How to Improve Listening Ability of English for Junior Middle School Students Wu Yuan bang (Tutor: Wang Haiyan)
(Class 0709, College of Foreign Studies, Hubei Normal University Huang Shi 435002, Hubei)
Abstract: During my three-month internships in national training program, I have
been totally felt the fear of junior middle school students for English listening. It’s self-evident that English listening is one of the most important parts of English teaching for junior middle school students. At present, there is a certain distance between listening ability acquired by junior middle students and curriculum objectives. Many students can do a very good job in written exams but feel completely confused in listening tests. Why is listening so difficult for junior middle school students to understand? What are the reasons? How to solve the problem?
Key words: national training program junior middle school students
English listening English teaching
吴远榜(指导教师: 王海艳)
(湖北师范学院 外国语学院 0709 班 湖北 黄石 4350
摘要: 我在三个月的国培计划顶岗实习中, 已经充分的感受到了初中生对于英语听力的恐惧 摘要: 度。不言而喻,初中生的英语听力是初中英语教学中一个重要的环节。目前大部分初中生的 英语听力教学与教学大纲所规定的目标却有着一定的距离。 很多学生在笔试的时候能够做到 得心应手,而在听力考试的时候却不知所云。为什么听力理解对于初中生来说如此困难?原 因何在?如何解决? 关键词: 关键词:国培计划 初中生 英语听力 听力教学 中图分类号:H319 中图分类号:H319
How to Improve Listening Ability of English for Junior Middle School Students
  1. Introduction
The purpose of English teaching focus on cultivating students to use language for communication, which contains four skills of capability, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Listening teaching is an important and difficult task for junior middle school students. English teachers often regard it as a common problem of improving the students’ listening ability. In real life, interpersonal communication mainly concerns about listening and speaking communication, while the traditional mode of education students trained in listening and speaking fell far behind in reading and writing skills. It’s an indisputable fact that many students become a "deaf" or a "dumb" after learning a foreign language for many years. And I heard the improvement of communication skills has much to do with the improvement of listening skill. However, many junior middle school students have significant problems during the hearing process. Therefore, to improve listening ability has not only become the dream of most junior middle school students, but also the wish of many junior middle school English teachers. This article aims at how to improve English listening skills for junior middle school students from the following aspects: raise the question, analyze the problem and solve the problem.

Raising the question
Listening is the premise of receiving language information. Only after understanding the listening can we properly accept and use the information. According to a proven statistics, we spend 45 percent of our time in listening, 30 percent in speaking, 16 percent and 9 percent in reading and writing respectively, from which we can see the necessity of listening improvement. In modern society, listening and speaking are often regarded as communication skills that determine the success or failure of a person, which is the needs of social development, with the development of English exam reformation, the importance of listening as a major component of the English test has been widely recognized and valued among the community, teachers and students. Therefore, it’s imminent to improve the listening ability of middle school students so as to stand on an invincible position during the examination. Junior middle students in hearing directly affect the quality of their schools into high-level English education and the comprehensive ability, which may affect their future development. However, as the things stand today, the majority of students in junior middle school students, particularly in rural areas feel bad in the hearing and lose lots of points in the listening examination, which directly affects their performance in English and even their interest in learning English. It’s Undeniable that English teachers in many of the junior middle school haven’t implemented good teaching of the listening because of some constraints, which result
in slow improvement in listening of the students. So to solve this problem has already become the most important of English language teaching.

Analyzing the reasons

  1. Barriers of their English ability and sound change phenomena
students find it difficult to understand when new words, new sentences and new grammatical phenomena appeared in the listening material, other factors such as the Italian group, continuous sound of assimilation, sentence stress and intonation, changes in the speed of speech rate, reading skills and many other reasons are likely to increase The difficulty of listening comprehension, which may also affect the students’ understanding.
  2. Barriers of cultural difference and different living habits Due to the different British American lifestyle and cultural background, students still find it difficult to understand fully even if the material has no new words. If you let students listen to a story about China's traditional festival such as Mid-Autumn Festival articles and article on the content of foreign Christmas, the two almost equal easy, but for a Chinese student listening to the content of former article is much better than the latter one. Now, let me just give you one small example: Lily went to Beijing on Christmas Eve and she stayed there for 3days. Question: what day did Lily get On back? A.On Oct
  23; B.On Oct
  24; C.On Oct
  26;D.On Oct
  27.The right answer is D. But some students chose A, since he has heard the word “three”, others simply replied: I was luck, because I do not know what time Christmas Eve is.
  3. Psychological barriers. Listening comprehension is a more complex psychological process. Students always feel the low level of their hearing and are easy to produce the fear of listening in a passive state, which result in too much tension and less concentration on listening; this will in turn lead to much loss of points. Some students are always want to listen to every word clearly during listening comprehension, which also plays a negative effect on understanding of the whole article. In addition, the external environment such as indoor and outdoor noise, radio cassette player quality, the size of the sound may also affect the students listening comprehension during the listening process.

  4. Lack of language environment
On the one hand, English teachers speak Chinese most times during class rather English since many students can not understand and they ask their teachers to speak more Chinese. On the other hand, students almost use standard Chinese for communication in everyday life and seldom practice English with their classmates and teachers. Therefore, students have little opportunity for exposure to English, and the occasional English class will be the only language environment for the students. In such a language environment, much time and effort should be taken to improve their English listening skills.

  3.5 Limited
teaching conditions
Currently, many classrooms in rural schools haven’t multi-media teaching instruments, so students are exposed to English listen only when the teacher sometimes speak English at class and during the listening test. Many students can not afford to buy some listening devices such as MP3, MP4, etc., in addition to classes the normal hearing test is almost beyond the reach of English outside of the class, not to say how to improve listening ability, so these largely affect the students’ Improvement and development of hearing ability.
  3.6 Lack of examination skills First of all, students do not know how to make the best of the limited time before listening test and analyze the implicit information given by the listening test, so they have no clear direction and selectivity during the listening process; Secondly, the students will think more about a few words during the process of listening tests because of not understanding clearly, which may affect the whole understanding of the test; Last but not the least, some students want to understand all of the details and meaning of the test, which seems unnecessary and may indirectly affect the accuracy of the answer, since one’s mind is always thinking of it. Once something is not understandable, it’s easy to be irritable.
4 Solving
the problem

  4.1 From the prospective of the teachers

  1.1 Teachers play a leading role, use more English and oral expression to create
English language environment for the students New curriculum is characterized by colloquial English, communication, practical, and its content is very close to life. In most secondary schools, especially in rural schools, lack of English language learning environment, students only have access to English schools, and only might have felt the atmosphere of English in the English classroom. Therefore , English teachers should organize more accurate and easy understanding English combining with gestures, facial expressions and etc during the English and write more on the blackboard to help students understand the meaning of spoken English, which is to activate the classroom atmosphere and inspire the enthusiasm, self-awareness and interest of the students in learning English. Secondly, teachers can request one or two
students per day for 5 minutes Free talk, other students will require careful listening, after hearing a number of questions and answers, then to examine the effect of exercise.

  1.2 Teachers should emphasize on the pronunciation foundation
As the old saying goes, "to teach him to fish rather than to give him the fish.” So it’s better to teach students the voice of knowledge, universal knowledge of their
pronunciation and intonation in the beginning after students entering junior middle school, so that they learn to recognize English pronunciation. Teachers should also encourage students to listen to the pure voice of English repeatedly and imitate them. Slowly they will develop a habit of authentic spoken English, because the pure authentic standard spoken English capabilities can not only improve their English communication skills, will also promote the development of their English listening. Third, teachers must guide students to memorize words in good ways. It’s a prerequisite to learn words and the accumulation of learning any language, English is no exception. Learn to spend less time and energy to remember more words deeply is also good for one’s listening, since the word’s pronunciation has much to do with the listening. In conclusion, good memory of the words and proper pronunciation will surely do help for one’s listening. Put listening teaching as an important status in the English class When students first walked into English class, teachers should begin listening teaching and adhere to take the tape recorder into the classroom every day. New English textbooks have arranged listening training and language training, so teachers should make full use of these materials to train the students step by step through a variety of listening practice, which can help the students to have a comprehensive understanding and capture important information through the Analysis of Meaning and semantic capabilities. Predictive power is the core of the semantic competence, that’s to say, to imagine, guess, infer the meaning of the text and its inherent basic skills through the context. For instance, the article genre can be guessed through the subject of the article; the scope of the background and description can be known after hearing a few words at the beginning of the article; from the narration of the first paragraph, the development of the general context can be inferred. So in the hearing process, teachers should focus on training students with language based on the knowledge, cultural background knowledge and language knowledge, to fully imagine, speculate, speculate, predict, and summarize the content. Besides the above discussion, teachers should also make best use of every class, every teaching link to cultivate and train students’ listening and speaking skills. Ask students to close the books and just listen to the tape carefully to familiar with its pronunciation, intonation, and to guess the main ideas and answer a few questions. Then get students to open the books to check the correct answers, to read the dialogue or text following by teachers, it will also be a great help for the students to improve their English listening comprehension.
  1.4 Pay much attention to repeated teaching and encourage students to read more and recite more of the listening text First of all, ask students to repeat what they have heard sentence by sentence, or to write down them if necessary during the listening training, of course, teachers should



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