the sentence.
  16. explain 不能带双宾语 不能说 explain sb sth 而说成 explain sth to sb 不能带双宾语, eg. Please explain this rule to me.
  17. deliver v: a) take to an intended receiver eg. The mailman delivered the letters. He delivered my message to his brother. b) utter speech etc eg. He delivered an important report at the meeting. He delivered his speech successfully.
  18. kindness: quality of being kind eg. She always shows kindness to children and animals. He helped the man out of kindness. Thank you for your kindness.
  19. considerate adj: careful not to hurt others eg. She is considerate of others. He’s always considerate towards



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