NOT true? A. When we buy tickets for flying somewhere else, we can have a talk with the computer. B. If you make a complaint, you can use human telephone operation. C. Drivers will stop using their cars and use public transport in order to prevent accidents. D. The help of electronic route maps will decrease traffic jams.
  64. The underlined word “titanic” in Paragraph 4 means A. huge and great B. the name of a ship (C) Dolphins(海豚)are not fish, but warm-blooded animals. They live in groups, and speak to each other in their own language. In this, they are like other animals, such as bees and birds. But dolphins are very different from almost all land animals. Their brain is nearly the same size as our own, and they live a long time―at least twenty or thirty years. Like some animals, dolphins use sound to help them find their way around. They also make these sounds to talk to each other and to help them find food. We now know they do not use their ears to receive these sounds, but the lower part of the mouth, called the jaw. Strangely, dolphins seem to like man, and for thousands of years there have been stories about the dolphin and its friendship with people. There is a story about sailors in the 19th century. In a dangerous part of the sea off the coast of New Zealand, they learnt to look for a dolphin called Jack. From 1871 to 1903, Jack met every boat in the area and showed it the way. Then in 1903 a passenger on a boat called The Penguin shot and wounded Jack. He recovered and for nine years more continued to guide all ships through the area-except for The Penguin.
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B. Speed control systems D. Traffic jams
. D. increasing
C. slight
Today, some people continue to kill dolphins, but many countries of the world now protect them and in these places it is against the law to kill them.
  65. Dolphins are different from many other animals in that they . A. live in groups C. are warm-blooded B. have large brains D. have their own language

  66. Which of the following does the dolphin use to help it find its way around? A. Its nose. B. Its ears. C. Its mouth. D. Its eyes.

  67. Why did the sailors off the coast of New Zealand look for Jack? A. He was lonely and liked to be with people. C. He was seriously wounded. B. They enjoyed playing with him. D. They wanted his help.

  68. By telling the story of Jack, the writer wanted to show that . A. dolphins are friendly and clever C. Jack is different from other dolphins (D) Hotlines have become common in China. Some radio broadcasting stations use hotlines to encourage the listeners to take part in the talk shows. That’s a good idea. Yet, the fact is, some people do nothing but break the whole program. Some people know little about the topic under discussion. Sometimes they do not even know what the host is talking about. So the host has to tell the caller what the show is about. Usually the caller will ask a few questions which express his hope and show his ignorance (无知). Then the host has to answer and explain?how silly this is! It wastes a lot of time. It seems that some people phone the hotlines for fun. They just want to let the listeners hear them. They don’t care what the topic is, whether they themselves are interested or how silly they appear to be. I’m totally bored by those people. It’s necessary for radio stations to improve the hotline programmers. In my opinion, if a caller does not know what is going on, the operator should not let the caller take part in it.
  69. The sentence “some people do nothing but break the whole program” may tell us that . A. radio stations use hotlines in a wrong way
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B. people are cruel to animals D. dolphins should be protected by law
B. it is a fact
C. it is a good idea
  70. Some calls waste the host’s time . A. because the host works hard B. because of the caller’s ignorance C. because the host likes talking to the caller D. because of a lot of questions raised by the caller
D. some people have unclear thoughts
此题要求改正所给短文中的错误。对标有题号的每一行作出判断,如无错误,在该行右 边横线上画一个勾(√) ;如有错误(每行只有一个错误) ,则按下列情况改正: 该行多一个词:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉,在该行右边横线上写出该词,并也用斜 线划掉。 该行缺一词:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧) ,在该行右边横线上写出该加的词。 该行错一个词:在错的词下面画一横线,在该行右边横线上写出改正后的词。 May I have you attention please? I have a few things to tell you. When you have a class here in the langugae lab, please be here a little early. Change your shoes before enter the lab. Don’t bring anything here except your textbook. When you are in, please don’t touch these machines without permit. Always do as the teacher tell you to. In class you should only speak the English, not Chinese. Recorders can be used to make a copy of the listening materials. When class over, make sure that your machines turned off.
李明是你的朋友,他很喜欢英语,一直想要找一份适合他的英语报来阅读,现要求你以 书信的形式,向他介绍《新世纪报中学生版》 ,提示内容如下:
  1.该报于 2003 年 10 月 15 日正式出版, 它是目前国内第一份根据中学生阅读水平和需 要而设计的英语时事周刊。
  2.它用浅显的英语介绍一些热门话题,包括世界要闻、校园热点 (campus trends)、影
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视娱乐 (entertainment)、体育休闲、科技生活、大家一起学等栏目。
  4.建议李明读一读该报。 注意:你可以适当增加你对该报的主观看法,要求 100 词左右。
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一、听力理解 Text 1 M: Does the bus for the Children’s Palace stop here? W: Yes, it does. Get on bus No. 11 or
Text 2 M: I don’t know why Christine is so tight with money these days. W: She’s been saving up for a new car all spring. She plans to ride it to Miami this summer.
Text 3 M: Mary, will you and your husband be able to go to the party with us this Saturday? W: Oh, we’d love to go, if we can get someone to take care of the baby.
Text 4 M: How much vacation time do you get this year? W: Only two weeks, but it’ll be three weeks starting from next year.
Text 5 W: I was so tired during class this afternoon that I fell asleep. I wonder if I could borrow your notes. M: Sorry, but I need them to study for tomorrow’s exam.
Text 6 W: Hi, George. M: Hi, Mary. How’s everything been going these days? W: Fine, thanks a lot. George, I want to make sure about the time for the meeting. When is it?
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M: How forgetful you are! It’ll begin at 6:30 and will be over at about 7:
  40. W: So it won’t last very long. Let’s go to see a film after the meeting. I know there is an excellent film tonight. M: I’d love to, but I have to get my car back from the repair shop before eight o’clock.
Text 7 M: Maybe it was the fish or meat we ate. W: Yes, it might have been. M: Or the cakes. W: No, it couldn’t have been the cakes, because I didn’t have any. M: Of course we sat in the sun for a long time. I suppose it could have been the sun. W: Yes, it might have been. But we have got used to sitting in the sun. M: That’s true. Now what else did we both eat? Only those lovely pears I bought! It couldn’t have been them. We’re used to eating pears, and you washed them. W: No, I didn’t. I thought you had! M: Let’s see if we have some medicine needed at home. If not, we’ll have to go to the hospital. W: I remember you bought some last time. Can you find the bottle? M: Thank goodness. Yes.
Text 8 M: What do you think of this drawing of mine, Mary? W: It’s great! M: There is going to be a drawing competition held by the students of our school next week. W: I’ve also heard of it. Are you going to take part in it? M: Yes. I’m going to take this one to the competition. What do you say? W: I hate to tell you, but I heard that Henry is entering the competition. M: Really? I wish you hadn’t told me. W: Oh, come on. Your drawing is great. M: Sure. But Henry’s drawing is fine, and he’s much better known than I.
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W: So what? M: I wish I knew if I was wasting my time. W: If you knew what the future was going to be like, life would be very boring. Don’t take the result of the competition too seriously. M: You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m driving everybody crazy. Let’s change the subject. Do you have more bad news? W: No. I think this one is enough for both you and me. Anyhow, I still wish you success in the competition. M: Many thanks.
Text 9 M: My watch says 11:
  25. I think it is losing time. What’s the time by your watch? W: It’s half past eleven. M: It’s said that our library has got some new books. I want to go and have a look. Do you think I’ll have enough time to go there before it closes? W: I can’t tell. What time does it close? M: About twelve o’clock. W: Can you make it in half an hour? Anyhow it’s not far from here. By the way, can you return some books to the library for me? I’ll go to the classroom and get them right now. M: I’d love to help, but I don’t think I have got enough time. You know, the books I borrowed last month are in my bedroom. I’ll have to fetch them before I go to the library. It’s almost the time to return them. I’m very sorry. W: That’s all right. Do you know what the new books are about? I need some books on English writing for my term paper. M: I heard that most of the new books are on English grammar and writing. All of them are the latest publications. I’m sure there are some you need. Go with me? W: Good. Oh, it’s already 11:
  40. There’re only 20 minutes left. Let’s first go to the library together. We can return those books later.
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Text 10 Well, I manage a small branch of a large supermarket, and we lose a lot of money through shoplifting. I have to try to prevent it, or else I’ll lose all my money. Teenagers in groups do a lot of shoplifting. Some of them do it just for fun. They are not frightened so we have to make it difficult for them. Obviously a supermarket can’t have chains or alarms on the goods, so we have store detectives, who walk around like ordinary shoppers, otherwise they’ll be recognized. We have big signs up, saying “Shoplifting will be punished”, but that doesn’t help much. We’ve started putting cash desks at all the exits to prevent the shoplifters walking straight out with things. Of course, that worries the ordinary shopper who hasn’t found what he wanted. We also use television cameras, but that’s expensive. In fact, all good methods of prevention are quite expensive, and naturally, they make our prices higher. But it has to be done, otherwise shoplifting itself will make all the prices much higher, and the public doesn’t want that!
  1. B
  11. B
  2. A
  12. A
  3. C
  13. B
  4. A
  14. C
  5. C
  6. B
  7. A
  17. B
  8. B
  18. C
  9. C
  19. A
  10. A
  20. A

  15. A
  16. A
  21. C 解析:这里需要一个非谓语动词作定语修饰 the man,答案 A 是用来作谓语的;man 与 wear 是主动关系,所以答案 D 的正确形式应该是 wearing。dress up 是“打扮”的意思, 与句义不符。dress 与 man 是被动关系,所以用过去分词,其中 in 后面经常跟什么样的衣 服或者什么颜色的衣服。
  22. B 解析:句义是“曾经被拒签” ,所以要用过去分词表示被动。选项 C 和 D 所表示的时态不 对。
  23. B 解析:本题考查词语辨析。check 意思是“核查,确认无误” 。examine 的意思是“检查, 调查” 。clean 的意思是“打扫,清洁” 。analyze 的意思是“分析” 。根据句义“警察将为 了指纹检查这个房间” ,所以 B 最合适。
  24. C 解析:这里的 only 修饰主语 teachers,不是用来修饰状语的,所以不用倒装。
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  25. B 解析:根据后一句话得知“我们迟到了,没有按时到” ,所以选择 B,be supposed to do sth 表示“被期望做某事” ,但是实际并没有做到。should/ought to do sth 都是“应该做某事” 的意思, 放在这里与句义不符, 正确的应该是 should /ought to have done sth, 用来表示 “本 应该做某事,但事实上没有做” 。must 是“必须”的意



   大风小学六年级英语下 综合测试题 大风小学六年级英语下册 unit2 综合测试题 一、在四个选项中,就划线部分发音不同的单词和补一个发音相同的把序号写在前面的括号里。 分) 在四个选项中,就划线部分发音不同的单词和补一个发音相同的把序号写在前面的括号里。 (4 在四个选项中 ( School:class:name:No. ( ( ( )( )( )( )( ) 1.A.coat ) 2.A.count ) ) 4.A. badly B.rose B.foot B ...


   初中英语综合测试卷( ) 初中英语综合测试卷(3) 初三英语( 初三英语(总分 1 50 分) 共三部分, 第Ⅰ卷(共三部分,满分 115 分) 听力(共五大题, 第一部分 听力(共五大题,满分 30 分) 关键词语( 小题, Ⅰ.关键词语(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分;满分 10 分) 小题。在每一小题内, 个句子, 这一大题共有 10 小题。在每一小题内,你将听到 1 个句子,并看到供你选择的 4 个单 词或短语, 词或短语,每个句子念 2 遍。请在每小题 A、B、C、D 4 个选项中 ...


   初中英语综合测试卷( ) 初中英语综合测试卷(9) 总分 1 50 分 共三部分, 第Ⅰ卷(共三部分,满分 115 分) 听力(共五大题, 第一部分 听力(共五大题,满分 30 分) 关键词语( 小题, Ⅰ.关键词语(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分;满分 10 分) 小题。在每一小题内, 个句子, 这一大题共有 10 小题。在每一小题内,你将听到 1 个句子,并看到供你选择的 4 个单 词或短语, 词或短语,每个句子念 2 遍。请在每小题 A、B、C、D 4 个选项中选出 1 个你所听到的单 ...


   小学六年级英语综合测试题 听力部分( 听力部分(30 分) 听句子,选出句子中含有的信息。 (5 一、 听句子,选出句子中含有的信息。 分) ( ( )1. A. could B. would C. should D. shall th th th ( )2. A. 25 September B. 12 October C. 12 November D. 25th December ( )3. A. Grandfather is holding the door open. B. Grand ...


   这次旅行到那个城市是大开眼界,对每个人来说都快要结束了,所有的年轻人们在我们的小组开始反思它的意思。我们__21the第一个晚上我们已经抵达。我们都进了市场的城市22__the年轻人能体验它的能量。但是我们真正看到了简单的__23__我们所有人- - - -破旧的房子,孩子们在破烂,人们乞求钱走回家时,24…下一个低的桥,我们遇到25无家可归的人,追求家庭有点干燥的土地上睡觉的商人一夜。我们不得不跨过尸体,如同我们发现我们的方式穿越了黑暗。 (贫困)是贫困的__27__比任何我所能想像的年轻的 ...


   高中毕业要求任意改变在我的社区。作为一个结果,所有的学生都必须36 60个小时的服务学习,37人、必不领受了一份毕业证书。服务学习是学术的学习,也帮助社区。38服务学习包括清理受污染的河流,工作在汤的厨房,或辅导学生。39服务的经验,学生们必须保持一种期刊(日志),然后写一个40关于他们学到的知识。 支持者声称有许多41服务学习的。或许最重要的是,学生被迫认为42他们自己的利益,成为中的43他人的需要。学生也能学习技能,44岁的真实工作责任,解决问题的能力,以及作为团队的一部分。45,学生可以 ...


   我成功地我的工作。我很努力地工作,但它21我和我的家人一个令人难以置信的好(极好的)的生活方式。我已经为同一家公司工作了20年,我向部门总监。22日,一天下午,去年5月,我被叫到办公室,并且是23对我解释说,他们想放我走。我只是坐在那儿24他们不停地和我所能想的是:“我已经25岁。“我一直这么好尊重 26我是无价值的。 六个星期,我是在一个非常27的地方。我在森林里四处游荡我家就像僵尸(僵尸)。我能做的事,但是事情需要28不会做任何事。我的信念,在期待着,看到的每一件事都正(积极的29我。 然 ...


   彼得和保罗早已得到许可来自父母营在田地里接近自己的农场。不过,由于喜欢冒险的男孩,他们知道它会更36出现…倒没什么,躺在树林里营在大河那边。37岁的男孩兴奋地与他们的帐篷和食物全国。 他们沉重的38个全国携带,兄弟俩沿着河边散步的时候,几乎没有注意到的距离或太阳打了下来。他们急切要达到自己的39之前到吃午饭的时候了。他们进了树林、凉爽,神出鬼没开始寻找一种合适的露营地点。皮特想40接近这条河在树林边的41保罗,他长大了,坚持要他们。42营远,彼得跟着他的兄弟陷入更深的43个出现…倒没什么。“这 ...


   我记得第一次注意到十字路口的防守时,他向我招手,我开车我的儿子去学校。他16我是个难题??所有这一切都是因为他向我招手像有人17看到一个亲密的朋友。一个大的,18岁的微笑陪伴其波。在接下来的几天我试图19他的脸去查看,如果我认识他。我没有。也许他已经20我为他人。在我满足自己21,他和我都是不相识的;我们也被相互问候热忱每天早上就象老朋友一样亲切。 后来有一天,那个22日是解决。当我23学校他站在路中央24他停车标志。我是在生活在四个汽车。25孩子们已达到安全的人行道上,他垂下签署并让车子26 ...


   孩子们在他们的旧家庭找到意义的故事。 当史蒂夫Guyer的三个孩子在成长的过程中,他告诉他们他祖父的故事,一个银行家弓,36个都是在20世纪30年代,但并没有失去的情景,他尊重最多。最黑暗的时代中的一种固执的祖父是37他接近38他的家人,他装进车里,39他们看到家人在加拿大和一个40”,还有更重要的东西,在生活中比钱。” 41就有了一个新的意义,最近当先生Guyer缩减了42家从一个更为昂贵,而且舒适。他是43,他的孩子,一个女儿,15个,双胞胎,22岁,就会被打乱。但是令他吃惊的是,他们没有 ...



   英语语法记忆歌诀 一般现在时 一般现在时态中,动词一般用原形。 表述事实讲真理,习惯动作常发生。 动词词尾加-s(es),只表单数三人称。 若变一般疑问句,得看句型是哪种。 系表结构和 there be, be 放句首可完成; 若遇实义动词句,do 或 does 莫忘用! 现在进行时 Look, Listen 是标志,现在进行正发生; 有时 now 在句中现,“be+v-ing”时态成。 若问 be 用何形式,须看主语数、人称。 He / She is, I am. We, you, the ...


   外语下载在线 亲爱的同学们,如果这试卷是蔚蓝的天空, 亲爱的同学们,如果这试卷是蔚蓝的天空,你就 是那展翅翱翔的雄鹰;如果这试卷是碧绿的草原, 是那展翅翱翔的雄鹰;如果这试卷是碧绿的草原,你就是那驰骋 万里的骏马。只要你自信、沉着、放松, 万里的骏马。只要你自信、沉着、放松,相信你一定比雄鹰飞得 更高,比骏马跑得更快! 更高,比骏马跑得更快! 第一次高考诊断试卷 英 考生注意: 考生注意: 本试卷分第一卷(选择题 和第二卷 非选择题)两部分 ...


   第二届北京市大学生英语竞赛北语人文学院预选赛策划 本次比赛旨在活跃学院同学的学习氛围,并为校级预选赛选拔选手。 比赛时间定为 9 月 13-15 日,地点待定。 预计比赛将从 14 名选手中选拔 2 名选手参加校级预赛。本次比赛拟将聘请英语教育中心 3 名中国教师以及 2 名外籍教师(须母语为英语)作为评委。 比赛分上、下半场,每半场七人,半场之间休息 10 分钟。比赛结束后成绩最高的两名选手 进入校级预赛。 工作时间简表: 7 月 1 日-9 月 3 日 开始接受报名 9月4日 截止报名, ...


   两个星期迅速提高词汇量到 4000 学习英语,词汇量很重要,你的发音准,句型多,但是词汇量少,和鬼佬对话时或者写作时, 同样很困难.所以说学习英语,特破词汇量是一个很重要的环节.同时要做到记忆单词意思 的时候,要做到发音准. 可是怎么才能做到短时间里,迅速提高词汇量呢?想当然在我去美国前,这个问题也折磨 我好久一段时间,每天背单词,但是过几天就都回想不起来了.慢慢的在网上学习其它网友的 学习方法,结合我自己的记忆特征,总结一套我自己学习英语的方法.不敢私藏,拿出来和大家 共享: 一,由易到难 ...


   盐道街小学四年级上期英语达标试题 盐道街小学四年级上期英语达标试题 小学四年级上期英语达标 (Module 1 Module 10) ) Part 1 Listening (70 分) 1. 听音,选择你听到的单词,填在题前的括号里。(10 分) 听音,选择你听到的单词,填在题前的括号里。 ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) A. A. A. A. A. walk angry ice bought put B. watch B. thirsty B. ic ...