Is it the ancient Olympic Games or the present-day Olympic Games?
ancient: 古代的 present-day :当今的 the present day:当今
Was he admitted as a competitor to Beijing Olympic Games?
  1. be admitted as “作为 被接受” 作为…被接受” 作为 被接受 to/into “让…进入”(school… ) 进入” 让 进入
  2. “承认,供认 允许” 承认, 承认 供认; 允许”
admit a serious 承认做某事 He admitted making doing sth.mistake. admit play his toy. her to do sth. 允许某人做某事 . his mistake. admit sth.承认某事 承认某事 admit sth./sb. to be 承认某人是 承认某人是……
参加奥运会是每一个运动员的梦想.(admit) 参加奥运会是每一个运动员的梦想
Being admitted into/to the Olympic Games is the dream of every athlete.
归纳总结? 归纳总结? admit v.承认;准许进入 。? 承认; admit+n done)/that(
  1)admit+n./doing (having done)/that-clause 承认某事/(已经)做了某事? 承认某事/ 已经)做了某事? be承认某人 某物是…… 承认某人/ ……? admit sb./ be承认某人/某物是……?准许某人进入 或加入) 准许某人进入( admit准许某人进入(或加入)…… (
  2) be admitted as “被接受……成为” that...人们公认……? 人们公认…… (
  3)It is admitted that...人们公认……?
即学即用? 即学即用? (
  1)他被接受成为棒球队的一名队员。? 他被接受成为棒球队的一名队员。 He was admitted as a member of the baseball team. ? (
  2)他承认做错了事。? 他承认做错了事。 He admitted having done wrong. (
  3) He the club after his tenth try. was admitted to (被批准参加 ).
Choose the best answer.

  1. The thief admitted his wallet. steal B. stealing C. to have stolen D. having stolen
  2. His parents admitted him his classmate’ s birthday party. A. to take part in B. taking part in C. to take part D. taking part
In 2004compete with/ against sb. Liu Xiang Athens Olympic Games, 和…竞争 competed in 110-meter hurdle race (跨栏 with 跨栏) 跨栏 in 在…中竞争 many top competitors (athletes) for gold medals, and he won it as well as honor.
for sth.
为… 而竞争
compete (v.) competition (n.) competitor (n.) competitive (adj.)
I hope all of us can compete race / in running. I know my English cannot compete / with his. against
compete competition
How many Chinese competitors 有多少中国运动员参加了这次比赛? 有多少中国运动员参加了这次比赛? competed in the competition?
归纳总结? 归纳总结?
vi.比赛;竞赛; compete vi.比赛;竞赛;竞争 。?
sth.为争 (
  1)compete with/against sb.for sth.为争 取某物和某人对抗? 取某物和某人对抗? sb./sth.与……媲美 媲美, compete with sb./sth.与……媲美,比得上 compete in参加……比赛/竞争? in参加……比赛 竞争? 参加……比赛/ 比赛? (
  2)competition n.比赛? adj.有竞争力的? competitive adj.有竞争力的? 比赛者;对手? competitor n.比赛者;对手?
Pausanias, who was a Greek writer 2,000 years ago, has come on a magical journey… journey… presentto find out about the present-day Olympic Games. (P
  9) Pausanias是2000前的一位希腊作家 前的一位希腊作家, Pausanias是2000前的一位希腊作家,他做 了一次魔幻的旅行, 了一次魔幻的旅行,来打听当代奥林匹克运 动会的情况。 动会的情况。 go/start/ come/ be on a journey 进行旅行 My father is away on a journey journey. 弄清有关……的情况 find out about 弄清有关 的情况 The police are trying hard to find out about the accident.
I used to write about the Olympic Games a long time ago. used to do 过去常常做... 过去常常做... be/get used to (doing) sth. 习惯于 be used to do 被用来做 ? 过去我们常在一起玩. 过去我们常在一起玩. ? We used to play together. ? 她习惯睡前喝一杯牛奶. 她习惯睡前喝一杯牛奶. ? She is used to drinking a glass of milk before she goes to bed.

  1). We in touch with each other by B writing letters. A. were used to keep B. used to keep C. were used to keeping D. used to keeping
  2). Now I stories to my son every C night. A. used to reading B. am used to read C. am used to reading D. used to read B
  3). Wood can furniture. A. be used to making B. be used to make c. used to make D. used to making
The Winter Olympics are usually held Games.冬奥 two years before the Summer Games.冬奥 会通常是在夏季奥运会的前两年举行。 会通常是在夏季奥运会的前两年举行。? before...意为 之前 两年 。一段 意为“ two years before...意为“ ” ……之前 …… 时间+before表示“……之前多少时间 +before表示 之前多少时间” 时间+before表示“……之前多少时间”。 before后可跟名词也可跟从句。 before后可跟名词也可跟从句。 后可跟名词也可跟从句
--How often do you hold your games? Every four years --. There are two main Games?the Winter sets of and the Summer Olympics
every four years :
每四年或每隔三年 每隔 …
every 与数词连用表示 “ 每…
every 基数词+复数名词 基数词 复数名词 序数词+单数名词 序数词 单数名词
每隔三米: every four meters, every fourth 每隔三米 meter every two years: 每两年,或每隔一年 每两年 或每隔一年 every second year every other year every few years 每隔几年
Usually, medicine should be taken
every four hours / every fourth hour (每四小时) . 每四小时)
Some of you go back home every two
weeks / every second week /every other week _.(每隔一个星期) _.(每隔一个星期)
He likes reading very much, so he every few days goes to the bookshop. (每隔几天) 每隔几天)

  1.take part (in) 参加,参与(活动)=join in 参加,参与(活动)
  2.take an active part in…积极参与 积极参与…… 积极参与 join 加入(某党派、某组织或某社会团体) 加入 某党派、某组织或某社会团体 某党派 join in 参加,参与(活动) 参加,参与(活动) join sb. 和某人一起 和某人一起…… join sb in sth./doing sth. 和某人一起做…… 和某人一起做 take part in/join in e.g. May I the game? e.g. the Party/ League/ army/ a club join join us in e.g. Why not playing basketball? (和我们一起打篮球) 和我们一起打篮球) 和我们一起打篮球
比较: 比较 take part in ; join in ; join ; attend
in指参加群众性活动 指参加群众性活动、 take part in指参加群众性活动、会议并在 其中起作用。 其中起作用。? attend是正式用语,指参加会议、婚礼、 attend是正式用语,指参加会议、婚礼、典 是正式用语 听报告、讲座等。 礼;听报告、讲座等。一般指成为观众或听 众。
attended Last weekend I a wedding. taking an active part in Today women are now social activities. Would you like to us our game: join in His brother the army last year. joined
归纳总结? 归纳总结? charge vt. & vi.收费,控诉;n.费用。? vt. vi.收费,控诉; sth.因……向某人收费 向某人收费? charge sb.for sth.因……向某人收费? sth.指控某人犯有……? 指控某人犯有…… charge sb.with sth.指控某人犯有……? sth.(up)充电 充电? charge sth.(up)充电? free of charge免费? charge免费 免费? of掌管 负责? 掌管; in charge of掌管;负责? of在……的掌管下 的掌管下? in the charge of在……的掌管下? of掌管 负责? 掌管; take charge of掌管;负责?
即学即用? 即学即用? (
  1)你认为博物馆应该收入馆费吗?? 你认为博物馆应该收入馆费吗? Do you think museums should charge for admission? ? (
  2)他被指控犯有谋杀罪。? 他被指控犯有谋杀罪。 He was charged with murder. (
  3)父亲去世后他掌管了农场。? 父亲去世后他掌管了农场。 He took charge of the farm after his father’s death.
Our Greek cities used to compete against each other justwinning. for the honor of for the honor of 为了…的荣誉 in the honor of 为庆祝…/为纪念 … It is an honor (for sb.) to do sth.

  4. No other country could join in, nor could slaves or women. 其他国家都不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不行。 其他国家都不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不行。
  1)nor 用作连词,引起倒装句,意为“
  1)nor 用作连词,引起倒装句,意为“也 不…”。 。 He never went again, nor did he write to apologize. I don’t know, nor do I care. I have never been dishonest, nor do I mean to start being so now.

  2)neither/nor +倒装结构 倒装结构(be/情态动 倒装结构 情态动
助动词+主语 词/助动词 主语 表示前面提到的否定 助动词 主语), 情况也适用于另一个人或事物“也不” 情况也适用于另一个人或事物“也不”
? He can’t do it. I can’t do it, either. =He can’t do it, nor can I. ? I will not go there, neither/nor (他也不会去)。 他也不会去)。 will he. 他也不会去 ? You never heard from him, neither (我也没有收到他的来信). nor did I(我也没有收到他的来信)
Nor / Neither + 助动词 +主语 …也一样 否定句 也一样…(否定句 主语 也一样 否定句) So +助动词 主语 …也一样 (肯定句) 助动词+主语 也一样 也一样…(肯定句) 助动词 so+主语 助动词 …确实这样 主语+助动词 主语 确实这样
Nor /neither did . I didn’t go there. she. (她也是。) 她也是。 她也是 (
  2). She was a teacher. I. So was (我也是这样。) 我也是这样。 我也是这样 so I did (
  3). I got up early this morning. . (我确实起得早) 我确实起得早) 我确实起得早
Make sentences using
So … sb. Neither/ Nor
Yao Ming VS
Yi Jianlian
Women are not only allowed ,but (also) play a very important role in…
  1) allow sb sth 允许某人某事 ?
  2) allow sb in (out) 允许某人进入(出去) 允许某人进入(出去) ?
  3) allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事 不能说allow (不能说allow to do) ?
  4) allow doing sth 允许做某事 ?
  5) be allowed to do sth 被允许做某事
? 在候车室乘客不允许吸烟 ? Passengers ( are not allowed to smoke ) in the waiting room. ? 我们不许在这里吸烟。 我们不许在这里吸烟。 We don’t( allow smoking here )
not only… but also…
  1). snacks and drinks, but they also B brought cards when they had a picnic. A. Not only they brought B. Not only did they bring C. Not only brought they D. Not only they did bring
  2). Not only he but also I . C A. is cheated B. are cheated C. am cheated D. be cheated
For each Olympics, a special village is built for them to live in, a main reception building, several stadiums for competitions, and a gymnasium as well. 用在肯定句中, as well 用在肯定句中,放在句子末尾 肯定句中用,放在句子末尾 放在句子末尾, too 肯定句中用 放在句子末尾,常用逗号隔开 either 否定句中用,放句子末尾,常用逗号隔开 否定句中用,放句子末尾, also 放在特殊动词之后,实义动词之前 放在特殊动词之后, I am also a student.=I am a students, too. Lucy didn’t go to the party, either. Tony speaks Japanese as well. She has knowledge and experience as well
as常用来连接两个并列的成分 常用来连接两个并列的成分, as well as常用来连接两个并列的成分,作“也, 它强调的是前一项, 还”解。它强调的是前一项,后一项只是顺便 提及。因此连接并列主语时, 提及。因此连接并列主语时,谓语动词与前一 项一致;而用not also...连接时 连接时, 项一致;而用not only ...but also...连接时,谓语动 词与后一项一致。 词与后一项一致。如: Your wife as well as you is friendly to me. 不仅你而且你的妻子也对我很友好。 不仅你而且你的妻子也对我很友好。 (=Not (=Not only your wife but also you are friendly to me.) me.) 用来表示同级比较, 一样好”
  2、as well as 用来表示同级比较,指“一样好”。 you.他的吉他弹得 如He plays the guitar as well as you.他的吉他弹得 和你一样好。 和你一样好。

  1). Yao Ming is good at playing basketball and he does well in learning foreign languages . A. as well B. as well as C. also D. either
  2)E-mail, as well as the telephones, an important part in daily communication. playing C. are playing B. have played D. play
Does anyone want to host the Olympic Games?
Vt. 主办
She is hosting a TV program. She works as a hostess in CCTV-5 n. 女主持人 sometimes.


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