过去分词作状语在高考试题中的应用 ( )
  1. more attention, the tree could have grown better. (90’全国) A. Given B. To give C. Giving D. Having given. ( )
  2. The computer center, last year, is very popular among the students in this school(93’全国) A. open B. opening C. having opened D. opened ( )
  3. The first textbooks for teaching English as a foreign language came out in the 16th century.(94’ 全国) A. having written B. to be written C. being written D. written ( )
  4. is thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him.(96’全国) A. Losing B. Having lost C. Lost D. To lose ( )
  5. the general state of his health, it may take him a while to recover from the operation.(00’ 全国春) ( )
  6. such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river. (01’全国夏) A. Having suffered B. Suffering C. To suffer D. Suffered ( )
  7. The researcher is so designed that once nothing can be done to change it.(02’全国) A. begins B. having begun D. beginning D. begun ( )
  8. in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States.(00’上海) A. Being founded B. It was founded C. Founded D. Founding ( )
  9. When , the museum will be open to the public next year. (02’上海春) A. completed B. completing C. being completed D. to be completed ( )
  10. Prices of daily goods through a computer can be lower than store prices.(02’京皖春) A. are bought B. bought C. been bought D. buying ( )
  11. Don’t use words, expressions, or phrases only to people with specific knowledge. (02’上海) A. being known B. having been known C. to be known D. known ( )
  12. Unless to speak, you should remain silent at the conference.(03’上海春) A. invited B. inviting C. being invited D. having invited ( )
  13. Friendship is like money: easier made than . (03’北京) A. kept B. to be kept C. keeping D. having kept ( )
  14. Mr. Smith, of the speech, started to read a novel. (03’北京春) A. tired; boring B. tiring; bored C. tired; bored D. tiring; boring ( )
  15. time, he’ll make a first-class tennis player. (03’北京) A. Having given B. To give C. Giving D. Given “分词”专项能力训练题 单项填空
  1. What’s the language in Germany? A. speaking B. spoken C. be spoken D. to speak
  2. He had his leg in the match yesterday? A. to break B. broken C. break D. breaking
  3. It was so cold that he kept the fire all night. A. to burn B. burn C. burning D. burned
  4. She’s upstairs letters. A. writes B. is writing C. write D. writing 第 1 页 共 3 页

  5. “ Can’t you read?” Mary said to the notice. A. angrily pointing B. and point angrily C. angrily pointed D. and angrily pointing
  6. The lecture was so that they were all . A. inspiring: exciting B. inspiring; excited C. inspired; excited D. inspired; exciting
  7. The wheat fields are irrigated by water from a pond through bamboo pipes. A. bring B. brings C. brought D. bringing
  8. This is one of the books by him now. A. to be written B. being written C. having been written D. is been written
  9. The book belongs to me. A. which lying on the table B. lying on the table C. is on the table D. lay on the table
  10. The poor boy looked to the right and to the left, where to go. A. not knowing B. not to know C. didn’t know D. not being known
  11. anything about the accident, he went to work as usual. A. Not known B. Known not C. Knowing not D. Not Knowing
  12. This news sounds . A. encouraging B. encouraged C. encourage D. to encourage
  13. , the subject belongs to biology. A. Strictly spoken B. Spoken strictly C. Strictly speaking D. Speaking strictly
  14. , the players tried their best to win the game for their country. A. Greatly encouraged B. Having greatly encouraged C. To be greatly encouraged D. Greatly encouraged
  15. that mistake once, I shall not make the same mistake again. A. Made B. To make C. Making D. Having made
  16. Will you go to the party? Of course I will . A. if invited B. if having invited C. if I was invited D. if I will be invited
  17. a child, Elizabeth enjoyed studying art and music. A. She was B. When was C. When being D. Being
  18. The bridge now over the Changjiang River will be completed at the end of this year. A. built B. is being built C. being built D. to be built
  19. that there was an accident ahead, the bus driver changed course. A. Warning B. Having warned C. To be warned D. Having been warned
  20. The visiting Minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, that ha had enjoyed his stay here. A. having added B. to add C. adding D. added
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Suggested answers: (Key: 1-5 ADDCA 15 B B C D A 6-10 ADCAB 11-15 DAAAD 1115 D A C A D 1620 A D C D C
610 B C B B A
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